Ode to Spring 2019

The wait is over, the season is here. 

Bring on the cleats, the gloves and the beer. 

The winter was long, cold and sad it’s true, 

but spring is a time for all things new. 

Endless opportunities await for us all,

Who’ll be the hero and answer the call?

Competitive 1 looks as you’d expect,

Talent abounds none can object.

Competitive 2 has some new and some old,

And already drama (from what I’ve been told). 

Rec 1 will be tight as those names we all know,
Hold tight boys and girls, for one hell of a show. 

Rec 2 has potential for the next big thing,

Time will tell who’s praises we sing. 

Rec 3 has some rivals strewn in the mix,

As well as some newbies to show us their tricks.

Still learning the ropes or there to have fun,

Rec 4 may surprise us when all’s said and done. 

At 9am the Club will begin,

New captains, new players, with the usuals mixed in. 

Let’s start with the morning, champagne bottles pop. 

It’s an odd year, so look out for Top. 

C1s reigning champs, PE returns.

From 1 Todd 2 Many, we all may learn. 

They won and moved up as should be the way, Bravo to them is what I must say. 

Plenty of legends and stars in C2,

We eagerly await to see what they’ll do.

Sticky and Co are strong in Rec 1,

Quinn and Schlong now join in the fun. 

Peachy has made a major leap, 

Into the medley Frodo Swaggins will sweep. 

Uncle Rico’s has had success in some tournies,

But Puckett’s and Hung Buffalo come to put them on gurnies. 

R3 has skill, way more than a speck,

Hope N ruin, Come from Behind, the genders and Home Tech. 

Lastly the Bambs are back in R4,

With Jabroni’s and TMA coming through the door. 

Each division will shape up its own way. 

We’ll see much of our favorites like Kyle and Coach Jay. 

Angry Buffalo awaits for us to start, 

Remember the games are only one part. 

Be sure to make your way up to the bar, 

Drink with your team, become a new star. 

And try to remember there’s no need to yell, 

It’s the greatest league going, the TSL!


~ courtesy of...The Sentinel