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Ladies and Gentlemen of the TSL Universe, in the blink of an eye, the TSL Fall 2021 season has reached its final week. In one week, the Race for Social Co-Ed Football Immortality will begin its final stages when the playoffs begin. But before that, we must get through Week 8.


I say “get through” because by all accounts, this isn’t going to be the most interesting week for the league. Topper has informed me that its “Fall Fest” weekend in Ellicottville, which historically has meant lots of teams forfeiting (like HE did, I may add), skeleton crews, lots of subs, and you can’t really get a handle on the games. There’s a lot of unknowns for the games this week. Other than some playoff positioning, D1, D2, D5, and D6 have their playoff participants: Everyone. D3 already knows who will miss out, as Super Freaks and Show Me Dem TDs are eliminated from contention. That leaves D4, which while seeds 1-5 aren’t even close to decided, we already know that the fake Titsburgh Feelers aren’t making the playoffs, which leaves 3 teams left to miss. Today’s Feast is on track to be one of them, and the current 8 seed, Practice Squad, plays the Titsburgh Replacement Team. We can get into the details more in a bit.


But first! Last week I asked the readers to send in some questions for a Godfather “mailbag” of sorts, and I got a decent amount. Thank you to those who sent things in, hopefully we can get some more in the future. Time to open up the mail and see what we have:


“Why the photo of Drew last week with no mention of him in the article?”


Well, that’s because he does nothing worth speaking about. However, the correct answer is to blame Topper. A week or two ago, after I sent in my article, he informed me that he figured out how to add images to the articles. That image of Drew was all his doing.


“What’s the best current or historic rivalry in the TSL?”


Green and Associates vs everyone was always a good one. Garbacz vs Making The Correct Call has always been a battle. The Public Enemy vs Eyes Downtown rivalry used to burn white hot a few seasons ago, until everyone got a little older and it’s calmed down a bit now. But of course the greatest rivalry we’ve ever had in the TSL is Rameer vs B’s Brother.


"Frank from the Wanderers was busy challenging Public Enemy to a match to see who the best team is. He claims they would win a Best of 7 series in 5 games"  How do you imagine this series going?  Smart money is on Public Enemy of course, but do the Wanderers win a game?  Two?  How does this series play out, in the eyes of the Godfather?”


I get that it’s a bit of a ‘homer’ call, but with all due respect to what the Wanderers have done in the minor leagues, they wouldn’t hold a candle to Public Enemy. This question comes up from time to time, and I always equate it to when people talk about how Alabama could beat the worst NFL team every season. It’s a fun thought, but in reality, the Jacksonville Jaguars (or Detroit Lions) would stomp Alabama. That’s the same idea here. Now imagine Alabama having to take on the Buccaneers, Bills, etc. Alabama is a glorious school, they consistently beat down 90% of the teams they play, occasionally they gut out an unexpected close one, and they win lots of championships. There’s nothing wrong with being Alabama. It’s a 4-0 sweep for Public Enemy. The Wanderers would make a hell of a D3 team though.


“Have you been watching Marvel's "What If?" series?  If not, the premise is that a character called The Watcher sits unseen off to the edge of the multiverse and watches various different realities play out, but he is sworn to not interfere in any of the events of these worlds.  Is the Godfather essentially "the Watcher" of the TSL, and if so, what scenario would prompt him to break his oath and interfere in our League?  I'm thinking Topper and Darryl Carr against all odds meet in a D1 championship game, and the Godfather steps in to ref.”



This is a good one. I have no idea what you’re talking about with this Marvel stuff. The GF enjoys nice nights on my back porch in Iowa with a glass of bourbon and a cigar to wind down. Not watching TV. And further more, I’m not even the “watcher” of the TSL. That’s The Sentinel. I haven’t even seen a game this season, as ashamed as I am to admit it. But I understand what you’re asking. The truth is, there’s next to nothing I’d do to reveal myself. It would take one of two things: Lenny coming to me as a ghost in real life and tell me its something I “Totally” should do. Or, the TSL is officially playing its last season/games ever, with no way of the league still existing somehow. And I don’t think that would ever happen, as I’m sure there are MANY members of this league that would keep it going in some form.



“Following the Marvel theme above, which TSL athlete would you trust the most with a full Infinity Gauntlet?  Who would you trust the least?”


There’s zero reason that you wouldn’t give that to Matty Ice. There is nobody else in the TSL that truly understands its power, and the ins and outs of everything. He the most prepared for such a responsibility. The least is easily Joey Batts. The TSL’s greatest bad guy with ultimate power? No, I’m okay with that never happening.


“There are good teams and there are bad teams... and then there are teams that are just 100% in the wrong division.  Any teams you feel would have benefited from moving up or down this session?  Ignore Titsburgh Feelers for this.”


I’ve gone on record by saying TOX is in the wrong spot since Day 1. Lettuce Win needed to move down as well. I’ve given TMA grief as well about moving up. Topper should’ve let Super Freaks hang out in D4. Bullet Club may have needed to go to D3. These are the obvious ones though. The slightly spicier ones are Spinelli’s jumping right into D4, the Stunts to D3 (to give us that Angels-Stunts battle we miss every season), and I have no idea what reason Show Me Dem TDs had for jumping up to D3 when D4 was the move for them.


“How has the TSL changed over the years that you've been watching?  For better or worse?”


Well, for worse it’s because I’m not there playing like I used to be. And of course the losses of Lenny and Rameer still ripple through the league. But I can’t say anything its better or worse per se. It’s definitely different. Gone are the all night drinking bashes with most of the league sticking around, with bras hanging in the bar, and people hooking up all over the place. No, that crowd grew up a bit, started getting married and having kids (sometimes due TO the crazy nights), and the world itself is in a different place than it was 10 years ago. The TSL still has fun nights, but I roll my eyes when I get a text about how people stayed “late” at the bar and then say they stayed until 11pm. It isn’t quite how it used to be, but that’s not a bad thing, its just different.


“Who is on the TSL all-time Mount Rushmore?  Exclude Topper, Lenny and Rameer for sake of argument.”



With all due respect to the newer members of the TSL, a “Mount Rushmore” of the TSL needs people who were around for a long, long time. I read this question and the following names popped into my head: B’s Brother, of course. Chris Cole, Both Tommy Hugheses, Dave Walter, Darryl Carr, Darryl Carr’s Hair,  Leslie Cook, Molly McDermid, Dorene Major, Val Bernal. I’m not going to pick just 4, because that feels damn near impossible.



And that does it for the reader questions. Thanks to everyone who sent some in, it was fun. But now we’ll get to what you’re really here for:





Last Week’s Games:


Public Enemy 42, Losing Streak 30

Sticky Bandits 21, Slob Kabombs 0 (Forfeit)

Eyes Downtown 44, Tight Ends 34

Eyes Downtown 36, Slob Kabombs 35

Losing Streak 30, Tight Ends 20



               The longest championship hangover in TSL history continues as Tight Ends In Motion doesn’t look anywhere close to the team that dominated for the last half of the season. Multiple reports suggest QB Bro looks like he forgot how to throw a football, and the team is in disarray. Apparently Dave Baker sold his soul to the devil for that one title, and this is what we’re getting now. Losing Streak came back very strong, hanging with Public Enemy before beating up on TEIM. Slob Kabombs blow a chance to move up in the standings, forgetting their game against Sticky and then letting a win against Eyes Downtown slip away. ED, mind you, keeps winning, and finds themselves in 2nd place.


What’s At Stake This Week: Everyone makes playoffs, so there aren’t elimination games. Public Enemy hasn’t really clinched 1st overall, but they have clinched a bye week. Eyes Downtown sit in 2nd place with two losses, so if they win they also get a bye. However, that will be tough against PE and Slob Kabombs (if they don’t forfeit). Tight Ends shouldn’t fall below 3rd place, but a game against Losing Streak, who they’re 0-2 against looms. If they win, and ED loses their two games (not out of the question) the not so great champions could sneak in a bye. I guess there’s a slight chance Slob Kabombs wins both of their games, TEIM loses, and they move up to 3rd. Losing Streak could jump Sticky or Slob if they win and one of those two teams goes 0-2. It doesn’t matter though. Any game in the playoffs in D1 is going to be tough, and seeding doesn’t matter much. Any team can win these first round games.


This Week’s Games:


Tight Ends In Motion vs Losing Streak (Even) – I don’t care, it’s a even game. Losing Streak had one hiccup and everyone jumped right down their throats. They played well last week, and they’ve played well all season. There’s no reason to think they can’t beat TEIM again. LOSING STREAK BY 6


Slob Kabombs vs Sticky Bandits (+7) – It’s a matchup of two 2-5 teams, sure, but SK has been playing really well recently. Well, better than Sticky who haven’t even had close matchups the last few weeks. If anyone can figure it out though, its them. STICKY BANDITS BY 3


Public Enemy vs Eyes Downtown (+7) – IT’S ON! Well, is it? Not really, but I’m defaulted to saying that based on the last few years. PE has had Bobby’s number for a bit, and with a potential undefeated season on the line, expect them to play hard. However, there is nothing ED would like more than to not only ruin the perfect season, but to also clinch a bye doing it. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 8


Public Enemy vs Sticky Bandits (+12) – Yikes. PUBLIC ENEMY BY 10


Eyes Downtown vs Slob Kabombs (+1) – The 2nd game for these teams and based on what happens in the games before them, it might not matter what the outcome is when they meet at 3:00. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 4





Last Week’s Games:


A&A 49, Bullet Club 16

Top Shot 27, Notorious BNB 13

Scared Hitless 40, Passed Our Prime 35

XTC 42, When Dove Cries 22


               A&A just ran through Bullet Club who apparently pulled Jeff Easton out of the mothballs in whatever storage locker they keep him in to play this week. Top Shot played a nice, easy game against BNB and they weren’t caught “looking ahead” for the rematch against A&A this week. Scared Hitless continued their winning ways, and they were so impressive that it spurred JONNY F’N FOOTBALL to email me and make sure I tell the entire TSL universe that he’s 7-2 this season (he played twice for Eyes Downtown) and that “Top Shot  is the best competition in our division and I’m not worried about Matty Ice or A&A in the playoffs”. There’s some bulletin board material for you. XTC beat up When Dove Cries pretty nicely, and they find themselves 3-1 in the second half of the season. Not too bad.


What’s At Stake This Week: Seeding, again. Everyone makes playoffs, and the only seed that is really set is Bullet Club at #8. Top Shot takes on A&A in a match that if Top Shot wins, they could end up as the #1 seed, depending on how much they win by. If they win by 12, they take the top spot. Head to Head would be 1-1, so it goes to Point Differential. Scared Hitless is already getting a win against WDC by forfeit (see: Fall Fest). They finish 7-2 and they’ll be the 3rd seed. WDC ends up 4-5 and they’ll end up in the #4-#5 matchup next week. If XTC loses to BNB, and POP beats BC, we’ll have a three way 3-6 tie that I’m not going to even try to figure out.


This Week’s Games:


A&A vs Top Shot (+3) – Game of the Day, look for Top Shot to stake their claim as the D2 favorites. TOP SHOT BY 6


XTC vs Notorious BNB (+3) – XTC is on a roll right now, and if they had some better luck early on in the season, they could easily be 6-2 right now. I wouldn’t sleep on them. BNB has been rough after some early successes. XTC BY 8


Passed Our Prime vs Bullet Club (+8) – Both teams struggle with players showing up, so it might be a race to just see who can field a team this week. PASSED OUR PRIME BY 4





Last Week’s Games:

Last Dance 50, Frodo Swaggins 29

Frodo Swaggins 30, Cobblestone 16

The Angels 45, Cobblestone 30

Grey Hair 27, Show Me Dem TDs 14

Freeballers 22, 4th and Dong 14

The Angels 48, Freeballers 23

The Untouchaballs 40, Super Freaks 27


               Not too surprising here. Grey Hair continues their great season, picking off SMDTDs. Last Dance gets a big win over Frodo, who then went out and beat Cobblestone. Cobblestone went 0-2 on the day because they ran into The Angels, who are one of the hottest teams in the league. I meant in football terms, perverts. They’re the highest scoring team in the division. Good luck, everyone else. Untouchaballs did what they were supposed to do and beat Super Freaks, and the Freeballers went 1-1 with a nice win over 4th and Dong, but got beat up a little bit by the Angels.


What’s At Stake This Week: Positioning, and lots of it. Super Freaks and Show Me Dem TDs are already eliminated from postseason contention. Even if SMDTDs beat Frodo, and Cobblestone and/or Last Dance also when 3-6, they would lose the tiebreakers in any scenario. Grey Hair gets a reeling Cobblestone, and a win surely sets up a rematch for next week. Last Dance gets Super Freaks early on, and then a big game against The Untouchaballs later in the day. However I’m not too sure LD can climb too high in the standings. Untouchaballs could, with wins over LD and Freeballers. The Angels get 4th and Dong in your typical “really hot team vs really cold team” matchup. The Freeballers apparently aren’t playing all of their games this season, as they’ll only have 8, as will Frodo. Not sure who gets the forfeit win here, but it could mean the different between playing the other OR playing 4th and Dong. More than likely the Top 2 remain the same, but after that who knows?


This Week’s Games:


Last Dance vs Super Freaks (+7) – The Super Freaks can run for the bus here and look forward, I hope, to happier times in D4 next session. LAST DANCE BY 8


Grey Hair vs Cobblestone (+9) – Grey Hair vs Darryl’s hair. GHDC is just so hot right now. GREY HAIR BY 7


Frodo Swaggins vs Show Me Dem TDs (+10) -  Even without Garrett (get well soon bud), this team can still score. SMDTDs are just running for the bus. FRODO SWAGGINS BY 12


The Untouchaballs vs Last Dance (+7) – Last Dance can score, and they HAVE been scoring. Untouchaballs have been good all season, but with Newman firmly entrenched as LD’s starter after Ricky bailed on them, they’ve looked good. Give me the mild upset. LAST DANCE BY 2


The Untouchaballs vs Freeballers (+1) – Both teams play excellent defense. But I’m starting to get worried about the Freeballers’ anemic offense. They struggle to score. Burr doesn’t. THE UNTOUCHABALLS BY 8


The Angels vs 4th And Dong (+13) – This is like watching a deer get stuck in some train tracks, and then you hear the whistle blowing. Everyone likes the deer. It’s a nice animal, everyone thinks its cute and enjoys it. But everyone will watch in horror as there’s nothing they can do to help it. THE ANGELS BY 20




Last Week’s Games:


Breast Friends 45, Cunning Stunts 43

Puckett All-Stars 28, Today’s Feast 22

Cunning Stunts 42, Team Boccio 22

Vaspian 32, Breast Friends 24

Gucci 41, Practice Squad 27

Zack Attack 34, Itches and Ohs 33

Falconies 43, Buffalo Vice 27


               Look out Joey Batts, there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Travis Cleavenger-Bernal. TCB lead his girls to a big win over Joey and the Stunts in what I was told was a great game. Puckett got a much needed win over Today’s Feast as they prepare to make a playoff push this week. Gucci is doing the same after a big win over Practice Squad kept hope alive. Zack Attack and Itches and Ohs had a very close battle in what may very well end up being a first round matchup. The Falconies took out Buffalo Vice with surprising ease, and Vaspian stayed very hot with another win over the Breast Friends.


What’s At Stake This Week: Everything! Kind of! Okay, we know that Today’s Feast and Titsburgh are eliminated. If Gucci beats Puckett, and then Puckett loses it’s other game against the Falconies AND Practice Squad loses to the Replacement Team for this week for Titsburgh, we’ll have a 3 way-tie at 3-6 for the last playoff spot in the division. THE DRAMA! Just about every game has some sort of crazy positioning affect, so even trying to spell it all out is a fool’s errand. No, it’s easier to just sit back and watch this.


This Week’s Games:



Breast Friends vs Buffalo Vice (+2) – BF can’t pass Vice with a win here, but they can set up a potential rematch with them in round 1 next week. Vice is still healing up after some injuries, so they may not push it. BREAST FRIENDS BY 8


Practice Squad vs Titsburgh Feelers Replacement Squad – Can’t really predict a game when I know nothing about the team that will show up. Public Enemy plays at the same time, so Boccio won’t be QB.


Puckett All-Stars vs Gucci (+8) – Both teams need this game to get into the playoffs, but while Gucci would be living on a prayer to get it, Puckett knows they can get in with two wins. PUCKETT ALL-STARS BY 12


Itches and Oh’s vs Today’s Feast (+16) – Today’s Feast will more than likely score more points than they ever have before in the TSL. But they won’t be close to stopping Steve Moser and company this week. ITCHES AND OHS BY 20.


Falconies vs Puckett All-Stars (+8) – What a call for the Falconies. If they watch Puckett win just before this game happens, they have to make a choice on if they want to lose this game on purpose to eliminate Practice Squad from the playoffs (and thus allow Puckett, an easier team to play against, in) and worry about the future, or do they go hard and risk injury in a game that doesn’t really mean much to them. Interesting. PUCKETT ALL-STARS BY 3


Vaspian vs Zack Attack (+6) – Zack Attack is just going to struggle to score against a suffocating Vaspian defense. VASPIAN BY 8


Falconies vs Cunning Stunts (EVEN) – D4 closes with a hell of a matchup between two of the 7 title contenders for D4. If Falconies can slow down the Stunts even a little bit, they can pull this off. Spoilers: they won’t. CUNNING STUNTS BY 14




Last Week’s Games:

Spinelli’s Plumbing 40, Wasted Potential 30

Spinelli’s Plumbing 50, TOX 42

Wasted Potential 37, Lettuce Win 6

Come From Behind 40, Not So Sticky 6

Woodpeckers 23, 716 20


               Yeah, Spinelli’s, you’re great, we know. Spinelli’s ends the season 8-1, scoring 380 points. Wasted Potential will end up the #2 seed after beating Lettuce Win. The worst they can do is tie, but they own the tiebreakers. Come From Behind continues their assault on D5, taking out Not So Sticky in the process. And the Woodpeckers sneak out a close one in a very good game against 716.


What’s At Stake This Week: Everyone makes the playoffs here too. TOX is locked into the 8 seed, but they’re going to get a win this week as Lettuce Win let them win in a forfeit. As a result Lettuce Win is locked into the 7 seed. As we said before, Spinelli’s is the 1 seed, and Wasted Potential is the 2 seed, so there’s some of your matchups. I think Lettuce Win may also forfeit to Woodpeckers from an unplayed game in Week 1, so Woodpeckers vs Come From Behind may be for 3rd place. If Woodpeckers have to forfeit that game (depends on who postponed it and why), they beat CFB, and then 716 beats Not So Sticky, we’ll have a 3 way tie for 3rd which is interesting. Whoever comes out of that would play NSS, while the other two play each other. What’s also fun is that NSS can beat 716 and move up as well. So there’s a lot to decide in the middle of the division, and a bunch depends on that unplayed game’s result.


This Week’s Games:


Come From Behind vs Woodpeckers (+7) – We saw this matchup a couple of weeks ago, with CFB winning 38-26. My biggest concern for the Peckers is keeping up with CFB offensively, and honestly, they just can’t. COME FROM BEHIND BY 9


716 vs Not So Sticky (+6) – NSS really hasn’t found their footing offensively, which is their biggest issue. They more than likely won’t be able to keep up with 716’s offense. 716 by 6





Last Week’s Games:

Travis Henry’s Kids 59, Graves Bros 36

Blitzkrieg 28, TMA 8

Travis Henry’s Kids 37, Lenny’s Ladies 32

Lenny’s Ladies 50, Victorious Secret 26


               Travis Henry’s Kids goes 2-0 to continue their incredible hot streak this season. In turn, Graves Bros continues quite the cold streak. Lenny’s Ladies goes 1-1 winning their gender team matchup this week, and it seems Katie Swanson was balling out, according to the Sentinel. The big news, of course, is Blitzkrieg dominating TMA and handing them their first loss as QB Ryan Henery had an apparent tough day at the office for TMA.


What’s At Stake This Week: Well, seeding of course. All 6 teams are in the playoffs. But a very fun and interesting wrinkle is that TMA and THK face off in a double header this week that, if they win twice, THK can win the #1 overall seed. But that’s not all! Victorious Secret plays two very winnable games against Blitzkrieg and Graves Bros that could potentially vault them over TMA to grab the other bye! Nobody is locked into any seed currently, and the results of every game this week will matter for D6.


This Week’s Games:


Travis Henry’s Kids vs TMA (EVEN) – I’ll do both games here, but while TMA has been just barely getting by most of the time, THK has been COOKING on the fields. John Langley has lead his offense to damn near 100 points more than TMA, and Pete Walbrandt is an under the radar D6 MVP candidate. I know THK will win one of these games, but will it be two? I wouldn’t bet on it. THE TEAMS SPLIT THEIR TWO GAMES.


Lenny’s Ladies vs Graves Bros (EVEN) – It’s tough not knowing which special guest star QB will appear for the Ladies every week, but it may not matter based on how cursed Graves Bros has been. Their defense has been “not good” and that’s been their biggest issue. They’ll need to step it up to take this home. LENNY’S LADIES BY 8


Victorious Secret vs Blitzkrieg (+7) – Blitzkrieg is still figuring out their offense, but no matter who is in, they like throwing the deep ball. VS has had some issues covering that, and it’ll depend on which personnel shows up for Jordan this week. BLITZKRIEG BY 3


Victorious Secret vs Graves Bros (+8) – I can’t imagine Jordan losing two games in D6. Graves doesn’t have the girls to keep up with a gender team unless a lot of things go right for them, and VS doesn’t make many mistakes. VICTORIOUS SECRET BY 12



1. Who will be there? With Fall Fest, weddings, and a lot games being relatively meaningless we will see a good chunk of the TSL missing. Historically, as I said earlier, this is a big week for low TSL attendance, ranking right behind Memorial Day weekend for “lowest turnout of the year”.


2. How do we fix a relatively boring final week? Boring in terms of playoff drama. Honestly, there is no reason there aren’t more teams missing the playoffs. I know that isn’t as fun, and we’d rather have more teams there for another week, but at this point the league would be better with Top Shot and A&A in D1 (8 teams), Grey Hair and Last Dance (they’re a really good team with Newman) in D2 (8 teams), Cunning Stunts and Buffalo Vice in D3 (10 teams), Spinelli’s and Wasted Potential in D4 (12 teams), And then you make a “super D5” with Come From Behind, Woodpeckers, 716, Not So Sticky, Lettuce Win, TOX, TMA, THK, Victorious Secret, Lenny’s Ladies, Graves Bros, and Blitzkrieg (12 teams). Sure D1 and D2 would be “everyone makes playoffs”, but the other divisions will all have stakes. None of this will matter in the spring when teams change and we usually have more teams, but this is all fun hindsight.


3. What’s really wrong with Tight Ends In Motion? You rarely see a D1 champion struggle so mightily after being quite dominant. Between Bro’s struggles at QB, poor scheduling snafus, and people just not showing up, they’re having the Season From Hell for sure.


4. Do you see any “slam dunk” champions yet? I think a lot of the divisions are up for grabs. D1 you can never trust to go chalk, and I know I don’t need to explain how crazy D2 always gets. D3 has 5 realistic title contenders. D4 has 7. D6 isn’t really a slam dunk either. D5 is. I can’t imagine anyone beating Spinelli’s there.


5. Who has the most to lose this weekend? A&A. It sounds crazy, but I don’t think they want to be losing that #1 seed to Top Shot. Rumor has it they’ll be shorthanded for Week 1 of the playoffs, so the difference between playing Bullet Club or playing one of Notorious BNB or Passed Our Prime is pretty huge.




1. If you ARE going to Fall Fest, please be safe and careful. There’s no reason to get in trouble with the law.


2. Thanks again to those of you that have sent me questions and emails as of late. It always helps me write this thing from my log cabin in Des Moines, Iowa. I enjoy talking with you guys. As always, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to hype up your team or talk smack about others.


3. Top games to watch this week:

               9:00 – Last Dance vs Super Freaks

               10:00 – A&A vs Top Shot

               11:00 – TMA vs Travis Henry’s Kids

               12:00 – Public Enemy vs Eyes Downtown

               1:00 – XTC vs The Notorious BNB

               2:00 – The Untouchaballs vs Freeballers

               3:00 – Falconies vs Cunning Stunts


4. Lots of people have been coming out of the woodwork to help Coach Jay and the referee situation. Thank you to everyone that’s pitching in, you’re making Topper very happy.


5. Speaking of Topper, he isn’t going to be at the fields at all this weekend. The JKSL will once again be in full swing, and you can see Joe K, Jeff Krol, Travis, Coach Jay, Emily Curry, and Val for any and all of your issues that come your way.


6. There’s about a 40% chance of rain on Saturday, and it’ll be 70 degrees. Should be a blast if the rain holds off.


7. The often imitated but never duplicated Topper Sports League will be officially starting its winter indoor league on January 8th.


8. No details yet from Topper on the banquet, but I have a feeling it’ll be a big one since we missed last year.


9. If you can think of a way to improve the TSL, don’t be shy. Approach Topper, or better yet anyone else I’ve mentioned in #5 with your ideas. It’s your league too, you can be a part of it.


10. We really could use another Paul Scinta Cheese Day. I don’t think anyone would complain. Shout out to Paul for being a swell guy.


Well TSL, we’re at the last Saturday of regular season football at the Rose Garden for about 6 months. Make sure you make it count. Good luck this week!



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