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"What!? The kids better buy my rookie card now

Cause after this year the price ain't coming down..." - Yasiin Bey, "Oh No"

It's been an interesting season. Admittedly far more drama-free than last Fall, knock on wood. Although I did have to ban a kid from this league for the first time ever (usually Lenny handled ejections and bans and we backed his play). and when I say ban, I mean that kid is never playing in this league again. Trust. But enough about f**k boys - I wasted too many keystrokes already on people who ain't worthy enough to breathe the same air that I farted in. 

Let's talk about me for a second. If I may get my Joey Batts on...

You know - this past week was the first game that I didn't score a TD or extra point this season? The irony about that is, Matty Ice actually PLANNED for me to score this week. He wanted to make sure he ran plays for me to get some scores. But things changed, as we had enough horses to really play, and I went into coach mode instead of playing. I didn't play until the end of the game when it was well decided. But I've had a really fun time with A&A - how could I not? We're undefeated and Matty is going nuts all over the league. and letting y'all know about it. Matty told me after an very early comeback win this session "How does it feel to be on a team where you know if your QB has the ball last, there's a 100% chance you're going to win??" Some of you just read that and groaned or rolled your eyes. But you know what?

It feels GOOD. 

I haven't had confidence in a QB like this since Dylan was slinging bombs for Riley Street Station back when we owned this league (make no mistakes - RSS was the original showstoppers in terms of talking smack and backing it up in the TSL). That's no dis to QBs I've played with previously - I've played with a lot of good QBs. But I honestly see us with 6th down having like a 75% chance of punching it in when Matty's back there. The type of confidence feels awesome. And I love my teammates. Sadly, the big matchup this week with Tight Ends In Motion and Team Topper will be tainted - Matty won't be there, and neither will a good umber of our players. But we'll put our team out there and let the cards fall where they may. WE don't duck our fate like some teams (I won't name them - for now). 

Moving right along - let me save you guys the emails, phone calls, texts, in-person meetings, etc. NO, your male buddy who plays on a team in another division, or who plays in Game On weekly, or who hunts with you, etc. CANNOT sub for you. There is this growing epidemic that is happening of you guys asking me this really dumb a$$ question that I'm POSITIVE you know the answer to already. I'm positive cuz it's all people who have played for a while. The rule is you can request a woman from your division or lower, and you can request the male subs listed on the sub list. DASSIT. No exceptions. Especially with guys. The fact that you folks are even asking me to let guys who don't have waivers sub...

Get. This. Through. Your. Heads. It is not our jobs to help you put the best team on the field. That was your job when you constructed your team. If you're missing people, suck it up. Play short or request a sanctioned sub. We've gone way out of the way to make sure you guys can compete, and you're still trying to find loopholes. Oh - and please believe at this point of the season, I'm actually trigger happy to suspend someone sneaking in an illegal sub. I really am. Try me. 

"Just a warning, as usual some cats won't heed it

The hard-headed always gotta feel it to believe it..." - Yasiin Bey, "Oh No"

Y'all are funny - 11am, you're complaining to me that a specific ref sucks. By 2pm, you're requesting him to ref your games the following week. Lolz...

I told y'all B could do some things. Y'all see him out there leading Come From Behind to victory? With no warming up at all? Yeah, he was rusty and out of practice. He still put up almost 40 points and got the "W". But y'all don't want to listen to me - aight. Keep losing with your 3rd string receiver slinging when your regular can't make it...

I try not to ever really critique other articles or the podcasts in my own article any more. But I've got to say, the writers and creative forces behind those things need to reach out to me if they need to know info. Yes, no one can be the walking treasury of information that Lenny was. But I DO know a lot of stuff, and especially when it comes to history. Case in point:

- Matty's Angels has lost plenty of times to regularly constructed teams. To even ask that is silly. True, they've had winning records most of their existence - but them losing to a "regular" team is nothing new. 

- The oldest TD toss by QB to WR would be Paul Lovullo to one of several players on Come From Behind. Dubey to Stegs ain't even close. 

Sometimes, I listen to what is said to be "great" in our league and think the convos are similar to youngsters who watch pro sports who declare the best players of their generation are the best ever cuz they never bothered to find out about what came before them. While some of you make silly assertions of who the best woman may be, no woman has ever come close to Devotron in her prime. And if I have to go current, no current woman is as good as pre-mama Margo or Meg "Megatron" Scheeler in her prime. Get'chu some knowledge, fools! 

I'm not going to keep giving pub to this ish - but I will say that the QB for Frodo Swaggins is almost to the point where we need to take him out behind the shed and give him the Old Yeller treatment. Shame - some of us thought he was on the cusp of becoming a star. Now I just see that this could never occur, due to an abundance of LDE (trademark: Taylor Pagano) that permeates throughout the man's essence. Don't believe me? Here is a direct quote from him in an email sent to the league last week:

"2-0 this week on my mama Lisa Dro."

This was in response to criticism lobbied against him from - well, from everywhere. Podcasts, articles, convos on Telegram...The QB Who Shall Not Be Named thumbed his nose swearing he would "rectify" things with the apple of his eye (to date - NOT A WORD to her) and then called his shot and guaranteed he'd win his doubleheader. ON HIS MAMA. Then went out and got his Trent Edwards on in a loss to End Game. Where he looked anemic as a QB. 

Calling your shot and taking an "L" will get you clowned all day in this league. The moment is over - you lost. You lost it all. You only had one shot - and you missed your chance to blow. This opportunity only came once in a lifetime...

I have no influence over the other articles. but I'm going to have a fit if he doesn't drop down the QB rankings after that garbage performance on and off the field AGAIN. Let us not speak of him again in this article - and let's hope Mama Dro doesn't know her son is out there putting her good name on the line in losses...

 I need to shout out Emily 2.0 (Emily Schilling) for stepping up to the plate and inserting her Breakfast Club championship team in D2 (Schilling 'Em Softly) to replace We Back who folded - We Back became "they LEFT". She put in her team with a few additions (hello Hitman Hearn and Timothy Dove!) and they put up a much better effort in a close loss this week than the team the replaced did the entire season. Way to step it up, Em - I owe YOU the drinks this week. 

Shout out to Energy Buff for proper use of the sublist and sub rules this past Saturday. Instead of whining and crying about who they would or wouldn't have, they actually followed the rules and put together teams for their doubleheader that resulted in them splitting the games for the day. Well done Erik & company - other teams should take note. 

Shout out to ME for maintaining order and civility while Topper was gone the two Saturdays before this one. Since few were apt to give that recognition (thank you to those of you who did), I'll recognize my cot-damned self. Cuz things could definitely go left, and they didn't come close to doing so. No, I don't NEED any pats on the back, and Topper always recognizes everyone who helps minor or major. But this ish is a lot of work sometimes, and so I ain't got a problem tooting my own horn occasionally when others overlook work being done. 

Website recognition to Zack Attack, Buffalo Solar Solutions, No Punt Intended, TMA, Graves Bros., Over Compensators, Come From Behind and 3rd & Schlong. I see all of y'all trending in the right direction - and whether the other media sources in our league recognize or not, The Build sees y'all. #salute

My advice to those who have media platforms and contribute to the awesome TSL universe? Give shine to those who don't get it and who aren't courting it. The attention whores will always try to stay in the mix, but the Emily Peters and Mike Mckenricks of the league are out there, putting in work and not trying to get on every article and podcast. And while I appreciate some good grandstanding and the desire to be recognized - I also recognize that we can create monsters who feed off attention. Don't feed the TSL Kardashians - big up the folks who might actually smile at seeing their name once in a while cuz they see people recognize them without them having to dance for the spotlight. Cuz with the weeks we have left - you'll see certain names fail to get mentioned any more in MY article. 

Saturday will hopefully be as fun as ever. Holla at me - I'll be in the cut! 



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