Week 3 has come and gone and teams are beginning to show their true colors. The sense of who is for real and who may be along for the ride is beginning to become apparent. From my wanderings, I’m noticing playmakers are becoming abundant in every division.

First off I have to mention the shenanigans going on in Breakfast Club. It seemed as though every game had some type of side bet. Bern Them All and EmC HammerTime had a candy bet, Peanut Butter Kelly Time had a bra on the line, but perhaps the most notorious of bets made to date, was a side side bet between Blasé and 40 Year Plan Guy. After some deliberating, it was decided the loser would get their make-up done to be worn the rest of the day. This was agreed upon by both teams then the wheels in Topper’s head started to spin and he asked himself that age-old question “What Would Lenny Do?” Enter: Punkin the Clown. Punkin showed up with her wagon in tow and proceeded to wait on the side line for the unfortunate loser. The game was close and 40 YPG did his best to get his team a win but they came up short and he was found post game with Punkin while Blasé looked on in triumph. He then proceeded to go to his 3rd and Schlong game with full clown make-up. Punkin even stayed and made some animal balloons later in the day. JZ, Corey, and Austin played great on defense to help secure the win for Blasé.

Hot TaMolly’s played Schilling Em Softly in what turned out to be the latter’s closest game yet. The TaMolly’s were up 12 at one point without QB Garrett in attendance, but 2 picks in the final minutes of the game resulted in SES remaining undefeated.

Bern Them All won against a Drew-less EmC HammerTime 42-25. The game was closer than the score shows. Both teams played well defensively. The momentum of the game changed significantly when Katie Salisbury was injured during a play. She was walking on it but did not return to the game. We hope it is not a serious injury and she will be back playing soon.

After losing earlier and rocking a full make over, 40 YPG was looking for redemption during his 10:00 game. They played Slytherin That End Zone who were coming off a big win last week against Ultimate Warriors. Let me tell ya, SITE has some serious athletes on their roster. The one kid with the white compression pants is quick as hell, has some serious hops and hands to back all that up. They have height and speed all along their ranks. QB Newman fell in the QB ranking and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw another drop following 2 more losses on the day (the other with BC). SITE appeared to have the game under control and scored a respectable 28 points, but 3rd and Schlong is out to prove Week 1 was strictly because of the weather and put up 40 points. I know I’ve mentioned the tall guy before and I really should learn his name but he was making plays. Austin Weber had a pick at the end of the game to seal the deal. 40 YPG was in a much better mood when he went back with Punkin to complete his bet by putting on some glasses, a hula skirt and coconut bra.

Over on Field 4, Buffalo Solar Solutions played Full Throttle in a battle of deep balls. Both teams have height and speed and they used them accordingly. BSS has looked sharp and is quickly emerging as an early favorite for the R2 championship. They had the girl edge in this game with #3 making some great catches. BSS QB looked sharp and clearly has a ton of faith in his receivers. FT has Lou throwing and while neither of these guys have made the Power Ranking yet I wouldn’t count them out. Lou wasn’t afraid to let it rip down field but if I had a receiver who was give-or-take 6’8 I probably wouldn’t hesitate either.

Practice Squad gave the Bambs their first loss of the season in a real close game ending up at 32-29. PS’s QB looked like he absolutely could hold his own in a higher division. He was scrambling all over the place, taking the short yardage when it was given to him and letting it fly down the field. PS’s girls are legit, they ran crisp routes and have solid hands. I don’t know if the real tall guy that played for the Bambs in seasons past is still on the roster but I have yet to see him. I will be interested to see how they progress along with the other teams in this small division. 

A beacon of light appeared to shine down on Field 2 at noon this week as TSL Superstar League Icon Darryl made his glorious return to us. His hair was magnificent; however, the game did not go his way. Indecent Exposure, who has been a solid, if not middle-of-the-pack, team for several seasons now, was scoring at will. They put up 53 points to Cobblestone’s 20. Cobblestone could not find an answer on defense and IE has the experience to play their weaknesses. I’m not worried. Darryl always manages to find some stud athlete off UB or some former NFL practice squad player to take over and keep them in the season. This is just the start for Cobblestone.

Marketing Mayors took all the wind out of the sails of 1 Todd Too Many, winning 54-18. 1TTM just could not hold on to the ball in the first half, causing the game to spiral out of control. MM called in Andy Smith to QB in the second half. Then pretty much every one else got their chance at Q. Ya hate to see these types of games but eh, it happens. I have no doubt 1TTM will be able to forget it and take on this week fresh.

pAssless Chaps played TMA also at noon. Unfortunately for PC, they caught TMA on the week they finally started to gel. Despite being the slower of the teams, TMA was able to hold their own on defense with 2 picks and Ferger was back in form. Newest female addition, Val Testa, brought in a deep pass for a TD while Ron does what he does and made plays on both sides of the ball. PC are sitting at 0-4 and need Coach Jay to regroup and figure out what it’s going to take to salvage their season. The upside for them? R4 teams play each other multiple times during the season so having Coach Jay there to make adjustments is just what the doctor ordered.

A&A played Gryffindor in what was presumably Joey Batts’ worst nightmare of a game. While 22 points may not seem like a huge amount to give up on defense, Gryffindor went 0-fer and left with their tails between their legs. It’s got to be said Joey had a rough game. Maggie was a thorn in his side during the rush, combining for 4 sacks. She also could not be stopped or caught on offense. Word around the bar later was Gryffindor has too many throw-it-to-me type players in the huddle guaranteeing they will be open. That’s not how it works guys; there are no NFL scouts present.

It was hyped up as the game of the week. All eyes were going to be on Field 1 at 1:00 to see which team would not only remain undefeated but we also wanted to know if Eyes Downtown would get their revenge after losing in the championship game to Public Enemy last season. Both teams have made some additions to their rosters.  Still no sign of Bobby McConnell so once again Chadwick took the lead. Now I’ve heard ED lost Joey to injury. What was hyped up to be the “Game of the Week” honestly fell short. PE was missing some of their guys, we heard the usual whining and complaining we hear every game, and with a final score of 28-14 PE, it was neither the offensive nor defensive battle we were expecting. At the half it was 21-0 and many of the fans started making their way to other fields. It was just kind of blah.

Pucket All Stars played a double header in what were two completely different outcomes. In their first game against GLBS, they dominated the field scoring 38 points to GLBS 13. Early on it looked like it was going to continue to be the Jay Elphick show, but PAS took over and took charge. They have a solid offense and when they are healthy and have their full squad, will be a team to reckon with. Things did not go so well defensively in their match against End Game. They continued to produce on offense but had no answer for the deep ball from Dave. End Game added several girls, resulting in some of them choosing to play for their gender team instead. The little blonde girl; however, has shown some serious hands. She is one I will certainly be keeping an eye on. EG has a girl edge in that all their girls are talented but is having 5 girls on the roster a blessing or a curse?

BiPolar Express is a team that is finally coming together although their record may not show it. They have the talent across their ranks and it looked to be a sizable roster this week. They caught TMA on a day Ferger brought moonshine and we all know the odds significantly decrease for any team opposing them while imbibing the “secret stuff”. The defense kept the games close with Sarah leading the way, the girl is not afraid to sacrifice the body to make a tag. JJ returned this week as well which I’m sure BPE fans were excited about. In their game versus the Jabronies, BPE kept it interesting but could not generate enough offense to pull out a win. Jabronies suffered the loss of Riley at halftime but were able to capitalize on scoring chances where BPE was not.

Top 3 of Week 3

1. 40 YPG

                -If you read the article you already know why he’s here. This is what the TSL is all about, people. Make a fun bet, lose with dignity and take your punishment with a smile (one that was not painted on).

2. Maggie Lamantia

                -I’ve always known this girl was quick but watching her REPEATEDLY juke those poor defensive players made me literally LOL

3. Buffalo Solar Solutions

                -Sitting at the top of the R2 leader board, they are not only the last remaining undefeated team in the division, but their +/- differential is 50. Let’s see if their domination of this division will hold up facing URTT this week.

~ courtesy of...The Sentinel