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Here we are ladies and gentlemen, Week 6 is now behind us. In Topper’s infinite wisdom to start this season early, we have had yet another nice day to play some football. The rain held off, the music was bumping, and some people won big. In some divisions the standings look completely different than they did at the start of the season and with 2 weeks left of the regular season, everyone is really starting to see where they line up. Let’s take a look at this weeks’ games…

I was going to say Bullet Club took on Energy Buff but a more accurate statement would be Bullet Club took on some shreds of Energy Buff with mostly substitute players filling in the gaps. EB had no females of their own and instead called in Emily Schilling and Steph Czaja. They also had Matty Ice in to throw for them which seeing how a consistent QB has been a major detriment to their success, I figured would elevate their game. The good news for EB was Ben Stack was in attendance and according to my sources Chris Nelson bailed on BC right before game time. The game was a close one with back and forth action, INTs on both sides and plenty of deep balls. Ricky had some trouble with Schilling rushing him but fortunately for BC, “Good Ricky” showed up and was able to use his talented receivers effectively. Todd and Zach played playoff caliber football and they squeaked by with a 26-22 win.

Later in the day, Energy Buff met up with Slytherin That Endzone again with their depleted roster. They traded out Matty Ice for Ricky at QB and brought in Jillian Dibble. Looking at this game I was expecting SITE to run rampant given the promising start to their season and young athletes they seem to keep adding. Unfortunately for them, Good Ricky carried over from his win against them earlier in the day and continued to rain precision passes down on them. SITE had the game in hand with a commanding 30 point lead. EB kept on trucking and with Ricky leading them, overcame that deficit to take the win 45-41. The loss of captain Gary was evident in the game as the anguish on his face while watching from the sidelines was even hard for me. Hopefully he will return to lead his team when it matters in a few short weeks’ time.

SITE went on to play Schilling Em Softly later in the day. For those who are confused, We Back has officially dropped out so instead of their remaining opponents missing out on a game, league management has decided to have the current Breakfast Club Champions fill the spot. To refresh your memory, this team had Matty Ice, AW Tommy Hughes, Kyle Coniff (had a scheduling conflict), Sal (not playing), Jeremy from Jabronies and Drew from Zack Attack. For females, both Emilies and Kelly Liddle filled in. Hearn and Gordon also filled in for the missing players. It was a fun, close game that probably could have gone either way had the men of SES taken it seriously. As it was, SITE used their speedsters and SES couldn’t keep up giving SITE the 36-31 win.

The Overcompensators had a bye week last week that seemed to stall out their momentum for a while. Their offense came out sloppy and lethargic. Fortunately Renee didn’t miss a beat and Erica stepped up for them. Practice Squad also had a slow start on offense with their OQ missing some wide open receivers. Fiegel kept them in this game by not dropping a single pass (while I watched anyway). The game was close at the half but PS could not find a break in OC’s dominant defense. Once OC rubbed the sleep out of their eyes they took command of this game and put any thoughts of them not being the undisputed D5 favorite to rest. OC 28, PS 14.

The pAssless Chaps versus Blitzkreig game was pretty much over before it started. Blitz showed their inexperience on both sides of the ball. On defense, they stuck to man despite being picked apart by Coach Jay. On offense, they made the age old mistake of not using your females and getting down to 4-2 situations. In Blitz’s defense, PC is all too familiar with their plight as this was them not long ago. Leadership and experience are just what the doctor is ordering for them to improve next season. By half time, the score was 43-13 and Coach Jay sat himself. PC continued to dominant even without Jay leading the rush and the game ended with PC winning 65-13. The Chaps have had their share of upsets in past seasons (most notably the Fall in their defeat of the Jabronies in the semis) and I would not want to be a top tier D6 team facing them come playoffs.

At 11:00, A&A took on the Dilfs in what could have been a solid match up. Both teams seemed to have all their horses in the race with the exception of Kelly Mazur for the Dilfs. Even Award-winning Tommy Hughes graced the fields with his presence. The Dilfs got off to an early lead but A&A quickly recovered and marched down the field for a gender score. The Dilfs collective age hurt them as they could not keep up with the much younger athletes of A&A. Dubey in the backfield and Tommy calling the plays kept the game close until a pick 6 in the waning minutes sealed the deal. A&A walked away with a 45-15 win.

The Hofbrauhaus Buffalo/ Peachy Platoon game was much anticipated as it boasted 2 of the top 3 contenders for the D2 title this season. Everyone has been talking about whether HB is the real deal or if their success could be attributed to the ease of their schedule. I’ve also heard speculation about how PP would fair in D1. This game would answer both of these conundrums. The game started out with a pick six by Dave Wilbern which one would think would be a catalyst to go on to dominant. Not the case. Topper and Co turned on the burners and PP had no response. HB delivered a swift kick to the teeth and PP completely unraveled and lost their composure. Their frustration and angst was palpable from the sidelines as Topper continued to score. Granted, Topper also continued to throw INTs but PP could not regroup to settle back into their game. Dean was clearly not ready for the likes of Pete and Drew as he threw his fair amount of picks as well. This young team needs to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and move forward to next week and put this 44-21 loss behind them.

Frodo Swaggins QB, Scott Drosendahl continues to shoot himself in the foot when it comes to becoming a star in this league. He has all the makings to be great with his witticism, skill set and can-do attitude but seems to always fall short when the games on the line. This week, he pointed to the fences, called his shots and failed to rise to the occasion. Not only did he claim he was going to squash the rumors of his lack of game by courting LRG but he also said he would win both games of his doubleheader. On neither of these promises did he come through. LRG was there and not even eye contact was made. Even worse, in their game versus End Game, Scott threw multiple INTs and missed wide open receivers. Sure they beat the last place Ultimate Warriors 43-26 but those aren’t the games that are going to give you star status. Dave and Co outplayed FS in what was a much needed morale boost for this usually all-around strong team. Both teams have tough competitions this week as EG takes on Jabronies and FS takes on All We Do Is Quinn.

Did the league crown Quinn a bit too prematurely? Sure seems like it after watching how easily they were handled by NPI. NPI led the entire game and at one point were up 20-0. I will give credit to AWDIQ for not giving up and fighting until the end, but this was a stunner due to the ease in which NPI scored and shut down the Quinnsters. The key to this game was the females- NPI’s did whatever they wanted to do, as Elena Schratz seemed to be zipping all over the field. On the other side, Quinn’s females couldn’t seem to get open at all, severely hurting the team. LRG and Emily Peters are good players, but the absence of Kat Peters really stood out. Kyle has looked stellar in the past couple of weeks at QB and NPI is on cruise control right now. They took the easy victory 39-26. Quinn has to make some adjustments in the weeks ahead. 

In Part 2 of their double header, NPI took on Sticky Bandits. No one knows what SB is doing with Raj at QB. People like Raj, he’s a great guy. But at QB he’s the league equivalent to Rob Johnson. Then we have Kyle who is out here playing like Russell Wilson in his prime and it was no contest. NPI took their second win of the day 43-13.

What in the holy hell happened on Field 2 at 2:00 this past Saturday? Yes, Jabronies had Joe Miano and BOTH Kleckers in attendance. Yes, Joe did play QB. This is just one of those quintessential Any Given {Saturday} type games. 3rd and Schlong delivered a WWF style smackdown to the Jabronies with a 41-9 win. Yes, you read that score correctly. Here’s the thing, and I mean this as a PSA to the entire league as there are exceptional females in every division. Katie Keller is an exceptional female. DO NOT put an average female on her to try to cover on defense. She will eat them alive. The Kellers loked smooth and on fire. The Jabronies looked shell shocked from start to finish. They couldn’t figure out anything on offense and defensively they were completely out of sorts. This was an eye opening game, exposing flaws in one team and showing strengths of another. If the Jabronies don’t want a repeat of their early exit from the playoffs last year, they better not have another game like this one.

To start the game, Come From Behind had no QB. Ferger was scheduled to play but since his game went late, they had to start shorthanded. Long time vet Craig Gerhard made his first appearance of the season and decided to try his hand at emergency QB. His strength is in his receiving and CFB couldn’t do anything against the Hope N Ruin defense. HNR ruin continues their climb up the rankings with a 43-20 win.

Come From Behind got another chance later in their game versus Pink Pteratacos that was much more competitive. Honestly, this game could be the Game of the Day. After playing earlier without a QB, CFB went to the sublist and called on B to lead them. Sure, he threw a couple picks initially while shaking some of the rust off but he had CFB moving and threw strikes to players all over the field. Meanwhile, PP gelled in the absence of Mark. Their new female player, Marla, continued to show her speed and strength of will. But CFB looked energized by having someone to throw them the ball and Craig showed us all retirement is still in the distant future. CFB inched by with a 38-36 win.

The Graves Bros demolished Tater Tots 52-0 but the real story of this game was “the play”. Dave, more commonly known as Drunk Meg’s boyfriend, goes up for a ball against a female player from Graves Bros and gets MOSSED! Now this isn’t the first instance of a male player being mossed by a female but it will definitely be talked about for the remainder of the season. Even his own teammates were howling about and continued to talk about it later. Fortunately for Dave it was not caught on film. The score speaks for itself regarding how the rest of the game went.

Tater Tots later had to play TMA in a Drunk Meg versus her boyfriend showdown. His spirits were probably at an all time low but mercy is not in the vocabulary of TMA. They scored early and often. QB Ryan played lights out and rumors are swirling he may be in the conversation for some MVP considerations. TMA took the victory 44-6 and sit comfortably in the second place spot in what is proving to be a very competitive division. The quote of the day comes from Drunk Meg who was heard telling Rameer at the bar they “mashed those little tater tots!”. TT are still in contention for playoffs so the next 2 weeks are of paramount importance to their rookie season in the league.

That’s all I have for you today. I say it every year but I seriously can’t believe how close we are to championship weekend. Here we are in October with another nice day of football weather upon us (at least according to the weather report today). Next week teams will be fighting for their playoff lives. Some notable absences this week could shake up the standings a bit as well. As everyone waits to see how it all plays out, remember I’ll be watching…

~ courtesy of...The Sentinel

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