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You'll note that I changed the color of the title lettering this week. Hey, that Sentinel article looks kinda sharp how he (or she) ends it in purple. I want some color in my article too! Lolz...

So this week was the best week thus far in terms of the weather. I'd say it was perfect football weather - so much so, people were bringing their kids to the fields! Meg Scheeler had her little angel out, Chelsie Bird brought little Evander to watch his daddy go off (and he DID go off Saturday!), and Jilly Batts even brought Baby Batts to the fields! I think I herd a half dozen ovaries explode from all the baby cuteness. I like kids at the fields - let's hope the weather continues to cooperate. 

Speaking of which - put on sunscreen, folks. A few of y'all were walking around looking like soft-shelled lobsters - red and peeling. Not a good look - do better. 

Hey - guess what? The music this week was WAYYYYYY better. And I'm not even saying it was perfect - it was at least music that had a rhythm and pace that goes with people playing sports. No slow music, no Kidz Bop crap, no boy band garbage. Bravo - I'm proud of y'all. Keep it going. 

You know what else I'm proud of? People keeping their composure at the bar. No sloppy drunkiness, no craziness, no mayhem, no sloppy stupors. See how easy that was? And people still had fun without being carried to a cab or Uber. Let's make this a regular thing. and shout out to Jillian Dibble - you made me a promise, and you KEPT it. Credit where credit is due.

Gordon's Theory is now approaching double digits in attempts - and it has yet to fail...


So my man Jon Senn mentioned that he doesn't think his squad gets enough love on the website. Good thing I've got my own article, huh? SHOUT OUT TO UNCLE RICO'S. I watched them work over both teams they played this week, and they look strong. Good QB play, good receivers (Deke was out there looking like Marvin Harrison Saturday!) and a nice trio of ladies. Jackee is an underrated juggernaut in our league, and Chelsea plays her role well. But I really took note of their new woman Jess in her debut - she's tall, athletic and looks like she's likely to get better the more and more she plays. I got no problem giving it up when a team produces - and they really produced. 

I mentioned Glenn Bird a little earlier - I told him I was coming to check his squad out Saturday, and he BETTER perform. Well - I don't know if he took it as a personal challenge or what - but he was all over the field! Interceptions, TDs, extra points, juking, cutting...he reminded me that Evander's Daddy ain't nothin' to fool with. Overall, I was impressed by GLBS. Most def.

I was also impressed by Energy Buff. Their QB has a HOWITZER for an arm, holy crap! I don't know why they've struggled so far, but if the team I saw Saturday is there for the playoffs? They could definitely make some noise. 

Oh - speaking of playoffs. To clear up confusion, the C1 champ WILL NOT play the C2 champ. Maybe we'll revisit that as an idea in the offseason - but too many teams and players are too scared of Public Enemy to want to try to compete. Oh, was I not supposed to acknowledge that? Oops - I just did. Don't @ me. 


I'm just gonna put this out there. If both teams were up for it and were game...I'd 100% set up a challenge match between TITLE SHOT and PUBLIC ENEMY. I personally think that would be a great game of both teams had all their players. Hell, I'll go one further - I'd allow Title Shot to use Jon Mohr, Scott Airey, ROBBIE, Julie Pouthier and their roster as it's presently constituted against the PE squad. You read right. Some of you young bucks don't know those names or what they mean, but to give you an idea - it would be like The Golden State Warriors vs. the old school Chicago Bulls. Even as an older squad, I'd still like to see the entire Title Shot roster take on the PE roster. I've put it out there - if both teams have any interest, holla at me. I will MAKE it happen. 

I'm putting the rest of Morning Wood's season on Heather. Not Mo, not Dave...HEATHER. I want to see some fight and spirit from you - inspire these guys to victory!!! 

Speaking of spirit - I need my Breakfast Club captain Katie Keller to be a much more vocal leader. Come on, Katie - speak up, woman!!!

Sarah Hunt swears she has no rhythm. Val Testa swears she's a phenomenal dancer. I believe the opposite for both women. No proof - it's just what I believe. 

We're going to try to do a 6-team Friday night matchup very soon, provided we have enough of YOU guys interested. We'd need about 10 people per team (6-7 guys, 3-4 ladies per team - unless one team was all women). If you're interested in being a part of this, please let me and Topper know NOW. Like...as soon as possible. 

Random: I miss Top Line Solutions and Varsity Blues...

Cobblestone has my favorite jerseys in the league. If you haven't seen them, please go check them play this week. I can't get over how awesome they are. 

Dear Ultimate Warriors...I'm no expert, I'm just a viewer of games like everyone else. But no disrespect to your normal guy? Keep Sam at QB. Like...for real. It's a hell of a weapon. And it's 8 points per TD. HUGE advantage. 

Good people watch - Nick Sooch and Kristen Daniels were at football this week!! Awesome sauce. Now, I'm just waiting for the returns of Jenn Coleman, Hitman Hearn...and SHARI

You know who my favorite twins in the TSL are this session? The Wonder Twins for All We Do Is Qwinn, Thing 1 & Thing 2...The Peters Sisters. That's no knock on anyone else,,,I just think those women are STARS. The Wonder Twins are the real deal...oh, and for the record. They're NOT twins. I just call them that. =)

I'm declaring this week's games of the week as:

A&A vs. Bullet Club
Energy Buff vs. Title Shot
Jabronies vs. The Bambs

Also - it's a long weekend. Let's have fun, but drink and act RESPONSIBLY at the bar. In fact - let's party at the fields and keep it going into the night. We should make plans to party into the night - I'll leave it to the party monsters like Matty Ice to plan it out...

Have a good week, everyone! As always - holla at me, I'll be in the cut...



- Rameer AKA "The Build"

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