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Greetings and salutations to our long list of Topper Sports family, friends, loved ones, players, participants, staff, fans, those extended involved citizens and everyone who has been a part of our little slice of coed rec league joy since the beginning of this iteration of our league and even long before. If I have not seen you or made some form of direct contact with you in this new year, allow me to wish you a happy belated new year. I hope things have overall been well for you and continue to BE well for you. 

Simply put, most of you reading me know me simply as Rameer if you're familiar with our league. When you think of the TSL, most often people think of Topper (our leader, namesake and owner of the best 2 hand rec football league in Western New York), Lenny (our fun and widely loved commissioner who watches over all things TSL from the spiritual plane and whose spirit resides in all of us), and then you may come across to me - the silly, blunt, over-the-top grumposaurus often tasked with scheduling our refs, helping to establish week-to-week order, and just pretty much doing any and everything needed to ensure our league runs to the best of it's capabilities, at the maximum fun that we can unite to assure that 700+ people have a great 3-4 months of football every Fall and Spring. I mean, Topper, Lenny and I have always done a lot more than I care to list, but plainly put - we make the stew cook. Over a decade in, I think we've collectively done a great job of presenting a really great product to all of you that we've always stressed to be family, and that the people who get it have successfully embraced that concept have enjoyed it to be as such.

When you maintain a league as we do, that family part hits home. I share a lot of close relationships with many of you - some individual, some through your families, some even through your entire team. Even those of us who aren't close tend to really share a good, strong camaraderie that I'm eternally thankful for and wouldn't give up for almost anything. 

As time moves on, we fast approach our first active session of 2020, our Spring session. With just under 2 months to go at the time of this letter, players, teams and participants are getting antsy for some football and speculation has begun on a number of things. Unfortunately, one thing that has come up in small murmurs in some parts of our rec league social circle is the status of my health. A few of you knew towards the end of 2019 it seemed as though my health weakened a bit over time. An extremely small number of you even noticed that at our Alba Awards banquet, I had fun - but still seemed to be a bit "less" in terms of physical spirit. 

This letter is the best way I can address this to a large number of you. And rather than beat around the bush or prolong anything else with an even lengthier introduction to my status, I'll just get right to it...

Shortly after the turn of the new year, my family and I were informed by medical professionals that I have been diagnosed with cancer. 

The cancer I have is called a sarcoma, which (by definition) is simply a way of describing a rare form of cancer. So if knowing that someone has cancer itself isn't enough alarm, MY particular form of cancer is a rare one. Now - on top of that fact, there are said to be about 60 sarcomas. The specific one I'm dealing with - less than 1% of cancer patients get it. 

I understand how this may come off to you. And I understand there may be some shock at all of this. I assure you that it isn't hyperbole, and that it is as stated. And this isn't a figuring out situation - I'm already being treated. I'm already fighting. I'm already doing the work to live. 

Topper has known about my status step by step from the beginning and like the magnificent friend he's been to me over 20+ years, he's been supportive, encouraging and there for me in any and every way. He's known my status and kept it to himself at my request. Although I am revealing my status in this letter (as it is the easiest way to do for widespread knowledge), I'd really like to say that if people could take after his example with the respect for my privacy and careful but non-intrusive support, it would mean the absolute world to me during this time. 

The prospects for my recovery are good. Treatment has already begun, and part of the aggressive treatment does indeed involve chemotherapy. Although I had an initial setback on the first set of treatments, recent responses and results have given us great hope and optimism, and my staff and family are very confident that not only will I face this with the best of chances of success - we believe that we will win as so many brave players in our league have themselves already done in their battles with both cancer and other health issues. We have a strong league filled with strong positivity and energy, and that strength permeates within me as well, I'd like to believe. 

In terms of our league? For now, nothing is going to change. I'm just as involved as ever, and trust - Topper and I are already talking about changes and revisions, plans for the season, rule amendments, plans festivities - the usual stuff. The only tangible change that I can say for sure at the time of this being posted? I will not be playing in any football games this session based on my schedule of treatment and what the projected effects of my body will permit/allow. I will, however, try to be there as many Saturdays as I can to see you all out there having the time of your lives playing on "The House That Topper & Lenny Built". Health permitting, I wouldn't miss it for the world. And if you know me, you know that's true. 

I am doing okay. Although finding out such a thing can be jarring, trust that I'm in a good enough place to let this be known. I do ask for privacy and respect for my personal time and life; if you'd like to reach out to me please write me care of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or, if you have me listed on the telegram app, you can contact me via that. Phone calls and/or texts will not likely be received or responded to, as they are too intrusive and my day is honestly filled much of the time with attending to the care I need - so I respond to non-intrusive communications that I can respond to at my own pace that don't interrupt activities or come at inopportune times of the day. If you have my direct email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) that works the best in my opinion. 

Topper and I decided that at some point prior to the season, it would be best just to let the news out on my terms. As a small bit of speculation began to ramp up, I figured I'd simply let it be known so that misinformation and falsehoods didn't run rampant. And even now, I'd sincerely ask you to be respectful in terms of the news and the journey I am on. I know what I face, and I know that things will go the way that they are intended. I know I have a great support system, and I know that one thing I don't doubt for a minute of is the support and love of my TSL family during this entire thing. We're going to have a great 2020 - ALL OF US - and I cannot wait to see you all this session out there on the field doing your thing and having the time of your lives. 

 Love & blessings to our Topper Sports Community. 


- Rameer D. Green

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