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We’ve gotten over the hump, TSLers.


The TSL #Spring2022 Season is now officially on the backend of the regular season. I know, it seems like just yesterday that the hope and wonder that every new season has was upon us. 


Not anymore. As I’ve said before, we’ve really begun to see who teams are. Some teams’ early misfires have been erased with some wins (Can’t Touch This), yet others still can’t get anything together (Bullet Club). That works both ways of course, with some really hot starts looking like they were prophetic of what was to be (Cobblestone), while others look like their early success was perhaps a farce (Spinelli’s Plumbing). 


With most teams having played half their games (as somehow it's Week 6 and handful of teams have only played THREE games!), it can only mean one thing: It’s time for the Updated Championship Odds! 


Let’s get right to work and discuss who’s clearly winning the championship. 




Odds To Win The Championship: 


Legends (3-1)

Eyes Downtown (6-1)

Sticky Bandits (10-1)

Tight Ends In Motion (20-1)


The Synopsis:  The Legends come in as the favorites still, but they’re not punishing D1 as previously thought. My various sources say this comes as a result of not always having their high caliber players available, and Travis’ play bringing down the more talented players around him. Eyes Downtown figured out whatever they needed to figure out early on, and have been winning since, going 3-0. The team is firing on all cylinders, making them ready to steal the D1 crown. Sticky Bandits have put up more of a fight in D1 this year than ever before. I’m not sure Mike Thomas was the best QB overall when he was named that in the early season, but don’t let that distract that he’s really damn good. The Sticky offense is the best it’s ever been, but conversely, that defense might be at its worst. If they don’t figure something out, they’ll be on the outside looking in. Finally, and this feels weird to say, Tight Ends is the worst team in D1 right now. I’m sure that’s got everything to do with bringing Ben Stack back onto the team. We’ve mentioned before that if they didn’t overcome the big, big losses they’ve had on the roster this year, they’d be in trouble, and now I hear they even have issues getting any women to the fields, after routinely rolling out 5 of them. 20-1 odds might have been too nice, but I didn’t make them. 


Midseason Prediction: Eyes Downtown upsets the Legends in the championship. 


Last Week’s Games:


Sticky Bandits 33, Scared Hitless 30 (Crossover Game)

Legends 38, Tight Ends In Motion 16

Eyes Downtown 49, Sticky Bandits 48


Legends beat down a sad TEIM, Sticky survives a very game Scared Hitless before dropping a heartbreaker to Eyes Downtown. 


This Week’s Games:


Legends vs Sticky Bandits (+3) - I think in every Sticky game you just take the points right? Its going to end up being a 1-2 point game every time. The Legends took a 30-29 win last time, and that feels about right here. LEGENDS BY 1


Eyes Downtown vs Tight Ends In Motion (+9) - A classic contest that pits a team that’s on fire versus a bunch of has beens on the downslope. The only difference is that there’s no way Eyes Downtown is overlooking TEIM, because they know how dangerous that can be. The train keeps rolling. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 6




Odds To Win The Championship:


Scared Hitless (4-1)

Passed Our Prime (6-1)

The Notorious BNB (6-1)

DILFs (10-1)

Grey Hair Don’t Care (15-1)

When Dove Cries (18-1, but then Topper came back, so 25-1)

Bullet Club (50-1)


The Synopsis: Scared Hitless was 4-0, riding high into last week before dropping a game to the Sticky Bandits by 3. I don’t know what happened after that game, but the 14-0 loss to Grey Hair was VERY concerning. They’re still the best team in the division. Passed Our Prime is a super charged version of what they were before. The only difference is they have some actual difference makers on offense, with Sean and Kyle, and that’s made them even more insane to watch. The defense is still just awful, but when you can score on any play, the best defense is a good offense, I guess. The Notorious BNB is a very solid 3-1 and they’ve been playing good football, as they do. They might have the smartest team in the division, and that can always go a long way. The Dilfs are the usual up and down. They’re in most games, and as long as they learn how to count down from 5, they’ll be more than a tough out. Grey Hair is starting to “get it” and that’s exciting. With the exception of the DILFs hammering them Week 1, every game they’ve played so far has been a 1 score game, and they’ve won 3 of them, including avenging the early season loss. They’ll more than likely be in the 4-5 matchup, but that’s a scary place to be for whoever plays them. When Dove Cries has their own growing pains this season. Replacing an entire female core is always difficult, but getting Cheryl, and having Talia’s breakout season in D2 really helped. Now that Topper has finally come off the IR, we’ll really see what this team is made of in the coming weeks. Finally, Bullet Club brings up the rear. I wanted to give them a million to 1 odds, because it looks like everything in the world is going wrong for them, but realistically they’re a team with arguably more experience than anyone else in the division and them figuring things out, while unlikely, isn’t impossible. 


Midseason Prediction: Passed Our Prime beats The Notorious BNB for the championship. 


Last Week’s Games:


Sticky Bandits 33, Scared Hitless 30 (Crossover Game)

Dilfs 34, When Dove Cries 29

Passed Our Prime 27, Bullet Club 8

Grey Hair Don’t Care 14, Scared Hitless 0

The Notorious BNB 54, Bullet Club 14

Grey Hair Don’t Care 40, Dilfs 39


Scared Hitless goes from 4-0 to 4-2 really quickly, dropping their crossover game and then being unable to put up any points against Grey Hair. Grey Hair took their big win over SH and doubled down, beating the Dilfs on the scoreboard and in counting backwards, most notably from 10 seconds. The Dilfs would also win the earlier game against WDC, but that doesn’t matter because TOPPER PICKED OFF TRAVIS IN THE END ZONE IN HIS RETURN GAME, which honestly shouldve just given WDC the win. Bullet Club lost two games combined 81-32 and are a complete mess. BC QB Dylan threw more TDs to the other team than to his own players, in an act we can only assume was an homage to the aforementioned Topper return. 


This Week’s Games:


Scared Hitless vs When Dove Cries (+7) - About as much of a “must win” game for both teams as we can get in a division where everyone makes the playoffs. Scared Hitless needs a bounce back from last week while WDC needs to get a feel good win to get the ball rolling now that their leader has returned. WHEN DOVE CRIES BY 3


The Notorious BNB vs DILFS (Even) - This should be a close, fun game. Lots of good players involved in this one, with some of the better minds in the league. THE NOTORIOUS BNB BY 8




Odds To Win The Championship:


The Untouchaballs (2-1)

4th & Something (5-1)

Freeballers (7-1)

Frodo Swaggins (9-1)

Itches and Ohs (10-1)

Buffalo Vice (11-1)

Sleezin Szn (20-1)

Show Me Dem TDs (40-1)


The Synopsis: Death, Taxes, Jeremy Burr wins. Those are the only things that are currently guaranteed in life right now it seems. The Untouchaballs have blown out the competition and I’m excited to see what they do in D2 next season, regardless on if they win or not. 4th & Something is still having a good season, and thier only loss was to the Untouchaballs. You know they’re excited to get going on that rematch as soon as they can. As much as I talk smack about the Freeballers, they’ve played well in their three games. It’s hard to get a good read on them with such a small sample size though. Frodo is exciting as hell to hear about each week. They’re going to score, but the question will always be will they stop anyone. Itches and Ohs had its star female, Laura Streeter, call her shot on the podcast that they were going to win D3. They haven’t yet looked the part of a D3 champion, but I wouldn’t count them out. Buffalo Vice emailed me, and they’re winning now. They boast arguably the best female playing in the league today with Caitlyn Mason, and they know how to unleash her. Add into the fact that they’re finding thier rhythm on offense now, and you’re remembering that “Oh yeah, these guys destroyed D4 last year”. Darkhorse contender written all over them. Sleezin Szn has played well, but not really well enough and they might be missing a piece or two to really compete this season. Show Me Dem TDs is another team that added some star power in the offseason, but all we’ve seen so far is that they haven’t figured out how to use it. When it comes to Sleezin and to SMDTDs though, don’t forget that they’ve also only played 3 games and have some extra wiggle room to figure it out. 


Midseason Prediction: The Untouchaballs beat Itches and Ohs in the championship game. 


Last Week’s Games:


Buffalo Vice 47, Frodo Swaggins 46

The Untouchaballs 37, Show Me Dem TDs 15


A real light day for D3 last week that saw Buffalo Vice steal a win against Frodo in an exciting game at the last second, and then The Untouchaballs just rolled through SMDTDs in what is probably going to be a first round playoff preview at this rate. 


This Week’s Games:


4th & Something vs Sleezin Szn (+7) - 4&S is looking to get back in the win column after a week off to continue what has been a pretty nice season for the Keller clan. Sleezin really does have a lot to work out before they can make some real noise. Hopefully they can find what works for them. But, this isn’t the best matchup for them. 4TH & SOMETHING BY 18


Buffalo Vice vs Show Me Dem TDs (+9) - Vice vs Uncle Rico’s, a tale as old as time. Okay, SMDTDs isn’t quite the time travelers they used to be, but there’s a few similar parts. As SMDTDs are trying to figure it out, like I said, Buffalo Vice already has to a degree. I have a feeling we’ll see Vice get an old school blowout win here. BUFFALO VICE BY 24


4th & Something vs Freeballers (+2) - The game should probably be even here. Real big matchup for D3, as if the Freeballers are going to prove anything to anyone, they’re going to need to win this game right here. A win over 4&S, even if they’re on a doubleheader, would normally solidify FB as a top contender. . . 


The Untouchaballs vs Freeballers (+8) - . . . but not as much as this one will. The scheduling gods (Or, Lords I guess) did Freeballers zero favors with this doubleheader of doom here. The Untouchaballs are essentially the “final boss” of D3 right now. If Freeballers can pull off this 2-0 day, I’ll write them an official apology next week. 






Odds To Win The Championship:


Vaspian (4-1)

Cunning Stunts (4-1)

Practice Squad (6-1)

Spinelli’s Plumbing (10-1)

Puckett All-Stars (12-1)

XMD (14-1)

Interdimensional Lightning Falcons (14-1)

Zack Attack (15-1)

Cant Touch This (17-1)

Today’s Feast (18-1)

Varsity Has Beens (20-1)

TOX (1,000,000 - 1)


The Synopsis: Good luck trying to figure out who’s going to win this mess of a Division. If you would’ve told me at the beginning of the season that both Zack Attack and the Lightning Falcons would be on the outside looking in for the playoffs, I would’ve told you you’re nuts. But that’s where we are right now. Vaspian has had a hell of a season, they’re 5-0, and they’ve beaten some big guns along the way. One of those big guns are the Cunning Stunts, who they only beat by a point, and if there’s anything harder than beating them twice in one season, i don’t know what is. Practice Squad is right behind them, but to be honest they haven’t had a difficult schedule on the way to 4-1 so far. The only big game they’ve had is against Vaspian, where they lost obviously. Spinelli’s WAS destroying anyone in their path and then they hit some sort of cosmic speed bump that’s prevented them from winning since. Puckett’s three losses, for the record are Vaspian (2 point loss), Cunning Stunts (1 point loss), and Practice Squad (4 point loss). There’s a world where they’re 5-0 and the toast of the league. Do NOT let the 2-3 record fool you. This team is a major player in D4. XMD is finding their legs a bit now as the season goes on. They’re on a winning streak, and they’re looking to continue that, but the schedule does get a little harder than it’s been. It’ll be interesting to see how this team reacts. ILF isn’t in the playoffs, but I really expect they’ll be there at season’s end. This team is too talented on both sides of the ball to not be. Zack Attack’s 15-1 odds are being nice. The offense has averaged only 13 points for 3 straight weeks now, which tells me that everyone has amnesia or they all decided to get tapeworms together to get more in shape, and instead they’re all sick from it. Whatever the case may be, this team has been the most disappointing team as of late, and they’ve played like they should be on the outside of the playoffs. It’ll be fun watching them battle back to get in there. Can’t Touch This has won two in a row now, and they told off Topper on a podcast, so right now they’re being blessed by Lenny from above. They’re figuring things out on both sides of the ball, and perhaps they have an unlikely playoff run in them? Probably not, but from all reports, QB Ryan is a stud, and that can go a long way in D4. Today’s Feast is another team that’s starting to rack up the wins and the points. They battled from “definitely missing the playoffs” to “Started from the bottom now we here”. Of course, “here” is the middle of the pack, but in this Royal Rumble of D4, that’s saying something. Here’s hoping they continue it. Varsity Has Beens was recently explained to me by one of my informants as “A couple of hockey players trying to play football” and that could explain the 1-3 start and some growing pains. Of course, that also means they’re athletic and could surprise some people. A good first season so far, with hopefully some more wins along the way. Finally, TOX is having the season from hell. Wrong division, a weak QB, and I've been told they don’t even run the bar like they used to. Sad to see. 


Midseason Prediction: Cunning Stunts beat Puckett All-Stars in the championship game, one of Zack Attack and ILF miss the playoffs completely. But not both. 


Last Week’s Games:


Can’t Touch This 46, Spinelli’s Plumbing 29

Today’s Feast 36, ILF 20

Vaspian 22, Practice Squad 15

Puckett All-Stars 32, Zack Attack 17


Can’t Touch This shocks the Social Co-Ed Football World by smacking the taste out of Spinelli’s mouths unexpectedly. This really shook up the division, especially since Today’s Feast dunked on ILF, and now the race to make the playoffs in D4 is INCREDIBLY EXCITING. Two playoff worthy teams will miss out on the “Top 8”. Meanwhile, Vaspian continues to roll against top challengers in the division, and Puckett gets the win they were searching for, a nice one over Zack Attack. 


This Week’s Games:


Cant Touch This vs Today’s Feast (Even) - A massive game for the now white hot playoff race! This game is HUGE for tiebreaker reasons, and it has Game of the Day potential. Two of the TSL’s hottest teams are going at it, and it makes me wish I wasn’t stuck in Iowa for it. CANT TOUCH THIS BY 3


Cunning Stunts vs XMD (+7) - The best way for us to know if XMD really has shaken off the rust or not is a date with the ladies. The Stunts are just exactly what you’ve expected of them, talented ladies that know what they’re doing. XMD has the knowledge to win the game, they just need to execute. Look for a close one, but not close enough for XMD. CUNNING STUNTS BY 3


Vaspian vs Zack Attack (+29) - Remember when Zack Attack was that “super good defense”? Yeah, me neither. Vaspian, however, is what Zack Attack used to be. Vicious on defense, and scoring enough points to win games. Until Zack Attack figures out offense, their playoff lives are in serious doubt here. VASPIAN BY 18


ILF vs Varsity Has Beens (+7) - ILF has put themselves in position to really need a victory here. A loss against the Varsity Has Beens would actually vault VHB over ILF in the standings, and that might all but guarantee that the Falcons miss the playoffs. It also would breathe life in to Varsity’s own playoff hopes, so this game is legitimately huge for both sides. You have to believe experience comes into play here though, right? ILF BY 3


Cunning Stunts vs Practice Squad (+6) - The Stunts don’t have as deep of a roster has they’ve had in past years. Rameer used to say having a gender team roster of 17 deep was the way to go, and the Stunts currently have a roster of 8 women. This doesn’t matter since most of the ladies are superstars, but it comes into play when Renee leaves them to play for the Squad. Practice Squad needs this game to show they’re a player for the title. Also, the league doesn’t know just how good Kyle Geertman really is, but they will. PRACTICE SQUAD BY 4


XMD vs TOX (+10) - XMD goes from arguably thier hardest game to thier easiest. I don’t want to slam on TOX much more than I already have. They’re full of the best TSLers, and they’re just having a very, very unlucky time. This isn’t any luckier for them. XMD BY 12


Puckett All-Stars vs Spinelli’s Plumbing (+8) - Here’s the “pull up a chair and watch this game” game. It’s a travesty you’ll have to wait until 3:00 for this one, but I really feel these two will put on a show. Puckett is really starting to feel it, and Spinelli’s is really starting to feel the heat. This is a big matchup for positioning, and both of these teams can run with each other. PUCKETT ALL-STARS BY 1




Odds To Win The Championship:


Cobblestone (2-1)

TMA (3-1)

Red Zone Mafia (5-1)

Tater Tots (10-1)

716 (12-1)

Come From Behind (12-1)

Passing While Intoxicated (20-1)

Two Tuddies (30-1)

Not So Sticky (30-1)


The Synopsis: Cobblestone has some real talent for the first time in a long time. Every now and then Darryl picks off people from NFL Practice Squads (or he calls people who don’t get drafted as soon as the NFL draft ends and they think they’re signing with an NFL team as an undrafted free agent) and he goes on a nice winning streak. This is one of those seasons. Of course, it’s never once brought him a championship, so maybe this is the year? Not if TMA has anything to say about it. TMA stumbled a little bit there, but they’re still having a fantastic season in D5, and they’ll be there at the end to help decided who wins this division. Red Zone Mafia has been racking up some wins and hanging tough, and they do have a win against TMA to hang their hat on. The championship seems to run through these three. The next 3 have the Tater Tots, who unfortunately have been hurt by an injury to their QB. 716 is right there, but they haven’t been anything to write home about yet. They need something to really get them to the next level. Come From Behind is lower than I would’ve envisioned early in the season, but they started out slow. They’re coming on now, and their offense is really getting it together, which is what happens when Paul Lovullo is actually there. Even at 2-4, you can’t count them out. The last three aren’t going to win the championship, probably. PWI has been fun, but they’re still new and inconsistent. Colorado Mike gets rave reviews from anyone that talks to me about him, but we need to know more about that team. Two Tuddies is a great new team in the TSL, but unfortunately, it hasn’t translated to wins JUST yet. And Not So Sticky is known more for their hatred of Mother Earth and being litterbugs than they are for doing anything notable on the field. Even in the game they tied, they stole the Tuddies first win from them at the buzzer. What a bunch of jerks. 


Midseason Prediction: Cobblestone beats TMA in the championship game. 


Last Week’s Games:


Red Zone Mafia 51, Passing While Intoxicated 12

TMA 26, Passing While Intoxicated 12

716 57, Two Tuddies 8

Cobblestone 34, Tater Tots 14

Come From Behind 34, Not So Sticky 14


Red Zone Mafia continues their hot streak, putting up lots and lots of points on PWI. TMA then took a win from PWI as well, dropping PWI to 0-2 on the day. 716 couldn’t be stopped by the Tuddies, and they won in a landslide. Cobblestone gets Darryl back, and wins without an issue. Not surprising at all. Come From Behind proceeded to stomp out Not So Sticky rather easily themselves. 


This Week’s Games:


Come From Behind vs Two Tuddies (+12) - CFB is still on the war path as they make up the ground they lost early on. They’re getting hot, while the Tuddies are just treading water and figuring things out. Not the world’s best combination. COME FROM BEHIND BY 17


Cobblestone vs Not So Sticky (+18) - The top team in the league versus the not so top team in the league. This should be hard to watch for the families of NSS. COBBLESTONE BY 20


TMA vs 716  (+9) - Hey 716, remember when I said you’ve done nothing of note really? This is your perfect opportunity to do so. TMA is playing well (it’s already their 8th game of the season??) and a win for 716 can do wonders for their standing in the “championship conversation”. TMA BY 10


Red Zone Mafia vs Tater Tots (+7) - RZM has been rolling, and the Tots have been scrambling. Its always tough to lose your QB though, so its sort of understandable on the Tots end. It’ll be hard for them to keep pace. RED ZONE MAFIA BY 12


Red Zone Mafia vs 716 (+7) - Hey 716, remember when I said you’ve done nothing of note really? This is your perfect opportunity to do so. RZM is playing well (it’ll be thier 2nd game of the weekend!!)  and a win for 716 can do wonders for their standing in the “championship conversation”. RED ZONE MAFIA BY 10




Odds To Win The Championship:


Travis Henry’s Kids (2-1)

Southside (6-1)

Lettuce Win (12-1)

Lenny’s Ladies (15-1)

Blitzkrieg (20-1)

Woodpeckers (20-1)


The Synopsis: D6 is a two horse race, and unfortunately for everyone else, the horses’ names are John and Pete. THK had a Week 1 loss to Southside but after that they’ve looked every bit the future D5 team that they are. Southside got shook up a little bit there, but they’re still the best chance anyone else has to beat THK in the title game. Lettuce Win has two blowout wins under thier belts, and they have an outside shot at scoring an upset. Lenny’s Ladies is chock full of some of the best girls in the league (look how many adorn the recent “Best Active Females List” by the Power Rankings guys) and if they’re on, magic could happen, but probably not. Blitzkrieg still has no idea who they are anymore, and they’re really going to need to get it together in these next few weeks if they’re going to have a shot. Finally, the Woodpeckers started getting things going last week, so it’ll be interesting to see if they keep the ball rolling. 


Midseason Prediction: It’s chalk, but Travis Henry’s Kids take it over Southside. 


Last Week’s Games:


Woodpeckers 28, Lettuce Win 16


The Woodpeckers picked up their first win of the season over Lettuce Win while the other D6 games this week were rained out at 3:00. 


This Week’s Games:


Woodpeckers vs Blitzkrieg (+7) - Times are hard for Blitzkrieg, that’s for sure. It hasn’t been the best season, but there’s still time to right the ship. The Woodpeckers got their first win, and they’ve only played a couple of games so far this year. It’ll be a good game between two teams needing a win. Blitzkrieg needs it more. If they lose this one, I’m not sure there’s any hope left. BLITZKRIEG BY 8


Travis Henry’s Kids vs Southside (+10) - Well, this is about as “revenge game-y” as you’ll see in D6 this season. THK is on fire, and they’re looking to avenge their earlier loss, just as Southside is still putting the new pieces in place. TRAVIS HENRY’S KIDS BY 15


Lettuce Win vs Lenny’s Ladies (+10) - Lettuce Win blew out the Ladies 48-8 in Week 1, and as always, this week’s game will depend on which girls show up for Lenny’s. I won’t expect the same blowout, but it does seem like Lettuce Win is a matchup nightmare for LL. LETTUCE WIN BY 12




1.      How do you feel about those Best Active Female rankings? These rankings are always subjective, and I feel like they’re all over the place right now. It’s hard to nail down rankings where some of the top females from before aren’t even playing, and others are in new spots. I guess that makes them more random. Melanie Linsmair is a fantastic player, although I think I personally would’ve voted for Caitlyn Mason. Cheryl Julicher should be higher. Katie Swanson and Emily Schilling are better than “honorable mention”. Amy Taylor too. But there’s been a wave of up and coming female talent that appear on the list (Besides Caitlyn and Melanie, there’s also slightly over ranked Amber Hay and Maddie Norton just to name a couple) which can only mean good things for the league’s future. 


2.      Did you hear about Travis vs Garbacz? Sadly, the most noteworthy news of the weekend came in a player blowing up at an official. It wasn’t the best of looks, but in my opinion (as I’ve poked at all article), people should be able to countdown for themselves in case the ref doesn’t. Should the ref? I don’t believe it’s a hard rule, just a cool thing to do for someone. Either way, there shouldn’t have been any delay, and there definitely shouldn’t have been any arguing afterwards. Travis, to his credit, asked for his own suspension and admitted he was incredibly wrong, per Topper. At least nobody spit on anyone. 


3.      Which predictions do you feel best about? Worst? Worst is the easy one, its D4. That place is a war zone and I commend those that step foot in it. As for best? Travis Henry’s Kids is too easy of a slam dunk, so to be a little spicy, I’ll go with D5 and Darryl getting that title win. I’d fly in from Iowa just to see that celebration. 


4.      Okay, but what are the best odds if you were to gamble on this? If you’re trying to not go chalk, and you want to bet on teams with higher odds to make “Topper Bucks”, here’s who to bet in each Division: Sticky Bandits (10-1), Grey Hair Don’t Care (15-1), Itches and Ohs (10-1), Zack Attack (15-1), Come From Behind (12-1), Woodpeckers (20-1). 


5.      Why no Breakfast Club odds? This week will mark the 5th week of Breakfast Club, which means everyone will have had played each other once after these games. As a result, i’ll wait for next week to get into that. 




1.      You Buffalonians were in my thoughts after the horrific events of the last weekend. I hadn’t heard if anyone from the TSL were directly affected by the tragedy, but if anyone was, I know we’re all here for each other and you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out if you need someone to talk to. 


2.      Topper’s answer to returning to football was to go to Florida for a week. How convenient is that? 


3.      With that said, big shout out and congratulations to long time TSLer Tim Dove on his marriage to his beautiful bride Stephanie. No word yet on what he’s blackmailing her with to get her to do this, but we’ll get to the bottom of this eventually. 


4.      The 3:00 games that were rained out last week will be rescheduled soon enough. We weren’t supposed to have a 5th field for this part of the schedule, but since the construction hasn’t started, we have an open field to play with. 


5.      Breakfast Club Predictions: 

a.      Jennatalia 44, Dominatrix 22

b.      Steph Infection 37, Liddle Deaks 32

c.      Trish’s Tiny Disasters 38, The EsCourts 17


6.      Best Games to Watch Schedule: 

a.      10:00 - Can’t Touch This vs Today’s Feast

b.      11:00 - When Dove Cries vs Sleezin Szn

c.      12:00 - Zack Attack vs Vaspian

d.      1:00 - Freeballers vs 4th & Something

e.      2:00 - Travis Henry’s Kids vs Southside

f.       3:00 - Puckett All-Stars vs Spinelli’s Plumbing


7.      This is your weekly reminder that Lenny And Rameer Day is June 4th. Topper has lots of plans for the shenanigans, so if there was ever going to be a day to plan to stick around the fields, THIS IS IT. 


8.      Big winners from the last week: Can’t Touch This, Buffalo Vice, Today’s Feast, Vaspian


9.      Thank you to the newest people of the league that took a few minutes to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to give me a heads up on their games and who’s on their teams. Don’t wait, go do it now! 


10.  It looks like it might be a little wet on Saturday, so good luck with that. And don’t forget to follow us on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! YOU help the league be the best it can be. Keep supporting us! 


Week 6 is upon us, the games get a little chippier, the drops mean a bit more, and the touchdowns start to feel a little sweeter. Go get some. 



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