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It’s finally here! WNY’s best co-ed football league is back in action and I know we all could not be more excited. Sure some things look a little different and there are new rules and regulations to follow but personally, as long as we are out on the fields enjoying some friendly competition, all is good. By this point you all know the new regulations so I won’t rehash them again here, just make sure you are following them so we can continue to play! That said, due to the viewing area restrictions preventing me from closely watching all your fine games, I will mainly try to focus on the big plays. SO, if you want to be mentioned, now is the time to make those highlight reel catches, 45 yard passes, and ankle-breaking double moves.

It was a beautiful (if not swelteringly hot) opening day for the TSL. We saw some new faces and teams; I’m looking forward to watching to see how they fit in with the league. We also saw who spent quarantine watching Tiger King and baking bread versus those who have a home gym and will power. That said, let’s see what went down week 1.

Peachy Platoon took on Bullet Club in a down to the wire match up. BC played 2 alternating QB’s with the return of Jeff Easton. We saw some new additions with Glenn and Chelsie Bird, which helped spruce up their team defense. PP seemed to have a familiar cast of characters. They were given a lot of props by the Godfather, making them the favorite for the D2 title. In my personal opinion I wouldn’t put too much stock on this games outcome. PP was undoubtedly the most “in shape” D2 team prior to Covid and based on their athletic prowess and youth I’m guessing they still are. I did mention earlier that highlight reel catches are going to get you noticed though and with that said I need to point out Todd Halas from BC. Probably one of the most underrated players in the league, he made his presence known when he made a 1 handed touchdown catch with 10 seconds left to put BC ahead and take the win.

The Jabronies/Slytherin that Endzone game was pick central. SITE added some new talent which seemed to help them pull out the victory. Both of these QBs are going to need to reevaluate their game plan though if they want to compete in D2 and more importantly, secure their tops on the Power Rankings.

I can’t see all the highlights but I heard from multiple sources that Number 0 on Buffalo Solar Solutions had a beast of a game. He pretty much carried his team in the first cross over game of the season against D3 All We Do is Quinn.  I don’t know his name but you can bet I will make it a point to look for him in the coming weeks.

Hobstrauhaus Buffalo suffered a bitter defeat to a newly revamped Morning Wood. Mo Saleh was on cloud 9 beating Topper after a very long off season of trash talking. MW’s newest receiver Matt O added some much needed speed which their new QB Wade took full advantage of. Always a solid team who were just missing a couple pieces may have finally found them and could give D2 more than the Godfather is predicting for them.

The Angels feat. Bobby McConnell squeaked by the Freeballers. For those who don’t know, FB is 40 year plan guys new team so they have some remnants from the late 3rd and Schlong. The Angels allowed FB the use of Cat Peters as they claimed no one from the Universal Sub List was available. Unfortunately for the FBs, they seem like yet another team that doesn’t utilize the females enough. Still, they were able to hang with the Angels right up until the end of the game when they took a safety and the L. Budda and Taylor Pagano each had their fair share of highlight reel catches to keep the Angels in the game. QB George was caught unawares by what it’s like to be rushed by Maggie.

The last game of the day was D4 Champs Sticky Bandits versus D2 Champs the Dilfs. SB moved up, Dilfs did not so make of that what you will. The Dilfs had a rough start to the game. They were missing Travis and Dubey so had to call in Topper for an emergency sub. This was Topper’s 3rd game of the day but he trucked through it. Brian Stevens went Beast Mode, scoring pretty much all of SBs TDs. Alex Buchlis showed off some of his athleticism by making a TD catch and toe tapping the line. The SB proved they belong in D2 early and I’m excited to see how they progress throughout the season.

Notable Performance of Week 1:

1.      Mountain Dew Me found their place in D5 where they won their opening day game 53-0 against Intentional Pounding

2.      Steph Czaja played pretty much every hour (at least that what it looked like to me)

3.      Everyone (mostly) following the new rules and regulations without causing Topper to go home and chug a bottle of wine (which he might have done anyway but not because he had to)

4.      Why So Serious had a tough game but had the balls to play in D1 so props to them

That’s all for this week. I am still just beyond excited that football is here and I was able to see all your beautiful faces this past weekend. I am looking forward to a long season and hoping to see new heroes arise, new names to be recognized and who knows what else may happen? Until then, I’ll be watching…

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