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Hello, hello! Week 2 of the season has come and gone. The weather was marvelous and it seemed to me that most teams brought their A squad to the games this past week. I was surprised by the sheer amount of talent I saw trotting around in every division. Micah made a rare appearance for the DILFs, Matty Moore and Chadwick were in attendance for Eyes Downtown and Delano was back playing with A&A. The stars were out this week and it showed in the scoreboards. Here’s what I saw…

At 10:00 Gryffindor took on Public Enemy and ALMOST came out with a win. Joey Batts utilized Burr effectively, giving him the short routes he was able to turn into significant yardage. He did have some trouble connecting with his female teammates though. PE was up for the majority of the game, allowing Gryffindor to tie it up at one point but never did they look worried. They lost Boccio at the start of the second half following a nasty collision with Osika (another pass from Batts that was almost picked). No surprise, Cole utilized his females well and Misty had an impressive game with her new team. Gryffindor had a chance to win at the end by going for a 2 point conversion, however, they failed to convert and PE took the win 29-28.

Bullet Club finally got a win against a very incorrectly placed We Back team (it should be noted this was not a forced placement, these guys wanted to give D2 the old college try). We Back has players who look the part, but their inexperience was painfully apparent. They also forgot to get any females for this game so Bullet Club allowed them to use one of theirs and grab another. Regardless, this looked closer to a practice for Bullet Club and they came out with a 34-8 win.

Buffalo Solar Solutions was back from their Week 1 bye with a tough opponent in Full Throttle. The game was back and forth with neither team afraid to throw the deep ball. I saw FT utilizing their females more often and the ladies not disappointing. QB Andy of BSS stuck to his tried and true playbook to move his team down the field. While I watched, I saw FT struggle to connect on plays but fortunately for them they appeared to amend this issue and walked away with a 50-30 win. Full Throttle takes an early lead in the division by putting up 78 points in just 2 games.

The Replacements were the exception to my aforementioned statement that everyone had their A squad. They started the game with 4 people then had one more player come late. Topper took pity on them and allowed a sub, however, they played with 4 females and 2 males. Blitzkrieg on the other hand had 2 full lines ready to go. Blitzkrieg took advantage of mismatches and was able to connect on several deep passes that the gassed Replacements couldn’t keep up with. Replacements QB Moon finally learned to slow the pace of his offense to give his receivers some time to breath. The game was actually closer than the 42-30 Blitzkrieg win indicates.

Anyone who was anywhere near the fields at 11 was drawn to Field 2 to see A&A battle it out against Peachy Platoon. Both teams had their weapons ready and the hype surrounding this game did not disappoint. Right from the start there was yelling, trick plays and bombs thrown down field. JZ learned that taunting this team may not be the smartest decision. However, A&A then proceeded to score 15 unanswered points. That may have been the game but PP scored a gender TD at the end of the first half on 5-2. PP held onto the lead (and silenced Matty and JZ) right up until the end of the game when Matty threw to Taylor Pagano in the end zone. It is my job to watch and watch is what I did. Now maybe the ref was at a different angle, maybe he saw something different, maybe he just missed it (we are all human people). From my perspective,  Peachy got robbed. That said, it’s part of sports, and life, and they will move on and face A&A another day where I’m sure they’ll be fighting for redemption.

The Ultimate Warriors suffered a heartbreaking loss against End Game, 23-29. They continued to rotate QBs between Scott Pinto and Sam. In the time I was watching I saw Pinto throw 2 picks then proceed to blame his receivers. Both teams had numerous dropped balls but Dave was able to keep his cool to get the win. I must say I had left to watch another game when I heard a ruckus on this field. Tuning in, I heard (Not Jeff) Farr screaming and yelling about how great he is. Now I’m not sure if you’re related to Jeff but either way, take a page out of his book. If you were that good, you wouldn’t have to tell people.

Speaking of yelling, the QB and certain receivers of Hope N Ruin clearly missed “Play Well With Others” Day at school. This team was at each other’s throats the entire time I watched this game. Yes, there were some dropped passes that could have been big plays but that’s life dudes. I never thought I’d see the day that Blasé was on the calm team in the game. AND not only was En Fuego calm, cool, and collected, they rocked some pretty great jorts. Sure they had some drops as well but when you show a little positivity, things tend to work out for the better. En Fuego came away with smiles and a 32-20 win.

The Tater Tots were able to actually put the plays they practiced last week to use against Zack Attack and came out with a 40-18 win. Despite a couple errors due to not completely knowing the rules (looking at you QB who tried to just run it), Tater Tots looked far from the hot mess we usually see with new teams. Raena’s silver hair continues to get my vote for best hair in the league (yeah I said it Darryl). TT defense was equally impressive. ZA is also a new team but there are a couple familiar faces, particularly to those who played Breakfast Club. I’m not sure who are rostered players and who was subbing but aside from obviously Zack Elphick, Misty and current Breakfast Club champion Drew were also in attendance in this game. A new but another possible female to keep an eye on is Jenna who I saw grab a deep bomb over a defenders head. This game was rough for ZA but looking at the scores of their other games so far, I wouldn’t count this team out of anything.

Matty’s Angels played their first game in D4 against Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers. Unfortunately for Uncle Rico, they were missing a lot of personnel including QB Tim and Jackie. The game was well in hand by the half so the Angels decided to try out pretty much everyone else at QB. It’s never fun having your QB and Female 1 out for your opening game of the season, but adding to that playing a notoriously high scoring gender team that was just added to your division is definitely the pits. I wouldn’t hold much weight in this game to determine how the rest of either of these seasons will go. UR will certainly regroup and the Angel’s will have some much tougher contest shortly.

TMA unveiled their new QB Ryan against an unsuspecting Shattered Dreams. Both teams were coming off a loss, TMA last week and SD earlier in the day. Ryan proved to be exactly what the doctor ordered for TMA. They had the female edge with Steph getting one of her 2 interceptions of the day, Val pressuring the QB and Diana putting together a drive that resulted in a TD. Brother Rob, Ron, and new guy Nick combined for some great offense. SD have had a hard go at it early in the season but they seem to be taking it in stride and the season is still young.

That’s all for this week. It was wonderful to see 5 Star Productions back on the fields and have some music we all could hear. Unfortunately for the QBs on Field 1 that meant the rushers could count a little faster, much to Garbacz’s chagrin. The bar specials were also a welcome treat and I saw many people taking advantage of those. The Lenny Alba Memorial Topper Sports League Fantasy League draft was held in the back room where 24 players from the league (plus a couple consultants) gathered to consume more alcohol and pick their teams to face off in the Cookie and Elmo divisions. Overall the day was a riveting success and while some teams probably would have liked to see it turn out differently (I feel ya Peachy), there still is nowhere else I’d rather be on Saturdays. Until next time, I be watching…

~ courtesy of...The Sentinel

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