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Finals Review

2018-11-20 Dj Jimmy, Lenny, Joe K, Scot Kelly, Nicole Keller and Kelly Liddle

week 9 review

2018-11-06 Dj Jimmy, Lenny, Cole and Jess McAndrews

Week 7 Review

2018-10-23 Lenny, DJ Jimmy and People

Week 6 Review

2018-10-16 Lenny Alba

Week 5 Review

2018-10-10 Admin

Week 4 Review Featuring Joey Batts

2018-10-02 DJ Jimmy, Linny, Molly, Joey Batts

week 2 review

2018-09-18 Linny, DJ Jimmy, Rameer, Joe K, and Val

Week 1 Review

2018-09-11 Dj Jimmy, Lenny

Getting Ready for the Season

2018-08-31 Lenny, DJ Jimmy, Emily and Jay

Off season

2018-08-21 Lenny, DJ Jimmy, Valerie testa, Jeff Easton and Andrew Kicak

Championships Review

2018-07-13 Lenny, DJ Jimmy, Joe J, Amanda, Bobby & Burr

Playoffs Week 1 Discussion

2018-07-02 DJ Jimmy, Linny, Joe K, Gordon, Molly Morgan

Week 9 Review, Playoff Preview

2018-06-27 DJ Jimmy, Lenny, Joe K, Scott Keller, Sarah Hunt, Eric Kleckler, and the Potted Plant

Week 8 Review

2018-06-21 Featuring Rachel, Parker, MO & Garrett

Week 7 Review

2018-06-13 Lenny, dj jimmy, 40 yr plan guy. ...Brent McKenzie and Val Testa

Week 6 Review

2018-06-07 Joe J, DJ Jimmy, Rameer, Molly Morgan Matty Ice

Week 5 Review

2018-05-30 JoeK, Kyle, the fun and exciting Elena and the future D2 champ Joey Batts

Session 14 Week 4

2018-05-23 JoeK, Ferger, Drunk Meg, Dave Waltzers & the Kellerses

week 3 Review

2018-05-16 JoeK, Cole, James T. Hearn & Shari

Week 2 Review

2018-05-08 Joek, DJ Jimmy, Paul Scinta, Kelly & Rameer
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