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Welcome to the last regular season segment of the Sentinel! Early in the season I sent out the message to impress me and so many of you have answered the call. I can’t tell you how many times I look around the fields or play in games and think to myself “This really is the greatest football league around”. And I’m not even talking about the camaraderie that goes on before and after games up at the bar. I’m just talking about the sheer talent that shows up in droves every Saturday. From D1 to D6 I have seen highlight reel catches, defensive shut downs, and precision passes that could be described as nothing less than extraordinary. You have answered the call and we all see you. That said, there are still those that stand out among the rest.

The first stand out performance I saw this past week was from Bro Kleckler. The fate of Tight Ends in Motion looked perilous with the loss of QB Alex Buchlis. I’m not sure if Bro as a backup was predetermined but it has worked out exceedingly well for TEs. Added to that, Emily Curry’s injury and that I haven’t seen Maggie or Lindsay at the fields in recent weeks. Given all that information, if you told me they would be sitting in 2nd place in D1 right now, I’d have told you to take a hike. Not only is Bro leading his team to victories, he’s putting up some big numbers. I can’t wait to see how this plays out when it counts.

Bro isn’t doing it all on his own though. This week, I saw an all star performance from Stoner Dave on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The play calling on TEs has always been on point but Dave surpasses just your average route running and getting open. I saw more contested catches to Dave in their game against Why So Serious? than any other single player all day.  Defensively, Dave proved he  was not afraid to throw himself around to break up a play. TEs went 2-0 on the day and seem to have hit their stride exactly at the right time.

The Untouchaballs also went 2-0 on Saturday with 2 early morning games despite, as the poll question says, Greg in attendance. I jest, although I did see Greg drop a pass in the endzone but that’s just one play right?  They had some trouble getting it together in their 9am game. After a pick on the 10 yard line, they brought in 4 girls to get the gender TD and could not punch it in, settling for a male TD on 5th down. Vaspian was missing Drew but Trevor Leach made an impressive deep TD, sacrificing his body then rolling off the field to recover. The TD still counted though and it looked good even with the roll.

Next up, Untouchaballs went against Frodo Swaggins, who appeared to be missing some players. Most notably, Garrett Beesing was absent for their 9am game against En Fuego then decided to grace us with his presence for the 10am match up against Untouchaballs. As fate would have it, FS won against En Fuego then lost against Untouchaballs. If I were Garrett, I would be concerned about my position as WR1 with those kind of results. The FS/Untouchaballs game was a defensive battle but Scotty Dro and Co came out on top 15-6.

The Dilfs/Sticky Bandits game was plenty hyped up by the media and proved to be just what everyone thought it would be. Mike Thomas was in for the Bandits while the Dilfs had a surprisingly-present-this-season Dubey. With that solid of a QB line up, you know it was going to be a good game. The game stayed close despite mental errors by both teams. Brian Stevens is probably one of the best players you’ve never heard of based on his route running and speed. Even Kevin Zack had some trouble keeping up with him. Both teams stuck to what they do best and what works ending with the Dilfs on top 39-31.

Tater Tots came out with a big win against Lenny’s Ladies, who struggled to get any offense going. The Tots came out firing, taking every advantage they could and making big plays when they needed them. QB Dylan gave a solid performance, spreading the ball around the field to receivers besides Nick Angelo and keeping away from Dave Baker. The females also performed well against the gender team. Jeff Easton had A LOT of difficulty connecting with his receivers, resulting in several picks and 0 touchdowns. Hopefully the Ladies figure out a new game plan as they face Tater Tots again the first week of semis.

Speaking of gender teams, it was not a good day for ANY of them last week. Yes, that’s right, even the Angels suffered their second loss of the season against none other than the Freeballers. What? FBs were back in action after their two week quarantine and scheduled to play against the Angels in the divisional match up game. Bobby McConnell was back for the Angels and all bets were on the ladies for this one. FBs started off early and often with the long deep passes to tall receivers and the Angels did not have an answer. “Snoop” put on a show on offense for FBs and had a pick in the endzone that was returned for a female TD. It went downhill from there for the Angels. Uncharacteristic drops, miscommunications, and an overall disconnect seemed to plague the Angels all game and the FBs took their first win of the season 34-24.

Bullet Club finally showed some life and ended the regular season at .500 following 2 wins in a double header against Morning Wood. I did overhear some chit chat that Morning Wood was in a dander after the second game due to roster issues. But aside from that, both teams had their ups and downs. Jeff Easton redeemed himself from earlier with an elite performance at QB. They played their first game with only 3 guys on defense. This isn’t a huge disadvantage for this team as their females are about as solid as they come. JJ had a great catch for a conversion at the front cone using just her fingertips to bring in the pass. Conflicts aside both teams played great games and have tough competition coming their way for this week.

That’s all for this week. Next week means the start of playoffs with the semifinal rounds starting promptly at 9am. Make sure you are on time and ready to go at your game time. Also, I was informed the Orange Shirt Brigade will have the official rosters in hand so make sure you are not using anyone not on your roster. Remember that doing so will result in a forfeit which was absolutely suck as a way to end your season. Saturday begins the final push on your journey to football immortality. We don’t know if there is going to be a banquet yet but I suggest playing as if there will be and visualizing yourself holding that championship and MVP trophy. Bring your A game, and know that I’ll be watching…

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