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Helllloooo TSL! Week 7 has come and gone, and what a week it was. Mother Nature appears to be fully on our side now as the weather was glorious. There were plenty of red shoulders and faces later in the day to attest to that. Coming up on our last week of the regular season, the results of Week 7 had little effect on the previous rankings. Sure, there are still some close races for the top spots but those on the top of each division have all earned their right to be there. Let’s talk about what went down this week:

In Breakfast Club this week, the schedule just so happened to work out that teams were supposed to play the same team they played last week so instead of doing that, it was decided that they would play the team they missed for the rainout. Hot TaMolly’s and Bern Them All played in a down-to-the-wire nail biter that could have gone either way. HT was missing captain Molly but Garrett led a strong offense by not being afraid to take the short passes when they were there or go for the long ball. Travis struggled at QB for BTA, missing his receivers on multiple occasions but made a game ending pick on defense and BTA was able to pull out a win 16-14.

EmC HammerTime and Natural Born Kellers also had a back and forth game. Non-award winning Tommy Hughes stepped in as QB for ECHT. Austin Weber had a huge game on defense for NBKs, adding a couple more picks to his BC stats. Katie Keller led her team to victory making big catches when they needed them and her team responded by playing a mechanically sound game. JZ even graced us with his presence and brought his usual level of high strung energy. ECHT had a chance to win it at the end by having Emily Curry throw but Scott Keller failed to make the catch (rumor has it some shady defense was involved). NBK walked away with a win 34-26.

Schilling Em Softly won a blow out game against Peanut Butter Kelly Time 38-6. PBKT was missing Jamy however, Sal was MIA for SES. At halftime the game was tied and within reach for either team but SES turned on the burners coming out of the half and ran away with it. SES’s Brandy led a drive at QB and PBKT had no answers on defense. Breakfast Club playoffs start next week!

In C1/C2 we had our preplanned cross divisional games this week. The results of these games were pretty much as expected but let’s talk about them anyway. Public Enemy and Bullet Club was a much anticipated match up to see if PE’s streak could be brought down by a lower division team. Alas, it was not to be. Early errors on BC’s part resulted in an early lead for PE. BC spent the rest of the game playing catch up but was not able to overcome the deficit they created.  PE showed early why they are a team to be reckoned with. After the game PE held a players only meeting to discuss their recent close calls, averaging a 4.75 point margin of victory in their last 4 games.

Marketing Mayors demolished Money Ball, 32-6. There was not much to be said for this game as this was pretty much the outcome everyone expected aside from a slight hope MB would make some unanticipated magic happen. Dalfonso systematically marched down the field. They had all their guys in attendance but MB also had a full roster aside from Glowacki. MB definitely has talent but they were outmatched, outgunned, and outplayed against MM. Marketing Mayors played Eyes Downtown later in the day for a game that was much more evenly matched. These teams know each other well although ED had some new faces mixed in. ED is coming into their own with Bobby back in the mix. The big names on both teams were doing their best to steal this game away from the other but ED came away with the win 33-32 due to a failed 2 point conversion.

1 Todd Too Many faced Energy Buff in what was anticipated as a high chance of a lower division upset. Topper and Co however, had other plans. They were short on guys so it was all hands on deck for defense but they stepped up their zone and held EB to 16 points, allowing no deep passes behind them. Topper continued his winning ways for the day and put up 37 points. EB continued their roller coaster of a session. Very similar to MB, they have talent all over the field but need that cohesion amongst themselves to get to the level of other teams in this division. They did not have QB1 and once again, appeared to be missing some key guys as well.

Tight Ends in Motion played A&A in one of the 2 upsets of these match ups. TE was without QB Alex so had Kyle Conniff throwing. There were some missed passes but way too many dropped balls on offense. A&A had most of their regulars (although to be completely honest I’m not sure who they all are). Maggie returned giving Matty Ice one of his favorite female targets back. TE’s could not figure out how to make stops on defense resulting in a 31-37 loss.

Slytherin that end zone versus Morning Wood turned out to be a back and forth, all out battle that resulted in a tie, 36-36. Newman was hitting his targets and the speedsters on SITE were making him look good. SITE’s new girl is beginning to stand out as well on both offense and defense. Dave Wilbern and MW played like there was no tomorrow. The receivers on this team were making highlight reel catches. I don’t know what got into them but if they had played like this all session, they wouldn’t be sitting at the bottom of the division.

Cunning Stunts/Matty’s Angels was given all the fanfare this game receives every session and alas, like most hyped up games this session, it did not live up to the hype. MA took an early lead and held it for the duration of the game. Both teams agreed to go all female on defense which absolutely worked to the Angels favor. The Stunts could not cover the deep balls and Matty Ice tore their zone apart, relentlessly sending Lindsey and Katie Salsbury on post routes. Emily Curry appeared to be leading the defense for the Angels and Joey Batts couldn’t keep up with their constant changing from zone to man. I’m told the Angels had some words for the Godfather last week after he ripped apart their D but allowing 42 points isn’t going to shut anyone up. Regardless, they came away with the win and bragging rights until next time, 61-42.

Over Compensators beat HomeTech 33-29. Short on guys, OC called in Rameer and Hearn to help them in this victory. HT had the edge early and was up until OC brought in Larry at QB. Larry took charge of the offense and things started to click for this team, giving them their 2nd win of the session. HT falls into last place in the division after this loss. Austin Weber used up all his magic early in the day and couldn’t make enough happen to hold it together for a win.

Come From Behind played a good game against Hope N Ruin. They kept up as best they could but the guys of HNR proved to be too much for CFB. Erica and Nicole played great games for HNR as did the females on CFB. The game was close fought with both teams making big plays and stops when they needed it. HNR pulled away by the end and came away with a 30-21 victory. As history has proven, this is when HNR begins to thrive.

Buffalo Solar Solutions bested Hung Buffalo, 44-27, albeit HB had none of their usual females. The ladies of CFB subbed for them and kept it close for most of the game. Jenn Stachura’s route running is among the best in the league and I don’t mean in terms of just other females. There were moments of greatness for both teams. The redhead on HB played great and I’m curious how I’ve never noticed him before. BSS’s QB remained poised all game, granted they did seem to have some trouble punching the ball in when they were in the red zone. The females of BSS are athletes and I wouldn’t be surprised if this team makes a big jump in the rankings just before playoffs.

Cobblestone picked up a win against Full Throttle, 27-22, even without Darryl to lead them. Garrett came back to his old stomping grounds to throw for them and they were able to capitalize on some big plays. Garrett used his teams’ height advantage where he could to pull out this win. FT struggled to adjust their defense and gave up significant yardage by playing too far off their opponents. They also had one of their best receivers in as QB. I guess when you’re sitting at the bottom of your division, now is the time to try out new things.

3rd & Schlong played Sticky Bandits, who have seemed to be quieter than usual this session. With Alex out of the line up, Raj stepped in to throw for the Bandits. It was a high scoring game with both teams not afraid to air out the ball. 3&S made some big defensive plays in the end zone while Nicole and Katie Keller feasted on offense. The game ended in a 38-38 tie. In a division as close as R1 is right now, either of these teams could be poised for an upset come playoffs.

The Ugandan Warriors beat Vandalay Industries, 32-26. VI was able to keep it close throughout the game but they could not get a stop on defense when they needed it. Blasé is really connecting with his receivers. They had Moe in the line up this week who is a good foot and a half taller than anyone on the field, however, his hands proved to be suspect. Get some gloves bro. Dorene and the ladies of UW are well seasoned vets and they had the VI females outmatched. VI played Five Star Generals later in the day. Once again, the ball was sailing for both teams and FSG came away with the win, 58-49. VI was missing Kyle in this game which significantly hurt them offensively and defensively.  FSG needed this game to have any chance at the playoffs and a win next week may just move them up into that final place in R3.

The Ugandan Warriors also had a double header this week. Next up was Pink Pteratacos. First and foremost, congratulations to Mark of PP on his recent engagement to his lovely girlfriend. Way to go! As for the game, UWs were revved up from their recent victory and carried that momentum on to this game. Frank made some remarkable catches and PP’s defense couldn’t find an answer. UW came away with the win, 33-20. PP missed too many passes on offense and their receivers were guilty of too many drops to win a game. From the outside looking in, it appears PP has too many voices in the huddle.

TMA’s season is all over the place yet somehow they still sit in 3rd place in their division, pretty impressive with a losing record. This week they played Jabronies who recently dropped out of the #1 spot. The Jabronies took full advantage of TMA being short on players and rolled past them winning, 52-14. Ferger and Rameer both tried their hand at QB but couldn’t bring the secret stuff the latter brought last week. Tensions ran high as they had difficulties on offense and defense and began turning on each other and the referees. The Jabronies offense continues to perform at a high level and pending any momentous upsets, we’ll be seeing them against Practice Squad in a couple week’s time.

It seems Week 1 was just yesterday but alas it was quite some time ago. Teams that started off hot have faded and started to fizzle out while others are finally coming into their own at the right time. Some teams fight for their playoffs lives as others are riding their new found momentum into the playoffs. And that brings us to the end of Week 7. Up next week, enter the final week of the regular season.  More cross divisional games in C1/C2 are looming, this week the match ups are based on standings. R1 and R4 are also playing in ranking games, giving us a glimpse of possible championship potential in 3 weeks time. Remember, this is Lenny Appreciation Week! Starting Friday night at Vue Rooftop Lounge, we will celebrate and remember our friend Lenny then continue the celebration into Saturday where plenty of fun shenanigans are planned. You don’t want to miss it! I’ll be watching…

Top 3 of the Week:

1.      Marketing Mayors- Currently in 3rd but sitting with the highest point differential in the division

2.      Matty’s Angels- These ladies continue to impress, boasting the second highest win streak and seemingly scoring at will

3.      Gryffindor- Coming in on playoffs with a 3 game win streak, Joey Batts and Co are finalizing utilizing their roster to capitalize on their strengths

-The Sentinel

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