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Welllllll here we are post-Week 6 and it was a doozy. I feel like I should address the elephant in the room now and say that no I will not be discussing “the fight” which occurred this week The Build has his input and I’m sure the Godfather will have their say about it and I don’t feel like that sort of conduct deserves any other recognition than to say “Grow up”. I care more about the games and the people who can conduct themselves like adults. There were quite a few upsets this week and A LOT of points scored. Looking over the results of this past week, I see the majority of the combined scores for the game are in the 50-80 range. Looks like that QB Power Ranking has really motivated some of our QBs this season. Let’s see what went down.

In Breakfast Club, Natural Born Kellers were right in the game against Hot TaMollys. Topper looked to be in mid-season form and Garrett has proven to any early-on doubters that he is the real deal at QB, even in socks. The game was back and forth until the end when things took a turn for the worst for NBK. Josh had a great interception, not sure where this guy came from but he’s definitely one of the best never-talked-about players in the league. Boccio decided to have the game of his life, making every effort to get on ESPN’s highlight reel. Then Blasé decides he needs abandon NBKs to warm up for his 10:00 game with 20 minutes left to go in this game. Blasé- I get you made a commitment to your regular team but leaving this team in the trenches is not cool Bro. Then NBK had the chance to take the lead with under 2 minutes when Topper’s leg betrayed him and he failed to get the throw off on 6th down. HT ended up taking the game 42-39.

Schilling Em Softly remains in 1st place and the top contender for the BC title by beating Bern Them All36-27. They were missing Emily S and Brandy so had Elaina from No Punt Intended subbing. Matty Ice scrambled for a collective 47 minutes and BTAs defense could not keep up. Tensions on BTA began to rise as they struggled to defend trick plays. Some uncharacteristic drops and botched throws cost BTA the game.

Peanut Butter Kelly Time got their first win of the season besting EmC HammerTime 21-17. Newman had a big day all around and it all started here. Coach Jay’s patience and wisdom finally paid off. Captain Kelly was not present to finally claim the bra of an opponent. Ricky Austin was MIA for ECHT so Ferger took over as QB. Emily and Co will need to right the ship to avoid slipping into last place just before playoffs.

Bullet Club vs Title Shot turned out to have an ending no one expected. Title Shot went from the top, undisputed favorite of the C2 division down to 5th place. Their fall from grace could easily be attributed to Dubey’s lack of attendance but he was there for this game. Unfortunately, several other guys were not meaning Dubey also had to play defense. Being a veteran in this league for as long as he has been has its benefits but having to go iron man takes a huge toll when one is no longer 25. They were also missing their main offensive weapon, Devon, and Marissa was hurt during the game. Bullet Club now sits at the top of the C2 division and they continue to gel. I think it’s safe to say at this point Jeff Easton is not playing and Travis Clev is their QB for the season.

The Ugandan Warriors fell to Matty’s Angels despite Blasé’s extended warm up. The game was high scoring on both sides with the final being 43-51. MA continued to play their style of offense so many teams have trouble defending. Lindsey played lights out, catching the game winning TD over Matt Keita.

All We Do Is Quinn suffered their first defeat at the hands of Peachy Platoon. It was a close game that could have gone the other way had AWDIQ played smarter. First of all, and this is a message to all you R1 teams out there, you have to rush a speed threat against Dean Thompson. They love to run the same play and unless you have a rusher with some serious wheels he’s going to continuously pick up 10-15+ yards every time they do. Secondly, PP needs to utilize their females more as, from what I’ve seen, it’s all about the guys with this team. They could take a lesson from AWDIQ in this regard. Quinn’s females are more than capable of carrying a game for this team and their QB is willing to let them do so. Rawdog and Schwab have shown us that we should be talking about them more. Their QB seems to know the game and makes smart play calls. Neither of these teams were afraid to throw the ball but PP came out on top 35-24. Later in the day, things didn’t go as well for PP when they took on 3rd and Schlong. Once again the game was close but the Keller’s and Co were able to pull ahead, winning 36-34. The R1 playoff push is literally up for the taking as almost any team in this division could take over the top spots.

Public Enemy and Eyes Downtown went at it for the second time this session. PE got the ball rolling early while ED was missing Jeff Farr, taking a 19 point lead before the half. A botched pass deflecting into the hands of Jon McGrath didn’t help the situation. Jeff showed up in the second half and ED started to make a comeback. PE was missing Pauly J and Jake so fatigue may have played a part. ED got a stop on defense and came within a touchdown to tie the game but ran out of the time as PE used their impressive clock management abilities to run down the clock for the final 2 minutes, taking the win 34-25.

The Vandalay Industries vs Overcompensators match up was the quintessential co-ed touch football game. For those of you having trouble grasping what this league is truly about, these are the teams you should watch to demonstrate how it is possible to have fun playing this sport whether you win or lose. Topper had to play defense and padded his stats by getting a pick. That in and of itself would be enough to send some QBs hiding behind the Brall of Shame but OC’s QB persevered. OC had a unique plan on defense that they may want to rethink for next week. I’m not 100% sure what they were doing but when Paul Scinta catches a deep ball down field, it’s time to reassess your strategy.

XTC played 1 Todd Too Many in a close game that ended XTC on top 22-16. In the absence of Nick Sooch, Nick Wendt went in as QB. He actually played a pretty amazing game. Their females looked outstanding as well. Kelly Mazur may be one of the most underrated females in the entire league. 1TTM was missing all of their usual girls due to the RivAlz game so Topper had some difficulty adjusting to his unfamiliar targets.

TMA played a double header this week. First up was The Bambs who played down a female so only had 5 on the field. The Bambs pulled ahead to an early lead leading by 2 scores. Then TMA brought in secret weapon Rameer at QB and the tides turned. Rameer lead his team to bring the game to a tie. The Bambs had a chance to grab the win but with seconds left to go in the last drive their only female snapped her ankle and both teams agreed to end the game in a tie. We have not yet received word on how she is, but we hope she has a speedy recovery. TMA played The BiPolar Express later in the day, once again coming from behind. This time they pulled out a win once Rameer was asked to step in at QB. BE started strong but couldn’t score once TMA figured out how to defend against a gender team. Having Gordon hurt didn’t help their situation and they were missing some of their key players.

After losing 32-14 earlier in the day to GryffindorMoney Ball took on Title Shot for Part 2 of their double header week. Gryffindor used their speed and MB had no answer on defense. After Gryffindor’s abysmal start to the session, they seem to have come together as a team as they make the push for playoffs. MB was without Glowacki so Scotty Pinto threw for them again. Their offensive strategy with Scotty at the helm is simple: deep to Radon. Don’t get me wrong, it appears to be working. By the second game of their day, MB looked able to move the ball well, putting up 43 points to TS’s 27. Award-winning Tommy Hughes had to leave early so TS called in Joe K. Devon made it for this game but Jill Iacono also had to leave so Molly McDermid stepped in. TS needs to work out their attendance issues to have any chance of a playoff run. Even though MB is sitting at the bottom of the division I think this team could be ripe for an upset if they can maintain any type of consistency for the rest of the session.

Top 3 of the Week:

1. All the females who played in the RivAlz game. I was so impressed by the representation the TSL had at that game and we are so proud of you all for sacrificing your time and raising money for such an important cause.

2. End Game- They quietly sit atop the R2 division at 6-1, after a blow out win over Hung Buffalo this week. We see you.

3. Rameer- Was called upon to step in as QB for his team twice this week and answered the call, coming back to tie a game then win a game. Great work!

The weather is finally shaping up for us so let’s try to keep our shit together and have some fun. There’s a good deal of big games next week including all the crossover C1/C2 contests. Time to see where everyone matches up and if the bitching all the C2 teams about moving up was warranted. R1 is also going to get a taste of playoff matchups with their ladder match week. The results of these games could throw a huge wrench in the playoff picture we will be seeing in a few weeks’ time. The game I’ll most certainly have my eye on is 10:00 on Field 4 when Matty’s Angels and Cunning Stunts have at it. There’s always more than just a win at stake between these two teams and I predict a high scoring, high energy, highlight reel-esque game all around. Until then, keep your fingers crossed the weather report stays as it is now and remember, I’ll be watching…

~ courtesy of...The Sentinel

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