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Biggest Stories from Winter Week 1

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updated 01/10/21


Week 1 of our first ever indoor winter session got off to a great start.  Games started on time, safety protocols were followed, so a big thank you to our team captains and players for being on time and following the covid protocols put in place.  Lots of new faces in the league this season so just a couple things you should know about the website/league.  

1. on the top menu, the football tab will have links to the standings and another link to the results and upcoming schedule.  Results are usually updated early sunday morning.

2. for our spring and fall sessions we have some more content which i'm leaving up for the time being so you can take a look and get a feel of what Topper sports football is like.  The Rant was written by the late Rameer Green, always a fun and entertaining take on things.  The Godfather tells you what the results will be, game by game breakdowns of who should and will win.  if you want to know what's going on in the world of TSL football, this is a weekly must read.  The Sentinel has the weekly wrap up of what went down, and who's to blame for their teams latest failure.  And lets not forget about the TSL power rankings. This was started to rank the QB's performances, but has evolved into much more, things that you didn't think could be ranked and graphed are presented here on a weekly basis, defensive statistics, fun facts, point spread coverings, etc. 


We know we have a lot of new teams and players but the football should be pretty similar, and if you decide to join us in the Spring, you won't be disappointed.





From 12/20/20


First and foremost, we hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday season.  Lord knows, it's been a long, difficult and crazy year.  Yet somehow we managed to have a fall football season which made things feel a little bit like normal even if it was nothing like the normal football seasons we usually endure.  Usually at this time, we are getting ready to have our annual holiday party and football banquet in which we celebrate being able to get together every saturday to hang out with our friends and play some football, as well as acknowledge those of you who make football saturdays extra special with your football abilities and or general fun presence to be around is one way or another.

With that said, we put together a list of awards and nominees (see below) of those of you who stood out this year.  The TSL Board of Directors has cast their votes and will be announcing the winners shortly, so stay tuned!!

As we mentioned, this wasn't an easy season to pull off, but we made it through, and had some fun, shared some laughs and shots, so please stay safe so we can do it again this winter (indoor starts Jan 9th) and then again this spring!!


D1 Female:

·        Nikki Kedron (Why So Serious)

·        Robin Makula (Tight Ends in Motion)

·        Cheryl Julicher (Public Enemy)


D1 Male:

·        Derek Bongiovanni (Tight Ends in Motion)

·        Mike Boccio (Public Enemy)

·        Mike Radon (Eyes Downtown)

·        Jacob Maurino (Gryffindor)


D1 QB:

·        Chris Cole (Public Enemy)

·        Joey Battaglia (Gryffindor)

·        Terrell Bolden (Why So Serious)

·        Bro (Tight Ends in Motion)


D2 Female:

·        Moriah Williamson (Peachy Platoon)

·        Rachel Parker (Morning Wood)

·        Taylor Pagano (Slytherin in the End zone)

·        Katie Keller (Dilf’s)


D2 Male:

·        Dawson Broad (Slytherin in the End zone)

·        Ryan Hogan (Jabronies)

·        Brian Stevens (Sticky Bandits)


D2 QB:

·        Mike Thomas (Sticky Bandits)

·        Joe Miano (Jabronies)

·        Brandt Dubey (Dilfs)


D3 Female:

·        Jaimie Warren (Scared Hitless)

·        Cat Peters (Scared Hitless)

·        Doreen Major (En Fuego)


D3 Male:

·        Tristan Drescher (Scared Hitless)

·        Nick Buczek (Frodo Swaggins)

·        Troy Boller (All we do is Quinn)


D3 QB:

·        Scott Drosendahl (Frodo Swaggins)

·        Vince Taverna (All we do is Quinn)

·        Dylan Day (Scared Hitless)


 D4 Female:

·        Jackee Thompson (Uncle Ricos Time Travelers)

·        Caitlyn Mason (Buffalo Solar Solutions)

·        Riley Moser (Family Feud and Some Dudes)


D4 Male:

·        Chris Nelson (Uncle Ricos Time Travelers)

·        Brett Cole (Buffalo Solar Solutions)

·        Dan Gonzalez (Buffalo Solar Solutions)


D4 QB:

·        Andy Clark (Buffalo Solar Solutions),

·        Larry Chrusical (Over Compensators),

·        Tim Zielinski (Uncle Ricos Time Travelers)


D5 Female:

·        Renee Lantz (Practice Squad)

·        Sarah Trifoso (Pteratacos)

·        Nicole Keller (Intentional Pounding)


D5 Male:

·        Jordan McGregor (Mountain Dew Me)

·        Joe Szeczpanski (Intentional Pounding)

·        Alex Baker (Interdimensional Lightning Falcons)


D5 QB:

·        Zack Elphick (Zack Attack)

·        Cody McGregor (Mountain Dew Me)

·        Daryl Carr (Cobblestone)

·        B (practice squad)


D6 Female:

·        Caitlin Sion (Tator Tots),

·        Allie Metzger (Blitzkrieg),

·        Marla Calabro (Lenny’s Ladies)


D6 Male:

·        Nick Angelo (Tator Tots)

·        Zac “Light Red Hoodie Guy” Cholosinski (Blitzkrieg)

·        Derrick Sekuterski (Bambs)


D6 QB:

·        Steve Miller (Graves Bros),

·        Dylan Jaloza (Tator Tots),

·        Anthony Buono (Bambs)


Most underrated male award:

·        Matt “glasses” Voyer (Gryffindor)

·        Mike Rogo (Dilfs) 

·        Frank LaRue (En Fuego)

·        Matt Orleski (morning wood)


Most underrated female award:

·        Jess McAndrews (Bullet Club)

·        Maddie Norton (Cobblestone)

·        Missy Keem (Sticky Bandits)

·        Emma Patterson (Jabronies)

Best at the bar:

·        Sticky Bandits

·        TMA

·        Interdimensional Lightning Falcons

·        TOX

·        Dilf’s


Best referee:

·        Jordan Lawson

·        Garrett Beesing

·        Jeff May

·        Brandon “B” Ford


Most hated villain:

·        Mark Buscaglia (Pteratacos)

·        Prim (TMA)

·        Bobby MCovid(Eyes Downtown)

·        Carly DeWeese (scared hitless)


Most beloved player of the year:

·        Tony Sanchez (Eyes Downtown)

·        Megan Mallon (Tator Tots)

·        Brent McKenzie (TMA)

·        Meg Mclnerney (Sticky Bandits)

·        Josh Thompson (Peachy Platoon)

·        Molly McDermott (every team)

*There will be one male and 1 female chosen (our TSL King and Queen)


Best player to be playing in a division not good enough for him/her award:

·        Ben Stack (Jabronies)

·        Jay Elphick (Zach Attack)

·        Drew (Vaspian)

·        Chris Nelson( Uncle Rico’s)



TSL storyline of the year award:

·        The “COVID party.”

·        Someone whose name rhymes with “yo” being a hater calling the health department 1,000x a day.

·        TSL bands together to follow COVID protocols so we can continue to carry on the best co-ed football league in the USA. #TSLSTRONG

·        Marketing Mayors forfeits more games this season than played.

·        Travis and the Bernal’s drive to Oswego for COVID test to show their dedication to the TSL.

·        D1: TEIM overcomes an injury riddled season and makes it to the championship (Katie Salisbury can’t play, Maggie’s work schedule changes, Kyle gets COVID, Alex tears his knee, Lindsay never shows).

·        D2: Sticky Bandits don’t miss a beat and win back to back championships


·        D3: Scared Hitless, new team, wins d3 championship.

·        D4: GIRL POWER! Are the Angels the first gender team to attempt D3 or will an all gender division be created!?

·        D5: B steps up at QB and brings the Practice Squad to the championship!

·        D6: Lenny’s Ladies emerge as 4th gender team in the TSL.


Defender of the year (male):

·        Kyle Conniff (Tight Ends in Motion)

·        Chris Nelson (Uncle Ricos Time Travelers)

·        Andy Smith (Marketing Mayors)

·        Travis Clevenger (Dilfs)


Defender of the year (female):

·        Robin Makula (Lenny’s Ladies)

·        Rachel Grampp (Eyes Downtown)

·        Jaimie Warren (Scared Hitless)


Most improved team award:

·        Gryffindor

·        Slytherin

·        Tator Tots

·        The Bambs


Most Dedicated* female player award:

·        Marrisa Thompson (Peachy Platoon)

·        Julie Pouthier (Marketing Mayors)

·        Nicole Sharick (Jabronies)

·        Renee Lantz (Practice Squad)


Darryl Carr most Dedicated*  male player award:

·        Dave Baker (Tight Ends in Motion/Sticky Bandits)

·        Dean Thompson (Peachy Platoon)

·        Cory Turner (Marketing Mayors)

·        Garrett Beasing (Frodo Swaggins)

·        Alex Staziak (Blitzkrieg)


*most dedicated player is best explained as someone who when you are playing against their team is someone you look forward to playing against as they are fun to play with, they appreciate the sportsmanship of the game, and just enjoy the spirit of the league



TSL team of the year award: (doesn't cause a problem, has fun playing football, hangs out, etc)

·        The Angels

·        Sticky Bandits

·        Tator Tots

·        All We Do Is Quinn

·        Buffalo Solar Solutions

·        Dilf’s


Rookie Team of the year:

·        Family Feud and Some Dudes

·        Interdimensional Lightning Falcons

·        TOX

·        Lenny’s Ladies


Leonard Alba person of the year award:

·        The TSL Board of Directors

o   Travis & Val

o   Jay & Emily

o   Jeff Krol

o   Joe K


·        Special Mention to Diana Bernal and Emily Schilling for their help this season





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Updated Guidelines

§  The TSL and The Angry Buffalo will have Covid-19 guidelines in place and posted at the fields, all players MUST have a mask, and follow the posted instructions on when they must wear their mask. There won’t be any tolerance for players and patrons who don’t follow the posted guidelines. 

§  We have put together a group of volunteers to help manage the game day experience

  • Volunteers: Joe K, Valerie Bernal, Travis Clevenger, Jay Jaskier, Emily Curry and Jeff Krol
  • I have asked them to help make sure players are checking in, entering the fields and exiting the fields in the designated areas
  • They will be wearing orange shirts in honor of Rameer
  • They will be enforcing our guidelines.
  • Please make sure your players/teammates have masks or they will not be able to play.  Games will not be held up because players aren’t signing in on time
  • Please do not be disrespectful to them, any rude behavior will not be tolerated.

§  Prior to entering the fields, all players must sign into our Covid Tracing App.  There will be signs posted with a QR code that will take you to this form https://toppersports.com/covid/ where you and your teammates will have to sign in, and answer the questions.  It’s quick, and it’s necessary!!

§  Teams may start to enter the fields 10 minutes prior to their game time, so please make sure you have checked in on the app.

§  Teams will not be permitted to be on the sidelines, rather please setup behind the endzones.  Because of potential subbing issues, we have added a 4th time out for each team to use this season.

§  Please practice social distancing: do not warn up where other teams have congregated, please wait for the teams playing prior to your game to leave the field before entering the field.

§  Masks must be worn when entering the fields.  There will be a designated field entrance area, and a designated field exit area.  Please use the entrance and exit areas as intended.  The field entrance will be located near my truck(for those of you who have played before) for those new to the league, look for the Silver ford explorer.

§  The Rosegarden has setup a lot of outdoor seating for us, please be patient with their staff, and understand that food must be ordered when purchasing alcohol.  Please follow the current restaurant covid policy’s, face mask must be worn until you are seated.  Do not table jump, meaning if you have friends at a table nearby, do not walk over to them without a mask. 

§  Unfortunately, we cannot have spectators at our fields.  Those of you who play on more than 1 team, we suggest that you bring a lawn chair and tailgate so to speak, or go up to the bar and grab a table.

§  There is expanded parking behind the bar, so please park up against the tree lines, and make sure to leave room for cars to get out. (see attached layout)

§  Dogs are permitted, must be accompanied by an adult and on a leash at all times, and obviously, not permitted in the bar area or the fields.

§  While playing you do not have to wear a mask, however we do encourage that gaiter scarfs be worn if at all possible.

§  I encourage all players download the telegram messaging app and join our channel, this is the fastest way for us to update everyone on league news and events

§  These guidelines are subject to change











Please note, Payment will be due in Full upon registration

  • Team Fee: $450
  • Forfeit Fee: $40
  • Total Amount due: $490
  • (note- if you did not forfeit a game in the previous season, the $40 forfeit fee will be reimbursed at the end of the season, or carried over to your next season registration)


Payments can be made 2 ways:

  1. Via Paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Via Venmo Patrick-McGovern-8



please make sure All Players must sign a new waiver for 2020 https://waiver.fr/rg-qkrcj




For the latest news on Topper Sports including any game cancellations, Sign up for Topper Sports Instant Messaging



Contact Information:
Topper Sports, LLC  
Phone /Cell 716.861.1012
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web www.toppersports.com


Terms, Conditions and FAQs


  1. All players must be 21 years of age and over to play.
  2. All Players Must Have a new signed waiver on file for the calendar year, please fill it out here https://waiver.fr/p-3oVY2
  3. Rules & Schedules can be found under Downloads section on the website http://www.toppersports.com/index.php/downloads
  4. Check the football page for divisions/standings and upcoming games/results.  
  5. For those of you new to the league, be sure to check out the Godfathers page.  There you will find insights into this weeks games and predictions as well.  Very good reading entertainment can be found here!
  6. Substitutions -please send an email to the sublist master by the Thursday before your game regarding using subs. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  7. You and your teammates are encouraged to sign up for our telegram channel, https://t.me/toppersports it’s the first place we’ll announce if there are any cancellations and other league news.
  8. The best way to get a hold of Topper is through telegram:  https://t.me/PatrickMcG  this is preferred over normal text messaging. 
  9. Team Fees Please note, Payment will be due in Full upon registration
  • Team Fee: $450
  • Forfeit Fee: $40
  • Total Amount due: $490
  • (note- if you do not forfeit a game during the season, the $40 forfeit fee will be reimbursed at the end of the season, or carried over to your next season registration)

10. Schedule Requests: Teams will be limited to only 2 schedule requests this season.  (game times will be 10am, 11am, noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm) Early games are considered 10-12, late games are considered 1-3pm.  After you have registered and paid, you may then send in your schedule requests.  Please do so in a separate email with your team name and division in the subject line 

11. Topper Sports reserves the right to alter divisions as necessary based on registrations, knowledge of rosters, and competitiveness of individuals.

12. this site is for entertainment purposes only, any reference to you or your teammates or people who pop over here from other leagues may or may not be true, or slightly exaggerated.



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