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Things are starting heat up. Races are in full swing. Fall is here. Something is happening Saturday but I just can't put my finger on it. TSL Football continues to impress and excite. People are happy playing the game that they love in the league that they love. Where do we go from here?  What happens next? Your guess is as good as mine......

 Let's pick some games......



PUBLIC ENEMY +3 VS MARKETING MAYORS: This battle is usually a very good one between two teams that know each other pretty well. PE looked light years better last week and they seem to be pulling out of their early season struggles. MM are dialed in right now and look very good on both sides of the ball. PE keeps missing people week after week will this happen again? I see a very close game that could go down to the wire. MM have 2 studs that will be very tough to cover. I still think the PE defense is a work in progress so I will take MM in this one. MARKETING MAYORS BY 4


MARKETING MAYORS +1 VS NEW GODS:  I have always said and will continue to say that there is only one way to bust a man defense and that is find the mis-match and exploit the mismatch. ED did not do that last week. Cory Turner is one of the most under rated and one of the most intelligent football people in this game. I am sure he will see it and he will attack. MM have 2 super studs so they are a totally different animal this week. NG have speed to burn but the question will remain as it always does in MM games who wins the battle of the #3's? The team that gets better play from their #3 will win this game. The QB's are close NG has the girl edge but this game will begin and end at the #3 position.  NEW GODS BY 3


#XTC +6 VS RACKS AND SACKS: You truly never know what you are gong to get with #XTC. Will Flynn be back? Who is playing QB? How much longer will Stegemeir keep faking an injury? All fair questions if you ask me. Is Franco hurt? Will he be out any significant amount of time? If he is RAS will be in a dog fight as their defense will suffer. I expect #XTC to show up big time this week and I see this game being alot closer than many would think.  RACKS AND SACKS BY 6


THE PURGE +9 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: ED was shocked last week. They were missing people but we learned a few things last week. We learned they don't like being manned and we learned that their offense can be super stubborn . TP does not have the speed to run with ED. In theory they have a huge girl edge but I don't see them winning a game with this strategy. Kevin Zak can run with anyone but  TP 2's and 3's will be get mowed over by the lightning fast ED guys. ED I reckon will want to send a message to D1 that they are fine and all is well unfortunately I think the real message was already sent last week..... EYES DOWN TOWN BY 10





DMX +7 VS THE REPLACEMENTS: TR are about where you would guess. They are 2-3 and they should take this game. TR has skill and they have one of the best players in the game (if they would use him) . TR is an up and own roller coaster as it all begins and ends at QB. When their QB is on they are tough to beat when he is off its sianara sweet heart. DMX is known to throw some points up but their defense struggles. If TR uses their brain and splits Burr one way and Doug the other they literally can go up and down the field throwing to which one that is open. Will they do this? Well that's a good question.... THE REPLACEMENTS BY 4


WITTERS +7 VS NWO: Witter's is really having a ho hum season. Yes I see talent there, yes they have won in this division, yes they are balanced and yes they can win on any given Saturday. So why aren't they? Is it the QB? Is it the defense?  I honestly thin its a variety of alot of stuff. The good news is they have 3 weeks to fix it. The bad news is NWO is up next and they need this win  bad. I still am not sure if NWO is elite or also ran. They have skill but seem too inconsistent to put them at the top of the mountain just yet. But let's be honest when the playoffs come that's when one of their players goes nuclear.  NWO BY 6


GRAY AND ASSOCIATES VS ANGRY BUFFALO NO LINE: AB seems to have been off for quite some time now. This is not good as the excellence of execution is heading thier way. If she plays will AB be able to stop her? The book on AB is that their QB is a flame thrower, their WR's are balanced but their girls can get taken to the wood shed. Well Paul FN Bunyon awaits them. This game should be bedlam between two of the top teams in this division. I see TEIM, GNA and AB as your top 3 teams and it looks to me like 2 of these 3 will be hooking up in week #11. As for the game, can Angry Buffalo stop her? I will laugh if she doesn't even play.  GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 1


TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION VS BLITZKREIG +7: Beware the trap game. TEIM is on cruise control as they look elite. That's what scares me this week. On the other side line is a foe that stands at 2-2 but that foe knows this team quite well. If ever there was a week this would be it. TEIM is rolling, they are money on defense and are getting solid play from their O. Blitzkreig I am sure knows where all the bodies are buried. They know where to attack and where not to. Am I calling the upset ? NO but I think this game will give TEIM quite the scare.  TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 3




MICKEY RATS +3 VS BULLET CLUB: MR shocked the world last week as they threw 66 on Cobblestone. Will that same team show up this week? BC did not look good at all last week .  Yes they were missing stars but they still only mustered 15 points against a Topper defense that isn't very good. This game will come down to one thing..if the same Mickey Rats team shows up this week that showed up last week Bullet Club could get shocked. I have no clue who shows up but lets gamble on an upset.  MICKEY RATS BY 1


GRYFFINDOR VS COBBLESTONE +7: D3 still continues to amaze me with its star power. Last week was awesome but this week we get Darryl Carr QB Superstar against Joey Freakin Batts. This game should be bedlam. The Gryff is doing nicely as always and Cobblestone is in the hunt. CS did a great thing last week. They knew public sympathy was not with them so they decided to throw B's Brother into the game and regained their street cred. CS is once again loved by each and every one of us. As for the game. The Gryff is dialed in and the CS defense has not so look for Joey Batts and Co to light up the sky Saturday. GRYFFINDOR BY 6







SATURDAYS ARE FOR JZ VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +3: IE has been in alot of their games but their defense continues to let them down. They are scoring points but they just cant get stops on defense. JZ is up next and JZ has his team believing. SAFTG are a solid team top to bottom. They check all the boxes on both sides of the ball. I expect a shootout this week but just don't see IE keeping up with SAFTG. Bet the over take JZ and Co to roll.  SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE GIRLS BY 7


HK4 VS NO PUNT INTENDED +8: NPI has looked really solid and belongs here. They have shown well on both sides of the ball and continue to impress and improve. The problem is this week the big bad wolf comes to town. HK4 is a juggernaut that is literally running over every team the TSL trots in front of them,. Impressive offense CHECK stingy defense CHECK solid QB CHECK good girls CHECK. Can anyone stop HK4? I honestly don't know. What I do know is they won't be stopped this week. PTI is learning and in time will be awesome but Saturday will not be their day.  HK4 BY 7


HOMETECH +8 VS THE BAMBS:  What a difference a day makes. Hometech was hated by all of us then in one magical moment they became America's Team. The question now is will they continue to play B's Brother or was this a one off. TB are struggling but they will win this game and win big. They have decent size speed and balance. Hometech has a few players but they don't have a system or any chemistry. The Bambs will win big. Our only hope is B's Brother shows up and throws a madden offense on them and the Bambs don't know what hit them, dare to dream. THE BAMBS BY 14


3RD AND SCHLONG +8 VS SHREDDERS: Shredders got taken to school last week and will come to town hopping mad. I expect a fire storm of points. I expect a statement will be made. Shredders must be mad, they have to be mad, they will want to show the division last week was a fluke. The only problem is Team Keller awaits them and we love them. So Shredders when you win this game please don't go nuclear cus we love us some Kellers. Win by under 10 and all will be good.  SHREDDERS BY 10


AARP +7 VS RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS: RPMAS are 5-0 but they have yet to draw HK4 or Shredders. They have to be reading this wondering if they are elite or if they just will be another team that gets run over by HK4. Heck I am thinking it so they have to be too. AARP are holding their own and they are doing OK in D4. They can score some points and they play some solid defense. I think RPMAS will go to 6-0 and we will once again wonder if they are that good or just a product of an easy schedule to date. Time will tell.   RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS BY 8




BACK THAT PASS UP +7 VS UNCLE RICOS TIME TRAVELERS: URTT looked very solid last week against the Matty's Angel B team.  Uncle Rico is 4-1 and have looked good so far especially on offense where they crush their foes. BTPU is playing decent as they sit at 3-2 but their offense has struggled and their defense is up and down. I expect Uncle Rico to come out firing in route to another impressive victory.  UNCLE RICOS BY 8


ACE VS SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE +10: ACE is doing awesome and quiet Ronny K for D5 and D4 MVP chants have begun. Ronny K is putting on a show for the ages. ACE is in every game they are winning and always the sportsman Ronny K gives everyone else but himself credit. SNB is an up and down squad. They always have been and they always will be. I still am not sure if ACE knows how good they truly are. This could be the week we find out. ACE should beat this team by 10 but will they? ACE is loaded with speed all over the field and will be tough to match up against. As each days passes ACE gets more and more confidence.  ACE BY 7


HOPE N RUIN +3 VS HUNG BUFFALO: Both these teams are good very good. HB is a multiple time champ and is vet savvy. HNR finally won a title and look to have totally settled down in D5. This game should be good as both teams know this game well. I think HNR has not played defense as well as in seasons past and this might bite them a bit in this game. I expect HB to throw some points on the board this week. HUNG BUFFALO BY 6


COME FROM BEHIND VS ALL WE DO IS QLOSE +8:  What happened to AWDIQ? They used to be so good. They used to have lighting speed. They used to have solid players. They used to win games and win them big. Now not so much.2-3 does not cut the mustard. CFB is doing awesome they are 4-1 and look great.  Their offense is solid, they play good d and they know this game well. I used to think the young kids could take the old timers to task but I don't feel that way this week. I think CFB is due this week as they easily could be the D5 favorite right now.  COME FROM BEHIND BY 7





THE TAMMY'S +7 VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD: The Tammy's might never win a game ever again. On this day. Against this team. The Tammy's have a chance. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls the Tammy's are bad really bad. They probably have a chance of winning one game this session. That game is Saturday that opponent is the Practice Squad. The Tammy's will be playing in their super bowl this week. Can they win? Will they win? Will they play B's Brother?  THE TAMMY'S BY 1


COLLEGIATE SOLAR +3 VS UFO: Solar is struggling as it all begins and ends on defense. UFO is off to a very impressive start as they sit at 3-1. They are winning games the right way with a stingy defense and an offense that is just doing enough to win. The hole this week will  be squarely in the middle of the field as Solar runs the weirdest zone every created. Heck lets just call it "zone on crack."  UFO is a very smart team. If they can stop the speed Solar has and attack the middle of the field they could be 4-1 by day's end. UFO BY 6


THE MCKENZIE AGENCY +3 VS CELINO SEWER RATS:  CSR had a rough day last week. They didn't play well. They almost lost to a team with 5 people. Then post game they didn't even buy their old sponsor a beer. Come on Celino DJ Jimmy was amongst us and you sat there and didn't even buy the guy a beer. FOR SHAME!!!!!   TMA is a hot mess and that's not good or is it? I love teams that are on the verge of implosion. I also love Brent and don't want TMA to implode so I am having a personal crisis. Half of me wants implosion but half of me wants Brent to be MVP and win the D6 title. As for the game TMA struggles on O and CSR have enough speed to run TMA out of the building. CELINO SEWER RATS BY 6


THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE VS SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE+3: SSS was doing great until no call show show fest started They are a solid team top to bottom. They are skippered by a savvy vet, they have talent and they can win games and win them big. The other side line has THE on it. The more I think about it what was TSL thinking when they put all these people in D6 it makes no friggin sense. Even worse is the fact they have never won a title yet. This game should be good as both teams need this win and both are fun and ready for war. This game should be bedlam.  THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE BY 7





#5: Sticky Bandits Offense: The much maligned offense was taken to task by this writer and everyone that basically has eyes the past few weeks. On this day and yes against a wounded A&A The Sticky Nation mustered 71 points. Are they back? Was a statement made? Do they have the best Ricky? All fair questions if you ask me....


#4: Ryan Puckett Memorial All Stars: HK4 seems to be getting all the pub but RPMAS are off to a 5-0 start with 2 more super quiet victories. Yes they have yet to face Shredders or HK4 but 5-0 is 5-0. 


#3: Mickey Rats: (2) games 110 PF 81 PA. They had to play the #Icon and won. They had to fight the TSL Universe as B's Brother was with Cobblestone.    Yes they crushed PTP and yes everyone crushes PTP but they still threw up 44. If the team that showed up Saturday  shows up for the playoffs they could be the D3 dark horse. 


#2: "Big Paulie" Nieman: Public Enemy has looked off this session but "Big Paulie" told my associate on Friday "I will throw PE on my back if I have to this week and we will beat Bombers." Boy did he ever. Nieman had a pic, multiple touch downs and literally went "Godzilla" on an un-suspecting Tokyo as PE made quick work of Bombers. 


#1: New Gods: 3-1-1. This includes a tie with PE and a huge 44-28 victory over Eyes Downtown. They were not afraid to man them. They were not afraid to go right after them. If any person what so ever in this league still isn't sure if this team is for real you are insane and need your head checked as New Gods "arrived" on Saturday. Also found time to attend this week's podcast and were awesome guests as well. New Gods continue to hit home runs on and off the field.  




#5:  Eyes Down Town: Yes I know Chadwick was out. Yes I know Schriever was out. 2 things concerned me Saturday. 1. They got manned again and their offense panicked. 2. And most importantly, there is only 1 way to beat a man. There was a mis-match there. It was there all day every play. It was staring right at you and you didn't take it. If I was wearing an ED shirt this fact is what would concern me most going forward . 


#4: Santa's Secret Sauce:. The prophet the most honorable Dave Walter no call no showed 2 weeks ago but SSS still won. This week 2 guys and 1 girl no call no showed and SSS had to take a "L" in one of their biggest games of the season. Is a new trend developing? On a brighter note SSS almost beat Celino with 5 people. 


#3: Prime Time Players: Got run out of D2 and everyone figured D3 would be their new home. It looks like they need to be sent to D4 immediately as this team is struggling. They got beat this week in thug like fashion by Uncle Joey Batts 54-14. PTP is a sieve on defense and isn't doing itself any favors on offense. How does a team with Katie Salisbury on it continue to play this bad?


#2: TSL: So it took you 13 season's to figure out that if B's Brother plays on a team this equals ratings. The ratings are in this week and TSL viewer ship is up 341% from the Saturday before. Last week was up 168% from the week prior. We got a 10.7 nation wide rating. B's Brother equals ratings people. BTW be on the look out for the B's Brother Variety Hour coming soon :)


#1: SHREDDER'S: It was supposed to be the Battle of the Un-beatens and it was supposed to be "magical." It wasn't magical not even close and I am mad. I expected an all out war. I expected hell fire and brimstone. All we got was a HK4 38-17 thug like beat down of Shredders. It looks like Ryan Puckett Memorial All Stars are now our only hope. Unlessssss.......





1. How come Bombers and Chad Stuff are in D1 but Angry Buffalo, Tight Ends in Motion and Gray and Associates are in D2? I am fairly certain all (3) D2 teams could beat both D1 teams by at least 11-14 points if they played right now. 


2. Will SSS have their full team and if so are they the team that can beat Tommy Hughes Experience? That my friends is the question of the day. 


3.  Will The Tammy's finally win a game this week? Yes they are struggling and yes they don't look like they will but if they are going to win a game this will be the week. 


4. Will Joey Batts be spotted in the bar for 3 straight weeks? That all depends on how he fares with the #Icon this week. The Gryff seem to be in mid seasons form as the race for the holy grail of social co ed football is about to begin. 


5. OK so who actually has the rights to B's Brother? He played for Hometech 2 weeks ago and Cobblestone last week. What happens now? Has a bidding war ensued? Will he be playing for New Gods this week? I mean he already has a New Gods jersey. This whole situation has me confused.




10 final thoughts before game day


1. The game I have my eye on this week is simple. It's in D2 where Angry Buffalo has at it with Gray and Associates. Both teams are killing it in D2 right now. This could be a preview of the D2 championship. Both squads have strengths and weaknesses. We have always heard that the only thing keeping AB out of D1 is their girl play well this is the week we truly get to see if this is true or not. You will not find a better girl than the one they will see this week as the best female to EVER play this game is heading their way. 


2.   Marketing Mayors are off to a very impressive 3-0 start but we truly will get to see what they are made of this week. They have Public Enemy and New Gods on the schedule this week. Both teams are polar opposites of each other so MM will need to be on their toes this week. Is MM the class of D1 or are they about to fall down a few rungs of the ladder this week? Stay tuned.


3.  I will have my eyes on Mickey Rats this week. They shocked Cobblestone last week. Will that same team show up this week? Bullet Club didn't exact impress last week and couldn't be ripe for another beat down this week. 


4. No One including ACE (except Ronny K) thought they could compete in D5 . Yet here they stand at 3-2 with a very winnable game looming with SNB. ACE could be 4-2 by day's end and literally might be the feel good story of the session. Ronny K for D5 MVP!!!!


5 .Ladies and Gentlemen this will not be a good week for the Topper. He gets very sad when he has a bye week. So if you see the Topper have a drink with him, talk to him, invite him to your game, hug him if you must but make sure the Topper is not sad Saturday. Topper doesn't know what to do when he has a bye week and gets bored very easily. 


6. . I am very curious to see what happens in the Mckenzie Agency Celino Sewer Rats match up. Both teams are struggling a tad. Celino started so hot but looked flat last week and didn't even buy their former sponsor a beer. TMA looks like they are one step form implosion. These two teams played twice last session and CSR crushed TMA.  I am curious to see if TMA has something special cooked up this week. 


7.   #XTC vs Racks and Sacks seems like a very interesting game. #XTC seems to be starting go get things going on both sides of the ball. RAS has looked awesome so far but we keep hearing they might be missing a key piece of their line up. I am very curious to see who is playing QB for #XTC this week.


8.  I think a great story line is developing in D5 this week when Come From Behind has at it with AWDIQ. CFB are the old guard, the savvy vets they have been there and done that. AWDIQ are the new kids on the block as they are young, fast and still don't understand the gravity of the moment at hand. I am very curious to see if youth or vet savvy prevails this Saturday . I still think CFB could be the D5 favorite right now. 


9.   If you just like watching good football games then Hope N Run vs Hung Buffalo is for you. Both teams are super solid on both sides of the ball. Both teams have solid defenses, good QB's decent girls and are smart. Sometimes football just comes down to who executes better. I see this game as an old school classic that should be very entertaining. 


10.  Once again thanks to Rameer, Jay and Ricky of New Gods who were nice enough to spend some time with us on this week's podcast. Make sure to please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for sub requests. Please play and be responsible this week. OK the time for talk is over. Good luck to all CYA Saturday!!!!



If you want a sub please email the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Thursday at 6PM. After that you may only use a player on the Universal Sub list only. 




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If you have something to say email me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As you know I do not give out my phone as I live in a log cabin in Des Moines Iowa and do not get cell service.



CYA Saturday......




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