TSL Quarterback Power Rankings – Week 5


The streak is now at 16 wins in a row for Public Enemy, and Chris Cole (#1) has not moved from the top spot all season.  Yes, every Power Rankings is going to start with an update on this streak until it’s broken, so get used to reading about this.  With wins over #XTC@AngryBuffalo (40-37) and Tight Ends in Motion (29-28) the Champs are rolling.  Ricky Austin (#8) ALMOST got the job done for TEIM, rebounding from a horrible first half to almost shock the world on a two point conversion that would have taken the lead late in the game… but he couldn’t quite hit that last pass, and became just the latest victim in Public Enemy’s string of wins.  Can anyone stop the Champs?  (Hold that thought for a minute...)


Matty Ice (#2) was back in action this week with mixed results.  Matty’s Angels won a shootout against a Topper (#15) led Come From Behind team by a score of 45-40.  A short staffed A&A team then dropped a crucial game against Bullet Club (38-22), making Matty 1-1 on the day, and 12-2 on the season.  Still good enough to hold on to the #2 spot for now, but not the crazy Matty numbers we’re used to seeing this season.


Doesn’t seem fair that Travis (#7) of Bullet Club actually BEAT Matty in a head-to-head matchup of Top Ten QB’s, and Matty keeps his spot while Travis drops in the rankings.  But hey, Power Rankings are tricky.  Travis DID lose to the suddenly dominant Joey Batts (#6), who has Gryffindor trending way up from their miserable start.  Between Gryffindor’s 43-36 win over Bullet Club and Cunning Stunts’ 46-0 win against Over Compensators, Joey Batts led teams outscored opponents 89-36 this week, reminding us why this guy used to be a League MVP.  Between Matty, Travis, Joey, an inactive Dubey (#4) who dropped this week due to his absence from the Title Shot game, and a surging Tommy Scrivani (#16), the Godfather is right (as always) – Comp 2 really is anyone’s division to win this season.


Still holding that thought on whether anyone can beat Public Enemy? Good, let’s get back to that.  STORMING up the Power Rankings and making his Spring 2019 debut is Bobby McConnell (#3) of Eyes Downtown.  Bobby is back in a big way, destroying 1 Todd 2 Many 56-32.  Is one win a big enough sample size to justify pushing Bobby ahead of all but two other Quarterbacks in our League?  We believed it was, given strength of victory, strength of opponent and overall history of Mr. McConnell.  Thanks for your service Chadwick (#21), but QB1 is back.  Next up for Eyes Downtown is the showdown of all showdowns with Public Enemy.  What happens if Eyes Downtown win???  Does Bobby immediately take the #1 ranking?  Or if Cole plays well in a loss, does he deserve to hold his spot on the strength of a 16 game winning streak and eye popping numbers over the course of a season and a half?  That’ll be a fun debate for next week… IF Bobby can knock off the champs.  Oh, and Dalfanso (#5) drops due to inactivity this week, with Bobby surging ahead of him.  Fair?  Maybe not, but it is what it is.


Vince Taverna (#9) re-joins the Top Ten after a week off, as All We Do Is Quinn continues to roll.  That’s 13 straight games without a loss for the Quinners, who have the #1 seed in Rec 1 squarely in their sights.  Dean Thompson (#10) is the other Rec 1 QB holding down a spot in our Top Ten this week, with a 30-22 win over Morning Wood and a 31-25 loss to Frodo Swaggins.  If you haven’t watched a Peach Platoon game yet, you’re missing out… this guy is really good. 


You know who else in Rec 1 is looking really good lately, is Scott Drosendahl (#18) from Frodo Swaggins.  There was a lot of hype around this QB at the start of the season, but he was new to the co-ed football game and early on this season it definitely showed.  He’s clearly learning and getting better every week though, and Frodo Swaggins is a team that no one wants to draw as an opponent come playoff time.


Not really a “QB Ranking” observation but, uh, when did Cunning Stunts get so good at defense?  They’re outscoring opponents 72-1 over their past two games, a stat that we are reasonably sure will never again be equaled in TSL history.  That’s pretty ridiculous. 


Last week we included some charts of Team Points Per Game, but this week we thought it would be fun to look at Team Points Against Per Game to see which defenses deserve some credit through five weeks.  So here is a look at your top ten best defenses in the League, by Points Per Game:



Ugandan Warriors have a 3.4 point lead over the next best defense in the League, and they’re allowing about two TD’s per game.  No wonder these guys are winning. 


No surprise to see Tight Ends in Motion on this list – frankly with Dave Baker directing this defense, we’re just surprised it’s not #1.  And an all-girls defense in the Top Ten… seriously, how is Cunning Stunts this good??


Now let’s look at the ten worst:



Yikes.  A handful of teams in that 33-35 point range, and then Ultimate Warriors at 37.4 ppg (this explains why they’re 0-7… maybe Sam should play QB just so the offense can keep up with their defense?), 1 Todd 2 Many at 38.7 ppg (remember when they allowed only 6 points in their first game of the season?  Yeah, they’ve done worse since then), Cobblestone at 42.8 ppg (I bet they really miss Garrett Beesing…) and finally Five Star Generals at 45.3 ppg for the worst defense in the League.  We should keep this in mind for QB Rankings… It almost shouldn’t even count when you put up 40ish points against these teams.


And like last week’s offensive points chart, here’s a division by division breakdown of defense points per team:


Comp 2 and Rec 4 seem like they have the most defensive parity, as the top team and the worst team in each division are separated by only one score per game (well, one gender score and one two point conversion, but still one score).  Three of the six teams that lead their divisions in defensive points per game also sit in first place in their division standings, or share first place with another team.  It’ll be interesting to see whether defense really wins championships as the old cliché says, or whether powerhouse Quarterbacks and offenses will be holding the trophies at the end of the season.



One final thought for this week – Rameer definitely, definitely does not write this article (you may have noticed our stylistic writing differences), so if you’re trying to give someone feedback on how much you hate/disagree with the QB Rankings, you’ll have to find a better way than complaining to him.  We recommend renting billboards across town to advertise how great your Quarterback is – we’re bound to notice those eventually.