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No surprises at the top.


Chris Cole (#1) makes his TSL Spring 2019 debut with wins over #XTC@AngryBuffalo (terrible team name btw) and 1 Todd 2 Many (also terrible… how many Todds are there?).  What is Public Enemy’s win streak up to now?  7-0 last season, 3-0 in the playoffs, 2-0 to start this season.  Is a 12 game winning streak a League record?  Somebody ask Topper or Rameer, the League should know these things.  Anyway, Cole looked awesome this week ripping defenses apart, and the top spot looks like his for the foreseeable future.


Dubey (#2) keeps his spot in the Power Rankings with wins over A&A (44-29) and Gryffindor (22-19).  He had his ups and downs throughout the day but the easiest path to Power Rankings glory is by winning, and he beat two other Top Ten QB’s / League Icons.  Not a bad Saturday.


Despite losing to Dubey (and throwing way too many picks) Matty Ice (#3) actually finds himself moving up this week.  Gotta look at his whole resume here: A&A also played (and beat) Money Ball 30-22, a game that knocked Glowacki (whose performance this week has been described as “meh”) out of the Top Ten.  Matty’s Angels played (and beat) Five Star Generals 54-46 and Home Tech 56-25.  Schilling Em Softly played (and beat) EmC HammerTime 59-34.  So Matty led teams go 4-1 this week, and score 228 points.  Can we talk about what 228 points means? That’s more than Tight Ends in Motion, Racks N Sacks, #XTC, Angry Buffalo, Morning Wood, Sticky Bandits, Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers and Cobblestone each scored ALL OF LAST SEASON.   4-1 and a season’s worth of points in a single day.  Matty would be #2 in the rankings, IF we could justify putting him above an undefeated division rival who handed him his only loss this week (which, you know, we can’t).


Doesn’t seem fair that Chadwick (#4), the now and future QB of Eyes Downtown, drops a spot in the rankings despite getting the W, but Matty’s week just seemed a little more impressive (he’s 7-1 as a starter after two weeks!).  Look on the bright side Chadwick – this team is yours now, and I’m sure they’ve forgotten all about Bobby (#44) who continues to drop in the Power Rankings with every absentee week.


Now it gets interesting. 


Last week’s #5-10 QB’s each lost at least one game this week, going a combined 2-9 on the day.  Ouch.  That doesn’t mean they all played badly, but it does mean we’re going to see some changes this week.


Mark Dalfanso (#5) busted his way into the Top Ten in a big way this week, beating Tight Ends in Motion 35-31 in a classic.  These two teams always seem to come down to the wire when they play each other, and Saturday’s game didn’t disappoint.  You have to feel for Alex Buchlis (#7), who actually played very well in the loss to Marketing Mayors.  Two heart breaking TEIM losses in a row, and then he suffered an injury in the first game of a Sticky Bandits doubleheader that knocked him out early.  Sources are unsure how long he’ll be out of action, but we wish him the best.


Newman (#6) drops a spot this week by virtue of losing to All We Do Is Quinn (42-28) and Hot TaMollys (29-18).  Sure, he got a win over Ultimate Warriors (39-12) where he looked pretty good, but with a two loss day he’s probably lucky to stay in our Top Ten at all.  Play better, Newman.


Joey Batts (#8) holds steady in the Power Rankings this week with a Cunning Stunts win over Hope N Ruin (43-26) and a Gryffindor loss to Title Shot (22-19).  Are we being unfair to Joey here?  He didn’t really lose that Title Shot game.  Gryffindor was apparently winning with Joey at Quarterback, until he had to leave at halftime and turned the game over to his brother (which, uh, did not go well).  Not sure why Joey quit on his team, but only finishers get to move up in the Power Rankings.  He’ll have another chance next week against Matty Ice and A&A, in what we suspect will be the game of the week.


Travis (#9) makes his Top Ten debut this week, with big wins in Breakfast Club and coming off the bench for Bullet Club.  Where was Easton (Not Ranked) this week?  Can we please turn this into a QB controversy?


Quick quiz: name every Quarterback in the League whose non-gender team is still undefeated, AND has scored more than 100 points with that team this season?  Okay, that was a very specific set of criteria, but there’s only one answer: Vince Taverna (#10) of All We Do Is Quinn.  The team moved up to Rec 1 this session and AWDIQ is 2-0-1 after three games.  They’re not exactly sweating the improved competition so far, and the schedule Gods smile upon them next week when they play a vulnerable Sticky Bandits team that may be without their leader, QB Alex Buchlis.  Keep winning Vince, and the League (and Power Rankings) will take notice.


Hey, remember when Topper (#14) was in the Top Ten?  Feels like a lifetime ago.  Although he played well enough to ALMOST take down the D1 champs (don’t tell me Public Enemy wasn’t scared for a minute!!!), the Commish found a way to lose with 1 Todd 2 Many, AND with Natural Born Kellers, AND with Vandalay Industries.  Tanking three teams in one day (is that the opposite of “pulling a Matty”?) is a great way to drop in the Power Rankings.


He’s not in the Top Ten yet, but Dean Thompson (#20) of Peach Platoon will be soon, if he continues to play like he did this week.  With smart, methodical passing, a creative running game, and a beautiful deep shot late in the game, Dean came to play on Saturday.  Is this really the same team that got annihilated by Slytherin in Week One??


We thought Rec 4 would be wide open at the start of this season, but Joe Miano (#24) is making a push for a Jabronies championship this Spring.  The offense looks smooth, Joe is making great decisions, and the team looks like it’s taken several steps forward from last year.  Keep an eye on this guy, he really knows how to play.



That’s it for this week – if you weren’t mentioned above, and you think you should have been, we recommend playing better – it’s the easiest way to get noticed.  Tough to argue with that, right?

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