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Week 6 Review

Category: The View from the Top
Created: Monday, 15 October 2018 05:05
Published: Monday, 15 October 2018 05:05
Written by Patrick McGovern
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Well this week didn’t exactly finish strong. The day started well but it didn’t finish that way. I have a job to do so here it is. I find myself not as motivated to write when I see/hear about sheer stupidity. Yeah maybe this week I mailed it in but I don’t care this week was not very motivating…..So here goes…


-So it was like 40 something degrees out yet the patio was open and the league was thrown outside. That was nice….. really nice. I am curious to see what happens next week.

-I think it goes without saying but our hope is things are AOK over at Tight Ends in Motion as both Tiger and Kyle are both well liked players in this league and I am sure many people in this league have nothing but well wishes for both this week as it looks like both could be gone for a while. I also hope everyone on HATBF is doing AOK as well . That was a crazy game with a crazy ending.

-I really hope the UFO player that had his day shortened really takes this week to reflect on life and his behavior. I will say this, that guy has never been anything but a class act off the field (at least to me) but his on the field antics have to stop or he might find himself on the outside looking in soon. I really don’t mean he is about to face a suspension (at least not yet) but if I am a teammate of his I think It’s almost time someone says “Dude its social co ed football cool off.” I heard more than a few UFO players were heard saying they might be on the move next season as this week’s tirade was “just too much.” I get it people like competing and they play to win but c’mon man this is “only social co ed football that shit has to stop and stop now. “  I will so call Coach Jay and we will start a “Coach Jay School for meat heads and folks who don’t understand this is social co ed football with chicks so act your age dumb dumb” . I swear I will rent out a school and throw all you knuckleheads in it and Coach Jay and I will talk to you all for like an hour about “anger management” and “acting your age” and showing both you, your teammates, the officials and everyone around you the proper amount of respect and decent behavior they deserve. Don’t tempt me I so will do this….We could easily start with this player and the player on Jabronies we will get to a tad later as our first two “students.”

-Racks and Sacks was up against it this week with their season on the line and they came to play with a big win 42-20 over Angry Buffalo. I for one was happy Travis finally found himself on the good side of the game this week. BTW Travis had himself quite the game this week especially on offense. All I can say is I feel bad for the players on Angry Buffalo. Yes, there could be some that could be saying that the “football Gods” are getting even with one of them for their actions this season but a lot of them keep coming to play hard each and every week and deserve better than what is happening this season.

-No Punt Intended and Hope N Ruin were up against it this week but both delivered.  NPI shocked HK7 41-32 while HNR beat up Come from Behind 32-22. I give up, none of this makes any sense anymore. Peachy Platoon were running away with D6 then lost. HK7 was on fire then they lost. 3rd and Schlong was struggling but they showed up and stood tall this week. Ultimate Warriors started so hot but they look lost. Cousin Steve and Co look like they are done like dinner. Matty’s Angels was rolling then Quinn shocked them. Witter’s got hot then was not.

-If you ask me the TSL “Team of the Year” is 3rd and Schlong. 3AS was slow out of the gate but they are on fire right now. Katie Keller is the new Queen Bee as she came to town and dusted up Ultimate Warriors this week 30-15. When they were all done, Jr and Co trotted out spiffy new 3AS winter hats which were a big hit with girls who were “easy on the eyes” as they appeared to get the hats first. They weren’t done….after a few pops “40 Year Plan Guy” called out Joe K and said 3rd and Schlong challenged to play Bullet Club “anytime, anywhere and anyplace” this season. That was a monster call out by 40YPG. Joe K has yet to comment. BTW for those of you waiting, the fair maiden Molly Morgan and 40 YPG will be mini golfing this week. Yes, Katie Keller had “no comment” when she heard the date was finalized.

-I had a chance to catch up with Gordon this week. Bi Polar Express came close this week as they played The McKenzie Agency tough in a 22-18 defeat. Gordon has promised to “not lose it” and keep BPE on course as they get closer and closer to their first victory.

-Don’t look now but Public Enemy vs Eyes Downtown is setting up to be” Clash of the Titans”. A short handed PE beat Marketing Mayors 27-24 while Eyes Downtown ran #XTC off the field 35-12. PE vs ED is really setting up as the “game of the year.” When all is said and done this could be one of the best rivalries in the history of the game if you ask me.

- I need to say this, the MVP of this week might be none other than “Glasses” of Gryffindor. Dude was under siege this week in the press but showed up big time in a big 32-13 over Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers. While Tony was literally “not trying” Glasses was all over field making plays on both offense and defense. Good for you “Glasses” good for you!

- I am hearing a few players in the Matty’s Angels/All we do is Quinn game were none too happy with the final call in the game. Depending on who you ask some say the ref botched the call others claim it was called right. The only way to solve this problem is to meet in the D5 final and settle this once and for all if you ask me.

-Oiy Vey it’s looking like Bullett Club is struggling. DMX came to town and rolled them 54-36. Topper started it, but teams seem to be jumping all over a very suspect Bullett Club secondary right now.  D3 champs to 3-3, it might be time to wonder if Bullett Club is having a championship hangover.

-Buffalo Solar Solutions are now 4-2 and they are right in the middle of a crazy race for the D4 title.  Their defense was on point this week holding a very good IE offense to only 16 points. D4 is wide open now with both HK7 and Ultimate Warriors coming back to earth. BTW nobody is really talking about Puckett All Stars…..but they should be.

- I really, as a fan of the TSL, am excited for the Matty’s Angels vs Cunning Stunts game coming soon. Both squads continue to impress on both sides of the ball. Both teams are led by crazy QB’s and each team continues to get better and better week after week. I was very impressed this week with the Cunning Stunts defense especially the Clarke sisters who are getting crazy good on defense. Hopefully we will have pictures this week of the “Cunning Stunts” decal on the #24 of Award Winning Tommy Hughes.

-If you ask me the “catch of the season” was made by one Andy Smith of the Marketing Mayors on a conversion this week. Dude went OBJ with a crazy “one handed” grab late in the second half. It still was a tad “disappointing” we never got our Ryan Radke vs Andy Smith battle this week. I still am a tad shocked The Mayors are only 3-3 but they are one team you do not want to see in the playoffs.

-Tune Squad lost 2 games yesterday but they scored 33 points and only gave up 84 so things are slowly improving.

-Yes Darryl Carr QB Superstar is still the #ICON and easily our greatest player ever but Garrett Beesing did just fine as the back up this week as Cobblestone gave SITE a game that went down to the last play. I have a feeling we could be seeing a Beesing led team happening some day soon. Garrett has already proven his is a solid all around player let’s see how he would do at QB.

-So our good buddy the Godfather called out this writer and I picked (10) games last week. It appears I was 7-3 this week in the games I picked. Beware GF 7-3 ain’t half bad you better tighten up your game or I might have to start writing your article as well next week.

-So Ferger wasn’t at the fields this week does that mean we won’t get a Mentalist article this week? Inquiring minds want to know.

-Are we 100% sure “Stoner Dave” got both feet down in a dramatic 39-38 win over Hootie and the Brofish?  It happened so fast and was such a solid grab but wow that one was close. I was standing with a solid view of the catch and I am still not sure he had both feet in at the time of the catch. It might be time for TSL instant replay. I actually had some guys ask me about doing post game interviews and maybe video taping a few games. I didn’t know what to say but was flattered when someone told me and I quote “I love this league it’s better than MTV” that was nice .

-All right it’s time to spend a minute or two on a situation that happened Saturday. Unfortunately one of our players had “a pop or two” in his system and unfortunately said “something he should not have said.” I would like to take this time to briefly comment on this situation. I firmly believe that the player in question said something unacceptable and was 100% wrong in doing so. I believe this person was 100% percent wrong and no matter what was in his system should have known better. I for one on behalf of the good people in this world who in fact do know better would like to apologize on that person’s behalf. This league is better than that and the people of this league should always be better than that. I would also like to thank the person who heard that for taking the high road and not making more of the situation when he easily could have. We see things happen and said “out there” but for one minute they creeped into our universe and that should not have happened. I for one am bothered and can not apologize enough to everyone that had to hear that or be there at that time. The TSL Universe is better than this and needs to make sure things like that do not happen again. I for one will do my best to make sure the events of what happened late Saturday afternoon do not happen again.

-While I am on the subject of apologies I would like to apologize to both Morning Wood and Slytherin that Endzone as a scheduling snafu with Sticky Bandits occurred this week. Topper will get right on this matter when he returns from out of town ASAP.


If you ask me I for one am happy this week is now over…..Onto week #7

judgemental: of or concerning the use of judgement

Category: The View from the Top
Created: Sunday, 07 October 2018 20:48
Published: Sunday, 07 October 2018 20:48
Written by Patrick McGovern
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Adjective judgemental

of or concerning the use of judgement.

-having or displaying an excessive critical point of view.

“I don’t like to sound judgmental but it was a big mistake.”

Synonyms: critical,censorious,condemnatory,disapproving,disparaging,depreciating,negative,overcritical,hypercritical.

“he’s compulsively judgmental”

-So you are walking the fields and just watching a football game and you run into a woman who out of no where introduces herself then calls you “judgmental.” Yes it did hurt my feelings. I looked up into the sky at around 11:37 eastern standard time and asked God why? Why would someone say that? Why up by 20 could someone be so angry? Did this person want to be beating Ultimate Warriors by 30 and did this person take this anger nay this rage nay this apoplectic nay incandescent feeling out on me? Was I in the wrong place at the wrong time? I spent the rest of my Saturday pondering life and going through that chain of events that unfolded that fateful day one more time in my head. None of it makes any sense. My job is to continue on so I will. Please forgive me as I am emotionally distraught now but the show as they say must go on…….


The good news is after I got yelled at I did learn a few things Saturday….


-I learned that reports of TEIM’s demise are very premature. TEIM was down like 20-7 at the half to Marketing Mayors and by games end they won 37-36. TEIM fought and scratched and did not give up and the football Gods paid them off with a big victory. That’s 2 in row against Tuner for TEIM. I found it very interesting that they have been the one team to date who surprised all of us by rushing as guy. This hurried Dalphonso into a lot of bad throws. This is a copycat league let’s see if someone else goes this route.  

- I learned that 1 Topper too many is for real. Team Topper ran Bullett Club right off the field. I am also learning that your D3 Male MVP might just have the last name of “Davis” on the back of his jersey. Don’t look now but one or both Clarkes might be heading to the podium at this sessions banquet as both girls have been playing lights out. The thing that impressed me most of this week’s victory was Team Topper put on a clinic of “taking what the defense gives you.” Bullett Club plays their safeties way too deep for my liking and Topper just threw the ball underneath the coverage. So for those of you scoring at home Team Topper ran Bullett Club off the field, beat A&A and almost killed Joey Batts literally. They are undefeated and they deserve to be where they are.

-If I was Bullett Club I just learned that “you’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.” It’s looking like when BC can’t “out athlete” people they are in big trouble. Team Topper out manned, out threw, out ran, out caught, out thought and out classed Bullett Club in every facet of the game. I was wondering how the JJ/Brandy Clarke battle would end it looked like the duke goes to Brandy Clarke. JJ seems like she has lost a step if you ask me.

-I am learning that the most complete female player in the game today might just be none other than Katie Keller. Girl is a demon on offense but has definitely kicked her game up a nickel on defense this session. Some girls are solid on offense or really good on defense but Katie Keller is money on both sides of the ball. I really think Katie Keller and Sr could have beat Tune Squad 2 on 6. 

- l think that Tune Squad is struggling but their QB can throw. I think someone needs to walk over there and just tell him to stop going long and try for easy 6-10 yards throws. He has one of the better arms in D4 but his stats are skewed because he goes long waaaaay too much. Tune Squad in time could actually be a pretty decent team they just need to slow things down and go get easy gains that are there for them. The long ball is the pretty throw but it isn’t the easiest throw to make.

-I learned Saturday that I should have spent more time watching HK7 play. I can now tell you they are way more than a “good QB, 1 good girl and 1 good guy.” I can however tell you the really good guy is Von and he is very good and very nice. The really good girl though can hurt someone with her words (and did   ) but she’s really good on a football field. HK7 is awesome on offense. I know they lost to Puckett All Stars in week #1 but I would like to see them have another shot at PAS. HK7 checks all the boxes as they have size, speed and solid contributions from their girls. The second half of their schedule is way easier than the first half so they could be in store for as big late season run up to the #1 seed.

-As or Ultimate Warriors, guys I get it you aren’t happy you lost but every time your QB throws a duck and underthrows your WR by 8 yards you can’t yell at the ref for a pass interference call that “isn’t there.” UW will bounce back but once again this is another team that has to stop looking long every play and just take the simple easy throws at 8 yds.

- I learned that Buffalo Solar Solutions might be this sessions Bambs as it looks like they have like 25 people on their roster. BSS came to play in a big win over 3rd and Schlong. Don’t look now but BSS is 3-2 with big wins over 3AS, Cintas and NPI. They also played HK7 very tough.

-I am hearing rumors Nick Sooch is injured and might miss significant time. If this is true I wish him a speedy recovery as he is a great person and awesome at QB. 

-Witter’s might have just won a playoff spot with a shocking win over Hung Buffalo 30-29. I can’t put my finger on it but it looked they had a big female edge this week. Witter’s won the classic size vs speed showdown.

-It is really easy to report on the bad things that happen but here is a story of the good that can happen. The McKenzie Agency and Passless Chaps went at it this week at 11:00. The game was in doubt in the first half. A play happened where a TMA female caught a pass and many claim “fairly or un-fairly” that the Passless Chaps DB lost control of his body and came in too fast on a tag. This caused a bunch of Bruno’s sticking their chests out and the game got stopped for a minute while things had to be cooled down. This altercation didn’t impress me it was the actions of one Brian Ferger at halftime that did impress me. Ferger at the half attempted to get both squads together to remind everyone that this is a game of fun and we are not here to fight and act like baffoons. I for one commend Ferger as he is as “classy” as they come in this league. I had a chance to talk to one of the TMA players post game. He told me “The leadership of TMA is what brought me here. Brian Ferger is the reason I am here and the reason I am not leaving TMA.” For those of you scoring at home TMA is now 3-2.

-As distraught as I am today, I was still very happy to hear that Jabronies won the Topper Wheel of Hope Spin. I was even happier to hear we finally got our “first punishment.” Jill walked up to the Prize or Punishment wheel and it hit “valet park cars in fluorescent traffic vest.” It only took 5 weeks but we finally had a fun wheel spin. Kudos to Jabronies on their wheel spin. BTW it was funny after finally making it to Field #1 one Jabronies player was quoted as saying “I think my team is going to be mad at me Field #1 was way more muddy that Field #5.”

-I was very surprised The Bi Polar Express played Peachy Platoon as well as they did in a 39-16 loss. Bi Polar Express is heading in the right direction. There were a few drops here and there but in many cases I did see BPE girls get open and either due to over throws or weather the ball didn’t get there. Gordon has BPE heading in the right direction. In time BPE will be a force in D6.

- Gryffindor beat Morning Wood 45-6. There are still those claiming that if the Morning Wood QB showed up Morning Wood would have won by 13. Good news everyone I know its been like 18 months but Tony met his 4th friend in TSL. Great work Tony congratulations on putting in the work to honor a promise you made like forever ago. 4 down 6 to go. I know there are only like 400-500 people out there every Saturday the thought of meeting 6 more seems daunting. I wonder if this was another example of me being “judgmental’ again. BTW MW went to Mo early and he had some nice gains. I still am wondering why they went away from that.

-I learned when she wants to be Beth from Eyes Downtown is wicked fast. At one point in the game a pass went out that bounced off one player and fell right into Beth’s hands. She grabbed the ball and took off. Girl flew right by Corey Turner. She then pitched the ball to Joey for 8. I was expecting so much more from Marketing Mayors. I saw a few of them in street clothes but their defense just looked lost and their QB just refused to take the easy throws that were there for the taking. Yeah I get it the 25 yard post to Smith looked like the sexy throw but the wide open wheel to Turner at 12 yards was the safer throw and the easy throw. And to answer your next question yes the sexy 25 yard pass to Smith was overthrown and Turner just stood wide open with no one within 6 yards of him . Shoulda woulda coulda…..

- I took a quick glance at next week’s schedule and it looks like bedlam will ensue at 2:00 when Hootie and the Brofish has at it with Tight Ends in Motion. This is one of the most anticipated games of the season. Tight Ends are coming off a huge upset of Marketing Mayors while HATBF were off last week and could show some bye week rust. These teams know each other well so we should expect a darn good football game.

- So the Godfather called me out and asked me to pick 10 games. Ok here goes let’s see how I do.

-Gryffindor over Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers.

-Practice Squad over Jabronies

-Slytherin that Endzone over Cobblestone

-Eyes Downtown over #XTC

-Indecent Exposure over Tune Squad

-HK7 over No Punt Intended

-Matty’s Angels over UFO

-Cintas over Tune Squad

-Peachy Platoon over Celino Sewer Rats

-Cunning Stunts over ACE

- I saw bits and pieces of the Peachy Platoon/Practice Squad game. It looked like TPS was missing some players but were up at the half 20-19. I still think PP is lame for having that much talent on a D6 roster. TPS did show well but just ran out of gas in the second half.

-It’s looking like the war for the #8 seed in D5 will be a (3) horse race between ACE, UFO and Hope N Ruin. Right now my money is on UFO but let us not forget Hope n Ruin has always been known as a “second half team.”

-It looks like we get a week off from the Topper as he is heading to the motherland to kiss the blarney stone for like the 20th time. Football won’t be the same without seeing Topper’s truck right next to the fields. One week without Topper should be OK right? I mean nothing can go wrong….right?

-Peachy Platoon has one last test coming this week with Celino Sewer Rats. If they survive this test there is no doubt in my mind they will run the table. CSR has looked very solid this session especially on offense. CSR looked very good in a big win over Jabronies as they just “out athleted them” at literally every position.

-Can everyone stop the bye week BS and can we just get back to playing some football? It’s week #5 people its time to get back to bidness. Oktoberfest has come and gone let’s start focusing on the playoff chases shall we?

-If you asked me to list teams in each division I see having a big second half of the season I would say: D1: Tight Ends in Motion. D2: I can’t say because it doesn’t exist D3: Gryffindor D4: HK7 D5: Hope N Ruin. D6: The Practice Squad


That’s enough for this week. As I will continue to say if you keep giving me something to write about I will keep writing. But please don’t call me judgmental because to be completely honest that just hurts…..


See you next week…..I think

week 3 insights and thoughts

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Created: Monday, 24 September 2018 17:38
Published: Monday, 24 September 2018 17:38
Written by Patrick McGovern
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 Ladies and Gentlemen of the TSL Universe,

OK it looks like the reviews are back and I got picked up for another episode. I had a chance to have a nice 1 on 1 candid conversation with “Uncle Topper” this week. Uncle Topper told me he liked my article but wanted an update on “The TSL Love Affair” so without further adieu lets go.


Now let me just predicate I am not one to talk so you didn’t hear this from me but……

-Ok it looks like Katie Keller was none to happy when she saw herself outed as the “greatest TSL love affair of modern times” painted on the race car of none other than award winning Tommy Hughes. Things got interesting from there though and here’s why.  Apparently, Katie has a “friend” and she had to “explain” “the situation” to her “friend.” I can as of right now neither confirm nor deny if the “friend” is aggravated over the situation, happy or finally realizing he might have competition and might need to step his game up. I will have further details when I get them. OK not to be out done I have some news on 40 year plan guy. It looks like 40 year plan guy was first pick for the 18 hole miniature golf extravaganza with Molly Morgan after winning the week #1 prize or punishment wheel. A lil birdie told me that there is a chance that might not be the case as 3AS might just tap in the Poppa Bear Scott Sr to roll through 18 with Ms. Morgan. Now this could be a conflict of interest as I am hearing 40 year plan guy though still “ in love” with Katie Keller gazed across the bar and caught eyes with Ms. Morgan and said “wow she’s kinda cute.” Now this is where things totally come un-hinged. I heard from a guy on The McKenzie Agency who is friends with a chick on HK7 who has a cousin on Gryffindor who once was a college roommate of Blasé LaDuca who claims they saw Bobby playing darts with “non award” winning Tommy Hughes at a Applebee’s by the Airport while talking on the phone with “awarding winning Tommy Hughes “ (yes I know what you are thinking when Tommy calls Tommy does he go hey award winning Tommy this is non award winning Tommy. Or does he say hey Tommy this is Tom or does he say hey Tommy this is Tommy then award winning Tommy goes dude we both can’t be Tommy a-hole just pick one and lets just be done with this). So Bobby tells the guy, he heard a guy on the podcast was friends with another girl on a podcast who dated a guy on Celino Sewer Rats who  heard 40 Year Plan Guy might have a “thing” for another “mystery woman.” So now here’s where it gets interesting (please see the below picture as I try to artistically put this all into perspective). It looks like 40 year plan guy has a thing for Katie Keller who might have a thing for some guy in D1. OK He might also think Molly Morgan is cute but is deciding whether or not he has a “thing” for this mystery woman. Molly Morgan is preparing for mini golf with 40 year plan guy but Sr might just show up anyhow and totally crash the party. At that point Molly Morgan won’t stand a chance as Sr has more charisma in his little pinky finger than most men have in their entire body. Now I am not one to talk so you didn’t hear this from me but one must wonder if “the man with the 40 year plan” still has a glimmer of hope his heart finds its rightful way to a certain young lady on Team Topper. So it appears we have our first ever TSL Love Hexagon (as illustrated below)

-They were billing it as the “game of the decade” but it wasn’t as Matty’s Angels rolled past ACE 53-29. Let’s talk about the good and bad shall we. GOOD: Kellie Mazur is really really good. When the first drive started and I saw the female ACE corner on Kellie Mazur. I had my hand over my head and went “oh no this is going to be bad” and it was.” GOOD: People can say what they want about systems and plate O spaghetti offense but don’t let MA fool you that team knows what they are doing. BAD: ACE needs to scout opponents better. You do not put your 2nd girl on Kellie Mazur that is not smart defense and they had to learn that the hard way. BAD: ACE was doing fine at 8-12 yards they got into trouble when they started going long which made literally no sense. BAD: If the only male safety is on the left side of your offense why are you running double guys to the left side of the field. When you see 1 guy only on the field and he’s on the left…wait for it….no wait a little longer…YOU THROW TO THE RIGHT AND MIDDLE KNUCKLEHEADS. C’mon ACE that’s Football 101. GOOD: Matty’s Angels were gracious in victory and post game tipped their hat to their opponents who were also classy in defeat. GOOD: Molly Morgan had quite a day. Earlier in the day girl had the “Immaculate Conception I mean Reception” and really played well in the big win. Looks like she might have got the “dropsies” out of her system. GOOD AND BAD: Even though he was just a spectator standing next to Gordon who was yelling profanities at ACE from the endzone really had me chuckling. He too couldn’t understand their game plan.

-I will try my best to get through this segment, and I so don’t want to use the “R” word but after losing (2) games this week by a combined score of 105-0 is it time for Relegation? It is breaking my heart but is Cobblestone ready for a move to D4?

-Yes there are those that will say that Puckett All Stars were in awe of Joey Batts greatness in a tough 32-14 loss this week but I think the story goes a bit deeper. I think I saw star QB TJ limping and it looked like he aggravated a hamstring and this , yes this, was the reason they could only muster 14 points. Joey Batts knew better than anyone after last weeks fluke he had to deliver this week and boy did he ever. The back to back MVP talk is back on people!!!

- I had a few “interesting conversations” Saturday with 2 women, one from Ultimate Warriors and one from Sticky Bandits. Please know it is not easy running a league of this size. This league is run well and we try our best to do what we think in our hearts is best for all (46) teams. I can tell you that for the past 3 seasons or so this league has been suffering from sub abuse. I along, with Rameer, made it our top priority to try something different to stop the abuse. When we figured out our plan we took it to Topper who was also on board with this course of action. Yes there are good people in this league who just want to play more. But for every 1 of those people I could easily cite 3 examples of teams trying to get player subs who are better than their normal girls thus giving them an unfair advantage in the game. How fair is that to the team you are playing that you bring your 3 girls and some other team brings 2 then uses a “sub superstar” that costs you a game. You might not think much about it but it is my job to think about it so that’s why we are doing what we are doing now. Sub requests through (3) weeks have been like 6. This time last season was about 35 so the system is working. As for players on different teams. It’s the same example. Yes there are really good and nice people who would work here and there but once again how do I tell the other 40 teams they can’t because 4 teams can. Yes there are those that cite other leagues but to me 300 people playing on 3 teams each just isn’t the right way to go. I would rather have more TSL members playing on one team. As I always say though at the end of the season Topper and I will sit down and talk and if it’s working it will continue if it isn’t we are always receptive to new ideas.

-BIG NEWS: Near the end of the last season Joe K and I came up with an idea to have some sort of “Ryder Cup” like tournament between Topper Sports League and Game On Sports. The thought would be to have a one day 5 team on 5 team tournament at say 3 or 4 o’clock. We would get a giant trophy and each year take turns moving between Topper Sports home field and Game on Sports home field. As luck would have it Lenny Synor of Game on Sports was at our fields Saturday and I pitched the idea to him. He as well as Jeff Krol who is on the Game on Sports podcast both loved the idea. I can also tell you I met with Lenny and Topper yesterday and Topper is also now on board. We are all now waiting on approval from Game On management to see if this idea is going to become a reality. I think this could be a really fun and interesting idea if it becomes a “thing”.

-I met 2 new friends on Saturday Joe and Jill from Jabronies. Both were very nice people. I was laughing late in the afternoon as Jill had a few pops in her and I trotted Topper over to her at which point she started taking him to task. “Why do D6 teams only play on Field #5. Why aren’t we special and get to play on Field #1” shouted Jill at Topper which had me dying. Topper didn’t know what to say as he was dying as well. Jabronies are off next week but I am proud to report after a talk with Topper that we will heed your request Jill and at some point this season we will schedule a game for Jabronies on Field #1. I love flex scheduling.

-Paul LoVullo returns and Come from Behind goes 2-0 in (2) big victories 41-12 over Witter’s and 37-30 over ACE. CFB is one tough out in this league when Paul is at QB.

-Slytherin the Endzone 57-8 over Uncle Rico’s is that right? Are we sure that wasn’t a mistake? Gary must be on cloud nine right now. Was Gary even at football Saturday?

-It looks like Coach Jay has once again been nice enough to hold a special Coach Jay Football Camp this Saturday September 29.  Last week Valerie Testa, Brent McKenzie and Brian Ferger attended and things went awesome. How awesome? The record of those (3) players Saturday 2-1. Coach Jay knows his stuff people. Put down the last drink go home one hour early Friday get up early and get to Coach Jay camp. You will learn techniques to get better. Right now we are working on offense. We can also do defense and all kinds of things. If you plan on attended please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I see Witter’s and ACE on the 10 o ‘clock schedule this week if I was both teams I would trot some players to this camp if it were me. Uncle Rico’s I am looking at you too.

-Speaking of Coach Jay I walked away very impressed with the Angry Buffalo offense though they did lose to Public Enemy 50-36. Angry Buffalo is missing one safety. Once McGrath or Jay German gets back AB is the one team I do not want to play in Round #1 of the playoffs.

-Hootie and the Bro Fish yes that’s HATBF proved they are for real in a big 36-35 win over Eyes Downtown. They scored with little time left on the clock. They made the call to go for 2. They were throwing to Eric Kleckler they had to throw to Eric Kleckler right? WRONG. It is being called the “Immaculate Conception I mean Reception” Bro heeved a throw with all his might and it went directly to Molly F’N Morgan game over! Yes though she was struggling with dropsies HATBF went to Molly Freakin Morgan and she caught the freakin football. Yay Hootie!!!

- I had a few minutes to catch up with both Mo and Dave of Morning Wood this week. I am proud to report Dave eats lunch better than Mo and played way better than Mo this week. One of my favorite moments on Saturday was telling Mo once again that Dave can beat him at anything and Mo saying “Find anyone in this league to agree with you and tell me why.” Then Matty Ice just walked by going off on how much better Dave is at anything than Mo. I will say this though Mo does a great job writing the Godfather article each week. I can’t stress enough though if Dave wrote the Godfather article it would be so much better than what Mo writes. Yes I am slowly setting up a decathlon of sorts between both Mo and Dave. Mo isn’t aggravated enough yet for me to propose my idea to him. I will have driven him crazy enough in about 2-3 weeks time, then I will report back on if he agrees to the idea.

-Speaking of the God Father, I had a nice conversation with both Ben Stack and Dave Baker of Tight Ends in Motion on Saturday. Both agreed that GF should not have taken them to task for insinuating they are just all about Tiger and don’t have any other guys good on defense. I couldn’t agree more with them. Matter of fact I find myself disagreeing with a lot of the things the GF says. I also for the 100th time (and something I tried to tell Ben and Dave) can not stress enough that I do not write the GF article. I was NOT EVEN AT FOOTBALL for like 4- 5 weeks last season. How did the article get written if I wasn’t even at football? That doesn’t make any sense! I don’t even like the guy. If I did write the article wouldn’t I be defending him? So I decided to write an article myself for the sole purpose of ultimately starting a fight with myself to throw the TSL Universe off the track? That too makes literally no sense. Right?

-Practice Squad vs Celino Sewer Rats is a big game I am looking forward to this week at 2:00.

-1 Todd too Many vs Sticky Bandits is always one of the better games on the schedule each season. Losing Kelly was a big blow to a 1TTM offense that needed her. It looks like the Clarke sisters will be needed more than ever now.

-Racks and Sacks lost again but they did score 21 so things are slowly improving. Incidentally it has been brought to my attention that the awards committee has told us that a player must play 3 games on defense to fully qualify for TSL Best Defensive Player. It has also been brought to my attention that Alex of TEIM has played 2 games on defense. If he plays on defense in just one more game he can qualify.

-I got a phone call at like 8 o clock Saturday from Topper it appears Jeff Krol has been appointed official TSL statistician. Jeff told Topper last night that in the past 3 seasons the team in D3 that has averaged the most points on offense has been none other than 1 Todd too Many.

-It is quadruple dog on this Saturday when (2) of this league’s brightest stars have at it. Joey Batts takes on Matty Ice as A&A has at it with Gryffindor at 1:00. Matty Ice also goes heads up with 1 Todd too Many at 12:00 so the stars will be out in D3 this week.

-I have been thoroughly enjoying the Mentalist article. I also have been enjoying the search for the writer. I have conducted interviews and begun an investigation. This week I have a theory. Ok here goes. In an effort to throw the TSL Universe off the track I write the Godfather article. Then I started to write an article as Lenny. My thought was to ultimately start a fight between Lenny and the GF which ultimately would end in a candid 1 on 1 interview between Lenny and the Godfather where I actually would be interviewing myself. While all this was going on…I actually was writing the Mentalist Article. I am not the Godfather and Lenny is actually NOT writing THIS article but instead throwing you all off the track by only writing the Mentalist Article. So, in closing, who is the Godfather and more importantly now who is Lenny? Think about that one for 30 seconds Dave Baker…….


That’s enough for this week. As I will continue to say if you keep giving me something to write about I will keep writing.


See you next week…..I think

week 4 review

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Created: Monday, 01 October 2018 13:16
Published: Monday, 01 October 2018 13:16
Written by Patrick McGovern
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 Ladies and Gentlemen of the TSL Universe,

Week #4 has come and gone. Fall is here and you can start to feel the chill in the air. We had 21 games this week 20 wins, 20 losses and 1 tie but we will get into that a tad later in this article. So what else happened out there both on and off the field?

Now let me just predicate I am not one to talk so you didn’t hear this from me but……

-“Sprinkles are for winners Jimmy.” It was being billed as the game of the day but once again it wasn’t. A&A steam rolled into town and ran over Gryffindor. Heck they took the game so not seriously that one of their guys wore pajamas during the game. Gryffindor will need their leader more than ever. Sometimes in football, like in life, you have to make a tough call and simply say “your fired.” I think someone on Gryffindor needs to get fired this week.

-So let me get this straight…..Witter’s got Joey Batted, Gryffindor got Matty Iced, Matty Ice got Toppered as did the Stick Nation. Topper went 2-0 and to end the day got his first tab ever at like only $50. TEIM got Tommy Hughesed, Award winning Tommy Hughes crashed into a wall and Celino won the wheel spin but didn’t spin the prize or punishment wheel. Molly met Scotty then asked if she could play golf with the Hometech “heir apparent” while 40YPG now wants to play golf with Valerie. Just another Saturday in the TSL Universe.

-Ok chalk talk time. I had a chance to sit ringside for the thriller between UFO and ACE won by UFO 40-36 on the last play. I saw a lot of good and bad on each side. I saw good on both sides of the field but I also saw a ton of technical mistakes and lapses. UFO is 1-3 but could easily be 2-2 if they just changed a few things especially on defense. Here’s a tip. Put your middle at 6 yards and tell him to stop running up to the line he’s taking himself out of position every time and exposing you to being beaten “over the top.” When your middle starts at 6-7 yards and runs up your exposing your D to have your safeties split and run a guy right in the middle and your dead at 12-15 yards . ACE saw this but Ronny K was struggling to get the ball out to the correct spots. ACE also needs to tweak some things. If you are going to run a 4 or 5 across at the goal line you need to pull your girl off the edge and move her inside as you are leaving yourself exposed to being beaten on the edge it’s too easy a throw. You are lucky UFO didn’t see it. Another team will and will make you pay if you do it again. As for the end what a throw, what a catch and what a way to end an early morning game. I see skill on the UFO side of the field. Right now its technical mistakes not lack of talent that are killing them.

-SITE tied Morning Wood 42-42 in a great game. I would think Morning Wood has to be kicking themselves as their QB showed up late and they had to start with 5. Mo has been maligned by my “new rival” The Godfather but Mo came to play this week. He had some huge catches and made some solid plays for Morning Wood. The Morning Wood QB has a great arm but he has to stop with the dancing around stuff. A guy with that kind of arm needs to take 3-5 steps and just let it fly. You shouldn’t have to run around it looks silly especially when you have WR’s like Dave, Rosati, JJ and now Mo. Someone needs to reel him in and tell him to just let it fly after he hears ‘5 thousand.”

-I love TSL for so many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is the leagues ability to always try to do what they think is right and their ability to “compromise.” Sticky Bandits is struggling right now both on and off the field. Many people in the Sticky Nation claim one of their biggest problems is their “heart and soul” Dave Baker is no longer on their sideline due to the TSL sub issue resolution. TSL can’t revisit this rule until the Spring but the good news is a “compromise has been made.” Dave Baker can not play for Sticky quite yet buttttt card board cut out Dave Baker can. After a post game meeting between Sticky Bandits and TSL management, TSL management has agreed to supply Sticky Bandits with a “cardboard cut out” Dave Baker for the rest of the season.

-Don’t look now but 1 Topper Too Many is 5-0 and they are crushing it on both sides of the ball. If you ask me their girls are killing it and Davis is playing like his hair is on fire. Bullet Club vs Uncle Topper is shaping up like WW3 next week. Craziest stat of the week, through 5 games Team Topper is beating opponents by an average of 44 to 17. Is this a good or bad time to bring up 3 of those 5 wins are against teams with a combined 2-11 record?

-If I am wearing a TEIM shirt right now I am beginning to wonder what I have to do to beat Public Enemy as they are now 0 for 4. TEIM still has talent on their side of the field but one has to wonder if a “philosophy change” needs to happen and happen soon to save their season. BTW good news, Alex did qualify now as a TSL Defensive MVP candidate as he saw time in his TSL mandated 3rd game on defense.  BTW II kudos to Tommy Hughes who flat out brought it this week. Though severely under manned Hughes constructed a solid defense and was instrumental in some big offensive play calls and made plays for PE while the game was still in doubt.

-So the debate will rage on in the off season. Is it better for the league to have an 8 or 10 team division or are we just better off with 6 balanced and competitive teams? I am beginning to wonder if 6 might be a way to go in D2/D3. I think in the Spring a 6 team D2 will form from the ashes and feature A&A, Morning Wood, Bullet Club, Gryffindor, Team Topper and either DMX or a Travis led team or Angry Buffalo. Hey wait a minute that’s eight teams. I’d sign up for that Division #2.

-What the heck is going on with No Punt Intended and Hope N Ruin? Both are 0-4 and must I mean MUST win next week as 0-5 means they are not making the playoffs.

-Rumors are swirling that Jabronies will get their first ever shot at Field #1 next week at 2:00 as flex scheduling is at work again.

-Let’s do some math shall we…..21 games were played Saturday. Of these games there were 20 losses and 1 tie. Of those 20 losses and 1 tie 9 of those games were decided by 7 points or less. Of the 42 teams that played games Saturday 7 teams scored 16 points or less and 10 teams gave up 40 points or more. Why am I throwing all this math at you? SIMPLE because no one was participating in Coach Jay football camp this week. I saw some lousy football this week in all divisions. I saw technical mistakes all over the place through all divisions. I saw bad throws, I saw bad defensive positioning, I saw dropsies and saw all kinds of “easily fixable” mistakes. Coach Jay is being nice enough to volunteer his time to help make TSL people better players. I dunno I for one would take advantage of an opportunity such as this and try to help myself get better. If Coach Jay helps people get one more TD 9 of those games that were decided by 7 or less could have swung the other way. Think about that stat for one minute.

-There is talk of changing the name of Steve’s Cuz’ins to Hometech point 02. Let’s see if this gains any traction. Cousin Steve did not do very well Saturday as I caught him throwing off his back foot way too much for my liking this week as he could only muster 16 points.

-Oh it is quadruple dog on in D1 this week where it is Hatfields vs McCoys when Eyes Downtown and Marketing Mayors go to war once again. This is one of the best rivalries going in the game today. I GUARENDAMTEE Eyes Downtown does NOT come to town with the “B Squad” this week.

-Wow Hung Buffalo beat All we do is Quinn 32-26. I am beginning to wonder if my AWDIQ vs Matty’s Angles D5 title game prediction will come to fruition.

-Question I was asked most frequently this week, “Which guy is 40 year plan guy?” 40 YPG is starting to get a “cult like” following. It almost makes you wonder how much longer Katie Keller will let 40 YPG steal her thunder and her spotlight.

-JZ is much maligned but how can’t you feel good for JZ this week. He joined A&A after just getting burnt out running a team. JZ has looked right at home on A&A. Line of the day this week comes from Jay German as I was talking to him during the Gryffindor/A&A game. After watching A&A run up and down the field on offense Jay said. “A&A’s offense is like watching Oregon.”

- I had a chance to catch up with Brandy Clarke this week after a solid win over A&A. Brandy was gracious in victory and had nothing but kind words for A&A and especially Casey Oliphant. She did remind me that the GF said “It looks Team Topper is not very fast on defense.” I reminded her that I am not that knucklehead and don’t write that article. BTW Hey GF I’ve done better than 2 doubles try getting a game prediction correct before calling me out on 2 articles. Unlike the Mentalist I’m still here. That’s 3 double in row pal….

-“All Disappointment Team” after 4 weeks. D1: Angry Buffalo D2: Doesn’t exist your having a dream. D3: Gryffindor. D4: No Punt Intended. D5: Hope n Ruin. D6: Tight End Zones.

-It was nice to see “Officer Mahoney” I mean Zak Kedron this week. His words are so hurtful but the guy is funny and has a “unique” view on life and things. Him heckling his old team #XTC was hysterical.

-Saturday will be remembered as a nice day for football both on and off the field. There were a ton of TSLers who were at the bar post game and fun seemed to be had by all. 4 for 4 for the TSL if you ask me. BTW kudos to Eric Kleckler who has not defiled one potted plant all season to date.  Hootie and the Bro Fish yes that’s HATBF got another big win this week and now are 3-1. HATBF vs TEIM could potentially blow the roof off joint when it happens. Is it me or does it seem like HATBF wins big every week JT shows up?

-I have both eyes on the race for the 7th and 8th tickets to the D5 dance. Right now Witter’s is 1-3, UFO is 1-3, ACE is 1-4 and the defending D5 champs Hope N Ruin are 0-4. Only 2 of these 4 make the dance so the last 5 weeks should be bedlam.

-Angry Buffalo made a very interesting decision in a 27-20 loss to Eyes Downtown. ED was on the Angry Buffalo 3-4 yard line and it was 5th and 0 in the first half. ED had a left formation of a girl wide and Greg Chadwick in the left slot. AB countered this with their guy covering the ED girl and their girl covering Chadwick. Bobby obviously saw the mismatch and threw the ball to Chadwick for the easy TD. I wonder though in hindsight if that was the smartest play. I always feel you should do your best to always make teams earn every point. A case could be made that ED probably scores anyways but an errant throw or a deflection or anything could have happened. The game ended 27-20 so it still makes you wonder if the right call was made. AB decided to protect against the 8 point TD but it just seems like they gave away 6 free points.

-Was it just me or did a lot of teams seem like they were on the bye week Saturday?


That’s enough for this week. As I will continue to say if you keep giving me something to write about I will keep writing.


See you next week…..I think

Random Week 3 Football Thoughts by Lenny

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Created: Wednesday, 19 September 2018 20:18
Published: Wednesday, 19 September 2018 20:18
Written by Patrick McGovern
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Ladies and Gentlemen of the TSL Universe,


My name is Lenny and since 2011 I have been ½ of this train wreck known as Topper Sports. I recently saw that we have a “new” article writer. I would like to congratulate he/she on getting by week #1. I was so moved by the effort and article that I said to myself “Hey Lenny you have never EVER even tried to write an article for the TSL Universe why don’t you give it a try.” So here we are. Welcome to the “View from the Top.”  Each week I will just give you all kinds of random thoughts from both on and off the field. So let’s just go where the wind takes us shall we….

-Ok I have narrowed down the author identity of the Mentalist to Jeremy Burr, Brian Ferger or wait for it….Emily Schilling of HK7. I have never met her yet but she has emailed me a few times on sub issues. She seems to have a firm grasp of the English language and seems like that super nice quiet girl who is “watching everything that is happening around her though it doesn’t look she is watching everything that is happening around her.” If it isn’t her I say we give her an article anyways, just because we can.

-Don’t look now but Travis is still probably complaining to someone about a call that he is still 100% wrong about. Dude Page #4 Rule #16. She didn’t cross the line. I would be worrying more about throwing up a whopping 38 points in 3 games then I would be about bitching about a call the refs did get right. BTW kudos to both “Award Winning” Tommy Hughes and Justin “Martial Law” Garbacz. The system worked. Both guys stopped the game, talked it out and got it right great work.  On a good note though, I am hearing Travis is turning 30 so look out this Saturday. Just take this hint, if you are at the bar don’t order more than say 1 or 2 drinks you don’t want to confuse a bartender with that much work or God forbid have them chill something. Try to stick to simple orders like water or beer (can beer because pouring a draft could require effort) we wouldn’t want to “bother” a bartender while they are doing whatever it is they do from 11-4. (Deanna if you ever read this I don’t mean you)

-Billy FYI near the end of the 2nd half we all stop the game at 2 minutes. It’s called a 2 minute warning. Blow the whistle, stop the clock and go have a water break or whatever but stop the clock.

-I really think we should have an award for “best uniforms” and I think Ultimate Warriors, Cobblestone and Steve’s Cuz’ins should get nominated. I think Steve’s Cuz’ins should win cus that would be funny to see the looks on the Ultimate Warriors faces when that happens. It would almost be as funny as Best Tommy Hughes. That gag never gets old if you ask me.

- I can’t say why but I am guessing around 10am on Saturday Katie Keller will be chasing me around the fields with a baseball bet screaming at me. I’d love to tell you why but I think it better we all just wait and see together. BTW when the heck is Molly Morgan going mini golfing with 40 Year Plan Guy? You promised Molly Morgan!

-I am excited to report Carrie with a “K” will be making her triumphant return to the TSL Universe. Is she playing? Is she here on official league business? I don’t know but it matters not to me. I hope she plays for TMA. BTW I think Rameer to TMA will be just what the Dr ordered. They have all kinds of players and they do have talent, now they just need someone to help them circle the wagons. Let’s see if they just found that man.

-I love Joe K’s idea. Joe K has proposed I purchase a 3rd wheel and put every member of Angry Buffalos/Gods name on it. Then we spin it each week to see which one of them quits that week. By week #10 they will have like 0 players. Does Lisa win “most hated villain” at the banquet or does Blasé LaDuca flame out in spectacular fashion this Saturday?

-So Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers moved up to D3 and Puckett All Stars moved down to D4. Riiiiiiiiiight. That makes literally no sense. Though I must admit I had so much fun sitting ringside when the Puckett All Star girl blew right by Kevin Keller and beat him on a 25 yard fly route.

-Coach Jay is doing a football camp this Saturday at 9am. I am demanding that every member of Passless Chaps attend. Coach Jay is a genius and will make each and every player in his camp better. This is open to male and female players. All you have to do is show up at football at 9am.  I am curious, I am hearing rumors a past Coach Jay camp member will be attending. What are the odds we see her at 9:01 am?

-If I could be cereal for a minute. I really think we are about to see something special this week when ACE and Matty’s Angels have at it at 1:00 on Field #1. It got me to thinking why don’t we have more rivalries like this? Then it hit me. I think too many teams are getting caught up in the sideshow and just not trying to get better as a unit. Bullet Club was just fine in D4 but then they decided to sell their souls for a D3 title. Well great they won but they lost the respect of a lot of people. Morning Wood was really good last year did they really need to add Rosati and JJ? A&A is always in contention was it really necessary to load up like they did? And though I think they should adopt each other as real brothers Burr and Joey Batts on the same team is a head scratcher. These rivalries will never be like they used to be because these teams are changing way too much. Hey I get it sometimes people leave because of life and/or families or sometimes they just chase other opportunities. It just seems like now everyone wants to win so bad they keep selling their souls to do it and to me that’s just lame. I keep saying this but will once more. If you want to see how It’s done just go look at #XTC. They don’t stack their lineup and have had the same core for the most part for the past 10 seasons or so. Yes they haven’t won the title but you know what they can still look themselves in the mirror because they are fun, they try hard and they just flat out get it. We need more #XTC’s and less roster stackers if you ask me. Eyes Downtown is a great team but the biggest reason they keep winning titles is because they have the best players. I mean at one point just get a team together and go with it you don’t need A+ talent at every position it just gets tiresome after a while and frustrating. The greatest rivalries in this game were back in my playing days. Each week it was a war but the teams changed very little from season to season. When you played a team you knew who was coming to town and it was you vs them not you vs some super team that got put together because someone would rather sell their soul than just enjoy the game and league for what it is.

- I still maintain the Topper’s Wheel of Hope is a great idea. I think It’s awesome Scott Keller Jr and Darryl Carr QB Superstar were the first two cats to hoist the $100 gift certificates. I am happy they both spun the prize or punishment wheel as well. I know I too am hoping someone spins the wheel and hits one of the punishments. People can bitch all they want but Topper Sports League is as good as it gets when it comes to social co-ed football. The website works, we have articles (and yes we can spell which is a plus), we have a weekly podcast and this league is well run week after week after week. I don’t know, once again to those that bitch and complain, I don’t see anyone else trotting a prize wheel out and just throwing $100 gift cards at people but what do I know?

-I purposely did not make a big deal about hitting our 100th podcast episode this week. Though to be honest, I still can’t believe another silly idea I had is still going strong after 100 episodes. If you ever want to be a podcast guest find me at the fields as we would love to have you on.

-Well we are heading towards week #3 and it appears the sub changes are working. Week #1 had (2) requests. Week #2 had (1) request but it actually was not used so it didn’t count. At the time of this article I have approved (2) requests and I know of (1) more coming. This time last season I believe I had about 25-30 sub requests. It is nice to see that teams are finally doing things correctly. Don’t worry I will be watching the playoffs as well. If you all decide to save them for the playoffs I will just be denying your requests so make sure you do everything on the up and up.  

-I am still amazed that the Godfather guy is still writing after 15 seasons. Topper was wise to send out that add that was answered by that silly bastard in 2011. I have to be honest, now that I know what it is like to write an article this is not easy. But seriously GF, be nicer to Mo, be nicer to Anthony Battaglia, be nicer to Topper and just be nicer period. I enjoy your article but sometimes you are mean so please turn it down a couple clicks.  I have to be honest about one thing though, you couldn’t be more right about the greatness of Joey Battaglia. I too will be cheering for him when he walks that aisle to be the first man in history to win back to back TSL MVP awards. And yes I know that along the way there is about a 97% chance Gordon hits Joey Batts and me with a chair on the way up.

-No Punt Intended is 0-2 and 3rd and Schlong is 0-2 did anyone see that coming?

- I for one can not wait for Ryan Radke vs Andy Smith later in the season. Smith is generally thought of as the best player in the game today but Radke is playing like his hair is on fire. This match up will be bedlam when it happens. Will Smith keep the title or will the young upstart take it from him?

- I am guessing in a few more weeks when they get their feet wet Peachy Platoon will be one tough team to beat in D6. The Practice Squad has to be shaking their heads as I am guessing they are sick of being the bridesmaids and want to be the bride. I know they had some issues last week but they need way more from their offense.

-The best 0-2 team in this league right now is Angry Buffalo worst 2-0 team in this league is Cellino Sewer Rats. I am going to chuckle when Peachy Platoon or Practice Squad runs it up on them.

-So I talked to Bro and Eric Kleckler last week after a big win against Angry Buffalo. I once again said “are you guys going to slow it down and stop the longball stuff ?” Both brothers looked at each other and chuckled and both said “not a chance.” I am very interested to see how they show this week against Bobby and Co. I would be very careful who you put out as your 3rd cover guy as he could be in store for a very long day.  Is it true, I am hearing rumors Mary F’N Poppins is pondering our podcast invitation?

-Hung Buffalo is 2-0 and looking very good after two big wins vs UFO and Come from Behind? Is only playing one game helping them out or are they the product of an early season easy schedule?  We should know this week when they have at it with Cunning Stunts.

- I still think we should either give Gordon his own article for “Gordon’s Gripes” or just give him a microphone and let him go off on anything he wants for 15 minutes. Either way would be priceless if you ask me.

-If you are within 100 ft of Field #1 please be careful I repeat please be careful when you are walking near or around Bocc’s new Audi. If this warning is not heeded we will just wrap the Audi in bubble wrap each week until people get the message. If Bocc protests then we will just wrap each and every TSLer who gets within 100 ft of Bocc’s Audi in bubble wrap instead. It’s kind of funny Bocc didn’t take his usual parking spot right by Topper’s truck this week.

-I miss Greg Parrish, Topper we need to get the Bambs back together. If it takes you, me, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Parrish and Yacos all together in one room then let’s do it. BTW what ever happened to Topper’s Take?

- I took a long walk around the parking lot last week and I am proud to report that not one ford focus or camaro was sodomized or sexually abused by a dancer at around 7:00.  Great work everybody!


OK That’s enough for one week. This was more difficult than I thought. I have a new respect for both the Godfather and The Mentalist I mean Ferger I mean Burr errrrr I mean Emily Schilling…..


Will I write next week? Will I be back? If you give me something to write about I will so that is now up to you …………..

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