Not much of a shakeup at the top of the Rankings, as nearly half of our Top Ten QB’s were inactive this week.


Public Enemy’s win streak is up to 14 games now, which the QB Power Rankings were able to verify this week.  We’re not sure if Cole (#1) has played in ALL of those games (the QB Power Rankings desperately need a research assistant; please submit applications to Topper and/or Rameer) but he has definitely been the driver for their season and a half of dominance.  Do people around the league really appreciate how difficult it is to win 14 games in a row, especially in the most competitive division?  To put this in context, the second longest streak in the League right now belongs to Matty’s Angels at only 5 games. Sure, All We Do Is Quinn haven’t LOST in their last 12 games, but that includes a tie to Frodo Swaggins in there, so does it really count?  Cole stays on top, and frankly the Power Rankings believe that “PUBLIC ENEMY’S WIN STREAK GROWS AGAIN” should be in the League Poll for “biggest story” EVERY week until (and of course when) it is broken.


Matty (#2) is in Italy this week and Schilling Em Softly promptly gets shut out without him.  Even when he’s gone, he shows his value.  No games for Dubey (#3), Chadwick (#5) or Dean Thompson (#10) either this week, so they all got to hold their rankings for the time being.


Dalfonso (#4) COULD have moved up with a win, but an 8 point loss to the Champs has him stagnating in the Rankings.  We don’t penalize QBs for losing to the best team in the League, but how high could he have risen with a win?  I guess we’re not going to find out now.


Travis (#6) lost a frustrating game to Money Ball, doomed by a depleted roster and some questionable calls.  He’s still a more reliable starter than Easton (Not Ranked) so he gets to keep his spot in the Rankings (and on the team’s depth chart?).  Plus it helps that Bern Them All killed it in Breakfast Club.


Joey Batts’ (#7) week: two dominant wins with Cunning Stunts, led Gryffindor to their first win of the season, and scored 149 points across four games.  Gryffindor, which this article noted just last week was by FAR the worst team in the League for Points per Game, has jumped up to 12th worst in the league after (finally) showing some offensive competence this week.  All of that earns Joey a promotion to the #7 spot this week…  But we have to talk about that Home Tech game.  If you haven’t heard, this week Home Tech became the first team in League history to score just ONE POINT in a game against Cunning Stunts.  If you’re wondering how that’s possible, the ladies of Cunning Stunts posted a shut-out, only to see their QB give up their only point of the game on an extra point INT.  We guess a win’s a win, but what a way to ruin a great moment there Joey…


Signed in free agency as an injury replacement for Tight Ends in Motion, Ricky Austin (#8) is back in our Top Ten for his new team after one game.  TEIM definitely got “Good Ricky” this week as they annihilated a 1 Todd 2 many squad that had beaten them in Week One of the season.  Topper (#18 and falling) has scored a total of 13 points in his two games against Tight Ends this season.  Can’t blame the weather this time, Commish.


Ricky may be rising in the Rankings, but Newman (#9) is on the verge of dropping out of the Top Ten altogether.  He lost with the STILL winless Peanut Butter Kelly Time, and won with Slytherin That End Zone against a Morning Wood team that could only field three guys to play.  Not very impressive… and definitely not very “Top Ten” worthy.


QB rankings by nature are always going to be a bit subjective – we try to take into account strength of schedule, strength of victory, what we know of which players were missing each week, etc.  But it’s important to just let the numbers speak for themselves sometimes too, especially as it gets later in the season and teams within each division have all more or less played against each other.  So just for funsies, here are a few charts on Points Per Game, starting with the ten highest scoring teams in the League (excluding Breakfast Club):



No surprises there – all girls teams lead the pack, with Matty Angels running away with the League Scoring Title after five games.  Let’s look at the ten worst:



Wow.  There are some good teams on that list!  Doesn’t feel right that Eyes Downtown (with a Power Rankings Top Ten QB) and 1 Todd 2 Many are on ANY kind of “League worst” list.  So here it is again, broken down by division for a more fair comparison:



The top six teams in Rec 1 are separated offensively by only 2.1 points – if any division can be considered “up for grabs” this year, it’s this one.


Next week should be interesting, because Memorial Day weekend traditionally has lower attendance (PSA: don’t forget, we DO have games on Memorial day weekend!) so we might see some backup QBs pressed into action.  Best of luck to them and everyone else next week…  Be safe, don’t drink and drive, and never forget to use sunscreen.