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We see Drew each and every week but what do we really know about him. It's like he pulled a Joe K and just appeared out of no where.


So what do we know.......

-We know he started out in the TSL as an "official" sideline reporter intern.  He was funny and beloved by all.

-He was signed by Frizzy's many moons ago before finally being seen by The Topper when he went all "dementia" and took a wrong turn and walked toward Field #5 instead of the bar.

-Every year threatens to start his own team and leave only to return.

-Started his own wine tourney team that turned out to be one of the biggest fiasco's in TSL history.

-Laughed really really hard when "GEOFFREY" was knitted on Todd Nixon's 2017 1 Topper too Many Jersey

-Get's really mad at us when we threaten to tell anyone he once thought Nicole from Blitzkreig was really cute but we promised we would never tell. 

-Plays drums.

-Once got mad at the GF for accusing him of thinking he was good. Drew claims he never thought he was good, never once.

-Will once again be one of the most "sought after free agents on the market" come Fall.

-Pro B's Brother which means he is pro Rachel Parker

-Don't Call Him Andrew


Let's pick some games......





PUBLIC ENEMY VS BOMBERS +8: Bombers are struggling on offense. Public Enemy is struggling on defense. Will Glowacki be yanked for a  3rd straight game? PE needs to get back on track. This game is very interesting. If PE blows out Bombers then it is safe to say they will get back on track. But what if Bombers hang 30 ish on them and stay in the game? That is the question of the day now isn't it?  PUBLIC ENEMY BY 9


THE PURGE VS CHAD STUFF +8: CS stuff is a hot mess and things are not going their way. It was awesome to see Montesanti and Bloomfield last week but it was not awesome watching the QB try to throw passes to them. I literally think one pass went out end over end. TP do have shiny jerseys this is the good news. The bad news is Neutz is hurt, Shari missed last week and Seketurski looks lost. I still am amazed at how good of a ball player Kevin Zak is. He just shows up week after week and makes plays. TP better keep all eyes on Bloomfield and Montesanti. They are the only concerns. THE PURGE BY 7


NEW GODS +6 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: This game should be interesting. ED took a bad beat last week. They will have a host of match up nightmares for a NG defense that did not look overly impressive last week. NG have Jon McGrath and watching him go heads up with Chadwick or Farr should be awesome. NG is solid but I don't see their 3 hanging with the ED 3 as this should cause headaches on both sides of the ball. ED usually mans but this is the week they might want to consider a zone as Ricky throws alot of jump balls and sometimes just lets it fly. If New Gods really wants to know what they are made of this is the week they will find out.    EYES DOWNTOWN BY 7


NEW GODS VS THE PURGE +8: TP has not had a very good start to this season. They do have some size and some speed but they really don't match up very well with most D1 squads. NG have started out very well. They have talent on both sides of the ball. Top to bottom NG is more loaded than TP. NG should be able to get modest gains with their 2s and 3s as TP is basically a one trick pony. The girl battle should be fun in this game. I think New Gods should take care of the Purge rather easily in this one. NEW GODS BY 10





THE REPLACEMENTS +3 VS WITTER'S:The Replacements can't score and Witters can't stop anyone. So its the movable object against the resistible force I guess. Witters has been up and down but they are smart and vet savvy. TR has Burr and Burr is good. So who wins this one? Well that's a good question. I just think Witters is due. WITTERS BY 1


DMX +13 VS GRAY AND ASSOCIATES: DMX can score but they are struggling to stop folks. GNA has things on cruise control. They are throwing 50 on folks with back up QBs they should have a very easy time with a team that is still finding its way.  GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 10


TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION +1 VS GRAY AND ASSOCIATES: This is the game I have been waiting for. TEIM is very very good. Tiger is killing it and easily could be in the discussion for D2 MVP. GNA is just crushing folks right now. TEIM better find a way to account for Devon at all times if she is playing as girl is good very good. TEIM will face a team that is disciplined and plays solid fundamental football. Alex will be tested early and often and GNA is the excellence of execution. This could be a classic GRAY AND ASSOCIATES BY 1


NWO VS BLITZKRIEG +4: Blitzkreig won a game yaaaaay. They do have talent they do have speed and they should be doing better than they are. NWO is a hot mess. They have Joey Batts who is struggling right now. When Joey Batts is struggling that is bad for business. These two teams match u very well. You would have to think the the Batts brothers will get NWO heading in the right direction. ...right? NWO BY 3





BULLET CLUB VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY +1: This one should be good. Welcome to Tim Dove Vendetta Bowl. I am sure Joe K, Easton and Gordon will want to bring hell fire and brimstone with them as they are certain they got Doved last week in their game VS Cobblestone. Team Topper is as balanced as they come but they must find a way to stop "bearded Lou" who is literally un-coverable this session. If Chad Griffin shows and that's a big if Bullet Club will be tough to beat.  BULLET CLUB BY 3


MICKEY RATS +7 VS PRIME TIME PLAYERS: MR is not exactly having a stellar season. Their offense is meh and their defense is Ok but nothing special. PTP are a very beatable team but PTP should have enough horses to take this one. PTP will have a big girl edge and PTP should have enough size and speed to basically run all over MR. The PTP QB looks solid some times and awful some others. In time he could be a player in this league. PTP needs to take the next step and this is a team that they should beat.  PRIME TIME PLAYERS BY 6


A&A VS STICKY BANDITS +7:  A&A seem to be right at home in D3 as they sit at 3-2. They continue to score points but need more from their defense. The Sticky Nation is not off to a very good start as they sit at 1-3. Their woes begin and end on offense as they struggle to score. When you play A&A you have to think a shoot out is looming but how can you have a shoot out if you cant score? A&A A&A BY 6


PRIME TIME PLAYERS +7 VS GRYFFINDOR: The Gryff usually doesn't lose too many games but man did they have a bad day at the office last week. PTP is a decent squad that in time could be a very decent team. They have size they have speed and they have tremendous balance. I think the only thing they need more of is time. Joey Batts will come tot town hopping mad and I assume PTPT will literally be in awe of his play which will cause them to crumble     quickly like a house of cards. The Gryff can't lose 2 in a can't happen.  GRYFFINDOR BY 6





NO PUNT INTENDED +1 VS INDECENT EXPOSURE: Both teams are quietly having very solid sessions. NPI is off to a very decent 2-2 start. They seem to be jelling well and can make plays on both sides of the ball. IE looks to be back in mid season form and seems to be light years ahead of last year as they don't seem to have the injuries they once had. I expect a very solid very decent game here between 2 teams that just play good football. NO PUNT INTENDED BY 3


HK4 VS SHREDDERS +1: This game should be bedlam as both teams are as good as it gets in D4. HK4 is mowing teams down with a solid offense and the stingiest defense in D4. Shredders are super awesome on offense and have probably the divisions best ladies. The key here will be the Shredder defense which has been prone to collapses from time ti time. I think these two should get a really good look at each other as they could be seeing each other again real soon.  HK4 BY 3


RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +8: IE have solid girls and they also have a few play makers  but RPMAS are loaded all over the field This game could come down to the 3s and if that is the case the over all depth of RPMAS should carry. People keep talking about Shredders and HK4 but RPMAS are good very very good.  RYAN PUCKETT MEMORIAL ALL STARS BY 7


THE BAMBS +6 VS RPMAS:  The Bambs have been having attendance issues now the big D5 bully is up next. TB thought D5 crown was theirs but then nooooo RPMAS had to take it from them and ruin Parrish's off season :(. RPMAS look to be very solid on both sides of the ball they check all the boxes.Yes the Bambs could shock the world but its more fun when they lose and Parrish gets all pissed off.    RPMAS BY 7


AARP VS 3RD AND SCHLONG +3: AARP is having a decent season by their standards. 3rd and Schlong already had their Super Bowl. Nothing else matters anymore. Yes any win from here on out is icing on the cake but 3rd and Schlong dismantled Hometech and that's all they wanted. AARP have a few decent athletes who could make some plays if they put them in position to do so. 3rd and Schlong can be beat by teams with speed so AARP might want to try that route.   AARP BY 4




HOPE N RUIN VS SHAKE N BAKE STAMPEDE +7:  Hope N Ruin literally gives thug like beat downs to girl teams but has struggled with the other squads. SNB is not a very good team. Yes they have some players and yes they can scare some one every now and again but I don't see them upsetting a very solid very stable football team on both sides of the ball. HOPE N RUIN BY 6


PASSLESS CHAPS +8 VS ACE FEATURING "GENERAL" RONNY K:  Ronny K has to be sitting in his office grinning from ear to ear. Yes he didn't get Matty's Angels but he got the next best thing. ACE has been in every game they have played and they do belong in D5. I maintain they belong in D4 actually as ACE can play. Passless Chaps have not been overly impressive to date. A buzz saw will be waiting on them this week. ACE knows now is the time to strike and get back into the race. Beware ACE could be making a statement this week. ACE BY 14


HUNG BUFFALO  VS ALL WE DO IS QWINN +4: HB is off to a decent 2-1-1 start as they are solid on both sides of the ball. AWDIQ is still finding their way in D5. HB has decent balance and should be able to do enough on offense to keep the quicker AWDIQ off balance. AWDIQ could find some real estate down the side lines.  HOPE N RUIN BY 6


MATTY'S ANGELS +6 VS UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS: Rumors are swirling that Matty Ice will not be in the line up this week which means bad news for MA. They were already struggling on defense and now they lose their emotional leader. URTT have been a decent bunch on both sides of the ball and they should have enough to keep MA off balance and take this game late.   UNCLE RICO'S TIME TRAVELERS BY 7




SANTA'S SECRET SAUCE +1 VS CELINO SEWER RATS: Is the prophet the most honorable David Walter alive? We don't know as he no show no called last week. When he is around SSS is good very good but are they good enough to beat CSR who is on fire right now? I don't know because I don't know if the prophet will once again no show. If he shows SSS could win this but if he doesn't, look out SSS.  CELINO SEWER RATS BY 3


THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD +10: PS is bad and just cant seem to score points. Their time is coming but that time is not today, probably not tomorrow either. THE is ho humming along. They score points they play solid D but they can be exploited on defense form time to time. It was nice to see Axel return last week as he brought instant street cred to a team that seemed to be lacking an identity up until last week. PS is in over their heads and probably don't show well in this one. THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE BY 11


COLLEGIATE SOLAR VS THE TAMMY'S +10: TT lost to TMA at this point the season is over. When you lose to TMA you are scuuuuuhreeeewed. TT cant score and they cant play D. Solar has been in alot of games. Where art thaw girl on crack? I so want girl on crack to catch a TD then run right into he tree line and then she keeps running and running and running until she ends up in ....Toledo.  COLLEGIATE SOLAR BY 8


THE TOMMY HUGHES EXPERIENCE +3 VS CELINO SEWER RATS:  CSR is up against it this week. Are they good or are they just benefiting from an early season easy schedule? We will know by days end. They have speed and speed kills slow teams and THE is a slow very slow team. I so am waiting for Tommy Hughes and Gordon to go at it once and for alI think that would be awesome. As for the game the winner of this one a could be the leader in the club house as we head towards the back nine.  CELINO SEWER RATS BY 4




#5: ALEX FROM TIGHT  ENDS IN MOTION: Alex had to be hearing the voices talking quietly wondering if his time had passed. TEIM was winning and was a solid team but questions remained if the offense could hang with the big boys. Alex came to town guns a blazing and made it rain as TEIM threw 51 up on DMX. Question asked question answered.


#4:  5 STAR PRODUCTIONS: Saturdays are just better when DJ Jimmy and DJ Tommy enter the fray as fun is always had by all. 5 Star Productions made their glorious return as many a TSLer said it was nice to have them back as football isn't the same without them. 


#3:  THE MCKENZIE AGENCY: Things looked bleak. TMA was not winning. Turmoil was all around them and The Tammy's were heading to town. The loser of this game would become the worst team in TSL. 50 fateful minutes later TMA took The Tammy's to the wood shed and got back on their winning ways. Brent made his glorious return and TMA found a way to win. 


#2:  HOMETECH: Went from Public Enemy #1 to America's Team in literally 50 minutes. We asked them if B's Brother would play and he did. Matter of fact QB and leader Austin gave B's Brother the shirt off his back as Hometech did right in a great game vs Indecent Exposure. The on lookers erupted with glee as B's Brother finally caught a pass in a game. 


#1: RACHEL PARKER: You may never know how close football was to being canceled this week. A text came in at 740 am. B's Brother had no ride and couldn't make it. No one would answer the call then boom....a young lady finally answered. That woman's name is Rachel Parker. Many folks claim she was 90 seconds from football and turned her vehicle around as she knew more than anyone the gravity of the moment at hand. Rachel Parker dropped B's Brother off and saved football Saturday!!!




#5:  MADISON LEE'S: They are off to a nice 4-2 start but they have lost 2 of their last 3 games. OMG they lost to Ronny K and ACE nooooooooo. Madison Lee's struggled on offense and couldn't over come ACE. Are they the best or worst 4-2 team in football right now?


#4:. THE TAMMY'S: Being in a 54 team league is really kinda neat as it makes life very fun as things always are changing. Being the worst team in a 54 team is  not fun but that's where the Tammy's are right now as they just cant score and their defense is terrible. The clock is starting to tick if TT doesn't fix what ails them soon they will be on the outside looking in. 


#3: MATTY'S ANGELS DEFENSE: 2 games last week 0-2 record. Points for 58 points against 104. Giving up 52 points a game will not win you many games. Curse my tongue for saying this but right now Matty's Angels does not look like a playoff team.


#2: REF CREW IN THE BULLET CLUB COBBLESTONE GAME: So apparently we received our first league appeal this week. Bullet Club and Cobblestone still don't understand neither do we. What will happen? Will the decision be over turned? Where do we go from here? Stay tuned.


#1: JOEY BATTS: Started out the season as perennial D2, D3 and overall TSL MVP then it happened. He went 0-2 Saturday and all hope is now lost. There really isn't much more to be said. Joey Batts had a shot at infamy but that shot appears to be over. The window is now closed. The door has been slammed shut. :(





1.  Who is Jon McGrath? If you ask me he has "next big thing" potential written all over him. McGrath is an awesome player on both sides of the ball and seems to be very grounded and not overly cocky. His play has been awesome to date. Seeing McGrath go heads up with Greg Chadwick or Jeffy Farr should be an awesome battle to behold this week.  I do have one question though.....Pete likes being the media darling is he OK with once again playing 2nd fiddle to a bona fide super star in the making?


2. Will the prophet the most honorable Dave Walter no call no show 2 weeks in a row? SSS was on fire literally scoring at will then the prophet just disappeared. SSS won but only scored 15. SSS has a HUGE game with CSR this week. 


3. Are Celino Sewer Rats for real or are they the product of an early season easy schedule? We will know by days end as 2 of the toughest teams in D6 await them this week.


4. So who you got Joe K or Topper? 2 of the games biggest stars have at it this week. This game should be bedlam. Will there be any Tim Dove hatred carry over from last weeks BC/Cobblestone game?


5. What must Public Enemy be thinking right now? 1-1-2 is not what they are used to. A very lack luster Bombers team comes to town this week but this easily could go one of two ways. PE shuts them down and gets back on the horse or their shaky defense gets run all over and all hell breaks loose. This game should be interesting....




10 final thoughts before game day


1. The game I have my eye on this week is simple. It is triple dog on this week at 1:00 when a revamped Tight Ends in Motion has at it with Gray and Associates. Though Angry Buffalo may have something to say about this we could be viewing the D2 championship match up this week. TEIM is solid across the board and GNA is well GNA. They are a solid stable football team that makes plays each and every week. I am very curious to see how this one turns out. 


2.  There is an awesome battle brewing in D4 this week when HK4 has at it with the Shredders. HK4 has basically dismantled every team put in front of it this session on both sides of the ball. Shredders have a high scoring offense but have been prone to defensive lapses. This game should be bedlam. 


3.  I am very curious to see how Celino Sewer Rats do this week with the Tommy Hughes Experience. THE has looked very impressive lately but speed is always an issue for them.  CSR have looked solid on both sides of the ball and do have some speed that THE will need to account for. This game should be good. 


4. Matty's Angels have their backs against the wall this week. They are 1-3 and losers of their last 3. This week they must face the 3-1 Uncle Rico Time Travelers. This game is huge as Matty's Angels have fallen down the ladder and need a big win. A loss could really put them in a whole heap of trouble. All MA issues begin and end on defense. 


5 D3 is where the stars come to play. We have a huge game brewing this week when Team Topper has at it with Bullet Club.  I am sure Gordon, Joe K and Co will want to send a message to Tim Dove and Team Topper this week. There are awesome battles looming this week. Will Chad Griffin show and if so can Drew cover him? Will the Team Topper defense have any answers for "bearded' Lou? How awesome will the JJ vs a rejuvenated Kelly Lidddle match up be? Jeff Easton flat out throws gas but Topper seems to be having his best season to date. This game has classic written all over it. 


6. I can't wait for last session's D5 title game to be replayed in D4 this week. RPMAS will have at it with the Bambs in round #2. Both teams are solid on both sides of the ball. Each team knows the other quite well. The Bambs need a win badly this week and will look to make a statement Saturday. I still am not sure if D4 is a 3 or 4 team race this season. We should know by day's end. 


7.   Blitzkrieg finally got up off the mat last week with a big victory but now must face an up and down NWO. NWO is reeling after being taken to school by non award winning Tommy Hughes last week. NWO will need to make a statement. Joey Batts must be flat out magical or his MVP hopes will be done like dinner. 


8.  I think the 1-1-1 Indecent Exposure vs 2-2 No Punt Intended game should be a good one. IE has easily one of the best players in the division that no one has ever heard of. IE looks to be back in mid season form. This game should be a good one.  


9.  Sticky Bandits need to make a statement and they need to do it fast as their season is starting to spin out of control. They are not playing good football on offense and this is hurting them. We are hearing late rumors that Matty Ice may not be in this week's A&A line up so Sticky Bandit's just might be getting the break they are looking for. If they drop this game they are done like dinner. 


10. If you are the 1 or 2 ACE fans still left you have to be feeling really good right now. The 0-5 Passless Chaps are up next. ACE is 2-2 and has been in every game they have played. I'll say it once and will say it again the schedule Gods got it all wrong as ACE and Matty's Angels should be playing each other. 


If you want a sub please email the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Thursday at 6PM. After that you may only use a player on the Universal Sub list only. 




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If you have something to say email me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As you know I do not give out my phone as I live in a log cabin in Des Moines Iowa and do not get cell service.



CYA Saturday......




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