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Ladies and Gentlemen of the TSL Universe, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we’re in the thick of the regular season, and teams are really starting to stand out one way or the other! The bad news? We’re at the halfway point of the season, so while the games and players are going to get a bit more intense as the playoffs get closer, it means that we’ve only have half a season left!


But let’s not dwell on that right now. What we need to focus on is how well things are going across the board for the league. We’ve had some excellent weather, some great football, and from what I’m hearing some great times at the bar too.


The halfway point of the session is always a good time for me to reflect on what’s happened so far, and of course, accurately predict the unpredictability of the rest of the TSL season. Let’s get right into it!



Last Week’s Games:

Sticky Bandits 54, Sloppy Seconds 16

Eyes Downtown 48, Tight Ends In Motion 29


               Only two games for D1 last week, but damn they’re quite surprising. Sticky gets its first non-forfeit win of the season, while Tight Ends is taken to the woodshed by the New Eyes Downtown. I don’t think anyone had both of these accurately predicted at all.


The Contenders:

Public Enemy (4-0)

Eyes Downtown (4-1)

Tight Ends In Motion (3-1)


The Pretenders:

Sticky Bandits (2-2)

Why So Serious? (0-4)

Sloppy Seconds (0-5)


               I don’t think you can really argue with this. Eyes Downtown’s big win over TEIM has moved them up into contender status officially for D1. Do I think they’ll win it all? No, because imagine a world where you have to beat Tight Ends In Motion, and then immediately have to beat Public Enemy? Not likely, for anyone. PE remains at the top of the mountain until anyone is brave enough to come in and knock them off. I do think TEIM just had a hiccup last week, and they’re the top contender to beat PE. It was probably the wakeup call they needed. Sticky Bandits are probably ecstatic with their big win over Sloppy Seconds, which is a roster made up of a lot of people that they know well and/or have donned the Sticky jersey in the past. Sloppy has looked to be improving before this upset, so it’ll be interesting to see how they respond to it. And Why So Serious? is here too. I know they’ve struggled with roster issues already. Last time I left them for dead, they made a nice second half run. Here’s hoping they do it again.


Prediction: Public Enemy vs Tight Ends In Motion, the revenge matchup we all want.


This Week’s Games:


Sloppy Seconds vs Why So Serious? (+9) – There’s no time quite like the present for both of these teams to battle for their first victory. Clearly, that means they’re going to tie. While they have a combined 0-9 record here, one team is looking a lot closer to competing in the division right now than the other. SLOPPY SECONDS BY 10


Public Enemy vs Tight Ends In Motion (+4) – TEIM’s loss last week to Eyes Downtown was probably the worst thing that could’ve happened to PE in their off week. With the sting of that loss fresh in their minds, Tight Ends is going to be more focused than ever. This is the game both teams have been waiting for. There might be blood. But it’s hard to go against the champs until someone knocks them off. PUBLIC ENEMY BY 8


Tight Ends In Motion vs Why So Serious? (+25) – If TEIM loses to PE before this game, I’m going to feel very sorry for WSS. This could get very ugly. TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 23


Eyes Downtown vs Sticky Bandits (+14) – Eyes Downtown is riding high right now, but so is Sticky Bandits. Both teams are coming off big wins, but it’s a lot more impressive to beat Tight Ends In Motion than it is to beat the collection of people who weren’t good enough to stay on the TEIM roster. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 13




Last Week’s Games:

Peachy Platoon 26, A&A 20

Slytherin That End Zone 30, Bullet Club 26

Mountain Dew Me 36, When Dove Cries 22

XTC 38, Scared Hitless 30

Mountain Dew Me 36, Slytherin That End Zone 30

Losing Streak 84, Passed Our Prime 29

Scared Hitless 46, Passed Our Prime 40


               Peachy and A&A went head to head in a great game that saw Peachy take a one score game against two of the best teams in the division. SITE and Bullet Club played another great game that saw a dropped TD on the game’s last play end it. MDM ran all over Team Topper and cruised to an easy win. XTC held off Scared Hitless to get their first win, and then Scared Hitless went out and beat Passed Our Prime to get theirs. MDM and SITE played another very good back and forth game that ended in one score. And finally, Losing Streak obliterated Passed Our Prime. I guess there were MULTIPLE pick 8s in the game’s final minutes.


The Contenders:

Peachy Platoon (4-1-1)

When Dove Cries (3-1-1)

A&A (3-1)

Mountain Dew Me (3-1)

Slytherin That End Zone (2-2)

Losing Streak (2-2)

Bullet Club (2-2)


The Pretenders:

XTC (1-3)

Scared Hitless (1-4)

Passed Our Prime (0-4)


               There seems to be a line in the standings right around the 7th and 8th teams. Unless POP magically gets their roster to show up for the second half of the season, they’re missing the playoffs. While it’s awesome that XTC and Scared Hitless got their first wins, they got them against the other “bottom 3” teams. One of these teams will make the playoffs though, and honestly now that I’m hearing Scared Hitless finally got female star Jaimie Warren back who missed the whole season before last week, look for them to be a much tougher out. They can sneak into the 8 seed, but I don’t know if they can compete with a Peachy Platoon just yet. Peachy sits atop the division, benefitting from playing an extra game so far. When Dove Cries is right behind them, showing that last season was more because of the players who didn’t play than those who did. A&A sits in 3rd place, although it seems Matty Ice is going to miss some time to rest his injuries. That puts Travis behind center, but also takes him off the field at receiver. Mountain Dew Me had an excellent week last week, and I’m VERY interested to see how the second half of their season goes. Joey is doing some excellent work here. SITE sits at 2-2, but they’ve only had their starting QB for all of one of those games. Losing Streak continues to have a very good first TSL season, most recently asserting their dominance over POP. When this team is on, they’re ON. And they have the bonus of the other teams not really knowing them as well just yet. Bullet Club is hard to figure out. On one hand, they’re two plays away from being 4-0. On the other hand, their two wins came against the bottom two teams in the division. I have no idea what kind of team they really are just yet.


Prediction: The last time that Peachy, Team Topper, and A&A lead the division, none of them made the championship game. In an extremely close division, I’m going to say we’ll see Losing Streak take on Slytherin That End Zone in the finals.


This Week’s Games:


Bullet Club vs XTC (+2) – XTC hasn’t had the easiest go of things this season, but it’s not as though they magically forgot how to play football. You can’t take them lightly, even in a “down” year. While BC still perplexes me, I want to lean towards them being better than they seem right now. This game will go a long way in showing that. BULLET CLUB BY 7


Losing Streak vs Scared Hitless (+11) – Not the best timing for Scared Hitless here. While they’ve seemed to find their offense lately, they run into the division’s highest scoring team. Scared Hitless’ biggest problem right now might be figuring out how to stop teams on defense, and this isn’t the team to try to work on that against. LOSING STREAK BY 16


A&A vs Bullet Club (+5) – The biggest story of course is going to be the lack of Matty Ice behind center for A&A. They already struggled a little to score points and losing one of the game’s best wont help that. Where they shine is on defense, and this game will come down to if A&A can stop Scotty Dro and Co. A&A BY 3


Slytherin That End Zone vs When Dove Cries (+2) – Another matchup of two closely matched teams. The biggest questions are on the side of who’s going to show up for each team? Will we see Newman? Will Topper’s newest weapon Devin return from injury? Lots of questions, no real answers. WHEN DOVE CRIES BY 3


When Dove Cries vs XTC (+1) – I understand the love for XTC considering they’re awesome people who’ve played this game for 100 years. 1 point feels wrong here though. WDC is just better. Assuming Topper isn’t awful. WHEN DOVE CRIES BY 7


Slytherin That End Zone vs Passed Our Prime (+9) – Until I see Bloomfield show up for POP, it’s hard to give them a win against any of the other teams in the division. SITE BY 17


Mountain Dew Me vs A&A (+1) – While we’ll miss the Joey Batts vs Matty Ice matchup we all want, it’s going to be very interesting to see if A&A can slow down the much speedier MDM. This isn’t an upset because they’re giving points, but this is the game MDM officially announces themselves as D2 top contenders. MDM BY 9




Last Week’s Games:

Frodo Swaggins 45, Matty’s Angels 33

Vaspian 49, Wolfpack 9

Grey Hair Don’t Care 33, Vaspian 7

Grey Hair Don’t Care 42, Matty’s Angels 27


               Matty’s Angels have gone straight to Matty’s Ankles as his injuries combined with a lot of drops had the girls in trouble all day. With Matty on the mend, Bro Kleckler steps into the QB role and it’ll be fun to see how that goes. Frodo Swaggins is the best team in D3, and they continue to prove it. Their offseason roster changes led to them being a more complete team, as some of the newer players are much better than the old ones I’m told. Vaspian grabbed their first victory of the season, followed by getting beat up by Grey Hair. Grey Hair then went on to beat the Angels to go 2-0 on the day.


The Contenders:

Frodo Swaggins (4-0)

Top Shot (3-0)

All We Do Is Quinn (2-1)


Almost There:

Grey Hair (2-3)

Matty’s Angels (2-2)


The Pretenders:

Vaspian (1-3)

Wolfpack (1-4)

The Untouchaballs (1-3)


               It’s weird not saying the Angels aren’t a Contender, but for the first time in a long time it feels like they’re needing to adjust and learn how to win in D3. They can do it of course, but it’s okay that there’s a learning curve. I mean, they don’t need reinforcements or something, they have the roster they need to win the division, I just see it happening next season. Frodo Swaggins is flourishing with Garrett at QB, and it’s becoming clear they’re the team to beat in the division. Top Shot would like to have something to say about that, but I want to see a little bit more out of them before awarding them the title. And of course, you can’t count out AWDIQ, where they only lost to Frodo in a game they could’ve won. The top is heavy in D3. Grey Hair looked impressive last week but we need to see them do it against the better teams. Vaspian, Wolfpack, and The Untouchaballs all have some work to do to be considered anything more than a “virtual bye week” in the playoffs.


Prediction: Frodo Swaggins takes on All We Do Is Quinn in the finals. A true rivalry game befitting a D3 championship that both want and deserve.


This Week’s Games:


Vaspian vs The Untouchaballs (+2) – The rise of Vaspian may continue here as they come off a big win last week. This is another winnable game for them as it seems like the Untouchaballs cant quite get it together yet. This one will be close, but VASPIAN BY 3


Top Shot vs The Untouchaballs (+9) – Rough week for Untouchaballs. Top Shot has been cruising against lesser competition and I expect that to continue. TOP SHOT BY 18


The Angels vs Wolfpack (+17) – Wolfpack can’t get anything going on either side of the ball. They’re the worst offense and defense in D3. They’ve attempted QB changes and everything. It’s just not working out for them, which happens with a new team. They may be better situated for D4. No Matty, No problem for the girls this week. THE ANGELS BY 24


Top Shot vs All We Do Is Quinn (+3) – NOW WE’RE TALKING. This is a big time matchup between two title contenders. We can see just how “for real” Top Shot is, as they take on the perennial playoff chokers in Quinn. We all know regular season Quinn is the best version of them, and I’m excited to see this big time marquee matchup. Give me the team that’s played together for forever. ALL WE DO IS QUINN BY 1


Frodo Swaggins vs Grey Hair Don’t Care (+8) – With Grey Hair having a nice week last week, they won’t be able to catch Frodo off guard in this one. Every vibe I get from Frodo is that they’re very focused and they want that title. They can’t sleep on Grey Hair though, who has to look at this game as a statement one for them. Let’s see if they answer the call. FRODO SWAGGINS BY 2




Last Week’s Games:

Practice Squad 43, Woodpeckers 20

Buffalo Vice 28, TOX 27

Jabronies 34, Not So Sticky 13

Itches and Ohs 32, Cobblestone 30


               Practice Squad continues to hum along here in D4, this time disposing of the overmatched Woodpeckers. Buffalo Vice is the class of the division, but it took Topper overthrowing a game winning 2 point conversion for them to escape TOX. Jabronies continue to learn how to play with each other, this time getting by Not So Sticky. And Itches and Ohs come up with a nice win against Cobblestone in a very close contest!


The Contenders:

Buffalo Vice (3-1)

Cunning Stunts (3-0)

Practice Squad (3-1)


Almost There:

Itches and Ohs (3-1)

Jabronies (2-2)

Freeballers (1-1)

Cobblestone (1-2)

TOX (1-3)


The Pretenders:

Woodpeckers (1-3)

Not So Sticky (1-3)


               Realistically, I can only see one of the top 3 teams walking away with the D4 title this session. Buffalo Vice, provided they can beat their nemesis in the Stunts, look very good this season, new jerseys included. It truly feels like its their time. But the Stunts haven’t lost a game yet and they look great now that the band is back together after an off year because of COVID. It’d be a great story to see them take D4, and then walk up to D3 to battle the Angels next season. Practice Squad fits in perfectly in D4, and moving up was *not* an issue for them at all. B has them humming along on offense, and their defense looks like it can hold its own against anyone in the league. Itches and Ohs sit at 3-1, which is pretty nice when you consider that they needed to patch together a roster last second. They have *extremely* underrated girls, and Steve Moser can sling it. They don’t feel as complete as the other three teams above them however. A strong second half can fix that. Jabronies are another team that’s getting used to each other and as a result, find themselves in the middle of things. Joe Miano is sliding into D4 QB of the Year chatter as hes taken a new roster and is getting better each week. I don’t know what to think of the Freeballers. That’s not a knock on this team, its just that they’ve only played two games: a 30-0 win, and a 43-19 loss. They have like two games a week for the rest of the season, so we’ll learn quickly if they’re a contender or a pretender. We just don’t have enough data yet. Cobblestone is still shaking off a little bit of rust, and if they right the ship a little bit, they can climb the standings. They’ve only played 3 games in two weeks so far, it’ll be nice to see how high this team can go. TOX is 1-3, but they’ve lost two games going for the game winning 2 point conversion on the final play (including the 1 point loss to Vice last week). If Topper wasn’t the only QB in the world that can overthrow Aaron, they’d be 3-1 and most likely in the “contender” category. They have male talent for days, but their females are the weak point here. They’re one decent to good woman away from really being the class of D4. The Woodpeckers came in like a wrecking ball and now they’re just wrecking themselves. D4 might’ve been too high of a jump up for them, but D6 wasn’t the place for them either. They need a better QB and they could probably do some damage, but it doesn’t look likely that it’ll happen this season. Not So Sticky is Jeff Krol’s passion project, but the team that’s there to have fun isn’t really doing too much on the field yet. I’m not 100% sure if they’re trying or not. That’s not a jab either, I just don’t know how much they’re valuing “fun” over “playing well”.


Prediction: Buffalo Vice takes on their old nemesis in the Cunning Stunts in the finals. It’s chalk, but it’s a great storyline too. Can Vice overcome?


This Week’s Games:


Practice Squad vs Freeballers (+10) – The answer to “who are the Freeballers?” comes quickly for D4 as they take on a very capable PS team. Renee has “the Squad” looking good in D4, and while I’d like to know more players on this team, I can’t without a lovely “this is the Practice Squad update” email from someone there. (This has to be you Kenny. Come on.) This game will be fun, I think. PRACTICE SQUAD BY 3


TOX vs Cobblestone (+1) -  Darryl vs. Topper. That’s all anyone ever wants in this life. There’s nothing else that needs to be said here. Break out the Coronas. TOX BY 3


Freeballers vs Not So Sticky (+14) – The Freeballers are going to take this game much more seriously than NSS, and I can see them walking away with one here. FREEBALLERS BY 17


Cunning Stunts vs Cobblestone (+7) – The Stunts are just on a different level here right now than Cobblestone is. CUNNING STUNTS BY 10


Cunning Stunts vs Not So Sticky (+20) – The Stunts are just on a different level here right now than Not Sticky is. CUNNING STUNTS BY 17


Itches and Ohs vs Woodpeckers (+18) -  Itches has been playing quite well this season, while the Peckers have not. I can’t envision the upset here, though I do expect to see the Peckers turn around their misfortune as soon as they get on the same page with each other. ITCHES AND OHS BY 4


Practice Squad vs TOX (+11) – 11 points feels like the right number when you look at the records, but currently this game should be touted as the best in the division this week. Look for a fun back and forth battle, that comes down to the wire. PRACTICE SQUAD BY 1 WHEN TOPPER OVERTHROWS AARON ON A GAME WINNING 2 POINT CONVERSION.




Last Week’s Scores:

Breast Friends 43, University Wealth Management 28

Puckett All-Stars 44, Show Me Dem TDs 34

Wasted Potential 55, ILF 33

Zack Attack 31, Wasted Potential 30


               Wasted Potential is not living up to their namesake as they smacked around ILF and then took the division leaders to the wire, losing by a single point to Zack Attack in an awesome game. Breast Friends took care of business on UWM, and Puckett walked away with a solid victory over Show Me. Not a ton of action, but lots of good games and interesting outcomes as we hit the halfway mark in D5.


The Contenders:

Zack Attack (5-0)

Breast Friends (4-2)

Wasted Potential (3-2)

ILF (3-2)


Almost There:

Puckett All-Stars (2-2)


The Pretenders:

The Bambs (1-2)

Show Me Dem TDs (1-4)

University Wealth Management (0-5)


               Zack Attack is the current #1 team in the weird TSL overall rankings that the standings page does. Their defense is tremendous, but they showed this week they can score if they need to to win. They feel like the most complete team in the division that is still improving with each week. Breast Friends are very good as they’re coming together as a team. As we know, any gender team that’s firing on all cylinders is a tough out for any Co-ed team. Wasted Potential might be the most talented team in the division overall, even as they’re still putting it all together. They look better in the minds of most everyone else than they did last week, with a dominating win over ILF and the 1 point loss to Zack Attack. Would anyone be surprised if they took the title? Nope. ILF has rapidly improved under Dave Baker, but there’s still some holes they’re working on overall. They’re definitely in the mix, as it’s impossible for them not to be with some of the players they trot out on the field each week. Puckett All-Stars doesn’t quite feel like they’re in the tier of the other 4 teams I mentioned, but they don’t quite feel like “pretenders” either. This veteran team has proven before that they can win in the playoffs as a low seed, so if they get rolling as the playoffs approach, I don’t think it would be surprising to see them take an upset win. The Bambs haven’t adjusted to the higher division just yet, though I do think they’ll acclimate themselves by season’s end. Look for them to be big in the division in the fall for sure. Show Me Dem TDs can score with the best of them, but they have no idea how to play defense, which it turns out is a pretty important part of football. They need to figure out what they’re doing when they don’t have the ball before they can truly compete here. UWM needs a QB. They know that. Granted, they don’t have much help on the defensive side of things either, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t score. Of course, we’re getting closer to the return of Scott Keller Sr, which means they’ll instantly become championship contenders as soon as that happens.


Prediction:  Wasted Potential meets up with Zack Attack in the finals, which is a must watch for everyone at the fields that day.



This Week’s Games:


Wasted Potential vs Puckett All-Stars (+11) – Two teams that are playing well take each other on in this battle. The problem is that while both are playing well, one is playing well in a higher tier. I think we see a closer than you think game here, but the better team overall pulls it out. WASTED POTENTIAL BY 3


ILF vs UWM (+13) – The battle of the long names I don’t like typing out each time. These two teams are currently playing on two different levels. It’ll be hard to fathom a surprising upset here. ILF BY 18


The Bambs vs Show Me Dem TDs (+6) – These two teams seem closely matched, but like I said before, I’m not sure SMDTDs can stop anyone ever. The Bambs dig the long ball and they should be able to score on every possession. THE BAMBS BY 10




Last Week’s Games:

Travis Henry’s Kids 46, Graves Bros 39

Victorious Secret 43, Juiced 42

TMA 28, Blitzkrieg 27

Tater Tots 52, Lenny’s Ladies 0

Spinelli’s Plumbing 45, The Bi-Polar Express 34

Graves Bros 27, Blitzkrieg 23

Spinelli’s Plumbing 40, Juiced 19


               Travis Henry’s Kids continue to impress as they walk away with a win against Graves Bros. The New Kids on the Block show they’ve got the right stuff, as they take each game step by step and they’re always hanging tough with any opponent. Victorious Secret got their first win in awesome last second fashion! That’s really cool, extra shout out to Melissa for her play on that game winning 2 point conversion! Good work! TMA snuck out a nice win against Blitzkrieg as they have another game go down to the last drive. The Tots beat up on Lenny’s Ladies to the tune of 7 interceptions. Everything the Tots did seemed to work for them this week. Spinelli’s took a win against BPX who had Tommy Hughes throwing for them. Spinelli’s is right in the thick of things for the D6 title picture. Graves Bros went 1-1 on the day as they took a 4 point win from Blitzkrieg. BK, on the other hand, went 0-2 but only lost both games by a combined 5 points. Lastly, Spinelli’s played again and took an easy one over Juiced.


The Contenders:

Tater Tots (5-1)

Spinelli’s Plumbing (4-1)

Travis Henry’s Kids (3-1)

Graves Bros (3-2)

TMA (3-2)


Almost There:

Blitzkrieg (2-4)


The Pretenders:

Lenny’s Ladies (1-3)

The Bipolar Express (1-3)

Victorious Secret (1-3)

Juiced (0-5)


               It’s crowded at the top, that’s for sure. The Tots continue to improve since they started being a franchise, and they find themselves *very* close to a championship. Spinelli’s has really figured things out this season themselves, and they just feel different this season. I don’t know what it is, but I’m looking forward to see how they progress this year. Travis Henry’s Kids just injected themselves straight into the D6 title picture from out of nowhere. It’s awesome to see how well they’re playing. Graves Bros can’t be counted out at 3-2. There’s a reason they’ve been title favorites for a few seasons now. TMA can’t be discounted either. Remember, there’s a world where they could be 5-0 right now. They’re playing some very good football, and if they get their defense back to where it usually is, look out. That’s not to say its bad, they’re just allowing a few more points than we’re used to seeing. Blitzkrieg SHOULD be in the contenders, but they’re just missing out on the marquee wins they need. They had two shots to get one last week, and came up short both times. Hence, almost there. It’s a fair ranking. Our pretenders give us all three of the gender teams in the division, as each team is dealing with its own issues. There is improvement, sure, but I don’t think any of these teams can be considered contenders. Juiced is there too, and they have a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball still.


Prediction: Travis Henry’s Kids take on TMA in the D6 title game.


This Week’s Games:


Graves Bros vs Victorious Secret (+5) – Graves Bros can absolutely use a “statement” win to get them back on track. Enter Victorious Secret, who looked awesome last week in their win. Jordan isn’t going to make this easy for Graves. GRAVES BROS BY 2


Spinelli’s Plumbing vs Travis Henry’s Kids (+1) – A big time D6 battle that is must see TV this week. Both teams have looked excellent so far, but right now THK is playing at a higher level on defense, so I’m going to run with that. TRAVIS HENRY’S KIDS BY 4


Lenny’s Ladies vs Juiced (+1) – Two teams that could really use a feel good win right now face off in D6. Juiced had Victorious Secret right where they wanted them and let it slip away last week. Lenny’s Ladies never really had the Tots where they wanted them and things slipped away quickly last week. This game should be close and entertaining. Give me the girls here. LENNY’S LADIES BY 3


TMA vs The Bipolar Express (+3) – This is a game that always leads to fireworks. Historically, BPX would lose a good chunk of their roster to TMA since they shared girls. That’s no longer the case, so this game should be more fun with both teams trotting out full rosters. It feels like these teams are trending in opposite directions currently though. TMA BY 8



1. Can Tight Ends In Motion upset and dethrone Public Enemy? They *can* but I don’t think they will. Public Enemy still has the better QB, and the better girls overall. It’s CLOSE though. If TEIM wants to win the D1 title, it’s probably better for them to lose this one and catch PE sleeping later on.


2. How will A&A and The Angels fare without Matty Ice? It’s a shame to hear about Matty’s injury, but at least it isn’t more serious. This will hurt A&A more, not because they’re in a higher division, but because taking Travis off the field is a downgrade. If A&A limped into the playoffs, I wouldn’t be surprised. The Angels don’t get “better” per se, but having a healthy Bro throwing to them can only help, provided he figures out the gender game.


3. Who’s the best “long shot” odds to win one of the division titles? Honestly, I think Mountain Dew Me has the potential to win it all in D2 with how they’re playing. They’re going to improve as time goes on. As for a little “deeper”, Blitzkrieg is close to really making some noise D6, and you can get nice odds on them currently.


4. Who’s going to win the Breakfast Club title? Predictions for that? It seems as though the Great White Clarkes are the class of Breakfast Club this time around, look for them to play Peanut Butter Kelly Time in the finals.


5. Any current front runners to win the upcoming TSL Bachelorette? I’m not sure of who the contestants are going to be just yet, but I have a feeling we’re going to get some of the best TSLers coming out of the woodwork for this contest. Lauren might have her hands full with this one. That fool.





1. Here are your best games to watch each hour:

               9:00 – Robin’s Nest vs Great White Clarkes

               10:00 – Tight Ends In Motion vs Public Enemy

               11:00 – Bullet Club vs A&A

               12:00 – Cobblestone vs TOX

               1:00 – All We Do Is Quinn vs Top Shot

               2:00 – The Bambs vs Show Me Dem TDs

               3:00 – Frodo Swaggins vs Grey Hair Don’t Care


2. Breakfast Club predictions: Great White Clarkes 44 - Robin’s Nest 36, The EMigos 27 – Drive Me CURRazy 21, Peanut Butter Kelly Time 38 – Valkyries 31, and Stone Cold Kellers 28 – Steph It Up A Notch 27.


3. It’s looking like, from what I’m hearing, that Lenny and Rameer day keeps getting better and better. I think there will be music. Topper, Dunk Tank?


4. Even as COVID protocols are slowing everywhere around us, we’re still continuing our processes at the fields until we’re told otherwise. Keep this in mind, and thank you for your cooperation!


5. The Topper vs Travis betting spectacular continues, and Topper is dominating Travis. Yet again, I didn’t get the bets for this week, which makes for an uninteresting topic for me to tell you guys about. Woo.


6. Yet again, if you want more publicity in this article, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today! Tell me about your team!

7. Looks like the Power Rankings Committee couldn’t get their shit together this week, still haven’t seen a sniff of an article from them. Don’t they know that Friday is Godfather Day? There’s a reason this article is the most “must read” thing on the website for the last decade. Then again, I’ve been doing this so long that I know how to properly get these things done on time.


8. I think we need a TSL Talent Show. Could you imagine having some judges (Joe K, Topper, Darryl Carr, and a female come to mind) while we finally get to see which Bernal is the best singer? Or we found out that Dave Walter is actually a mime? Did you know JZ could juggle? I’d love to see what else our TSL family can do.


9. Thanks to those who bought Topper a Corona and took a picture with him. A lot of you didn’t send me your pictures though, and I’d love to see them! Send them to me.


10. Billy Gunn is the best referee we have. Don’t @ me.


There’s less than 24 hours before you guys get to descend upon the Rose Garden for some more awesome TSL fun! Be safe out there and keep taking care of each other!


I’ll be in the cut.



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