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Ladies and Gentlemen of the TSL Universe: Welcome to Week 5! 


We’ve had 4 weeks of TSL football before this week, and we’ll have 4 weeks of TSL football after it. We’re at the top of the hill, and we’re about to come flying down the other side as the Race for Social Co-Ed Football Immortality really starts to take shape. 


At this point, you are who you are. No amount of “bad luck”, “getting Billy’d”, or “missing people” excuses can really help the “have nots” of the league this year. And let’s not forget last week’s excuse: “There was wind!”. Everyone starts the league with championship aspirations (except for Not So Sticky, who are really just there to drink and litter apparently, and the Freeballers, who know that lightning doesn’t strike twice) but at this point you’re coming to the realization that maybe, this just isn’t your season. Again. 


I was delighted to see the TSLQBPRC rank the best teams of all time, and it got me thinking that I want to rank something too. At this point, there was only one clear choice. I’m going to give you my “Disappointment Rankings”. Basically, who is falling short of my preseason expectations? Record will play into it, obviously, but it won’t be the end all be all. If you’re on this list, chances are your team group chat is slightly bitter, with one or two people that are being incredibly positive and trying to bring the team up. Or you’re EXTREMELY FOCUSED on getting your next game in the win column as you’re feeling the pressure. 


Whatever the case may be, I’m disappointed in you. 


First up in the rankings, the dishonorable mentions: TOX, Bullet Club, People Who Don’t Help Reffing, The Rose Garden Bar Prices, Lesser Leagues That Rip Off The TSL, Sleezin Szn, Litterbugs, and When Dove Cries. 


All of you are doing terrible, but you don’t make the Disappointment Rankings Top 10 because you’re just doing exactly what we all expected of you. 


Now for the list: 


10. Cobblestone (Not Including Darryl, Obviously) - You had one job last week. Darryl spent multiple weeks putting his body (and Hair) on the line, and gifting you clowns a 4-0 record. And the one time he doesn’t show up, and trusts you to win the game without him, you lose 28-12 to a PWI team who’s better known for having Hero females than completing passes. If Darryl is there you win this game by 30. You let him down, which is of course, a big disappointment. 


9. Can’t Touch This - Okay, I’ll admit, not a single person in the league had any expectations for you. You would just show up, lose by a bunch, and roll back home to apparently nurse the hangovers from the night before. And then, you won a game! That’s awesome, and it’s akin to watching a toddler take its first wobbly steps. On top of it, you beat a really good Pretender (that’s foreshadowing everyone) in your division! So, you took to the airwaves to get your message to the podcast this week. It was good to see some life out of you guys. And you know what? You did the right thing, you blamed Topper. So, you’re a team that has fun, drinks the night before football, and you DON’T hang out at the bar after your games? It sounds a little suspect, honestly. And to top it all off, you use the podcast as your way to get your message across, yet you completely ignore me asking teams to message me EXACTLY THAT TYPE OF STUFF? This article would’ve painted you all in a different light this week had that happened. You’re so close to being perfect Tellers. You almost are competitive, you almost drink at the bar with the best collection of people to do exactly that in perhaps the world, and you almost had me on your side. But instead? You’re just disappointments. 


8. Come From Behind - It hasn’t exactly been a dream season for the 1-4 squad that I thought would be doing much, much better in D5. Instead, they’ve allowed 186 points in 5 games, and they’re losing to the likes of 716. I’m not going to trash a team with an average player age of 58.34 though. Has Father Time finally won this battle? I want to say no, but time always wins, and that of course, is a disappointment. 


7. Passed Our Prime - So let me get this straight. Hogan and Company do the “Game On!” thing to do and stack their roster in a lower division with D1 stars like Sean Weisensal and Kyle Coniff, and yet they’re only 3-2? This team has allowed 173 points and look every bit the “awful defense” they always are. They had a chance to show the world they were the top dogs last week and fell right on their faces. This is why nobody knows most of your names. How disappointing. 


6. Puckett All-Stars - Puckett, you’re 1-3 and yet you still have more Points For than Against. You’re slumming it in D4, playing in the “missing the playoffs” range with the Today’s Feasts, Can’t Touch Thises, and TOXes of the world. You’re better than this, and I expect more out of you. I get it, the weather is changing, and those mostly old joints are creaking. You can smell the Bio-Freeze all the way in Iowa when you guys play, but that isn’t an excuse. Get back on the winning path, please. You missing the playoffs would be, well, a disappointment. 


5. Topper - You’re the logo of the league. The face that runs the place. And you haven’t played a single down of football yet. B’s Brother has shown up EVERY WEEK to watch you play, and you’ve done nothing but let him down. While I’m sure you’re training very, very hard every day to make your comeback, it’s beginning to get a little questionable if you’re going to play at all this year. As always, you’re a disappointment. 


4. Legends - You know, I spent weeks hyping up how dominant this team was going to be. That you were the perfect example of what a Social Co-Ed Football Team should be. And all you’ve continued to do is disappoint those expectations. You’re 3-1. Joey’s Noodle Arm has your offense teetering on being worst in the league. You’re only a play or two away from being 1-3. THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SCARED OF? This is what I get for believing in you. 


3. Zack Attack - You just put up 8 points against a winless team. You lost to ILF the week before and only put up 14 points. Your two wins were against TOX, who allegedly lost an exhibition game against a team from the afternoon Doodle Bugs session this week, and the Varsity Has Beens who were playing their first game ever as a team. You’re one of the biggest phonies in the league right now. Sure, your defense is legit, but your offense is shit. I assume that’s your team slogan. And I’ve heard you don’t even hang at the bar long enough anymore playing darts? This disappointment is apparently too much Zack and not enough Attack. 


2. Itches And Ohs - I had the highest hopes for this team. They don’t get enough credit for how good they’ve been in recent seasons, but right now? Awful. Yeah, you’ve scored 160 points, but you still can’t stop anyone. What’s more, you got SMOKED by your biggest competition in The Untouchaballs and 4th And Something. And don’t even get me started on how you lost to the Freeballers. You need to up your game a level, and fast. It’s incredibly disappointing to see that you can’t compete for the D3 title. 


1. Blitzkrieg - Disappointment, to me, is spelled B-L-I-T-Z-K-R-I-E-G. I’ve done nothing but support you guys’ time and time again. I’ve personally apologized and made things right when I’ve gotten things wrong about you. Nobody is a bigger fan than I am. But you’re getting beaten up left and right. You’re a 2-point conversion attempt away from being 0-5. I’m aware you have 2 wins, but you can’t be proud of that “freebie” forfeit win that you were getting killed in anyway. I heard the league was having internal discussions about starting a D7 for you at this rate. I know Light Red Hoodie Guy and Allie were super important to the team, but I didn’t realize they were the whole show. Maybe I’m just hurt for always supporting you, but you’re really starting to make me look bad in this league. I need you guys and girls to remember who you are and get your shit together. But for what it’s worth, I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed. 


And there you have it folks, the biggest disappointments of the #TSLSpring2022 Season so far. Now let’s get to the good part.




Last Week’s Games:


Sticky Bandits 20, Tight Ends In Motion 19

Eyes Downtown 38, Legends 24


Sticky Bandits take out their longtime rival in the most recent edition of the “Baker Bowl”, cementing that D1 is an attainable goal for them. Meanwhile, Eyes Downtown finally arrived this season, taking the overrated Legends behind the woodshed for a big win. D1 just got interesting again, as we start up the D1/D2 Crossovers this week. 


This Week’s Games:


Legends vs Tight Ends In Motion (+6) - In a perfect world, TEIM throws a haymaker or two at the Legends, beats them, and REALLY has us question who’s going to win D1 all year. Unfortunately for them, it really feels like the Legends got a wakeup call last week that this isn’t going to be easy. LEGENDS BY 12


Eyes Downtown vs Sticky Bandits (+3) - I’m aware the Bandits won the last matchup from earlier this season, but Eyes Downtown feels a little more “on fire” right now. Old friend Chris Franjoine dusted off his typewriter to send me a message this week, and he basically had this to say: Eyes Downtown is dangerous, and we shouldn’t be sleeping on them. He proceeded to speak so highly of the usual suspects: Cody, Delecki, Bobby, and Rachel, but he also let me in on a couple of well-kept secrets that are just about to be talked about more and more: Josh and Kenzie. It seems everything is coming together for ED, and you just KNEW Bobby had a plan. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 8


D1/D2 Crossover Game: 


Sticky Bandits vs Scared Hitless (+10) - Our first Crossover of the season is this week, as Scared Hitless gets to put its undefeated season on the line against a Sticky Bandits team that hasn’t played as well in D1 as they’re playing now. Two teams on top of their games in their respective divisions is a heck of a start for Crossovers. So, we may as well go big from the get-go: SCARED HITLESS BY 7. 




Last Week’s Games:


Passed Our Prime 30, Grey Hair Don’t Care 29

Grey Hair Don’t Care 36, When Dove Cries 25

DILFs 36, Bullet Club 18

Scared Hitless 38, Passed Our Prime 32


Passed Our Prime squeaks by Grey Hair in the first game of their doubleheader before dropping a huge game against Scared Hitless in a battle for 1st overall. Grey Hair rebounded from the POP loss into getting their first win in D2 against WDC. The Dilfs proceeded to double up on Bullet Club. 


This Week’s Games:


DILFs Vs When Dove Cries (+6) - WDC feels like they’re in trouble. That was a bad loss to Grey Hair, and now they’re going against a DILFs team that is on a decent roll. I know they’re waiting for Topper’s return, but how much better will they be when that happens? DILFS BY 8


Passed Our Prime vs Bullet Club (+10) - These two met earlier in the season, where POP took a 49-36 victory over BC. If you’re going to bet on anything in the TSL this week, the over/under for this game sits at 75 ½. Bet the over. Neither of these teams can stop anyone. PASSED OUR PRIME BY 7


Scared Hitless vs Grey Hair Don’t Care (+9) - Scared Hitless gets a doubleheader this week, and they get a spry GHDC for the second game. Grey Hair is growing a little bit every week, which I believe is the plan. Improve little by little and surprise people in the playoffs. With how Scared Hitless is playing right now, they might not have improved enough just yet. SCARED HITLESS BY 10


The Notorious BNB vs Bullet Club (+3) - One thing is for certain: This game is going to go down to the last play. The question will be who has the ball going for the win or not. These games are usually close ones, and I don’t expect this one to be any different. Bullet Club always pulls out a win or two during the regular season, and I can’t envision them going 0-9. BULLET CLUB BY 2


DILFs vs Grey Hair Don’t Care (+7) - Same as the Scared Hitless game for GHDC, the Dilfs might be a little too advanced for them here. DILFS BY 8




Last Week’s Games:


Frodo Swaggins 31, Show Me Dem TDs 27

The Untouchaballs 37, 4th And Something 12

Freeballers 27, Itches and Ohs 15

Buffalo Vice 31, Sleezin Szn 14


Frodo Swaggins has begun their usual midseason lull where it feels like they get bored after a hot start thing, and they escape a very game Show Me Dem TDs. The Untouchaballs proceeded to kick the stuffing out of 4th and Something in what was a lackluster “Game Of The Day” pick by me. The Freeballers stifled the Itches and Ohs defense which now has everyone wondering what’s wrong with Itches. And finally, FINALLY, Buffalo Vice wakes up and remembered who they are, taking a big win from Sleezin Szn without any real issue. 


This Week’s Games:


Frodo Swaggins vs Buffalo Vice (+9) - Is this the time to ride the hot hand? Buffalo Vice picked up their first D3 win, as they started to look like the team, we all know they are. And as I just said, Frodo is starting to do that thing where they kind of stink midseason. I don’t know if Garrett gets bored and tries more trick plays or something, but if they don’t reign it in, they’ll be upset. But they’re in trouble anyway since Dan finally emailed me. The good vibes are sent his way. BUFFALO VICE BY 4


The Untouchaballs vs Show Me Dem TDs (+13) - Show Me Dem TDs gets the misfortune of running into the TSL’s hottest team at the wrong time. It’ll be hard to gel as a team, as SMDTDs is trying to do, when you get the team that trots out potential QB of the Year Jeremy Burr, the best guy nobody knows Matt Helm, and of course future “best female in the league” Melanie Linamar. This is very, very bad timing for Show Me. THE UNTOUCHABALLS BY 17


Itches and Ohs vs Sleezin Szn (+5) - Sleezin really needs to get a win, just for their own confidence. It’s not as though they don’t have the players to do it. Matt Newman is somehow underrated as a QB nowadays, and any team that can trot out Parker, Dorene, and Nicole will have an advantage and are going to put up points. They just need to put it together. Itches and Ohs, meanwhile, need to figure out what defense is. After sliding by on suspect D to win D4 last year, they kind of forgot to work on that in the offseason. Both teams have known QBs and known females. So, which random, unknown, non-descript guy is going to step up and make the plays needed here? It doesn’t matter. Steve Moser is at his best when the entire world is doubting him.  ITCHES AND OHS BY 15




Last Week’s Games:


Can’t Touch This 21, Zack Attack 8

Practice Squad 35, Puckett All-Stars 31

Interdimensional Lightning Falcons 34, Spinelli’s Plumbing 32

Spinelli’s Plumbing 44, TOX 16

XMD 56, Varsity Has Beens 32

Today’s Feast 56, TOX 14

Vaspian 20, Cunning Stunts 17


Zack Attack is playing checkers when everyone else is playing football. As a result, Can’t Touch This, gets their first victory before declaring more will be on the way. Practice Squad and Puckett slug one out, with the Squad taking the narrow win. ILF has the most incredible and unexplainable victory in the TSL this season, defeating Spinelli’s Plumbing who must’ve all been on Quaaludes for this game. Spinelli’s would rebound and take the victory over TOX after though. XMD is putting up some points now, as they’re the second highest scoring team in the division after Spinelli’s through 4 games. VHB’s efforts shouldn’t be discount either, even in the loss. Today’s Feast has the best game in their existence, getting a big win. And last but certainly not least, Vaspian takes perhaps the biggest win they’ve had ever, beating the Stunts and announcing to the world that they’re for real. 


This Week’s Games: 


Spinelli’s Plumbing vs Can’t Touch This (+14) – If Can’t Touch This did have one good point in their verbal assault against Topper, it’s this: Vaspian (4-0), Cunning Stunts (3-1, lost to Vaspian), and Practice Squad (4-0) is a brutal slate to start the season. Then they played Zack Attack, who normally aren’t slouches either. So, what do they get next? The highest scoring team in the division, Spinelli’s Plumbing, also 3-1. Apparently, Topper didn’t like being told he couldn’t touch them, so he gave them the hardest schedule possible to show that he could. SPINELLI’S PLUMBING BY 18


Interdimensional Lightning Falcons vs Today’s Feast (+16) - The only reason I’ve typed out ILF’s full name is because they’ve got my attention. Andrew Kicak has a roster that has the right pieces: QB Joe Miano is a winner, Alex Baker has his Dad’s DNA, they have Breakfast Captains Becca and Courtney to go with Christina Nelson and Lauren O’ Brien to form a better than you think roster of girls, and while I don’t know much about the other guys, all reports back to me are that they’re all solid or better. Last week, they finally put it all together. Today’s Feast has had a hell of a road to this point. It’s not the easiest of starts (this includes last year) and I still think D5 is in their future (again, not a demotion as it’s a smart move that’s worked for others in the past), but it had to feel great to get that win for them. They shouldn’t get used to it, at least not this week. ILF BY 13


Practice Squad vs Vaspian (+3) - The D4 heavyweights duke it out as our 4-0 teams battle to see who will be on the top of the mountain when the day ends. The schedules were similar too, they both beat CTT and Puckett. Here’s the difference though: PS inflated some numbers in a 42-14 win over TOX, and they barely squeaked by ILF. Vaspian had a harder road. They beat the Has Beens and then they just beat the Stunts. Vaspian is playing how I’ve thought they should’ve played since they got into the league. Last week they staked their claim to the mountain top, this week they make sure they’re the only ones on it. VASPIAN BY 6


Zack Attack vs Puckett All-Stars (+1) - This is going to be a game right here. Puckett needs a win over a team above them in the standings. Right now, Zack Attack has the 64th best offense in a 52-team league. Puckett’s offense can, and will, be slowed but as long as they play slightly better defense than they’re used to, they’ll finally get that signature win on this season. PUCKETT ALL-STARS BY 4


Varsity Has Beens vs TOX (+10) - Varsity has been solid in every game they’ve played so far, and perhaps they’re feeling a little like they “should’ve had” another game or two this season already. TOX has been the cure for what ails ya this season, but if what the podcast said was true, they’ll be able to get a bit better on defense with Adrian playing now. That’s a win for everyone. Except for TOX this game. VARSITY HAS BEENS BY 2




Last Week’s Games:


Passing While Intoxicated 28, Cobblestone Without Darryl 12

716 37, Come From Behind 31

Tater Tots 22, Not So Sticky 15

Red Zone Mafia 22, TMA 16

Not So Sticky 18, Two Tuddies 18


PWI gets a win against a bunch of people who lost their leader and it showed last week. Hopefully Darryl Carr QB Superstar returns this week. 716 gets a nice win over Come From Behind in a bit of a shootout. The Tots stay hot, dispatching Not So Sticky, who would then go and rip victory from the hands of the Tud Buds in the form of a late game tie. And in a moderately stunning upset, the Red Zone Mafia gets by TMA, giving them another loss after a hot start. 


This Week’s Games:


Red Zone Mafia vs Passing While Intoxicated (+8) - RZM shocked the world a bit against TMA last week, but it means nothing if they come in and lay an egg against PWI. PWI is coming off a feel good win last week themselves, so we have two teams on the rise here, hoping to continue the success. I think RZM is a bit more seasoned this time around, and Blake looks to be developing nicely at QB. They’re going to be there when the smoke clears. RED ZONE MAFIA BY 7


TMA vs Passing While Intoxicated (+10) - As if things couldn’t get more fun for PWI, they’re getting a TMA team that’s been given a wakeup call in recent weeks that said “Hey, this won’t be as easy as it seems”. The problem for PWI is that a healthy, full roster for TMA that’s also focused is a scary thing for D5 still. Don’t let the losses fool you, they’re still top contenders for this title. TMA BY 14


716 vs Two Tuddies (+6) - The Tuddies were close to their first victory last week before blowing it at the end. But it signifies one thing: Progress. A win is in their future. This team seems to really get the TSL experience. They show up, have fun, play good football (or try to, anyway), and they usually have a few people at the bar afterwards, chatting with everyone and not just sticking to their own. They even take some photos for social media! With that said, 716 is growing as a team too. They’re 2-1 and playing better each week. They might even be a bit overlooked by the division and maybe certain people who write articles from Iowa each week. The Tuddies don’t feel ready here. 716 BY 14


Cobblestone vs Tater Tots (+7) - If Darryl is back in the fold this week (Editor’s Note: If that information about Darryl not being there is wrong, this article is doomed) then it’s good news for the TSL. Its bad news, however, for the Tater Tots. It’s not to say the Tots are bad or anything, they aren’t, but after the Power Rankings pointed out that even though Cobblestone has been in the league for 40 years and never won a championship, well, that just feels like fate to me. COBBLESTONE BY 3


Come From Behind vs Not So Sticky (+6) - A season ago, these two combined for a very exciting playoff game. Now, they’re a combined 1-8-1. I never know what NSS’s deal is, but when your life is shot gunning beers and doing Huggie Bombs, it’s not winning games until they “matter”. CFB hasn’t had what we’d call an ideal season so far, but despite everything I said about “you are who you are at this point in the season” I don’t believe that here. I think having more consistent attendance will get more consistent play. Look for CFB to come from behind in the standings the rest of the way. COME FROM BEHIND BY 12




Last Week’s Scores:


Lettuce Win 40, Blitzkrieg 6

Travis Henry’s Kids 20, Woodpeckers 12

Travis Henry’s Kids 34, Blitzkrieg 6

Southside 35, Lenny’s Ladies 16


Lettuce Win took advantage of whatever is wrong with Blitzkrieg to pull out a very nice win. Travis Henry’s Kids avoided a scare against the Woodpeckers before beating BK themselves to go 2-0 on the day. And finally, Southside avoided some early trouble against Lenny’s Ladies before pulling away in the second half.


This Week’s Games:


Lettuce Win vs Woodpeckers (+5) - Lettuce Win has been very up and down this season, and they’ll be taking on a Woodpeckers squad that is 0-2 but could very easily be 2-0. This is a case where I don’t think the last week is representative on how well they’re both playing. WOODPECKERS BY 2


Travis Henry’s Kids vs Lenny’s Ladies (+16) - THK is just on fire. Despite a season opening loss, they’re regained their hold on the division, and should win it all unless the voices in John’s head derail him yet again. Meanwhile, the Ladies have been playing well this season, but reports are that while they’ll get deep into enemy territory, they struggle to get in the end zone. That is not a character trait you want going up against THK. TRAVIS HENRY’S KIDS BY 17




1.      Okay, but what about the teams EXCEEDING your expectations? Who are they? My Disappointment Rankings were based on who isn’t hitting my preseason expectations, so logically this should give a shout out to those going way above and beyond what I thought would be happening: Sticky Bandits, Scared Hitless, 4th And Something, The Breakfast Club Captain’s Bets, Pun kin The Clown, Freeballers, Lenny and Rameer Day (future bet), Cobblestone With Darryl, People Who Used Sunscreen, and Vaspian for sure qualify here. 


2.      What is the “Game Of The Day” this week? It’s going to be must see viewing to watch Practice Squad vs Vaspian this week, but I also would want to watch the D1/D2 Crossover game between Sticky Bandits and Scared Hitless as well. Could be interesting. 


3.      Since it sounds like you and Blitzkrieg are breaking up, who’s your new football crush? After much consideration, I think it’s fair to say that The Untouchaballs are fun. The story of Burr becoming a Top 10 QB in the league, the talented players on the team, and I’ve heard they also stick around after games and drink too? Seems like a perfect team to get on board with. 


4.      Can we go 5 for 5 with B’s Brother this week? B’s Brother has been to the fields every single week so far, which means we’re truly blessed yet again. If there is ever a reason he needs a ride, someone needs to call Joey Batts asap. 


5.      Have you SEEN our Social Media lately? I’m serious, do the league a favor and toss us a ‘like” or “follow” on Facebook “Topper Sports, LLC”, Instagram: @toppers_sports_league, on twitter: @toppersportsllc , and you can subscribe to the podcast on Spotify! Look for “Topper Sports Report” there. The more you take a second to like/follow, the better the league will be! 



1.      These Breakfast Club bets keep getting more fun from what I’m hearing. Last week saw a team pyramid/haiku reading after a loss, bras are on the line like it’s 2012, mimosas are flowing. Shout out once again to the Captains for making Breakfast Club the best part of the TSL day. 


2.      Speaking of Breakfast Club, I just noticed that there was a 44-44 TIE last week. Ties should not be happening in Breakfast Club. I propose that in the event of a tie, each team selects a “champion” who will battle in a shotgun race for the victory. 


3.      One more about Breakfast Club: The rumors of Fall BC are swirling again, aided by the fact that it decides who’s on the sublist. Anyway, here are the Predictions for this week: 

a.      The Escourts 33, Dominatrix 14

b.      Steph Infection 37, Trish’s Tiny Disasters 34

c.      Liddle Deaks 38, Jennatalia 26


4.      Topper has informed me he has MANY surprises for Lenny and Rameer Day on June 4th. I won’t stop repeating it because if you’re going to spend at least one day at the Rose Garden this season, plan for it to be this one. If you still need ideas for it Topper, just know that Lenny would’ve gotten a mime or two. 


5.      The referees have been fantastic, and once again we have new people stepping up for the challenge. Thank you to everyone that’s been helping out. I’ve been told its as smooth as it’s ever been lately. Someone stop Coach Jay from stepping down. 


6.      So, on the plus side, it’s going to be 78 degrees in Buffalo this weekend. On the downside, there’s currently a 69% (nice) chance of rain for the afternoon games. It won’t be nearly as windy though, so that helps. Wear your sunscreen. 


7.      Shout out to Topper for going above and beyond last weekend when he handed out “TSL Hero” shirts to the ladies who rushed to the aid of a fellow TSLer a few weeks ago. He didn’t have to do that, but he had to let you know just how amazing and important you all are. It was quite the story to hear. 


8.      There’re a few bad apples that have brought in some outside alcohol to the fields. Please don’t do that. It really, really makes the bar mad. Understandably so, I might add. Don’t do it. 


9.      Yet again, if you want to get more publicity in the article, you just have to email (like others do!) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It takes no time at all. 


10.  Finally, your “Best Games to Watch” Schedule for Saturday: 

a.      10:00 - Sticky Bandits vs Scared Hitless

b.      11:00 - Buffalo Vice vs Frodo Swaggins

c.      12:00 - Bullet Club vs The Notorious BNB

d.      1:00 - Practice Squad vs Vaspian

e.      2:00 - DILFs vs Grey Hair Don’t Care

f.       3:00 - Sleezin Szn vs Itches And Ohs


And that’s the bottom line, because the Godfather said so. 



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