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So Week 7 has come and gone. One more week of the regular season lies before us. After that, the race for coed football immorality officially begins. This was a light week in terms of attendance and games. But while many were representing the Bills Mafia in Nashville (I’m assuming that’s where most people were) the rest of us held the fort at the Rose Garden. Here’s what I saw…

A&A had only 2 of its rostered males there- Rameer and JZ- for their double header. They did have 3 females, but it was impossible for them to defensively stop anyone, even when Travis was allowed to play defense in their second game against Hofbrauhaus Buffalo. Travis had a very rough day at the office. He subbed in at QB but had trouble getting on the same page as his receivers. It was a terrible week to be missing Matty Ice and WRs 1-4. Tight Ends in Motion played well and came away with an easy 42-17 win. Later in the day against HB, A&A could not generate anything on defense. Nixon was in at rusher giving Travis a very small window to get the ball out but allowing 64 points to be scored against you really lowers your chances of success. HB walked away with a 64-34 win.

The scheduling gods did not do Buffalo Solar Solutions any favors, giving them both gender teams in one day. Added to that missing their fearless leader Andy to throw them the ball equaled a dismal day. Cunning Stunts mounted a comeback from 2 scores down to win the game in the last second. Joey Batts threw a late TD and then chose to go for the win by attempting a 2 point conversion- and GETTING IT! CS was none too happy later in the day though to get blown out by Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers who had 2 really good players in their lineup, including Chris Nelson. The game was close to being a forfeit due to Nelson being on 3 rosters and having plated for Bullet Club earlier in the season, but he apparently had played for Uncle Rico’s as well and formally said to Rameer that he renounces all ties to any other team. Nelson ended up being the unstoppable force that the Stunts couldn’t stop. They were NOT happy about it after the game and let league management know.

Bobby McConnell could have had the week off and rested for next weeks’ seeding match ups but risking the #1 spot of the QB Rankings was not an option. Instead, he looked like he was fighting for MVP contention in both of Matty Angels’ games as he took over for a missing Matty Ice. The Angels struggled in their last match up against BSS so I can’t say if it was Bobby running their offense or the motivation of revenge that caused the 54-12 domination. It could also be that the Stunts tried them out and they didn’t have Andy but all these teams will see each other real soon. The Angels definitely were not tired in their second game of the day versus Mountain Dew Me. MDM had no answer on defense for the females and fell 53-12.

Vaspian continued their up and down rollercoaster of a season going 1-1 against Ultimate Warriors (won) and the Jabronies (lost). Drew attempted to Mrs Doubtfire it by playing for both Vaspian and his D2 team in the 10am slot. For those of you who’s eyes just lit up, don’t get any ideas. I spoke to league management and there most likely will be a rule about this come next season. He was only able to pull off one win in that time slot as Public Enemy finally looked like their old selves again. Vaspian on the other hand needs to figure out how to generate some offense. They beat UW 28-22 then lost to the Jabronies 34-18.

League icon Darryl Carr was literally left in the trenches by his team as not a single Cobblestone player aside from  him showed up for their double header against En Fuego. The result was EF received 2 forfeit wins which sucked since they nor anyone involved knew prior to the first scheduled game that this was happening. I spoke with management again who assured me they will look into implementing new rules to prevent this from occurring in the future or resulting in consequences if it should. I hope En Fuego was able to enjoy their day regardless. I did hear them in previous weeks playing a fantasy football-esque game while watching a game which I think is a fantastic idea.

The Frodo Swaggins/All We Do Is Quinn game was marked by shaky play from AWDIQ- but more noticeably a number of questionable calls from ref, Billy. Probably not breaking news to anyone. No, the Quinners do not blame the loss completely on Billy but they and onlookers say he had a major effect on the outcome and flow of the game with multiple “bad” calls. One such call was at the end of the 1st half when he took away a TD even though he wasn’t in position to see the players feet in bounds. Kasey discussed the call later in the day on Titos With Travis and FS QB Dro did not dispute any argument. FS walked away with the 38-36 win.

Come From Behind pulled off a surprisingly easy blowout upset over Practice Squad, even with a back up QB in. They may be one of the oldest teams in the league but they proved this week they still have what it takes to compete. Using smart play calling and exploiting PS’s weaknesses, CFB pulled off a 52-30 win. Practice Squad may have gotten complacent but those 3-6 spots in D5 are anything but secure.

Peachy Platoon won but with some interesting personnel changes- Dean did not play QB. Why? You ask. It was confirmed that he broke his thumb against Hofbrauhaus Buffalo last week and can’t grip the football to throw. Way to go Nixon you big bully. This could have a major effect on their chances for a D2 title. Their game against Schilling Em Softly may not have been a great indicator for how they will match up against the other D2 teams come playoff time. This game was a good practice for their new QB and also a moral victory they won 39-20.

Well that’s all for last week. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. One week of the regular season remains. One week to do something amazing that people will remember going into the playoffs. One week to solidify where you fit in. One week to talk to that special someone you’ve been eyeing all season (this is a general comment, not directed at one specific person). The Fall 2019 season is quickly passing us by. Make sure you make the most of it from here. Meanwhile, I’ll be watching…

~ courtesy of...The Sentinel

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