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Ladies and Gentlemen of the TSL Universe:


We’re off! The Race for Social Co-Ed Football Immortality is officially started and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. There’s nothing better then watching the best of the best Co-ed football teams square off against one another. Every season is like its own movie. There’s twists and turns. The plot gets some unexpected heroes, some expected villians, and there’s always that M. Night Shamalyan “HOLY CRAP” moment at the end that really gets you when you THOUGHT you knew how things were going to go.


This is why we come out, season after season, to see how each story is going to unfold. It’s on me to be your narrator, to guide you through a whole bunch of silly nonsense and help you along the way. If you’ve ever paid attention, you should know that I already know everything, and with that, I’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s going to happen this season. So here you go:




The Contenders: Marketing Mayors, Public Enemy


The Next Best: Eyes Downtown, Tight Ends In Motion


Gryffindor: Gryffindor


Last Week’s Scores

Marketing Mayors 42, Eyes Downtown 16

Public Enemy 33, Gryffindor 13

Tight Ends In Motion 35, Gryffindor 0

Marketing Mayors 39, Energy Buff 19 (D1/D2 Crossover Game)


Joey Batts gets all of the credit in the world for finally going back to D1 with a Gryffindor team that, 4 years ago, was in D4. Unfortunately, his return didn’t go as well as he had planned. A 20 point loss to Public Enemy and a beat down by TEIM isn’t the best start, but it’s a young season so he’ll have time to figure things out. At least he went up to “The Show”, which is more than we can say for some teams. (Hi Matty!) As for the rest of the division, something feels off with Eyes Downtown. I felt it last season too. I just have this feeling there’s some inner turmoil and I’m not sure if its Bobby related or not. It’ll be interesting to watch this division unfold, but I feel like we’re on the way to Marketing Mayors vs Public Enemy, which at this point might be what the people want anyway.


This Week’s Games:


Gryffindor (+17) vs Public Enemy - The downside to us only having 5 D1 teams is that you get to play each other a lot. Hopefully Gryffindor can put up a better fight and show us that they’ve learned something from last week. PUBLIC ENEMY BY 15


Tight Ends In Motion (+8) vs Eyes Downtown – Just because I’m feeling like the internal downfall of Eyes Downtown might be on the horizon, doesn’t mean that they’re a bad team. They still know how to play, and while I expect TEIM to be a much better team this season (as is usually the case when a team settles on one QB instead of three), there’s still a matter having to see them prove it on the field. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 6




The Contenders: Peachy Platoon, A&A, HOFBRAHAUS BUFFALO (this is Topper’s team)


The Next Level: Dilf’s, Slytherin That End Zone


It’s a Good Thing Everyone Makes Playoffs:  Bullet Club, Energy Buff, We Back


Last Week’s Scores:

Dilf’s 27, Energy Buff 18

Peachy Platoon 61, Bullet Club 20

Slytherin That End Zone 32, Bullet Club 26


Peachy Platoon 43, SITE 30


The offseason for D2 became quite the arms race. A&A added Jay German as they were expecting to go to D1 before Matty pulled a “Joey Batts” and got scared and stayed down longer. (To be fair, once they won D2, Joey HAD to go up after many seasons of hiding). Team Topper prepared for this a season ahead of time, went to D1, signed Pete, and then snuck back down to D2 with a name change. There’s ZERO way Lenny would’ve let Topper take Pete to D2 by the way. This lawless land with no Topper restrictions is a scary place now. Peachy Platoon, who was moved up to D2 early on in the offseason, added Dave Wilbern and his sidekick, Mo Saleh. Energy Buff went out and added Coach Jay! The Dilf’s weren’t really a team, but they’re basically a form of #XTC (RIP) with Val Bernal, Travis, and Katie Keller added to the squad. Bullet Club’s response to all of this? Lose Paul Nieman and Travis to free agency, and Sarah Donogher for a season due to pregnancy (congrats!). Just kidding, they added Ricky Austin at QB and in a sneaky good move added Chris Nelson to the team as well. I have no idea how all of this is going to play out, but currently it doesn’t feel like anyone can stop Peachy. They’re just so fast. Bullet Club didn’t stand a chance when they were (not surprisingly) missing people. Slytherin gave Peachy a much better game however. The Dilf’s used their combined 4,023 years of experience to give them the edge over Energy Buff. Topper absolutely SHREDDED We Back, who might have picked the wrong division to start “back” in.


This Week’s Games:

We Back (+7) vs Bullet Club – It’s Week 2, and already we see our first “must win” game of the season. Granted, all of these D2 teams will make the playoffs, but considering just how poorly both teams looked last week, they need the good vibes. It’s been said that both teams were missing players so hopefully Joe K and Sal can get their rosters to actually show up to the fields this week. But based on what I’m seeing and hearing, I can only go this route: BULLET CLUB BY 4


Energy Buff (+10) vs HOFBRAUHAUS BUFFALO  - I’m already sick of typing that name. And why is Topper putting his own team’s name in all capital letters? Is it to make it easier to see on the schedule? It’s those types of tricky veteran moves that keeps that man alive in this league. Team Topper might have had a rough go in D1 last season, but they’ve learned a LOT in that division. They’re going to keep applying what they learned in a competitive D2 this season for sure. Energy Buff is a team that always plays hard, and I know they have a few reinforcements coming this week as well. The thing that matters the most is this: DON’T LET BOTH TEAMS BRING ONLY GRAY. HOFBRUHAUS BUFFALO BY 12


A&A (+3) vs Peachy Platoon – This is purely a line driven out of respect for Peachy’s Week 1. A&A didn’t play since Matty was off jet setting around the country as he does. That may mean there’s a bit of rust for them to shake off, since the roster is a bit different from last season. PEACHY PLATOON BY 10


Dilf’s vs Slytherin That End Zone (EVEN) – I wasn’t sure what to put this game at. Last week, Slytherin looked very good. The Dilf’s weren’t looking too bad either, cruising to their win (WITH JOHNNY F’N DIO!). I just think SITE is a bit more locked in right now, and Newman really looks to climb up the QB Rankings this season. SLYTHERIN THAT END ZONE BY 3


Energy Buff (+10) vs A&A – I have a feeling A&A might “wake up” when they have to go against Peachy earlier in the day, and I don’t think that will be a good thing for Energy Buff. I just see A&A doing everything they can to score 50 points this game and walk away with a win. A&A BY 10


There’s actually two D1/D2 Crossover games this week as well:


Gryffindor vs Dilf’s (EVEN) – I have no reason to give Gryffindor any credit after last week’s melt down. The Dilf’s have a team full of players that have played in D1 before and as a result, these teams are a lot more even that it seems. DILF’S BY 3


Bullet Club (+14) vs Eyes Downtown – If Bullet Club trots out the same roster as last week, Bobby should eat them apart. If they trot out the roster they claim to have, Bobby might eat them apart. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 12




The Contenders: All We Do Is Quinn, Frodo Swaggins


The Next Level: Sticky Bandits, No Punt Intended, Vaspian, Jabronies


That Interesting Level That I Can’t Really Figure Out How It’ll Go In This Season: Puckett All-Stars, End Game, Ultimate Warriors


The Honeymoon Is Over Maybe: 3rd And Schlong


Last Week’s Games:

Ultimate Warriors 49, Jabronies 49

Frodo Swaggins 30, Puckett All-Stars 20

All We Do Is Quinn 45, End Game 36

Vaspian 43, 3rd And Schlong 37

All We Do Is Quinn 55, 3rd And Schlong 31

Sticky Bandits 25, End Game 8


To be clear, I HATE putting 3AS at the bottom of the rankings here, but lets face it: They haven’t been good for a while now and something’s missing. I don’t know if they’re in need of another good player, or if Katie’s googly eyes at certain handsome Dilf’s have distracted her from remembering how to properly defend the field with her FAMILY. AWDIQ is chock full of bitterness with their “WHAT ABOUT ME? WHAT ABOUT RAVEN?” attitude because the powers that be moved up Peachy Platoon and ignored them completely. Quinn was good last season, but with a chip on their shoulder? Look out D3. Frodo Swaggins has a fantastic QB in Scotty Drosendahl (word is he’s cool as hell too), and as long as Garrett doesn’t ruin thing with calling his own number too much (He got old, it happens), this Swaggins squad is top notch. Sticky Bandits can never be counted out, and while Alex has a broken hand of some sorts (He’s always injured now it seems), Rags has come back from injury to throw the ball for the team. Or is it Mike Thomas now? Perhaps with things like weddings, injuries, medical school, and other nonsense out of the way, they can get back to doing what they do best: winning football games. No Punt Intended added Glenn and Chelsie Bird and Rachel Parker from the defunct GLBS squad, which may have been exactly what was needed for them to be true contenders instead of the up and down team we’ve seen the past few seasons. Vaspian, I think, isn’t a completely new team, but I didn’t do my proper homework on them. I’ve heard that they’re going to be a solid team, and I look forward to hearing more about them. The Jabronies have made a Quinn/Peachy leap directly into D3. Why? The addition of a few Klecklers. Joe Miano has made strides as a QB since he started to throw the ball, and that shouldn’t go unnoticed. The Ultimate Warriors have awesome new jerseys, and they have Sam slinging the ball the way she always should. The more notable acquisition here, however, is QB Scott Pinto, who played last season with the now defunct Money Ball. The Warriors were on the wrong end of too many close games last session, but getting set at QB is going to be HUGE for them. Puckett All-Stars deserves all of the credit in the world. They were a low seed in last year’s D4 playoffs after a rough season, and won it all. Instead of hiding back in D4, they went right up to D3, like a champion should. End Game deserves some credit here too. Despite losing the title game last season, they still went up (they were probably going to be made to regardless) and they never once complained. Both of these teams have already faced the ‘top tier’ and gave them both good games this season, so they look right at home.  


This Week’s Games:


Puckett All-Stars (+8) vs Jabronies – This game is going to be a heck of a game. Right now, the only reason I’m giving the Jabronies a bit more credit is because of what their roster looks like. How they end up using those players is a different thing altogether. While I wouldn’t sleep on the reigning D4 champs, I’m still going with my gut here. JABRONIES BY 7


Ultimate Warriors vs End Game (EVEN) – Both teams had good showings last week. I know that End Game went 0-2, but they kept it close with Quinn, and then to have to play a fresh Sticky Bandits right after wasn’t fair. The Warriors need to keep doing what they’ve done for a while now, and play smart. They know better than anyone the gender TD game, and if they keep their cool, they should be looking at a 1-0-1 record to start this season off. ULTIMATE WARRIORS BY 10


Puckett All-Stars (+10) vs All We Do Is Quinn – Quinn is HOT. I know they are. They should be on a mission to prove to everyone that they’re not Peachy’s little brother. They boast fantastic players like Rawdog and Cat (Kat?) Peters, and their mission is fixing last season’s D3 championship loss. Puckett is good, but Quinn is on another level. AWDIQ BY 15


Vaspian vs No Punt Intended (EVEN) – It’s hard for me to really make a line on a game when I don’t full know how both rosters are going to look this season. This game will really tell me how things are going to go for both teams this season. Can one of these squads look to make a leap into the D3 title picture? NO PUNT INTENDED BY 3


All We Do Is Quinn vs Sticky Bandits (+3) – I really hope that I’m not doing what I did last season, where I’m giving Sticky a bit too much respect. I still think they’re a great team and they have one of the game’s most brilliant football minds in Jeff Krol (Dave Baker is no slouch either). Can Sticky figure out how to properly slow down Quinn? I’m not so sure. AWDIQ BY 6


No Punt Intended vs 3rd and Schlong (+3) – I really hope the injury to 40 Year Plan Guy isn’t significant. He was seen limping around the bar last week, and may have been a big reason things didn’t go so well for 3AS last week. Perhaps it’s time for 3AS to find a third girl? Nicole and Katie are great, for sure, but being able to add that third girl near the end zone could do wonders for them. NO PUNT INTENDED BY 3


Vaspian (+7) vs Frodo Swaggins – Scotty Too Hotty is looking ready to sling it and is a dark horse D3 MVP candidate this season. If Frodo struggles anywhere, it’s with consistency. Sometimes they look like world beaters, other times they look like D4 might have been a better option. It usually more of the former than the latter, but if they can figure out a way to stay consistent, they pose a big threat to Quinn. Vaspian needs to come ready to fight this game. A win here really puts them on the map, and perhaps I can learn someone’s name from this team (Save for Vaspian, I guess, which is the Captain’s last name). FRODO SWAGGINS BY 13




The Contenders:  Matty’s Angels, Cunning Stunts


The Next Level:  Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers, Buffalo Solar Solutions


Keep On Truckin’: Mountain Dew Me, Full Throttle


Last Week’s Game:

Full Throttle 28, Mountain Dew Me 14


There just isn’t a TON to say about D4. They’re in this weird awkward stage where the best teams went up to D3, or folded. Now Full Throttle, Buffalo Solar, and Uncle Rico’s are looking around going “What?”. What was a strong 10 team division has become a weird six team division this time around. Mountain Dew Me joins the ranks, and while I don’t know much about them, I know they lost to Full Throttle, who was the 9th best team in D4 last season. That may not bode well. On top of it all, those beautiful buzzsaws that are BOTH gender teams in Cunning Stunts and Matty’s Angels moved up to D4 to continue their constant rivalry. I haven’t heard much from who left/joined those teams either. I don’t have a good feel on this division because of it, but it looks like we’re going to see how the non-gender teams deal with the gender teams. Good luck out there.


This Week’s Games:


Full Throttle (+10) vs Buffalo Solar Solutions – Buffalo Solar had a pretty good year last season. They started out hot, lost it a bit in the middle of the season, but got things together and ended up losing the championship game to Puckett. Full Throttle had a nice start, but I’m going to continue to base things off of last season here. BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS BY 14


Uncle Rico’s Time Traveler’s (+13) vs Matty’s Angels – I apologize to Jon Senn now, but “the show” is coming into town. Don’t be disrespected by the 13 point spread, but quite frankly the Angels are hopping mad after last season’s disappointing loss to the Stunts in the session’s final game. Matty has gotten over his heatstroke, and the girls are ready to avenge that loss. This is a hell of a litmus test for Uncle Rico’s right out of the gate, but if they can hang, they’ll know they can take this D4 title. MATTY’S ANGELS BY 13


Mountain Dew Me (+17) vs Cunning Stunts -  No offense to our new team, but the Queens are here, and this will be their first appearance since winning the D5 title a few months ago. I’m positive that they want to put on a clinic right away to remind everyone just who the dominant ladies’ team is. CUNNING STUNTS BY 14




The Contenders: En Fuego, Practice Squad


The Next Level: Hung Buffalo, Over Compensators, Hope N Ruin, Pink Pteratacos


D6 isn’t THAT bad: Cobblestone, Come From Behind


Last Week’s Games:

Over Compensators 59, Hope N Ruin 35

Over Compensators 36, Cobblestone 20

En Fuego 43, Come From Behind 14

Practice Squad 35, Pink Pteratacos 18


First off, THANK YOU BLASÉ LADUCA. It hurts to say that, but he was smart enough to realize how stupid being called the “Ugandan Warriors” was when we had the “Ultimate Warriors” already in the league. He did us all a solid and changed his name. Now, I get to mess with him. Because let’s face it Blasé, you guys walked through this division last season, as long as there were more than one male on the field. The only thing you had left to prove in D5 was that you could beat one of the gender teams, and you couldn’t. So while BOTH of them moved up to a SIX team D4, you’re still hiding in D5? WHY? You want to bark at the QB Rankings team about how you should be so much higher, yet you’re running from your competition? Interesting. With that said, En Fuego is good, and this is their division to lose. Some people may think I have Practice Squad a little too high here, but the D6 champs have a great blend of talent and skill. Renee will always have her team ready to go. Hung Buffalo is always a tough out, and I didn’t hear about them playing last week, so we’ll have to see if they added any new wrinkles to the team. The Over Compensators are my dark horse in this division. After starting last season out really rough, they started to catch fire! They were one of the league’s hottest teams down the stretch last season, and it seems that they’re already building on that! I don’t mean to rain on Cobblestone’s parade so much. They’re AWESOME people, and they DO have the living legend in Darryl Carr QB Superstar. The problem for them has be that maybe, just mayyyyybe Darryl *might* not be as Superstary as he has been in the past. Hope N Ruin is another solid team that, from what I know, is the same group of people that always makes a run at this title and can never be counted out. Come From Behind is always a ton of fun, but it seems they’ve been winning more than losing as of late. Finally, the Pink Pteratacos are a good team when they have everyone on the same page and have a winning attitude. The problem is that Mark and Joe tend to argue like, well, father and son, and it derails the team way too much. Do they still have the #55 girl? She was a monster last season. Mark never emailed me to give her the proper respect so I could know her name. I blame him.


This Week’s Games:


Hope N Ruin (+10) vs En Fuego – Until someone stops En Fuego, they may be double digit point favorites every step of the way. This is a very good test for Hope N Ruin to see how they’re going to be this season. EN FUEGO BY 13


Come From Behind (+7) vs Practice Squad – I just got done talking up Practice Squad a bit, but you know what this game reminds me of? It’s like in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out where you had to work your way up the ladder in your new circuit. Come From Behind isn’t “Glass Joe” (Cobblestone), but they’re a very solid Piston Honda, and if PS blinks, it’ll be lights out. PRACTICE SQUAD BY 1


Hung Buffalo (+3) vs Over Compensators – The OC is becoming one of my favorite teams and I don’t have a really great answer to why. But who cares? I say this EVERY TIME I talk about Hung Buffalo but they’re a very good team that knows how to win games. Sometimes, knowing how to do something and actually doing it are two different things though. Assuming HB doesn’t have an ace up their sleeve, I like the OC here. OVERCOMPENSATORS BY 7


Hung Buffalo (+7) vs Practice Squad - Okay, if Come From Behind is Piston Honda, then Hung Buffalo is Bald Bull. They’re going to give you hell if you let them. Another interesting matchup that will really tell us if PS can hang in D5 or not. The difference here may be that PS will have two hours off to rest while HB is playing two in a row. PRACTICE SQUAD BY 3




The Contenders: The Bi-Polar Express, TMA, pAssless Chaps


The Rest:  Seriously, everyone else.


Last Week’s Games:

Zack Attack 34, Wild Oak Beard Co 15

The Bi-Polar Express 36, Blitzkrieg 33

Graves Bros 35, TMA 8


I’m pretty confident in saying that 7 of the 10 teams in D6 are some sort of brand new team. It appears that The Replacements are run by Payton Spinelli of “Cellino Sewer Rats/Five Star Generals” fame, so perhaps that’s who they are under a new name? No idea who Wild Oak Beard Co is but they already sound awesome! I imagine all of them have sweet beards. Blitzkrieg deserves some credit, having your first game against a gender team is never easy, and they really hung in there. Bi-Polar Express is really coming along, and with a good chunk of the teams that gave them fits leaving the division, there’s nowhere to go but up. Add into the fact that Gordon added Cat Peters, who is a legit star, and the BPX roster looks better than ever. Their main question remains at QB, but he’s the first to tell you that. TMA shouldn’t fool you. I know that Week 1’s loss made it seem like things weren’t going to be good again, but the rumor is that TMA has a QB now! Reports indicate that he played very well at the wine tourney, AND they added Steph Czaja to the roster to really shore up the girls. TMA can trot out 4 amazing girls at any time, and if they figure out which ones to use and when? Look out. pAssless Chaps are back (after rumors that they were going to fold) and that means Coach Jay is ready to take them to the next step. They really got things together en route to the title game last season and they have to be considered among the favorites. Tater Tots are a new team that are run by Dave Marcus, who’s better known around the league (for now) as “Drunk Meg’s Boyfriend with the cool beard.” Shattered Dreams are bunch of fun loving dudes that apparently used to play on Sweet and Sour Inc. back in the day with Joe K and Gordon (per Topper). Joe K says they’re pretty awesome when I asked for some info, and he claimed he can “get them to have fun at the bar except for the curly headed one.” Graves Bros showed up to defeat TMA in their first game, so that’s a good sign there too. Last but not least, we have Zack Attack, who is run by Zack Elphick. Elphick was a star for GLBS last season, so there’s a decent chance he dominates the division. So far so good for the Attack, since they’re 1-0.


This Week’s Games:


The Replacements vs Blitzkrieg (+3) – I’m giving BK the points here only because if the Replacements are who I think they are, they’re a pretty good squad, where all I have to go on with Blitz is that they almost beat Bi-Polar. THE REPLACEMENTS BY 7


Zack Attack vs Tater Tots (+10) – The Tots get a shout out for showing up to the fields this week to practice even though their game was cancelled. It looks like they’re just starting out though, and in this case, I’m not sure they’ll figure out just how to stop Elphick. ZACK ATTACK BY 13


Wild Oak Beard Co (+6) vs The Bi-Polar Express – Let’s see how this new team fares against a gender squad. Like I said, Gordon and the Girls have been getting better with each session, and with a full team they should be able to keep the good time rolling. THE BI-POLAR EXPRESS BY 8


Shattered Dreams (+10) vs Zack Attack – I’m going with Zack Attack again mainly because I know who one person on that team is, and I’m not sure who any of the people are on Shattered Dreams just yet. ZACK ATTACK BY 7


Shattered Dreams (+10) vs TMA – The back end of a double header for Shattered Dreams brings them to TMA. Word is that the TMA QB will be there this week, and we’ll get to see how the division is going to unpack for them when he’s there. TMA BY 7


pAssless Chaps vs Graves Bros (EVEN) – I know that the Chaps were very good at the end of the last season, but Graves Bros looks REALLY good in their win over TMA last week. Since the Chaps (and Coach Jay) may need to shake off some rust, I feel this game may be very close. PASSLESS CHAPS BY 1




1.      Who will emerge as the standout NEW team to the TSL? There’s a lot of new names and faces around the league, and when that happens we get a LOT of new TSL stars out of it. Get out there and make some friends! Put the Social back in Social Co-Ed Football!


2.      Why are A&A and Team Topper in D2 again? Both of those teams should be in D1. This “We’re sick of D1” thing is getting a little annoying. Get up there and perform. We should have 8 teams up there next session. A&A, Team Topper, and Peachy Platoon. (No Joey Batts, you’re staying.)


3.      How soon can we get these rivalry games going at 3:00? I think the interdivision games that would see Peachy Platoon take on All We Do Is Quinn, En Fuego taking on Matty’s Angels, and A&A taking on Public Enemy would be just fantastic.


4.      Do you want some publicity for your team? All you have to do is talk to me! Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Seriously, give me a heads up on why YOU are going to win your division.


5.      What’s up with people in the league latching onto stars and demanding those two play together so they can get on better teams? I’m looking at the Rameer/Jay German and Mo/Dave Wilbern combos. Go start your own teams so you can’t get kicked off of it like we did in the old days.





1.      The podcast is back!! Joe K made good on his Spring session long promise and got us back in the podcast game. It’s not as polished as it used to be, but its awesome that it’s back. I got sick of people asking me about it.


2.      Shout out to my new favorite pen pal, Josh Thompson of Peachy Platoon. He sent me just an awesome email about his team before the season started, letting me know who they added and what they were thinking heading into the league. He’s a well-spoken, nice guy, and he’s somebody that should DEFINITELY be a face of this league. Peachy is the future of the TSL kids.



3.      Seriously, Mountain Dew Me, Tater Tots, Zack Attack, Shattered Dreams, Wild Oak Beard Company, Graves Bros, Vaspian, The Replacements, Blitzkrieg and whoever else I don’t really know, email me! Let’s get some conversations going. Rep your team!


4.      I’m glad someone finally said what needed to be said: Gray is the absolute WORST choice for a team color and it should be outlawed.





6.      Shout out to the TSLers that are banding together to be a part of the 24-team Leonard T. Alba III Memorial TSL Fantasy Football Championship. It sounds like it’ll be a really fun time, and its just another example of how this league has really become a family.



7.      Here are my official picks for this season’s champions: D1: Marketing Mayors, D2: Peachy Platoon, D3: Frodo Swaggins, D4: Matty’s Angels, D5: En Fuego, D6: The Bi-Polar Express.


8.      I received a message from a player in Game On! during the offseason. I don’t want to put them on blast at all, but they said they were growing tired of that league because apparently the “Wanderers just keep winning all of the time and it isn’t fun.”. Well, I’d like to cordially invite the Wanderers to come up to the Rose Garden if they’re looking for some different competition. Hell, we could have a scrimmage this session if we wanted, right?



9.      And on that note, I’d like to personally send my condolences to Game On! and the rest of the WNY Social Co-Ed football community. During the offseason, Len Synor passed away unexpectedly. I was lucky enough to know Len when I lived in Buffalo and he was truly an awesome guy. So sad to see a good one leave us so soon.


10.   The word is that the bar is actually going to have specials for us this season. Apparently, they’ll toss an extra Truly in when we buy a bucket, among other things. Eyewitness reports suggest that’s a pretty smart deal for this league. Will it happen? I’m not one to talk. But let’s hope so.



And with that, let’s get to Week 2. Welcome once again to all of our new teams. Download the telegram app to talk with your TSL friends. Follow us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Email me. Be a guest on the podcast. GET INVOLVED. Its so much better for everyone when you do.

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