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Week 3 was a good week overall in my opinion. The weather continues to be what I call "Fall perfect" (not too cold, not too hot). People are having fun. New teams are making their mark, and new stars are being born. And there's not one, but TWO league podcasts. If that last thing isn't the most Lenny thing one could conceive, I don't know what is. 

Let's just ponder this for a moment -
Joe K revives the dormant "official" TSL podcast. And then DJ Jimmy and Joey Batts go COMPLETELY WCW Nitro and steal his thunder with a bombastic, over-the-top rogue podcast that honestly had me smiling throughout. I encourage this MIGHTILY. Cuz no matter what each side might say about the other, the people who win are the people in the TSL. Plus, not gonna lie - I liked when WCW was going nuts and forcing WWE to step their game up. Same here. I was given the opportunity to appear on Nitro (that's what I'm gonna officially call the other podcast henceforth), but I turned it down for reasons I won't get into in this Rant (we're all about fun, so no one wants me to get too deep or "meta" here). But man, I hope both podcasts continue churning out product. 

STAR ALERT...STAR ALERT...so I'm checking out the noon games, and I see this yellow team pouncing all over Uncle Rico's. I take a good look, and I realize that outside of 2 people - the team has an average height of like 5 ft. 4. but these little rapscallions are FAST! They're all over the place! Plus, there's like 3 of them that look like cool 80s jocks. I'm DIGGIN' these cats. Then the cherry on top - they tell me that 3 of them are BROTHERS. Mountain Dew Me - welcome to the TSL spotlight. It's your time to shine - take the bull by the horns. What you guys do with the attention is on you now, but don't go quiet. Now's the time to TURN IT THE F**K UP. 

Speaking of turning it up -what's good with the Over Compensators? Look man - I don't do the QB Rankings thing, and I don't know the formula for how it works. But I DO know that ever since Larry took the reins at QB, Over Compensators is a different team and they are handling fools. That's some MVP-type ish right there, and I might know te guy who will handle those types of votes this session. Well done, y'all. 

I need more villains in this league. Surely, Jeremy Burr can't carry this load all by himself. Sure, Eyes Downtown is an easy assumption for that role, but outside of that one person (you know who she is), they're really NOT bad guys. I seriously like 'em. Burr's the only one who goes full Lex Luthor with it. Bring back Varsity Villains, I say. I need more fun villainy in our league. Who can step up?

Some people want to TRY to make my man Matty Ice a villain, cuz he talks smack. but the truth is, most of you folks who get upset at the smack talkers are just lames who don't know how to uphold good trash talk yourselves. so you get in your feelings when the Burrs, and Mattys, and Joey Batts of the world talk that talk to y'all. Oh well. Try as you might, Matty's just not a villain. It's funny, too - cuz he could be if he wanted to. He knows more about comic villainy than anyone in the league...

Speaking of which - we're undefeated on A&A. and we're having a ton of fun. We're also dropping like flies due to injuries. We may not have enough healthy bodies to finish the session if things keep up. But I know one thing - we're gonna be having fun! We've got a big doubleheader this week, too. Who will be there healthy? Your guess is as good as mine! Lolz! 

Speaking seriously for a moment - hoping Sal from We Back feels better. Guy made an incredible catch, but injured himself on the fall. Sal's a cool guy - hate to see him get injured. 

I don't want to jump on the bandwagon, but every time I see Pete doing Pete things, I just say to myself "Topper shouldn't be in D2"...

This is how it works - The Peters are my favorite on-the-field twins. The Clarkes are the toughest twins. And The Paganos are the twins I love the most. Got it? Good. 

Refs were good this week. Players were good towards the refs for the most part. See? You guys CAN get along. Now keep it up. And understand I'm cutting the horsecrap no matter WHO it comes from. 

So...pretty much all of D1 is sick of playing each other. Cool - I get that. But you guys don't get to cry like little b***hes and ignore reality. Last session, Topper and I combined divisions and made a super division. Y'all cried about that. Then y'all cried when we said the winner of each division would play the other winner for a super title. So Topper changed that to appease you babies. You cried when y'all played each other, and refused to do anything but pine for the old divisional arrangements. Welp - y'all got it. So now that you're crying - don't expect much sympathy from ME. 

Yes, I agree D1 needs to be bigger. Yes, I even agree with which teams should currently also be in D1. But y'all did this. I had a plan to make things competitive, and y'all cried - every single one of y'all cried. And now you get what you get. TOMA. Next session, we will likely try to expand D1. And you will cry. Because that's what y'all are good at. Y'all don't want to compete, you want to whine. And I'm calling it like it is. And the teams that we try to move up will whine, and try to duck, and threaten to not play cuz "D1 is so rough" (meanwhile, D1 has been more tame than other divisions for a full 2 sessions now). And no one will be satisfied. No matter what we do. But I'll say THIS - I already know how I'd align the divisions if every team came back. Has nothing to do with wins and everything to do with knowing who can do what and who can compete. None of y'all want to take your lumps and get better against top competition. Which is why you have grossly over-matched teams in lower divisions pounding on their foes. Remember when people were crying that we moved Peachy Platoon up? Now those same people are like "Hey, they could play D1." No sh**, Sherlock. But "how dare" we move them to D2, right? STFU. 

Oh - and stop scanning the rulebook for flaws. Some of y'all need a life. I love our league, but the calls to make our 13 page rulebook longer give me and Topper migraines. Y'all are not that stupid to need everything defined to the tiniest detail. Good f**king grief. 

There are some women with some really awesome physiques this session. And I'm not saying that in the "va-va-VOOM!" sense - I mean they look like they could demolish you in the gym. Damn. 

So DILFs played my homies Peachy pretty tight, huh? Peachy is good, but they're still learning. The old guys held in there with the young guns. Nice. And word to the wise - I know no one likes to give him his props. But Travis will go out there and ball and talk smack just like you will. Test him if you want - I always say he ain't GOT to look like the best athlete on the field. All he's gotta do is perform like it...

I love that folks are watching the ladies teams demolish opponents and saying "I should get a ladies team!" like simply making one guarantees you'll win. Go ahead - make one yourselves, guys. I can't wait to see your squad get blasted. All the ladies teams you see this session took time to develop their rhythm, chemistry and system. But don't listen to me - go ahead. Show me I don't know what I'm talking about (hint: I DO)...

Challenge - I'll give you one guess and one guess only. This Saturday, if you come up to me and can tell me who my favorite guy and favorite woman currently active in the league are - I'll buy you drinks all day. That's right - drinks on me. But you only get ONE guess, with zero hints. Clearly, I wouldn't be putting this bet out if I thought there ws any of you who could nail it. you might nail one of the two, but you'll never get both...

Shout out to Nicole Keller and Dave Wilbern for being the only people Saturday night who could actually line dance. Holy Rhythmless Nation, Batman...

Hey - guys. Stop asking me about what teams will win NFL matchups, who will get what fantasy stats, etc. I don't watch the NFL. It's going on 4 years now. I don't even know who the top players are at the positions any longer. Stop bringing it up to me. I don't know, and don't care. My Sundays are awesome not watching it. I know most of y'all can't conceive it - but I. Don't. Watch. The. N.F.L.

I miss Shari. See y'all Saturday - I'll be in the cut. 



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