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The Rant: Week 2



What's good, y'all. 

Week 1 turned out to be really good. Although there were a number of teams and players missing (what's that about? y'all really had ish planned for August 24th? HUH??), the day went smoothly. Good weather, good vibes, and a great time was had by all. Well - except for maybe your defending champions
Joey Batts and Jeremy Burr, who got into with one of our refs. I suspect taking their D1 lumps didn't help, and emotions boiled over. All is over and done, as the day has passed and both men are apologetic. Jeremy has already agreed to ref as penance as well. It's all good - The JB's were fired up for the start of the season. I get it.

I'll leave
The Sentinel to recap the games, as he/she/they do it best methinks. But there's one major thing I need to address for everyone - and that's how the sublist works. Listen - stop asking Topper and I to be added. We're not adding anyone to it outside of who we had already agreed to. The concept of the sublist is to provide quick options for teams in a bind for players. It is NOT a free-for-all for everyone who wants to play a ton of games to do so. No knock on other leagues, but we're not trying to have people playing the same people in every division weekly. I don't want to see a poor D6 team have to try to figure out how to shut down Jeremy Burr when teams can't even shut him down in the top divisions. 

I think we've been pretty fair in expanding it in recent times, and there are competitive options on the list for men, women and QBs. But let me be clear - it is not our job to save your bacon because you didn't plan well or make a roster that accounts for absences. If you show up and your players aren't there, we're not feeding you players if the sublist people can't play or aren't around. Likewise, I know it probably looks awesome to see player a play 2-3 games as a sub, and you want some of that action. We get it - that's why we made Breakfast Club. We TRIED to make #dinnercrowd club, but no one signed up. And, in the old days, teams and players would literally just decide to scrimmage or play each other later in the day for fun. Or when they saw a field not being used. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if you challenge a team and they accept, I will try to find refs to handle your game on Saturday if we can agree to a field and time. 

Sublist is full. It's not about favorites, cuz there are a bunch of my favorite people NOT on the sublist who I've told no. The sublist isn't intended for anything more than providing non-game changing options if a team is short of a player. Remember, you can request any ladies you like 4 times a session; after that you have to use the sublist. If you're missing guys regularly, though? Sounds to me like you constructed your roster poorly and it was never our job to cover your arses. But the "can I be on the sublist??" answer is universally NO. We're not adding anyone else to it this session - I have a final version coming out with some names I forgot to put on in week 1, but that's it. 

If you're a guy and you want to play a little more, hang out and play a pickup game with some people on an unused field. which requires you to be social, which we like. The kicker is, just cuz you're on the sublist doesn't mean you'll get picked. Some people are on the list and literally never get picked, and others do cuz...wait for it...THEY'RE SOCIAL. So people know who they are, and feel comfortable asking them...

Now. Let me just say.
We Back may have gotten the brakes beat off them (really, how many times am I going to watch some foolish team place some average guy on Pete and then look in amazement when Pete does PETE things??) by Hofbrauhaus Buffalo (who I will henceforth refer to as Team Topper), but they win the war by having a quarterback who looks like an older, rounder version of Billy from "Stranger Things". I don't know his birth name, but from here on out, that dude's name Is Stranger Things! Ha ha - Matty Ice and other may get the pub, but they've never taken the field looking like an attitude-era WWE wrestler! Rock on, ST!

Speaking of Matty - yes, the rumors are true. I'm playing with A&A this session. No dramatic reason or falling out - it literally cam down to Jason German and I making a quiet agreement seasons ago to one day play with Matty, and Matty happening to ask us at the end of last session with no knowledge of that. We just wanted to play together again, have fun, and join some of our old teammates. That's it. Sorry if you thought it was something juicier. .It ain't. I still love TMA and you'll see me cheering them on regularly - hell, even subbing if they're short of players and want me to.  

Rayna (spelling?) is on my radar. For years, I've said Jamy Stammel has the best hair in the league - but Rayna may be stealing her thunder with the silver locks. Plus, she's really cool, too. 

Shout out to the new teams. Y'all really seemed to have a good time, and that makes me smile. Hope you have fun playing and getting to know our league! Welcome to the family. 

Please don't question me any more on when we move teams up. All that crying at the beginning of the day about Peachy Platoon moving up - and then they go out and basically run a clinic on why we moved them up. Lolz - Peachy gonna Peach. But I'm throwing this out there NOW - just cuz All We Do Is Qwinn and Peachy are in different divisions doesn't mean they can't play each other. If they want the matchup, I'll set it up - we'll choose a day and time, and it just want count in the standings. But it will count in terms of bragging rights!!!

DILFs as the "Dad Bod Squad"? Oh - y;all KNOW that name is sticking, right? ROTFL...hey, at least they brought Johhny Dio out to play. It was really good to see him slinging the rock again. 

Remember Shari? Damned shame so many people read that and don't even know who that is. SMH - she needs to make a comeback. Like - yesterday. 

We've got a number of social events popping up spontaneously this session, and I for one think the best place to know about it would be on the Telegram app! Y'all can also just tell me to put it in my article and I'll let the league know that way too - I just like Telegram...

You should probably give me song requests going forward. I'm gonna try to program songs on Topper's speaker weekly to play at the fields. Hint - there's a strong chance I won't be uploading any boy band garbage. Nah!! Oh - and people may actually avoid hearing the same 20 old songs weekly as if they're current chart toppers (there's a LOT of good classics to play besides the same stuff that a handful people seem to want to hear non-stop)...

There were too many league stalwarts missing from week 1 for me to name, so outside of my obligatory mention of not seeing The Paganos - I'll stay away from listing people I missed this past Saturday. I will say - Kat & Emily Peters are the most fun twins in the league. 

(Hint for people who haven't caught on - they're not actually twins)

Hey. Week 3 - let's all go have some tacos after the games are done. Deal? I think it'd be awesome. Let's organize around that idea...

Alright. That's all I got to offer for the first article. Be happy - I wasn't even gonna write this thing this session. I think this will be my swan song writing this session, so let's see who wants to step up to take my place next year. I'm sure there's someone out there who can bring something new and exciting in terms of writing. Holla at me - I'm all ears on pitches...

Let's have a great Fall session, folks. Word to Lenny Alba



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