Man, this week was crappy in terms of the weather. At least 2 dozen people asked me at different points of the day "What's wrong? You look miserable/out of it/dumbfounded." What's wrong is it was 30 effin' degrees at the end of April and my toes and fingers were numb all day. I couldn't catch, I couldn't throw, and both of my teams lost. So yeah - The Build was not necessarily ready to do backflips. But overall, I WAS happy that the season started and happy to see all of you. 

So this doesn't turn into a bitch session, I've decided to turn this into a shout out compilation. Oh, you thought I was going to review games or something? Didn't I tell you I was freezing? WTF makes you think I was watching games that intently? I'll watch games closely when I can walk around with a drink and get some sun. Until then - ain't that what The Godfather is for? Whomever the hell that is??

SHOUT OUT to both of the ladies teams winning and going a combined 3-0 (yes, I took that from the poll - so what). This league runs better when the ladies are laying the smackdown on male-centered candy a$$ teams. 

SHOUT OUT to the refs. Y'all the real MVPs keeping the games under control and braving the elements.

SHOUT OUT to Sarah Hunt. Simply because she always makes me smile just by being herself. 

SHOUT OUT to my buddy Travis, who still needs to come to grips that it's Team Deanna ALL DAY. 

SHOUT OUT to Coach Jay, still one of the nicest, most genuine guys in our entire league.

SHOUT OUT my team The McKenzie Agency for being cool even though I'm like 5,000% the reason we lost our first game...

SHOUT OUT Stephanie from End Game, who apparently doesn't know that people like her. Lolz...

SHOUT OUT to Hollie and Kelly. Football is better when I see both of them in attendance. 

SHOUT OUT to Marisa effin' Gallo! It's the ghost of football's past! In fact, it will be real interesting to see her entire team go up against all the young guns - be afraid, young trouts. Be VERY afraid...

SHOUT OUT to the First Lady of the TSL, Val - and to Joe K. They're invaluable. 

SHOUT OUT to Beth from Eyes Downtown. You read that right - I heard no bitching at all from ED, and that includes from her. In fact, she was downright pleasant Saturday. True story. 

SHOUT OUT to Mo Saleh, and who flew into town at the last second Friday night to make sure he made his games and kept his reffing commitment. I owe you, my brother. 

SHOUT OUT to our new ref Karl Callahan. He did a great job, and he's a solid cot-damned ref. So glad he's on board with us - good guy. 

SHOUT OUT to Sticky Bandits. Cuz how could I not?

SHOUT OUT to Sal for scoring on Klecker. Eat it, Kleck!

SHOUT OUT to Jill and Joey Batts on the birth of their little bambina!

SHOUT OUT to all the teams yet to play. On the one hand, I want  to grill you for not being there for week 1. On the other - I can't, because at least you guys were warm...

SHOUT OUT to Paul Lovullo. Coed football living legend. 

SHOUT OUT to seeing old faces pop up again. I love seeing people I haven't seen in a while return to our league. I hope you guys never leave again. 

SHOUT OUT TO JOE Z, who needs to get back to having fun again in our league. #JZfunagain

SHOUT OUT to the fact that I actually drank no alcohol on Saturday. Not a drop. 

SHOUT OUT to Boccio. He knows why. 

SHOUT OUT to Topper not going for the banana in the tailpipe and making a Competitive Division. y'all muddacuffas ain't slick. 

SHOUT OUT to All We Do Is Qwinn. Love that team. 

SHOUT OUT to Peachy Platoon. I love that team as well. 

And finally, SHOUT OUT to the season to come. Hopefully we can get temperatures above 50 for the rest of the session, and we even are able to get a degree of warmth at some point. 

Y'all know where I'll be - at the fields and in the bar all day on Saturdays. Holla at me - I'll be in the cut. 

- Rameer AKA "THE BUILD"