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The Finals Review

Category: The View from the Top
Created: Monday, 19 November 2018 14:05
Published: Monday, 19 November 2018 14:05
Written by Patrick McGovern
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“A belief or altered reality that is persistently held despite evidence or agreement to the contrary, generally in reference to a mental disorder.”


OK back to the business of the day….. Ladies and Gentlemen of the TSL Universe on November 17, in the year of our Lord 2018 (20) teams made their way to the mecca of social co-ed football all with the same dream of entering or “returning to “ the hallowed halls of social co-ed football immortality. Boy oh boy did this day not disappoint. We had shock, we had awe and by days end (5) teams were crowned champions. Let me be the first to congratulate the champs:

D1: Public Enemy

D3: 1 Topper too Many

D4: 3rd and Schlong

D5: All we do is Quinn

D6: Peachy Platoon


So what else happened on saturday……


-I know there were stories abound both good and bad Saturday but the biggest one of the day, at least to me, was the final victory for 1 Topper too Many. For season after season after season Topper, Kelly Liddle, Mike Salvati, and Todd Nixon showed up yet time after time after time they came up empty. It was so nice to see this team of “great people” finally get their turn with the trophy. Down arguably their best player in Andrew Davis and facing a “bad weather day” Team Topper came to play as they beat Bullet Club and literally ran A&A off the field. It seemed like just yesterday that Drew was “intern Drew” but now he’s torching D3 secondaries. It was also nice to see the Clarke sisters who have bounced around over the years from team to team to finally find a home. One must still ask the question, how does Dove feel about all this? Kudos to all Team Topper members on a well deserved victory.

- I know it is all done and said and said and done but has anyone checked in on Joey Batts to see if he is still alive? The Batman not three weeks ago was staring at TSL History as he could have been the first ever TSL back to back MVP. Now he stands wondering how it all went so woefully wrong. Joey lost (2) 1st round playoff games and lost AGAIN to bitter rival Matty Ice in the semis. If I was Joey Batts I would still show up January 11 at the Adam’s Mark so everyone knows he hasn’t folded like a tent. He should bring Burr and “glasses” with him. I’m going to die if “glasses” gets an award but Joey doesn’t.

-Peachy Platoon had a pretty easy ride this year. Don’t worry boys and girls now we know what you are capable of and I will make it my first priority to make sure you are in a division that will fairly “challenge you both on and off the field.” Trust me PP if they come back will not “get over” on a division in the Spring. Peachy Platoon looked very impressive in wins over both Jabronies and Celino Sewer Rats.

-After seeing Bullet Club take an early exit in the playoffs and Witter’s shock Matty’s Angels and give AWDIQ a solid fight it has become quite evident to this writer that Zach Newberry is one of the “brightest minds” in the game today. Without Newberry the Club looked “lost.” 13 points against Team Topper in the playoffs just isn’t good enough. I will continue to wait for Jeff Easton to “turn the corner” as it is only a matter of time before he takes the “next step.”

-I am very curious to see who wins the battle for Team of the Year between Public Enemy, 1 Topper too Many and 3rd and Schlong at the banquet Friday January 11, 2019 at the Adam’s Mark Hotel.  All (3) squads killed it this year. PE went undefeated and beat their bitter rivals not once but twice while 3AS called their shot and shocked the world on their way to their first title. 3AS also beat their bitter rival Puckett All Stars. They also have started a tremendous social media battle with Bullet Club and started their own 3AS clothing line. At the beginning of the season, I would have Bullet Club as a 13 point favorite against 3rd and Schlong. To be honest, if 3rd and Schlong played Bullet Club tomorrow on those fields I would say this game is “even money” as there is no doubt in my mind 3AS could beat Bullet Club. Team Topper will be riding the “good guys finally made good storyline” as no one gave them a shot at victory.

-If you are proudly wearing a purple jersey for AWDIQ you have to love the way this finals unfolded. They finally got another crack at bitter rival Hope N Ruin and this time they took the duke with an impressive 32-13 victory. AWDIQ had a little bit of everything. They had size, speed and an offense that really was not stopped by many this session.

-So what was the question you were asked most Saturday? That’s simple….with the game and their season on the line and 1 play left to make WHY WASN’T MATTY MOHR ON THE FIELD FOR EYES DOWNTOWN? I honestly don’t know either. I was literally shocked Matty Mohr was not on the field with the game on the line. Matty Mohr is practically TSL royalty as he has won a “trunk full” of D1 titles and has made more “big game catches” than almost anyone in league history.

-It was nice to see Kyle Coniff return from what looked like a very scary injury weeks ago. I was also very surprised to see “squirrel” make his triumphant TSL return. Usually a “sub” for Eyes Downtown it looks like the “squirrel” has joined up with TEIM. I honestly feel that TEIM’s day is coming. That is a very good bunch over there that are slowly getting acclaimed with the D1 game. In time they will be in the running for the title. They have solid leadership, speed to burn, very solid girls and they play a very solid “team game.”

- I can’t say enough good things about Marketing Mayors. There was a rumor circulating early in the day that Delecki was going to play Saturday but that turned out to be just a rumor. MM took ED to the limit and almost won. What a team that can still stay in the conversation minus one of the “greatest players” in the history of the game. When Delecki returns Marketing Mayors will instantly become D1 favorites.

-What the heck happened to HK7?  They were turning the corner. They had a solid offense and things looked good. Then last week their QB looked to be “losing his marbles” and this week they mustered only 7 points on the main stage against a team that they can beat. I am hearing quiet grumbles some folks in red jerseys were none too happy after that defeat with their QB.

-There is no team in this league that was “neutralized” more by the sloppy track than Puckett All Stars. It makes one wonder if the outcome would change if this game was played in the Spring on a dry track.

-A&A looked poised to win it all but they too were “neutralized” by a sloppy track. I heard they even yanked their QB at one point. I am curious to see where A&A goes from here and if a “house cleaning happens. “

-Before the season started everyone was quietly whining about Gryffindor and A&A and Bullet Club and stacking rosters but by days end it was Team Topper that ruled the day. This is why we play the games boys and girls. I think the rumors of a “new and improved D2” are gaining steam and could be very interesting. If I was 3AS and a D2 is formed I would so follow Bullet Club up to D2. That is if Bullet Club makes the cut for the “new and improved D2.”

-I might sound like a homer for 30 seconds here but I can’t tell you how fun of a ride it was this season with Public Enemy. That team is an offensive juggernaut led by the greatest QB (in my view) in the history of the game Chris Cole. Though their offense was the story this season it was their defense that “came to play” as they slammed the “door shut” on Eyes Downtown. Mike Boccio and Greg Osika have gone from “young talented DBS” to seasoned vets that have really rounded out their games. ED went right at Osika with the season on the line and Greg broke before the ED WR did and knocked the ball down for the Public Enemy victory.

- On behalf of both Topper and myself I’d like to take this time to thank all TSL volunteers and officials and Rameer Green for all his help. Rameer does not have an easy job but his love for this league is always on display. Officials do not always get the praise they deserve but they always seem to hear the guff and complaints from people first. Once again thanks to Rameer and all the men and women who were nice enough to help ref games this season.

-BTW once again the TSL Banquet will be held at the Adam’s Mark Hotel Friday January 11,2019. More details will follow in the coming weeks. BTW II please know the TSL will no longer be allowing “acceptance speeches” from winners. They have gotten too “long winded” and have slowed the show down. This year we will ask that you come up, receive your award take your picture then return back to your seats as we will not be allowing speeches of any kind. This is one event you will not want to miss as the TSL banquet is usually insane! It will be nice to see our friends once again from 5 Star Productions as Jimmy and Tommy will be back as normal this banquet.


-Once again thank you to all TSl’ers in our universe and yes I mean all even the one or two “bad apples” in the bunch. This is a social co-ed football league that is designed to be an outlet for people in their 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s and however old Ron Kozlowski and Joe Buscaglia are where they can compete to their talent level and have fun both “on and off the field.” Yes that last part is the important part. This is supposed to be fun both on and off the field. 99% of this league gets that and we thank you for playing with us and can’t wait for you folks to return in the Spring. Sometimes life and games don’t go your way. We all have lost games and not gotten breaks etc etc but normal people just shrug it off and life goes on. Remember leagues like this are for fun and if you cross lines where you take things far more serious than they should be taken it might be time to re-consider your involvement in a league of this kind.


Once again I’d like to thank all our players, our refs, Coach Jay for doing Coach Jay football Camp, Joe K, Emily Curry, 5 Star Productions and anyone else who has been a podcast guest and thank you to Rameer Green for all his help with this league and our officials.


In closing  I say this for both Topper and myself most days we truly have as much fun running this league as you folks have playing in it.


I would say this again the TSL banquet is a fun time and should not be missed. Friday January 11,2019 Adams Mark Hotel details to follow in the coming weeks.



Until then I’ll see ya when I see ya………….

a view from the top- week 9

Category: The View from the Top
Created: Monday, 05 November 2018 13:59
Published: Monday, 05 November 2018 13:59
Written by Patrick McGovern
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That was a crazy finish to the regular season. The weather sucked but the action both on and off the field was epic. The icing on the cake was Mark from UFO trotting up to the Topper’s Wheel of Hope and hitting “shots for everyone” which had the crowd going crazy. Yes it is going in the Spring rule book that Mark from UFO is also no longer allowed to ever spin or get within 100 ft of the Wheel of Hope ever again. Can an inanimate object get a restraining order out against a person? Hmmm Ill have to look into this and get back to everyone.

Ok let’s get down to business shall we…


-My game ended at around 11ish (it had to be like 20 minutes late after the first argument, then the 2nd argument, then the 3rd argument then Bobby calling every PE player a scumb bag, then Bobby trying to fight Boccio, then Bobby trying to fight Hughes, player Hughes not ref Hughes, that argument with ref Hughes happened later in the game, actually my bad he fought ref Hughes after he thought he missed the first call then fought with ref Hughes later in the game on the no suspension Boccio call, yelling at the refs , then Bobby yelling at anyone that would listen and as you know acting like a child and swearing at the world takes time so it might have been like 11:20) and a few times I peaked over to Field #2 and kept seeing Drew sitting in the mud looking up into the sky and for some weird reason a girl from  SITE  was running right by him. Boo Drew had a tough day at the office. One must now wonder if Team Topper tells Drew next week’s game is at 11:00 or 12:00. Don’t tell Drew but the game really is at 10 am.

- D5 was everything we thought it could be. With the season on the line for up to (6) teams it ended like this. (3) teams ended 3-5 and (2) teams ended 3-6. When the dust settled Vandalay Industries and Come from Behind were on the outside looking in. It was nice to see Paul back but he unfortunately brought the dreaded interception bug with him in (2) tough losses. The Topper once again struggled in the weather for VI. A lil birdie did in fact tell me that VI did have to forfeit due to player issues but did play the game and totally “destroyed ACE” but the official victory went to ACE.

-Shout out to TSL super subs Emily Schilling and Val Testa who helped Hung Buffalo shock Matty’s Angles in a 28-28 tie. Keep your eyes on Katie Salisbury as girl has only been back a week or so but she looks to be in mid season form as girl is scary good. This game was really weird as HB was one of the only teams I have ever seen truly use their “size” to just throw the ball “up” on the shorter MA safeties. It looked like the strategy worked.

- It’s like every time I tried to find Joe K he was gone. Though a part of me just thinks he ran away when 3rd and Schlong came into the bar. The good news is Gordon just walked over to the 3AS game later in the day and heckled the whole team. Joe K might be trying to get out of 3AS but Gordon will be having none of it as I am sure he will play 3AS by himself if he has to. BTW kudos to Gordon on helping propel BiPolar Express to their first ever victory 37-35 over Tight End Zones.

-Speaking of 3rd and Schlong not only are they continuing to call out Bullet Club but they unveiled their new baseball hats this week. 3AS is now 5-3 and are in the #3 spot heading into  the playoffs. They also are winners of their last (4) and are entering the playoffs wicked hot right now.

-Oh snap Joey Batts is MIA and Tony tagged in and helped the Gryff throw 35 on DMX. Burr had (4) TDS and 3 pics in this game. “Glasses” fresh off of “vetoing” his trade to Cintas came up large in the big win. Gryffindor could be a team to keep your eyes on down the stretch. With Joey Batts trying to achieve history as our first ever back to back league MPV I assume he will squash any “Tony should be QB” rumors circulating during his absence.

- Buffalo Solar Solutions played Ultimate Warriors to a big 30-30 tie now these 2 hook up again this week to settle the score once and for all. I expect this to be one of the better first round games of the week between 2 very evenly matched teams.

-SITE lost to Team Topper 30-20 but a few of their players found me and had a few choice words for the officiating in that game. I found this very interesting as to me this team has finally turned the corner and is almost ready to make some noise in this league. They have been terrible the past few seasons but I finally feel like they think they can compete and win in this league. It all begins and ends at QB in this league.

- I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it. Jabronies once again won the Topper Wheel of Hope Spin and once again went to wheel #2 where this time they hit “uber drive drunk Bernal’s home after football.” Jabronies are like literally the only team all year that has hit a punishment on the wheel. Thank God they are great sports. BTW kudos to them on a big 16-10 victory over Practice Squad.

-If I was Bullet Club I would not be feeling so warm and fuzzy heading into the D3 dance. They barely survived Sticky Bandits this week 33-31, they obviously are still ducking 3rd and Schlong and now they must once again have at it with DMX a team that beat them up pretty good a few weeks ago. DMX/Bullet Club is another solid 4/5 matchup heading our way.

-I feel for TEIM. Losing Tiger and Kyle Coniff hurts and the cavalry didn’t exactly come and give them much hope heading into the playoffs. They must once again face rival Hootie and the Brofish this time without their (2) stars. I think TEIM will need to play their best game ever to take this one.

- I’m still trying to figure out how ACE was left for dead but somehow is walking into the playoffs as the #5 seed. They also are facing a Hung Buffalo team they beat this session 22-18. Things could not have lined up more nicely for Ronny K than they did. I keep looking at D5 and keep saying please let all the favorites win so we can guarantee Matty’s Angels vs Cunning Stunts in at least Round #2. 

- I remember talking to a Witter’s player who was aggravated at an early season loss to Matty’s Angels who told me if he gets another chance they are going to beat them. Well looks like Witter’s gets another crack at the Angels as they go at it this week. I am curious to see what Witter’s tries to do to stop Katie Salisbury.

- HMMM….Sticky Bandits was 1-3 then after Card Board Cut Out Dave Bakers arrived went 1-1-1- and played Bullet Club tough in a 2 point loss. Now the Sticky Nation must head into the slop next week against the worst bad weather QB in the business. Yes Topper usually owns Sticky but Topper hates the cold and mucky weather. This game should be interesting.

- I was confident that the leadership on UFO would right the ship and get things back on track. Well after Mark had his “issue” I am proud to report UFO is in the D5 dance. UFO has won 2 out of their last 3 and played the Stunts very tough in a 3 point loss.

-Is there a QB controversy looming on Matty’s Angels as Coach Jay dropped 54 on CFB in a big 54-28 victory? MA heads to the playoffs gunning for Quinn and the D5 title.

-I thought I had seen it all but then yesterday happened. Well Eyes Downtown and Public Enemy played in a game won by Public Enemy 41-37. I was very surprised in this game. The last few games ED has beaten PE as their QB has made the plays when it matters most and the PE QB has “blinked first.” This game the ED QB panicked and he “blinked first.” The PE QB was not stopped all day on offense. The game was good but a few times in the game a few questionable plays happened. I am still not convinced that PE players tried in any way shape or form to hurt ED players yet the ED QB continues to yell and scream that this was not the case. I would tell the ED QB to go find a dictionary and go look up the word delusional and tell me what it means. I so hope these 2 don’t meet again in the playoffs.

-What the heck happened to Practice Squad? They were like D6 playoff runners up now they are 3-5 and in the #7 hole heading into the playoffs. I really thought this team was ready to turn the corner.

-The McKenzie Agency is 5-3 and they are in a very easy matchup with Tight End Zones this week but for them to make some noise in round #2 they must get more from their offense. 23 points a game on offense will not be enough to carry against Peachy Platoon or Celino Sewer Rats. Its crappy out, its muddy out, its rainy out, it’s time to unleash the Webber!!!!

-If you asked me to pick an upset in each division I’d say: D1: HATBF over TEIM. D3: Sticky Bandits over Team Topper if Drew plays. If Drew doesn’t play Bullet Club over DMX. D4: Cintas over 3rd and Schlong. D5: Hope N Ruin over Cunning Stunts. D6: Passless Chaps over Jabronies

-I would ask all TSLers to get your sub requests in early just in case your request is rejected. We will not allow teams to stack their rosters for playoffs with subs. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I would also ask captains to read their emails as a “do not sub” list will be going out on a few women who will be not allowed to sub in the playoffs. Please know this list is designed to prevent teams from stacking their rosters with subs better than their normal players.

-I need to be honest I don’t see a lot of All we do is Quinn. I assume the team I was watching this week was playing short because as I watched their game this week and said to myself “this is not the best team in D5.”

-It’s looking to me like Puckett All Stars are heading to the D4 title game. HK7 looks like they have an offense that can go with them. I’m not sure 3AS can win in a shootout with HK7 but I think it still would be an awesome battle. Time will tell.

-I hope Tune Squad comes back and goes down a division or two. I see skill on their team they just need more time and experience learning this game.

-Morning Wood had to be licking their chops this time last session as they were heading to round #1 against the Topper. They can’t be as happy this time as they draw A&A. I am not seeing a MW win next week against a very quick A&A team. I fear the A&A girls will be putting on a show next week. BTW does anyone know if the MW QB is still alive?

-For some reason I keep looking at the Hope n Ruin vs Cunning Stunts game and feel an upset could be looming. HNR beat the Stunts once can they do it again and be back to back D5 champions?

- I would like to take this time to congratulate Jessica on Bullet Club for actually talking to me for more than 3 minutes. Yes I asked her if she was dying. I don’t think she is.

- I am not the predictions guy that is more a thing the GF does but if I had to handicap Morning Wood’s odds on taking home the D3 title I would right now put them at 63-1. If anyone on their team reads this article I will change those odds to 39.5 -1.

- On behalf of the TSL Universe kudos go out to Topper on purchasing the grey TSL hats, the (3) stripe grey accented hats, the mid tone grey hats and the female dark grey top light grey bottom hats. I did not know there were that many shades of grey until Saturday and I am a painting contractor.

-Ladies and gentlemen of the TSL Universe it is now time to do a public service announcement. Audi’s are nice vehicles even though Diana Bernard doesn’t think so. When carrying football gear, equipment and more importantly Travis’ stupid speaker please remember to bring the proper seat and floor protection to protect the Audi at all times. It has been brought to my attention from “anonymous sources” that Travis’ stupid speaker went into Bocc’s Audi without the proper floor and seat protection and a mark was made in the interior. Travis you should feel shame for this travesty of justice. For shame! I’m sorry Audi get well soon.

That’s enough for this week. As I will continue to say if you keep giving me something to write about I will keep writing.


See you next week…..I think

Week 6 Review

Category: The View from the Top
Created: Monday, 15 October 2018 05:05
Published: Monday, 15 October 2018 05:05
Written by Patrick McGovern
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Well this week didn’t exactly finish strong. The day started well but it didn’t finish that way. I have a job to do so here it is. I find myself not as motivated to write when I see/hear about sheer stupidity. Yeah maybe this week I mailed it in but I don’t care this week was not very motivating…..So here goes…


-So it was like 40 something degrees out yet the patio was open and the league was thrown outside. That was nice….. really nice. I am curious to see what happens next week.

-I think it goes without saying but our hope is things are AOK over at Tight Ends in Motion as both Tiger and Kyle are both well liked players in this league and I am sure many people in this league have nothing but well wishes for both this week as it looks like both could be gone for a while. I also hope everyone on HATBF is doing AOK as well . That was a crazy game with a crazy ending.

-I really hope the UFO player that had his day shortened really takes this week to reflect on life and his behavior. I will say this, that guy has never been anything but a class act off the field (at least to me) but his on the field antics have to stop or he might find himself on the outside looking in soon. I really don’t mean he is about to face a suspension (at least not yet) but if I am a teammate of his I think It’s almost time someone says “Dude its social co ed football cool off.” I heard more than a few UFO players were heard saying they might be on the move next season as this week’s tirade was “just too much.” I get it people like competing and they play to win but c’mon man this is “only social co ed football that shit has to stop and stop now. “  I will so call Coach Jay and we will start a “Coach Jay School for meat heads and folks who don’t understand this is social co ed football with chicks so act your age dumb dumb” . I swear I will rent out a school and throw all you knuckleheads in it and Coach Jay and I will talk to you all for like an hour about “anger management” and “acting your age” and showing both you, your teammates, the officials and everyone around you the proper amount of respect and decent behavior they deserve. Don’t tempt me I so will do this….We could easily start with this player and the player on Jabronies we will get to a tad later as our first two “students.”

-Racks and Sacks was up against it this week with their season on the line and they came to play with a big win 42-20 over Angry Buffalo. I for one was happy Travis finally found himself on the good side of the game this week. BTW Travis had himself quite the game this week especially on offense. All I can say is I feel bad for the players on Angry Buffalo. Yes, there could be some that could be saying that the “football Gods” are getting even with one of them for their actions this season but a lot of them keep coming to play hard each and every week and deserve better than what is happening this season.

-No Punt Intended and Hope N Ruin were up against it this week but both delivered.  NPI shocked HK7 41-32 while HNR beat up Come from Behind 32-22. I give up, none of this makes any sense anymore. Peachy Platoon were running away with D6 then lost. HK7 was on fire then they lost. 3rd and Schlong was struggling but they showed up and stood tall this week. Ultimate Warriors started so hot but they look lost. Cousin Steve and Co look like they are done like dinner. Matty’s Angels was rolling then Quinn shocked them. Witter’s got hot then was not.

-If you ask me the TSL “Team of the Year” is 3rd and Schlong. 3AS was slow out of the gate but they are on fire right now. Katie Keller is the new Queen Bee as she came to town and dusted up Ultimate Warriors this week 30-15. When they were all done, Jr and Co trotted out spiffy new 3AS winter hats which were a big hit with girls who were “easy on the eyes” as they appeared to get the hats first. They weren’t done….after a few pops “40 Year Plan Guy” called out Joe K and said 3rd and Schlong challenged to play Bullet Club “anytime, anywhere and anyplace” this season. That was a monster call out by 40YPG. Joe K has yet to comment. BTW for those of you waiting, the fair maiden Molly Morgan and 40 YPG will be mini golfing this week. Yes, Katie Keller had “no comment” when she heard the date was finalized.

-I had a chance to catch up with Gordon this week. Bi Polar Express came close this week as they played The McKenzie Agency tough in a 22-18 defeat. Gordon has promised to “not lose it” and keep BPE on course as they get closer and closer to their first victory.

-Don’t look now but Public Enemy vs Eyes Downtown is setting up to be” Clash of the Titans”. A short handed PE beat Marketing Mayors 27-24 while Eyes Downtown ran #XTC off the field 35-12. PE vs ED is really setting up as the “game of the year.” When all is said and done this could be one of the best rivalries in the history of the game if you ask me.

- I need to say this, the MVP of this week might be none other than “Glasses” of Gryffindor. Dude was under siege this week in the press but showed up big time in a big 32-13 over Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers. While Tony was literally “not trying” Glasses was all over field making plays on both offense and defense. Good for you “Glasses” good for you!

- I am hearing a few players in the Matty’s Angels/All we do is Quinn game were none too happy with the final call in the game. Depending on who you ask some say the ref botched the call others claim it was called right. The only way to solve this problem is to meet in the D5 final and settle this once and for all if you ask me.

-Oiy Vey it’s looking like Bullett Club is struggling. DMX came to town and rolled them 54-36. Topper started it, but teams seem to be jumping all over a very suspect Bullett Club secondary right now.  D3 champs to 3-3, it might be time to wonder if Bullett Club is having a championship hangover.

-Buffalo Solar Solutions are now 4-2 and they are right in the middle of a crazy race for the D4 title.  Their defense was on point this week holding a very good IE offense to only 16 points. D4 is wide open now with both HK7 and Ultimate Warriors coming back to earth. BTW nobody is really talking about Puckett All Stars…..but they should be.

- I really, as a fan of the TSL, am excited for the Matty’s Angels vs Cunning Stunts game coming soon. Both squads continue to impress on both sides of the ball. Both teams are led by crazy QB’s and each team continues to get better and better week after week. I was very impressed this week with the Cunning Stunts defense especially the Clarke sisters who are getting crazy good on defense. Hopefully we will have pictures this week of the “Cunning Stunts” decal on the #24 of Award Winning Tommy Hughes.

-If you ask me the “catch of the season” was made by one Andy Smith of the Marketing Mayors on a conversion this week. Dude went OBJ with a crazy “one handed” grab late in the second half. It still was a tad “disappointing” we never got our Ryan Radke vs Andy Smith battle this week. I still am a tad shocked The Mayors are only 3-3 but they are one team you do not want to see in the playoffs.

-Tune Squad lost 2 games yesterday but they scored 33 points and only gave up 84 so things are slowly improving.

-Yes Darryl Carr QB Superstar is still the #ICON and easily our greatest player ever but Garrett Beesing did just fine as the back up this week as Cobblestone gave SITE a game that went down to the last play. I have a feeling we could be seeing a Beesing led team happening some day soon. Garrett has already proven his is a solid all around player let’s see how he would do at QB.

-So our good buddy the Godfather called out this writer and I picked (10) games last week. It appears I was 7-3 this week in the games I picked. Beware GF 7-3 ain’t half bad you better tighten up your game or I might have to start writing your article as well next week.

-So Ferger wasn’t at the fields this week does that mean we won’t get a Mentalist article this week? Inquiring minds want to know.

-Are we 100% sure “Stoner Dave” got both feet down in a dramatic 39-38 win over Hootie and the Brofish?  It happened so fast and was such a solid grab but wow that one was close. I was standing with a solid view of the catch and I am still not sure he had both feet in at the time of the catch. It might be time for TSL instant replay. I actually had some guys ask me about doing post game interviews and maybe video taping a few games. I didn’t know what to say but was flattered when someone told me and I quote “I love this league it’s better than MTV” that was nice .

-All right it’s time to spend a minute or two on a situation that happened Saturday. Unfortunately one of our players had “a pop or two” in his system and unfortunately said “something he should not have said.” I would like to take this time to briefly comment on this situation. I firmly believe that the player in question said something unacceptable and was 100% wrong in doing so. I believe this person was 100% percent wrong and no matter what was in his system should have known better. I for one on behalf of the good people in this world who in fact do know better would like to apologize on that person’s behalf. This league is better than that and the people of this league should always be better than that. I would also like to thank the person who heard that for taking the high road and not making more of the situation when he easily could have. We see things happen and said “out there” but for one minute they creeped into our universe and that should not have happened. I for one am bothered and can not apologize enough to everyone that had to hear that or be there at that time. The TSL Universe is better than this and needs to make sure things like that do not happen again. I for one will do my best to make sure the events of what happened late Saturday afternoon do not happen again.

-While I am on the subject of apologies I would like to apologize to both Morning Wood and Slytherin that Endzone as a scheduling snafu with Sticky Bandits occurred this week. Topper will get right on this matter when he returns from out of town ASAP.


If you ask me I for one am happy this week is now over…..Onto week #7

Week 7 Review

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Published: Sunday, 21 October 2018 22:32
Written by Patrick McGovern
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So the games were cut early this week due to inclement weather. Now I have to basically write the same article with like no where close to the same amount of games to comment on. This ought to be fun. All right let’s go…..

-I had a chance to get a real good look at the DMX vs Team Topper game this week. It was being billed as a possible D3 title preview but I walked away with more questions than answers. I saw a pretty much full speed Team Topper. I saw a QB struggling with the weather conditions as a lot of his passes just seemed “off a click.” The thing about DMX that impressed me most was that all their guys seemed like the same version of the next. They just trotted out 3 very good very quick guys that all just made plays. DMX looked to have a big speed edge on Team Topper. I am now lost with D3. Morning Wood and Bullet Club both seem to be sinking quicker than the Titanic. I am not sold on Gryffindor yet. Team Topper looks to be a team that could lay an egg on a bad weather day. Which leaves A&A and DMX. Both of these teams seem like (2) squads to keep your eyes on down the stretch.  

-Tight End Zones started the day at 0-4 and all looked lost. By days end they were 2-4 and they look to be back in the D6 title race. I am sorry to say this but it is now my prediction that The BiPolar Express will go winless the rest of the season. This week was their best chance at victory.

-For the first time in history at around like 12:00 it started to rain hard and for some reason I still may never understand everyone just stopped playing and in like 5-6 minutes the whole league was at the bar. With nothing to do except wait, out came the Topper’s Wheel of Hope and 5 minutes later The McKenzie Agency reigned supreme as this week’s victor. Unlike Celino Sewer Rats up came challenge #2 but this time it was accepted. Brent McKenzie stood tall and spun the POP wheel and won (2) free tickets to the fall banquet.

-There was no team in this league with more pressure on them than Sticky Bandits. They were  playing this week for their playoff lives. They needed inspiration then IT happened. They came to the fields and saw “Cardboard cut out Dave Baker Nation.” (5) cardboard cut out Dave Bakers stood tall in the Field #2 endzone. Later during their game the 6th Dave Baker was presented. Sticky Bandits went on to win 28-0. There are those that will tell you that the team came to play this week but we all know “Cardboard cut out Dave Bakers” were the real reason this team is back in the chase for social co ed football immortality.  There is a rumor circulating round yonder parts that a certain Team Topper young lady ran to the card board cut outs thinking one of them was actually Dave Baker but I can not get that confirmed at this time.

- Is there a team hotter In TSL right now than Hope N Ruin? Your reigning and DEFENDING D5 champs entered the valley of death to face the new “flavor of the month” Cunning Stunts and by games end won their 2nd game in a row 39-36. HNR has now beat Cunning Stunts and Come from Behind in back to back weeks. This is one team I would keep my eye on down the stretch. My game was going on at the same time so I couldn’t talk to Joey Batts post game. If I did I am sure he would be the awesome leader that he is. He would have told me they should have won, that he played magical and that if his team just played a little better for him things could have been different. After seeing CS lose 39-36 I couldn’t help but think their offense needed to just play better.

-Witter’s got a huge win over Vandalay Industries this week which means they are basically in for the playoffs. The last slot in D5 looks like it’s coming down to Vandalay Industries and ACE. I see Hope N Ruin taking off down the stretch.  UFO looks to be out and they could be heading to D6. VI is up against it this week with (2) big games with the Stunts and AWDIQ.

-Ultimate Warriors started out so well then fell on tough times the past few weeks. No one gave them much of a chance this week against Cintas and the league MVP. 50 minutes later UW got a huge win 15-14 and they are now back in the D4 title chase. What a difference a week makes. UW played stifling defense as they held one of this league’s greatest players to only 14 points.  UW improves to 4-3 and is now in the #4 hole in the playoff chase.

-So what the heck is going on with this whole Bullet Club/3rd and Schlong thing? Great call out BTW with 40 YPG. It was eloquent and magical. I still am shocked that the D4 team keeps standing tall and the D3 team keeps “making excuses” and “checking their schedules” and so forth. I had a chance to catch up with 3AS and they basically again said let’s do this whenever. I also ran into BC who basically said wellllll we need to check our schedules blah blah blah. If you ask me 3AS has all the leverage right now and BC is starting to look very lame. I can only hope Joe K comes out with some form of magical rebuttal speech and this friendly rivalry takes the next step as this game would be funny.

-Speaking of 40YPG kudos to Molly Morgan who in did in fact spend a day last week with the 40YPG. The two went through the car wash at Delta Sonic and had a chance to have a few cocktails last week. The weather got a tad too bad for golfing but they still made good on their promise. And yes to answer your next question Molly Morgan did receive a 3AS hat. And to answer your next question after that NO Katie Keller did not care to comment on the situation.

-I still don’t know what to think or make of this impeding clash of the titans between Cunning Stunts and Matty’s Angels. There are so many storylines in this one. One has Matty Ice and one has Joey Batts. One has Emily and one has Emily 2.0. One has Clarkes the other has Bernals. Molly Morgan was on CS but then just went to MA one day. This game should be good. MA seem to be that team that can just chuck it and duck it all over the field. CS seem to be that team that play a very solid very disciplined system. I am curious to see what kind of factor the weather plays in this one. A sloppy track could impact both teams. These are the games we live for people. I could be wrong but I could have sworn I saw Katie Salisbury Saturday. If she is back this could heavily swing the odds in the Angels favor.  The only problem is every game we have promoted to be legendary has missed the mark and I for one hope we get the slugfest we all are hoping for. I am curious to see if this game gets flex scheduled.

-I see a very improved SITE in D3. I think they finally have QB stability which goes a long way in     this league. SITE seems to be ever improving as they sit at 2-3-1 but they no longer are the punch line of a joke. SITE can play and will continue to get better. I see weapons on offense and a team that could be 1 player and a season or 2 away from really competing.

-So let’s do some math shall we….Emily 2.0 plays for HK7 last week and they lose. Emily 2.0 decides to forego her game with HK7 this week to play for the Cunning Stunts and they lose. HK7 in her absence beats Indecent Exposure 38-22. Hmmmmm am I the only who sees a pattern developing here?

-I left Saturday feeling bad for Award Winning Tommy Hughes. Tommy Hughes is having a stellar season at QB but it just seems like his team is letting him down. With the score 16-0 and time winding down in the first half of the #XTC/PE game Hughes was in hurry up mode. With the clock racing at 6 and 0 Hughes ran an ISO route to Flynn. He put him solo left on Boccio and had him drag into the middle of the field. On his break Hughes threw a perfect pass that bounced off Flynn’s hand half over. I say “hand” because Flynn forgot for a moment that God gave us all 2 hands so we could use them both to catch. The route was perfect, the read was perfect, the throw was perfect they just didn’t finish. You can’t lay that play or that game on Hughes as he played well and deserved a better fate.

- I know ED were coming to town playing short handed but did I read that right Racks and Sacks is up 14-0 on Eyes Downtown with one half left to make up on 11-3?

-If you haven’t I would suggest making sure you email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We have like 2 weeks left and everybody and their brother is thinking make up games. You better hurry up and get your field confirmed or you could be on the outside looking in as fields go fast.

- I took a quick glance at this week’s schedule the Team Topper Morning Wood game intrigues me. MW continues to sink faster than the titanic. Is it the weather? Are they having attendance issues? Where is their QB? You can’t win if you can’t score and in the last 2 weeks MW has thrown up a whopping 12 points. Yes there are those that will say MW has Uncle Topper’s number as they shocked the world in last session playoffs but can they do it again? I have a feeling the Clarke sisters are about to lay a thumping on the gals from Morning Wood. With that being said I still am not sure the guys of TT can go with the guys of MW. Time will tell…..I do know one thing no one will be happier than Topper not to see a certain fiery young pass rusher lady in this week’s MW line up.

-So the Mayors showed up and took care of business this week. Now they have to play HATBF all over again. I was hearing rumors HATBF was missing people and that was why they lost. Well this week they get to change their luck circle the wagons and fight the Mayors again. I watched a little of the MM HATBF game I still am baffled HATBF is making simple technical errors. When the guy who is normally your corner is covering a third of the field and finds himself heads up with Andy Smith something is wrong with your defense.

-Talking about games that  get you excited it looks like it is so on at 9am as Public Enemy and Eyes Downtown are about to re-kindle one of the greatest rivalries in the game today. Last season in the semi-finals ED beat PE in over time. These teams both are coming to town at the top of the division. Both boast the 2 best QBs in the league, both have stars all over the field and both are well run. If you like good football teams playing good football this is the game for you.

-I always enjoy the funny stories we hear of each week. Late in the day I had a chance to catch up with Topper outside. We were both at the outside bar. At one point we both looked over and saw a young lady at the bar enjoying herself and then a guy came over who looked like he had a few at which point Topper looked at me and said “Oh crap fine I got this she needs a safe word I think it will be Memphis.” Moments later the same young lady said something else to another person and found herself upside down as a certain D1 QB decided to helicopter said lady. All I could hear was the girl quietly yelling “Memphis, Memphis Memphis!!!”

-BTW you are at football anyways have you ever considered being a TSL official? We are always looking for players to ref a game or two when able. If you ever have interest please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or come find Topper myself or Rameer at the fields as we would love to add you to our group. The first step is always the hardest step……..


CYA next week…..I think

judgemental: of or concerning the use of judgement

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Published: Sunday, 07 October 2018 20:48
Written by Patrick McGovern
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Adjective judgemental

of or concerning the use of judgement.

-having or displaying an excessive critical point of view.

“I don’t like to sound judgmental but it was a big mistake.”

Synonyms: critical,censorious,condemnatory,disapproving,disparaging,depreciating,negative,overcritical,hypercritical.

“he’s compulsively judgmental”

-So you are walking the fields and just watching a football game and you run into a woman who out of no where introduces herself then calls you “judgmental.” Yes it did hurt my feelings. I looked up into the sky at around 11:37 eastern standard time and asked God why? Why would someone say that? Why up by 20 could someone be so angry? Did this person want to be beating Ultimate Warriors by 30 and did this person take this anger nay this rage nay this apoplectic nay incandescent feeling out on me? Was I in the wrong place at the wrong time? I spent the rest of my Saturday pondering life and going through that chain of events that unfolded that fateful day one more time in my head. None of it makes any sense. My job is to continue on so I will. Please forgive me as I am emotionally distraught now but the show as they say must go on…….


The good news is after I got yelled at I did learn a few things Saturday….


-I learned that reports of TEIM’s demise are very premature. TEIM was down like 20-7 at the half to Marketing Mayors and by games end they won 37-36. TEIM fought and scratched and did not give up and the football Gods paid them off with a big victory. That’s 2 in row against Tuner for TEIM. I found it very interesting that they have been the one team to date who surprised all of us by rushing as guy. This hurried Dalphonso into a lot of bad throws. This is a copycat league let’s see if someone else goes this route.  

- I learned that 1 Topper too many is for real. Team Topper ran Bullett Club right off the field. I am also learning that your D3 Male MVP might just have the last name of “Davis” on the back of his jersey. Don’t look now but one or both Clarkes might be heading to the podium at this sessions banquet as both girls have been playing lights out. The thing that impressed me most of this week’s victory was Team Topper put on a clinic of “taking what the defense gives you.” Bullett Club plays their safeties way too deep for my liking and Topper just threw the ball underneath the coverage. So for those of you scoring at home Team Topper ran Bullett Club off the field, beat A&A and almost killed Joey Batts literally. They are undefeated and they deserve to be where they are.

-If I was Bullett Club I just learned that “you’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.” It’s looking like when BC can’t “out athlete” people they are in big trouble. Team Topper out manned, out threw, out ran, out caught, out thought and out classed Bullett Club in every facet of the game. I was wondering how the JJ/Brandy Clarke battle would end it looked like the duke goes to Brandy Clarke. JJ seems like she has lost a step if you ask me.

-I am learning that the most complete female player in the game today might just be none other than Katie Keller. Girl is a demon on offense but has definitely kicked her game up a nickel on defense this session. Some girls are solid on offense or really good on defense but Katie Keller is money on both sides of the ball. I really think Katie Keller and Sr could have beat Tune Squad 2 on 6. 

- l think that Tune Squad is struggling but their QB can throw. I think someone needs to walk over there and just tell him to stop going long and try for easy 6-10 yards throws. He has one of the better arms in D4 but his stats are skewed because he goes long waaaaay too much. Tune Squad in time could actually be a pretty decent team they just need to slow things down and go get easy gains that are there for them. The long ball is the pretty throw but it isn’t the easiest throw to make.

-I learned Saturday that I should have spent more time watching HK7 play. I can now tell you they are way more than a “good QB, 1 good girl and 1 good guy.” I can however tell you the really good guy is Von and he is very good and very nice. The really good girl though can hurt someone with her words (and did   ) but she’s really good on a football field. HK7 is awesome on offense. I know they lost to Puckett All Stars in week #1 but I would like to see them have another shot at PAS. HK7 checks all the boxes as they have size, speed and solid contributions from their girls. The second half of their schedule is way easier than the first half so they could be in store for as big late season run up to the #1 seed.

-As or Ultimate Warriors, guys I get it you aren’t happy you lost but every time your QB throws a duck and underthrows your WR by 8 yards you can’t yell at the ref for a pass interference call that “isn’t there.” UW will bounce back but once again this is another team that has to stop looking long every play and just take the simple easy throws at 8 yds.

- I learned that Buffalo Solar Solutions might be this sessions Bambs as it looks like they have like 25 people on their roster. BSS came to play in a big win over 3rd and Schlong. Don’t look now but BSS is 3-2 with big wins over 3AS, Cintas and NPI. They also played HK7 very tough.

-I am hearing rumors Nick Sooch is injured and might miss significant time. If this is true I wish him a speedy recovery as he is a great person and awesome at QB. 

-Witter’s might have just won a playoff spot with a shocking win over Hung Buffalo 30-29. I can’t put my finger on it but it looked they had a big female edge this week. Witter’s won the classic size vs speed showdown.

-It is really easy to report on the bad things that happen but here is a story of the good that can happen. The McKenzie Agency and Passless Chaps went at it this week at 11:00. The game was in doubt in the first half. A play happened where a TMA female caught a pass and many claim “fairly or un-fairly” that the Passless Chaps DB lost control of his body and came in too fast on a tag. This caused a bunch of Bruno’s sticking their chests out and the game got stopped for a minute while things had to be cooled down. This altercation didn’t impress me it was the actions of one Brian Ferger at halftime that did impress me. Ferger at the half attempted to get both squads together to remind everyone that this is a game of fun and we are not here to fight and act like baffoons. I for one commend Ferger as he is as “classy” as they come in this league. I had a chance to talk to one of the TMA players post game. He told me “The leadership of TMA is what brought me here. Brian Ferger is the reason I am here and the reason I am not leaving TMA.” For those of you scoring at home TMA is now 3-2.

-As distraught as I am today, I was still very happy to hear that Jabronies won the Topper Wheel of Hope Spin. I was even happier to hear we finally got our “first punishment.” Jill walked up to the Prize or Punishment wheel and it hit “valet park cars in fluorescent traffic vest.” It only took 5 weeks but we finally had a fun wheel spin. Kudos to Jabronies on their wheel spin. BTW it was funny after finally making it to Field #1 one Jabronies player was quoted as saying “I think my team is going to be mad at me Field #1 was way more muddy that Field #5.”

-I was very surprised The Bi Polar Express played Peachy Platoon as well as they did in a 39-16 loss. Bi Polar Express is heading in the right direction. There were a few drops here and there but in many cases I did see BPE girls get open and either due to over throws or weather the ball didn’t get there. Gordon has BPE heading in the right direction. In time BPE will be a force in D6.

- Gryffindor beat Morning Wood 45-6. There are still those claiming that if the Morning Wood QB showed up Morning Wood would have won by 13. Good news everyone I know its been like 18 months but Tony met his 4th friend in TSL. Great work Tony congratulations on putting in the work to honor a promise you made like forever ago. 4 down 6 to go. I know there are only like 400-500 people out there every Saturday the thought of meeting 6 more seems daunting. I wonder if this was another example of me being “judgmental’ again. BTW MW went to Mo early and he had some nice gains. I still am wondering why they went away from that.

-I learned when she wants to be Beth from Eyes Downtown is wicked fast. At one point in the game a pass went out that bounced off one player and fell right into Beth’s hands. She grabbed the ball and took off. Girl flew right by Corey Turner. She then pitched the ball to Joey for 8. I was expecting so much more from Marketing Mayors. I saw a few of them in street clothes but their defense just looked lost and their QB just refused to take the easy throws that were there for the taking. Yeah I get it the 25 yard post to Smith looked like the sexy throw but the wide open wheel to Turner at 12 yards was the safer throw and the easy throw. And to answer your next question yes the sexy 25 yard pass to Smith was overthrown and Turner just stood wide open with no one within 6 yards of him . Shoulda woulda coulda…..

- I took a quick glance at next week’s schedule and it looks like bedlam will ensue at 2:00 when Hootie and the Brofish has at it with Tight Ends in Motion. This is one of the most anticipated games of the season. Tight Ends are coming off a huge upset of Marketing Mayors while HATBF were off last week and could show some bye week rust. These teams know each other well so we should expect a darn good football game.

- So the Godfather called me out and asked me to pick 10 games. Ok here goes let’s see how I do.

-Gryffindor over Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers.

-Practice Squad over Jabronies

-Slytherin that Endzone over Cobblestone

-Eyes Downtown over #XTC

-Indecent Exposure over Tune Squad

-HK7 over No Punt Intended

-Matty’s Angels over UFO

-Cintas over Tune Squad

-Peachy Platoon over Celino Sewer Rats

-Cunning Stunts over ACE

- I saw bits and pieces of the Peachy Platoon/Practice Squad game. It looked like TPS was missing some players but were up at the half 20-19. I still think PP is lame for having that much talent on a D6 roster. TPS did show well but just ran out of gas in the second half.

-It’s looking like the war for the #8 seed in D5 will be a (3) horse race between ACE, UFO and Hope N Ruin. Right now my money is on UFO but let us not forget Hope n Ruin has always been known as a “second half team.”

-It looks like we get a week off from the Topper as he is heading to the motherland to kiss the blarney stone for like the 20th time. Football won’t be the same without seeing Topper’s truck right next to the fields. One week without Topper should be OK right? I mean nothing can go wrong….right?

-Peachy Platoon has one last test coming this week with Celino Sewer Rats. If they survive this test there is no doubt in my mind they will run the table. CSR has looked very solid this session especially on offense. CSR looked very good in a big win over Jabronies as they just “out athleted them” at literally every position.

-Can everyone stop the bye week BS and can we just get back to playing some football? It’s week #5 people its time to get back to bidness. Oktoberfest has come and gone let’s start focusing on the playoff chases shall we?

-If you asked me to list teams in each division I see having a big second half of the season I would say: D1: Tight Ends in Motion. D2: I can’t say because it doesn’t exist D3: Gryffindor D4: HK7 D5: Hope N Ruin. D6: The Practice Squad


That’s enough for this week. As I will continue to say if you keep giving me something to write about I will keep writing. But please don’t call me judgmental because to be completely honest that just hurts…..


See you next week…..I think

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