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What is the biggest question for the start of the Spring 2019 TSL Season??

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Updated 04/23/19


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Captains, Players, Friends,


Kick off weekend is this Saturday, April 27th 2019.  We are very excited to once again get together every Saturday for the next 10 weeks and enjoy the best co-ed touch football league in Buffalo.  This season however will be different as earlier this past March, we lost our league Commissioner and my best friend, Lenny Alba.  Lenny was a huge influence on the league.  It was like playing good cop, bad cop every week with him, whereas I always wanted to make sure the football games themselves were organized and went off without a hitch, Lenny was always one to stir the pot, create, modify or enhance any tidbit of news he had on any player or team.  The TSL to us was about 50% football, and 50% entertainment, he’s definitely going to be missed. 


So regarding the Entertainment:  A league like the TSL does not run as efficiently like it does without a lot of help.  Rameer Green handles all of our ref assignments and also makes sure games are running on time, Valerie Bernal captures all of our game day photos,(BIG THANK YOU to those two) Joe K who has way too many titles and responsibilities we forgot most of them, and we have enlisted a couple of ghost writers who we hope will capture the spirit of the league through articles that will be posted throughout the season.  These articles are for entertainment purposes only, they are not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or degrade any teams level of play-good natured ripping and some friendly suggestions are the true intent – as an example, we won’t say “Gary can’t catch” but we will say “Gary continues to struggle handling the ball”


So be sure to check back on the website throughout the week, for the time being I’ll be leaving the Godfather and podcast links up, and I might even post some historical godfather posts for fun. 


Thanks again for playing with us this spring, we certainly look forward to getting outside and getting the season started.




please make sure All Players must sign a new waiver for 2019 https://waiver.fr/rg-qkrcj





 Spring Football Dates:


  1. Week 1 April 27th
  2. Week 2 May 4th
  3. Week 3 May 11th
  4. Week 4 May 18th
  5. Week 5 May 25th
  6. Week 6 June 1st
  7. Week 7 June 8th
  8. Week 8 June 15th
  9. Playoffs Semi June 22nd
  10. Playoffs Finals June 29th





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