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Week 5 Review

2021-05-24 Joe K, Topper, Jeff Krol, Tammy & Nick

Week 4 Review

2021-05-17 Joe K, Topper, Lauren, Matthew Ice

Week 3 Review

2021-05-12 Joe K ,Trisha, Topper

Week 2 Review

2021-05-03 Joe K, Topper, Jeff Krol & Robin

Week 1 Review

2021-04-25 Joe K, Emily Schilling, Topper and Dave Walter

Spring 2021 Season Preview

2021-04-18 Joe K, Brent, Emily 2.0, Topper

TSL Awards 2020

2021-01-27 TSL Awards

TSL 2020 Week 1 Review

2020-08-20 Joe K, Krol, Emily 2.0, Topper

TSL Finals

2019-10-29 DJ Jimmy, Joey Batts

Playoffs Week 1 Review

2019-10-23 Joe K, Val, Emily, Eric, Larry & Larry's Mustache

Orthopedic Scotty NO MORE

2019-10-22 Orthopedic Scotty NO MORE, DJ Jimmy, Joey Batts

Season Review

2019-10-16 Joe K, Emily, Blase, Garrett

Week 8 Alt Cast

2019-10-15 Joey Batts, Tim Dove, Stephanie & DJ Jimmy

Week 7 Discussion

2019-10-09 Joe K, Emily, Kyle Conniff, Drunk Meg, and Drunk Meg's Boyfriend

Alt Cast with the Kellers

2019-10-08 DR Jimmy, Joey Batts, Keller Sr, Keller Jr, Nicole "Boots" Keller, Katie Keller

Week 6 Review

2019-10-02 Joe K, Emily, Lucas & Kevin from Vaspian, featuring Jenna from Zack Attack

The Alt Cast Week 6 Review

2019-10-01 Dj Jimmy and Koey Batts and much much more

Week 5 Review

2019-09-25 Joe K, Emily, MaKensey & Shawn from Passless Chaps

Alt Cast with Bobby The Golden Arm McConnelllll

2019-09-24 DJ Jimmy, Joey Batts, Bobby McConnel

The Alt Cast Week 4 Review

2019-09-17 Joey Batts, Garrett & Dj Jimmy
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