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We are back with your newest addition of The Sentinel!

Week 2 was another successful week at the TSL. I’m starting to see some new faces make a name for themselves both on and off the field. Kudos to everyone following the Covid protocols. As I write this, I received news the state’s restriction are beginning to lessen. We will continue to exercise caution but things are definitely looking up. Let’s get to the games.

D1 has been less-than-thrilling so far this season, with most games being decided by 2 or more scores. Why So Serious had some attendance issues due to many of their players having a conflict with a men’s flag tournament or something. Pete gave it his best shot during both their games against Tight Ends in Motion and Public Enemy. Rough day for a double header, extra rough day to have a double header against those teams. Even after being granted special sub exemptions, WSW could not string together enough offense or defense to stay in their game against TEIM. We learned last week Dave Baker and Co do NOT take the foot off the gas and today was no exception. Bro has been impressive thus far. Bobby McConnell and Chris Cole should be more and more concerned about their ranking positions because Bro is coming for them. WSW did better against PE, granted they had more of their actual team there. I have heard talk that TEIM, PE and Eyes Downtown are the competitors in D1 but I don’t think we have really seen what WSW has to offer just yet so I am withholding judgement until we do.

I wanted to make a point to check out a new team, Wolfpack, this week. I saw many familiar faces in Garbacz, Russ Santucci and Joe Zogaria. I also saw A LOT of tight clothing (predominately among the male players unfortunately). They went up against The Untouchaballs in a defensive battle. Both QBs are new to the league so I guess that’s not completely unexpected. Wolfpack’s QB had some trouble stepping into throws and I did not see a lot of mobility out of him. He did make a nice completion deep to Santucci though that was definitely highlight-reel worthy. The Untouchaballs are probably the best 0-3 team in the league right now. Scheduling did them no favors but D3 is proving to be among the top competitive divisions. Melanie is a name you will be hearing as this season progresses and, I’m calling it now, a D3 female MVP candidate. After squeaking by 12-7, Wolfpack went on to play All We Do is Quinn immediately afterwards. Once again, time in the endzones was limited but this time it did not work to the Pack’s favor. Vince Taverna spread the ball around to his receivers. It is not easy to throw against the height of the Wolfpack’s defense but I did see an impressive back of TD pass to Joe Schwab. AWDIQ came away with the win 22-17.

When Doves Cry had a double header against Peachy Platoon and Losing Streak. I did not see a lot of the PP game but I caught the tail end in which WDC scored a TD to tie the game. They went for the conversion but Topper took a sack. Ya hate to see it. I’m not putting it all on Topper (this time) as from the snippets I saw and what I heard it was a good game. Peachy looks like they are getting back on track. The fireworks happened in the latter game against LS. I mentioned them last week and we all see they have athletes. LS took an early lead but WDC is chock full of veteran experience and athletes who fought their way back into it. In my humble opinion (and of the games I saw), this was the Game of the Day. It had everything you would want in a competitive, two hand touch co-ed football game. This was one of those games where I thought “if these teams play each other 10 times, WDC will win 5 and LS will win 5.” WDC was able to hold on with no time left to get a defensive stop resulting in a 34-31 win.

Later in the day Peachy Platoon took on Passed Our Prime. As I said, PP’s week 1 was in no way representative of them as a team. They are getting back into the groove of things. Having a double header is apparently no problem when your entire team is young and in shape. I could say POP had a tough start to the season but looking at the teams in D2 there really are no “easy” games. Jeremy Olson and Co put on a good show. Their females learned the hard way that PP’s females are quick and that speed is utilized well. They also were short at guys which did not help their cause so I find this is another team that we haven’t seen their full potential. Dean Thompson showed he is coming for a higher spot in the Power Rankings. With their win over POP, Dean has tied Topper with 95 Points For, the most in the division.

Show Me Dem TDs is the former Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers. This team changes their name seasonally so I can’t even say I was surprised when I found out who this was. They played Universal Wealth Management (aka The Kellers).  SMDT pretty much dominated this game. Tim Zielinski threw well and they seem to be recovering from the loss of Chris Nelson. Granted, UWM has been struggling early this season on defense. Scott Keller Sr has not been in attendance either to help make up for the point differential. D5 has a couple teams that could be playing up a division but SMDTs should have no trouble righting the ship from here but I think UWM will struggle to keep up. SMDTs did have trouble later in the day against Interdimensional Lightning Falcons. I didn’t see the game but the score (46-24) indicates SMDT used up all their energy a little too early.

Zack Attack beat Breast Friends and Interdimensional Lightning Falcons to land at the top of D5. Both were close games that were won by 1 score. Breast Friends had some uncharacteristic drops. Jay Elphick was a bit too much for the ladies to handle and Zack Elphick used what was being given to him.

Now let’s get to this week Top 5 Notables:

1. Freeballers- Have to give props to a team that gets a shut out. Woodpeckers got to experience the difference between D6 and D4 this week and despite the size and athletic talent WP have, FB held them to a big ol’ goose egg.

2. Derrick Bongiovani- TEIM has talent up and down their roster but someone who always seems to be making big plays but getting no press is Derrick. It’s time his name is put among the stars of the league.

3. Brandy Clark- Not only did she play great on When Doves Cry, I also heard she balled out on Breakfast Club, leading her team in TD catches.

4. Brent McKenzie- missed week 1 only to come back and elevate the game of every other person on TMA, including getting himself a TD on the day.

5. Jordan Lawson- kept the game close against current D2 favorite When Doves Cry then took over for Joey Batts and lead the Cunning Stunts to a victory over Freeballers, 43-19.

That’s all for this week. It really has been great to see everyone hanging out and watching games this season. The atmosphere is almost back to “pre-covid” days which I’m sure we all can agree is long overdue. Please remember to continue to follow the regulations still in place.  I am looking forward to week 3 as historically, that’s when the last remnants of rust are rubbed off and elite level play begins to shine. Remember, I’ll be watching…

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