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Some times it's just better to let the people speak. We asked 100 TSL'ers for their answers the top 8 answers are on the board. So how did you feel when you heard Home Tech F'D over B's Brother and did not let him play one single play in their 44-18 thug like beat down at the hands of Ryan Puckett and Co........

"I mean who does that. I saw that poor guy walking around the fields for 3.5 hours with his magical head phones on singing to himself watching and waiting for his life changing moment to un-fold but it never did"

" LOL We beat Home Tech in week #2 32-8!!!!!! Mic Drop. BTW if we said we were going to play B's Brother we would have played B's Brother."

" I think you should have all of them take turns being Cookie Monster and Elmo every week for the rest of the season. For shame Home Tech for shame!!!!!"

"I don't understand this TSL Universe fascination with B's Brother.  I have a story too. Why won't anyone give me more attention."

" Wait am I talking to Rachel right now or am I talking to Parker?"

" I would just like to say I am the best player in the league and will win D2, D3 and over all league MVP. I have Gryffindor on fire, NWO is killing it and I am really really good. Who cares about B's Brother let's talk about me and my chase towards TSL history. BTW after last week I am also now the best Ricky in D3 as well."

" Jeffrey it's time for you to leave TSL you are to good to and for them. Please come home so we can play Madden 18 again. I miss you, sincerely Tesla Punk 69."

" Hey guys this is Greg, Greg from upstairs. The door was just open so I just walked right in. I always wanted to know what you guys did here so here I am."


Let's pick some games......




NEW GODS +3 VS PUBLIC ENEMY: New Gods have been up and down. You can see that they have talent. I still wonder how far they will go if their QB stays stubborn and just launches balls into the air and gambles with jump balls. PE has been a hot mess so far this session. They have not looked good. It just seems like something is off. New Gods have skill all over the field and better not be taken lightly. They have speed to burn and can kill you with just one throw. This game could go one of two ways. Either Pubic Enemy will come out and play like their hair is on fire and all will be forgotten or they could be ripe for the upset.  PUBLIC ENEMY BY 1

RACKS AND SACKS VS THE PURGE +7: RAS has been a very pleasant surprise to date. I am hearing rumors Radon will be out this week and Travis will be throwing. Normally all in I would go with RAS but hey could have a tough time this week. TP will have their nice new unis on so that's a good thing. TP is an easy team to figure out. Make sure you keep your eyes on Shari, Russ will run solid 8-10 yard routes and Kevin will be the guy that can kill you if you do not account for him. RAS will have a tough time keeping up with the speed demon Kevin. If Taylor doesn't go all Taylor and throw pics and just launch the ball everywhere TP has a chance in this one. I expect a close game that could go down to hew wire.  RACKS AND SACKS BY 4

MARKETING MAYORS +3 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: OK this is what I am talking about. We could finally be getting a half way decent game worth watching in D1. ED has been crushing every team TSL trots in front of them. MM have looked damn sharp so far and they know ED better than anyone. Turner will be cooking something special up this week. Unlike some teams in D1 Turner knows what I now and that is you have to have the balls to man up ED to have a shot. Turner will come right after them. Turner won't play defense afraid he will attack. ED is a super solid team top to bottom. Their QB is dialed in and they are loaded. This game should be good boys and girls.  I love attacking but can the MM #3 run with the ED #3 that my friends is the question.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 7

CHAD STUFF +8 VS #XTC:  I would like to see a world where Joey Montesanti and Darrick Blomfield are in the same line up together. Obviously award winning Tommy Hughes does not. I mean there are questions all over this game. Who attends? Will Topper play QB again? Who is Zak Kedron? When will Stegemier stop this charade that he is injured when we all now he is faking? If both studs are not in the lineup Chad Stuff loses big but what if...what if the planets align and for one moment in time everything comes together for Chad Stuff. If I was #XTC I would have a very un-easy feeling in my stomach this week.  #XTC BY 7

BOMBERS +10 S EYES DOWNTOWN: ED probably wins this game and wins it big. Bombers have a few guys that can go but I just don't see any scenario where they can run with the speedsters of ED. Even if by some miracle they do then they have account for Matty Mohr who is silky smooth and has solid size. This game has blow out written all over it. ED is the fastest team in the game and they will use that speed to their advantage as I see a big win for them this week. Bombers will get some yards but there is no way they are winning a shoot out with Eyes Down Town.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 13



THE REPLACEMENTS +7 VS ANGRY BUFFALO:  TR looked awful last week against Toppers in Motion but now its Rivalry Week. Angry Buffalo is in a  very interesting spot right now. They got beat last week and the team that gives them fits is up next . TR knows how to beat AB they have beat them before and can beat them again. AB does not match up well with TR. For some reason they never come at them with 100%. They always seem to struggle on offense. I expect a barn burner in this one. The TR QB must step up and deliver this week as the weight of the franchise rests clearly on his shoulders. TR can beat AB butt it will take a Herculean effort? I so want to pick the upset I just don't see AB losing 2 in a row.  ANGRY BUFFALO BY 7

BLITZKREIG +6 VS WITTERS: Blitzkrieg has not looked good and they just cant seem to get anything going. Life is no fun when you struggle. Witter's internally had to have fears the season was lost when news struck that their QB was inured but then something magical happened. From the ashes Matty Ice appeared riding a white stallion. He grabbed his football and a plate of spaghetti and the rest as they say was history. Witters will be ready for war Saturday but they better be ready as Blitzkrieg will be playing for their season this week. If they lose they are toast but if they win then they can climb out of the hole and get back in the race. This game will be worth watching. WITTERS BY 3

NWO VS GRAY AND ASSOCIATES +1: This game should be interesting. In one corner sits arguably bits and pieces of the greatest team that ever lived. In the other corner is arguably the 2nd greatest TSLer that ever lived. This one should be good. Youth and greatness sits on one side while vet savvy, intelligence and history sit on the other. This game should be crazy good between 2 teams that are very very talented. GNA is the excellence of execution that have been there an done that and play a system to perfection. NWO are the new kids on the block. I expect a close one.  GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 3

DMX +8 VS TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION: DMX has not looked overly impressive since they made the jump to D2. TEIM are an awesome squad but did the Topper inadvertently start a QB controversy? TEIM went after it last week and threw it down the field. They chucked the safe plan and just want after it. DMX will throw all over the field but do not have the speed to cover TEIM hat on a hat. TEIM should win this game but many onlookers will be watching and wondering by how much and I am sure the Topper will be watching afar waiting for his phone to ring once again when he is needed. TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 6



BULLET CLUB VS COBBLESTONE +3: Cobblestone was left for dead. They couldn't win any more games. D4 was in sight. Hope was lost. Then a hero emerged from the ashes wearing sun glasses sporting his magical hair and a smile that can light up a room. Darryl Carr QB Super Star knew better than anyone that the season was on the line and he decided to take his game over. Darryl made it rain and to be honest his play made me cry. I cried tears of joy and thought of better times in my life. I thought of family and growing up and my first puppy. I thought of the first time I fell in love. My first sun set my first ball game with my father. You see only Darryl Carr QB Super Star can bring memories like this out of each and every one of us. That's why he is an icon and we are just mere mortals who are lucky enough to watch him take 5-7 seven steps back and let the ball fly like the hero that he is. Who will win this game? Who cares. Enjoy these games while you can people because you never know when stars like Darryl Carr QB Super Star will no longer be with us....Carpe Diem....BULLET CLUB BY 4

STICKY BANDITS +7 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY: Looks like Team Topper was spending too much time reading my article and not enough playing solid football last week. Topper looked meh, their defense continued to look meh and Team Topper realized they may be good but you must earn your victories. Nothing comes easy in this world. Sticky Bandits will not just show up and hand u a W. You will need to earn it. Dove will need to quit telling us how good his play calling is and show us. Drew will need to stop thinking he's the best player ever and show us. The supporting cast needs to remember that they are just as important as your stars. Team Topper is at a cross roads. Are they the best team in D3? If you ask me each and every member needs to stop thinking about it and just go show us. 1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 6

MICKEY RATS +3 VS STICKY BANDITS: Poor Mickey Rats. They were the only team to try the sub list QB thing and not win a game last week. Here it is in a nut shell. Both teams have not looked so good so far. Both teams are 0-2 and need a win in the worst way. Yes all 8 teams make the playoffs but lets be honest the loser of this game is done like dinner. MR are notoriously slow starters and Sticky Bandits have won big games in this league. This may be the the game with the most on the line. The winner will get up off the mat and get back in the race the loser is basically toast.  STICKY BANDITS BY 8

A&A VS BULLET CLUB NO LINE: This storm has been brewing for like 3 years. Two of the games biggest stars will finally have at it once and for all. In one corner is the peoples champion. A man who has all the hardware. He is unlike any other. He just shows up and lets it fly. The other corner has the man that came out of no here. He is the cerebral assassin and has formed a team with only one mission in mind D3 annihilation. 2 friends will meet at the 50 around 1:00. All eyes will be on this field. When it starts friends will be become foes as bragging rights will be on the line. Who wins.....well that's anyone's guess if you ask me.  

A&A +7 VS GRYFFINDOR:  Good Lord Matty Ice has a long day planned. It's bad enough he must go heads up with Joe K at 1:00 but at 2:00 the legend awaits him. Joey Batts is basically in a different stratosphere right now. He is the odds on favorite to take home any award that matters including the D3 trophy. Battalgia covets this as this is the one that keeps slipping through his fingers. Gryffindor will be ready to go. A&A are a team unlike any seen before. They will bring interesting match up headaches to this game. Can Joey Batts continue to bring his A+ game? Can he continue to entertain us with magical moments that we will not soon forget? I say Joey Batts is due and his time is now. GRYFFINDOR BY 6



NO PUNT INTENDED +8 VS SHREDDERS: NPI is off to a decent 1-1 start they seem to be moving the ball on offense but their defense could be tweeked a  tad. Shredders are 2-0 and things are moving nicely for them. If Shredders survive both NPI and the Bambs this week we pretty much should know who our top 3 teams are. It's looking like RPMAS, Shredders and HK4 could be the teams to beat. Shredders are a very balanced team on both sides of the ball. I expect a game in the low 30's. NPI should be able to score points but can they go punch for punch with this teams? That right there is the question.  SHREDDERS BY 7

SHREDDERS VS THE BAMBS +1: Shredders did not look so hot in week #1 but they laid the smacketh downeth in week #2. The Bambs are holding  their own so far in D4. They are not running over defenses like last year. They are a very balanced team so this game should be awesome. The Bambs must account for the Shredder ladies at all time. Shredders must make sure they can account for Parrish as he is tall and he can catch. I like the way these two match up and expect a very solid football game. These teams might be seeing each other again real soon.....SHREDDERS BY 3

HOMETECH +1,234,550 VS INDECENT EXPOSURE: Home Tech is now TSL Public Enemy #1. There is no turning back once you have turned to the dark side of the force. There is only 1 way to solve this issue. You know it, I know it and the TSL universe knows it. You must play B's Brother. Play B's Brother and all will be forgiven. Bench B's Brother and you may never turn back. The entire TSL universe will be waiting to see how this story line unfolds. Let him play...let him play.....let him play...let him play.  INDECENT EXPOSURE BY 100

AARP +13 VS HK4: HK4 is the class of D4  right now. They are playing solid defense and they are literally impossible to stop on offense. AARP had a very solid session last year but this year they are up and down. After all this time I have figured it out. AARP are the definition of .500 football team. They will play some solid games and then they will have some clunkers. They will beat the teams they should beat but will struggle with the top tier teams. There is no team higher up the mountain than HK4. HK4 will win this game as they await RPMAS. HK4 BY 10



MADISON LEE'S VS ACE +7: This game should be interesting As you all know Matty's Angels and ACE will not have at it and the league is sad.  Ronny K and Co could send a message to D5 and the whole universe if they steal the show in this one. I expect bedlam this week as ACE will come to play they must win this game they need this game nay they cant live without winning this game. ACE will be consumed with fits of rage as though their foes will be wearing Madison Lee jerseys to ACE each and every player will be wearing a Matty's Angels jersey. I expect hell fire and brimstone. Expect WW3 in this one.  MADISON LEE'S BY 6

MATTY'S ANGELS VS HUNG BUFFALO +1:  I so wish we could trick Madison Lees into playing Hung Buffalo so the Angels can have at it with ACE. HB is not having a super awesome season so far as it all begins and ends on defense. MA are 1-1 but they never really have their whole team with them from week to week. Who shows up this week? Who doesn't? This will be an interesting game as the HB girls can go and will negate the usual 5th girl vs 2nd girl edge gender teams usually have. MA will have speed mismatches they will need to capitalize on to win his one.  MATTY'S ANGELS BY 3

COME FROM BEHIND VS MATTY'S ANGELS +1: CFB is having a decent season as they are balanced and have been in big games before. MA are young and will test CFB all day long. CFB will struggle with Matty Ice and his serpentine offensive maneuvers. CFB will get some gains on offense but can they hold on defense? CFB will come to play and will be able to cover the 5th girl on MA the question remains though who wins this one the young legs or the older legs? That's a darn good question. COME FORM BEHIND BY 3

UNCLE RICOS TIME TRAVELERS VS PASSLESS CHAPS +14: PC are bad really bad right now as they just cant score and they just cant stop anyone. URTT are dialed in on both s sides of the ball. URTT will dial things up on O and should play strong D on a team that will struggle on both sides of the ball. This is one of those games that should be over before it begins.   UNCLE RICO BY 13




THE MCKENZIE AGENCY +8 VS THE TAMMY'S: TMA is a hot mess and needs their emotional, inspirational and life leader Brent back. Only Brent can fix this mess. His intelligence, knowledge of the game and over all awesomeness is the only thing that can keep the TMA ship from sinking. TT have been a hot mess and are thanking the good Lord in the heavens above for sending TMA their way this week. Their is no doubt at least in my mind that we are playing for 54th place this week. Both teams are struggling and anything can happen this week. Fasten your seat belts boys and girls this one should be interesting.  TAMMY'S BY 7

COLLEGIATE SOLAR +13 VS THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE: CS has won a game and that is good news. They have looked like a typical Solar team they have had some good and some bad but hey have been an up and down roller coaster. THE is having a lovely session. Everyone is getting along, new stars emerge every week and they should win big this week. I don't see any scenario where Solar comes to town and shocks the world. THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE BY 10

SANTAS SECRET SAUCE VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD +11: SSS is dialed in right now as they continue to crush their opponents week after week. TPS has been up and down. I see the skill I just don't see as system yet or a solid fundamental plan week to week. The prophet the most honorable Dave Walter will want to send a message this week that SSS is dialed in and ready for war. I have SSS scoring 40 + again and winning big. SSS BY 14




#5: "Award Winning Tommy Hughes": I love this guy there is no one and I mean no one who tells it like it is better than award winning Tommy Hughes. Glowacki makes his return to TSL with Bombers, walks up to Hughes and gives him some lame excuse about #XTC defense and some other load of bunk about leaving 2 weeks before the season starts. Hughes tells him to stick it pre-game, grabs Topper off the sidelines to play QB and beats a Glowacki led Bombers 26-23. 

#4: "Bearded" Lou: Lou made his triumphant return to the Bullet Club and looked like he hasn't missed a beat as he helped propel them to a big 35-26 win. Many on lookers claimed Lou looked a step faster as he looked un-coverable almost all day.

#3:  "Greg from Upstairs:" Made his triumphant TSL debut out of no where on this weeks podcast. Many claim this weeks podcast was knocked out of the park. Will "Greg from upstairs" become the TSL's "next big thing?"

#2: Ryan Puckett Memorial All Stars: Took D5 faster than Grant took Richmond and now seem to be cruising through D4 at light speed. Got 2 more big wins and now stand at 3-0 and could be the only thing standing in the way of HK4 division dominance. 

#1: Topper: Never before in league history has a CFO CEO and innovator of the product that is QB'd not just a D2 but a D1 team to victory but the Topper did it. He even did his BFF Darryl a favor and let Cobblestone win on purpose so they could get back in the playoff race. Topper could be the first man in TSL history to receive the D1, D2, D3 and overall league MVP all in the same season. Topper was also instrumental in securing the dunk tank and Neville Francis this week. I am also proud to report he did not lose any money in silly races against girls that were way faster than him this week. 



#5: Angry Buffalo: Really? So they lost to Witter's who just dialed up Matty Ice who came saw and conquered. AB did not look overly impressive on offense. Their most hated rival heads to town this week. 

#4: Blitzkrieg: Are off to a 1-2 start. Have looked OK on defense but have looked terrible on offense. Have talent but just don't seem to know how to use it. They need to find a way to score more.

#3: Ref crew in the Tommy Hughes McKenzie Agency Game: OK guys which one of you forgot to keep score? How funny must it have been halfway during the game to find out both refs thought the other was keeping score and neither was keeping score. That must have been a hoot hollering good time. Thank God you weren't reffing an ACE game. 

#2: Public Enemy: Nobody thought you would win last week and you didn't. That's not the issue. Something seems off. PE for the past 3 seasons has an unbelievable win loss record but for the first time in a long while they are facing adversity though mostly self inflicted Will they recover or are harder times ahead? They say in times of trouble that's when you need your leaders most or in some cases find out who your leaders truly are. I am curious to see who leads this team out of the woods and gets them back on track.   

#1: HOMETECH: B's Brother got to the fields at 932 AM. He was ready to suit up and play at 933 am. He walked the fields for over 3.5 hours with his magical head phones on thinking of plays, route combinations, throws he would make, throws he wouldn't and most importantly he couldn't wait to see his new friends Home Tech who promised him he would play in their game. They looked us all straight in the eyes and told us he would play. Home Tech lost to RPMAS 44-18 and B's Brother did not get one snap. At what point in your infinite wisdom did anyone in a Home Tech jersey think maybe it would be a good PR move to let him play one series, hell one play. Now Home Tech is TSL Public Enemy #1. How could you Home Tech? How do you guys sleep at night? You made B's Brother sad. For shame Home Tech!!!! For...shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame



1. Are starting QB's in this league starting to get worried? The new thing seems to be to dial up a universal QB sub and have said sub lead you to glory. This is a copy cat league. Will Topper be facing Matty Ice this week when Public Enemy and New Gods have at it? Will Tommy Hughes be facing Brian Ferger when Eyes Down Town and Marketing Mayors go to war? And why has not one team yet contacted the prophet the most honorable Dave Walter to let it fly as dude is on fire scoring over 40 a game two weeks in a row including knocking two girls in the dunk tank on his first throw.

2.  Will Darryl Carr QB Super Star pull another upset and shock Bullet Club? Joe K and Co might be looking ahead to A&A later in the day. Beware the trap game..... 

3. Does Tight Ends in Motion have a QB controversy? If you heard the podcast or saw the score last week this question actually might be a fair one. I heard many a TSLer tell me this week that Topper looks 10 years younger and is throwing gas right now. 

4. What does the prophet the most honorable Dave Walter have planned for his encore? SSS is crushing folks right now and Dave is throwing gas. BTW has anyone seen "The Dancing Bear" Pauly Scinta recently?

5. So who wins the old vets or the new kids on the block? NWO s Gray and Associates should be a good one as these teams match up well. 


10 final thoughts before game day


1. The game I have my eye on this week is at 1:00 on Field #3 when A&A has at it with Bullet Club. Two of the games biggest names and good friends Matty Ice and Joe K do battle for bragging rights this week.  D3 has a star studded lineup of great games this week as A&A has at it later in the day with the living legend Joey Batts and Gryffidnor. Then Team Topper takes on the Sticky Nation. D3 is easily the most star filled in the game today. . 

2.  All eyes will be on field #3 at 2:00 this week when Indecent Exposure has at it with Hometech. I hope Hometech feels shame and lets B's Brother play. They are literally a one million point + under dog this week what do they have to lose?  We will be watching Home Tech.....we............ will...........be...........watching.......

3.  I don't get it . The Replacements have been down for a few seasons now. They sign Jeremy Burr who is one of the better players in the game then they decide to basically not throw to him. Franchisee players get ridden into the ground. If you have an issue throw to him If you need yards throw to him. If you want to win a game throw to him. You are not throwing to him.  Think of this like math. If you throw the ball to Burr + he will always catch it= TOUCHDOWN AND YOU WIN. See its a very easy formula when you do the math! Wake up Replacements !!!!!

4.  I for one am so excited to see ACE and Madison Lee's have at it this week. Yes ML are not the Angels but this one still should be awesome. ACE will be looking to send a message of this I am sure. They will be heading into hostile territory this week as ACE will want to win this game and win big. I am curious to see how these two teams match up.  

5. We could be seeing a preview of the D1 championship this week when Eyes Down Town have at it with Marketing Mayors. I am very interested to see if MM say F it and try to man ED up. I have seen the ED offense struggle against man but many teams don't have the stones to try it. MM could be the only thing standing in the way of ED running the table this session. 

6. I know we always get excited for big games but can we  get excited for clunkers as well? There will be no bigger clunker this week that The Tammy's VS The McKenzie Agency. Both teams are struggling mightily and each team needs a win in the worst way. This game will not be good but the winner will get some needed confidence as they will need it heading down the stretch. 

7. Sticky Bandits are 0-2 and have 2 huge games up this week. They must face the dreaded Team topper and also have at it with Mickey Rats. Yes I know all 8 teams make it but SB must show up this week and win a game or two. If they lose out this weekend you mine as well stick a fork in them. I am very curious to see what they are made of this week.  

8.  I will be watching the Shredders vs The Bambs this week. D4 is starting to look like a 3 horse race but The Bambs might have something to say about that. We will know by days end if The Bambs will be a part of the race or an also ran. 

9.  Matty's Angels have 2 tough games this week as they must face CFB and Hung Buffalo. We should know by the end of the day what the Angels are made of this week. Looks like Matty Ice will be a very tired camper by about 3:00 on Saturday.   

10. RAS vs the Purge should be a good game. I am hearing that Radon might be out so Travis might be in. It will be interesting to see if the Purge finally get to unveil their new shiny uniforms this week. I can't wait to see the female battles in this one. 

If you want a sub please email the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Thursday at 6PM. After that you may only use a player on the Universal Sub list only. 




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If you have something to say email me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As you know I do not give out my phone as I live in a log cabin in Des Moines Iowa and do not get cell service.


CYA Saturday......




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