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TSL Quarterback Rankings – Week 7



Chris Cole (#1) survives a scare by Bullet Club and Travis (#6) this week to bring The Streak (capital letters are a must at this point) to 18 games.  Since we established this to be a League record last week (at least, we proposed it was, and no one has any way of disputing it) we need to start looking for comparisons elsewhere to put this in perspective.  The longest streak in NFL history is 21 games (some team in New England), which Public Enemy can match by winning their last game of the regular season this week, then winning the playoffs.  Their 21st win would be their second consecutive League championship.  Wouldn’t that be obnoxious??  We’re all rooting against this, right?  Some hero needs to emerge to finally beat these guys…


… and who better than Matty F’n Ice???  Matty (#2) has been stuck one spot below Cole in the TSL QB Power Rankings since Week 3 of this season, and we’ve lamented the fact that he has no real path to taking over that #1 spot despite his ridiculous resume to date (which, to recap, is now at 18-3 on the season for three teams, and 797 points scored).  And now, FINALLY, it’s happening: the cross-divisional matchup between the #1 and #2 Ranked QB’s in the final week of the regular season.  You could NOT have written a better script than this.  Last week we wondered what might have happened if Bobby had beaten Public Enemy – would he have automatically flipped to #1, or would Cole stay on top of the Power Rankings regardless of the one loss?  There’s no need to debate it this time, because we’ll just tell you – if Matty Ice can end The Streak and beat Public Enemy, he will finish the regular season #1 in our TSL QB Power Rankings.  Is this fair to Cole?  Maybe not, but all he has to do to run the table and keep the #1 Ranking every week for the entire Spring 2019 season… is win one more game.


He may not be able to take the #1 spot in the Power Rankings, but a Cole win (which comes with a Matty loss) next week would put Bobby McConnell (#3) in position to potentially jump Matty and finish the season in second.  Bobby took a forfeit win over Title Shot this week, then won a close one over Mark Dalfonso (#5) and Marketing Mayors 33-32.  Eyes Downtown is undefeated this season… except for the two games they’ve played against Public Enemy.  Public Enemy and Eyes Downtown are both already locked into first round byes for the top division playoffs.  Will Cole continue destroying everyone in his path this season?  Or will Bobby play with a little extra fire in the playoffs, PERHAPS motivated by the fact that his name hasn’t been seen at the top of the Power Rankings (which once looked destined to belong to him)?


Taking advantage of Mark’s loss to Eyes Downtown, Joey Batts (#4) jumps up a spot in the Power Rankings this week.  Joey guided Gryffindor past #XTC@AngryBuffalo 30-28 in the cross divisional game, which BY THE WAY the Godfather predicted would happen (“C2 teams will win at LEAST two of the games”, which was ALSO correct… even in Des Moines, they can see what a strong division C2 has become this session).  Cunning Stunts also beat Pink Pteratacos 34-26, and lost to Matty’s Angels 61-42.  Yeah, we hate to move someone up in the Rankings after a loss, but these are Quarterback rankings, and Joey still led that offense to 42 points.


Vince Taverna (#7) is back in our Top Ten this week.  He was punished for losing a game last week, but AWDIQ is STILL 14-1-1 in their last 16 games, and although Vince hasn’t started at QB in all of those, it’s pretty impressive considering how competitive Rec 1 has been this season.  AWDIQ is right near the top of the division in points scored, and they had a convincing win over Ultimate Warriors this week (45-22).  Sam Lattuca (#31) made her debut as starting QB for the Warriors this week, and although drawing the #1 seed in the ladder match is not the ideal way to start one’s QB career, we expect she’ll do much better next week against the #7 seed.


Rec 1 QB’s Newman (#8) and Dean Thompson (#9) are lucky to keep their spots in the Top Ten this week, as Newman tied Morning Wood 36-36 and Dean actually lost to Frodo Swaggins 18-14.  Fortunately for both, the other Quarterbacks just outside the Top Ten had rough weeks as well, so no one was able to jump past them in our Power Rankings yet.


We had mentioned in this article last week that End Game wasn’t getting enough respect, based on their huge point differential (now up to +112, far and away the best in Rec 2), strong offense (only four points behind Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers for best in their division) and most importantly their winning ways (five in a row, best record in their division).  David Eickhoff, it’s time we gave you some respect.  Welcome to the Top Ten.  Are you going to get bumped next week if Dubey (#14), Tommy Scrivani (#13) or Nick Sooch (#11) have a big game?  It’s possible.  All you can do is keep putting up points and keep winning, and the Power Rankings won’t be able to ignore you.


Speaking of winning – every week we talk about that Public Enemy Streak, but we don’t really talk about other teams’ winning streaks.  And that’s because other teams, for the most part, don’t HAVE winning streaks.  It’s really hard to win consistently in this League!  The way you hear teams talking about themselves, you would think they never lose, but everyone does, and pretty frequently.  By our count, there are only six teams in the League right now with winning streaks longer than two games.  SIX!  Here’s the complete list:



And even Slytherin comes with an asterisk, as they tied Morning Wood this week (they’re 3-0-1 in their last four games; we’re pretending that tie didn’t happen for the sake of argument).  Gryffindor, with a modest three game winning streak, can reasonably make the argument that they’re one of the hottest teams in the League right now heading into the playoffs.  We typically don’t include breakfast club teams in these charts, but in case you’re wondering, no breakfast club team has a three game winning streak either.


Wins and losses are obvious, but let’s look again at point differential (+/-) to see which other teams have momentum heading into the playoffs.  Yes, last week we looked at charts showing each team’s +/- on the season, but this week we’d like to look at only the last three weeks to see which teams are the hottest going into the final week of regular season.  Doesn’t really matter what you did in Week One (*cough* TITLE SHOT) if you aren’t winning when it counts the most.



End Game and Ugandan Warriors are way ahead of the pack the past few weeks, with only two teams from the Competitive divisions (Marketing Mayors and Eyes Downtown) cracking the top ten.  These teams are either getting hot at just the right time, or they had an easy second half to their Spring schedules.  Gryffindor and their three game winning streak didn’t make this chart because we’re overly fond of Top Tens, but in case you’re wondering, they came in at 11th (+9.0 ppg over the past three weeks).


And now, you guessed it, the worst:



Given how cold Title Shot has been lately, we’re actually surprised they’re not at the bottom, but that “honor” belongs to Five Star Generals.  All of these teams are struggling down the stretch, and we wouldn’t bet on any of them to pull off a miracle in the playoffs.


Here’s your division by division point differential from the last three weeks:



And that’s it for this week.  Next week will be the Final QB Power Rankings of the Spring 2019 Season.  Do we dare unveil our full Top 50 Rankings to the world next week?  Or will Topper, fearful of all the hate mail he’d get from the lowest ranked QBs, bury that article before it can ever see the light of day?  Tune in next week to find out!

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