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Public Enemy streak = 13 games in a row?  Three weeks in and I’m already bored of Chris Cole (#1) on top of the rankings.  Consistent excellence is too predictable, and we’re looking for wild plot twists here.  Mark Dalfonso (#4) and Marketing Mayors are up next for the reigning, defending, undisputed champs, and this HAS to be a good one, right?  Dalfonso dropped 54 points on 1 Todd 2 Many this week in an annihilation of the former D3 champs.  Is he the man that breaks the streak?  We’re betting on No, but someone has to… eventually.


Here are the numbers for Matty Ice (#2) this week, for those keep tracking (which we in the QB Power Rankings are, obsessively): 4 wins.  0 losses.  165 points scored.  Three weeks into the season, he’s 11-1 with 457 points scored.  ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?  What’s it going to take for him to pass Cole?  June 15th is the Rec 1 vs Rec 2 ladder match week – can you imagine these two slugging it out head to head in the final week of the season?? This is the stuff QB Power Rankers dreams are made of.  Too bad Matty apparently has next week off – we were prepared to devote an entire Power Rankings article to his eye popping stats.


Dubey (#3) drops by virtue of his absence this week, and Title Shot’s undefeated season collapsed without him in a 32-19 loss to Bullet Club.  And speaking of Bullet Club, look, I know they’ve won a lot of games with Easton (STILL Not Ranked), but let’s be real: they look like world beaters with Travis (#6) under center.  How do you mess with that?  And those uniforms look awesome.


We’re not going to ding you too much for losing to the D1 champs Chadwick (#5).  Everyone’s doing it.  But know this: we were rooting for you.


Unfortunately now we run into some struggling stars in those #7-#9 spots.  Newman (#7) was a big loser for both Breakfast Club and SITE this week.  We’re keeping in the Top Ten for now because we know what he’s capable of, but another couple of losses this week could have him on the outside looking in.  Alex (#8) tried to play through an injury this week, but had to bench himself after a few drives.  The season is young Alex… your teams need you healthy for the playoffs.  Don’t kill yourself out there.  And fun fact about the Joey Batts (#9) led Gryffindor team: they have the single lowest points per game of ANY team in ANY division right now.  By a LOT.  [Seriously – 9.5 ppg, a full 7 points behind the SECOND WORST team in the League.  Ouch.]  Good thing Cunning Stunts has the fourth highest PPG in the League, or Joey’s ranking would be down in the 40s like Bobby McConnell (#45 and falling every day).


Last week, we said “he’s not in the Top Ten yet, but Dean Thompson of Peach Platoon will be soon, if he continues to play like he did this week”.  Yeah.  He did.  Welcome to the Top Ten Dean (#10), earlier than expected.  After getting steamrolled by Slytherin in week one, the Platoon has gotten their act together and are scoring at Matty Ice-like levels right now.  Dean looks fantastic out there, and this team is only getting better every week… BUT, his two wins this season have come against the struggling Ultimate Warriors and an injured Sticky Bandits squad.  Is Dean for real or is he the product of a lucky schedule?  Time will tell.


We focus a lot on the Top Ten in this write-up, but there are plenty of other Quarterbacks out there playing well enough (or badly enough) to get noticed.  For example:


Buffalo Solar Solutions is currently #3 in the League across all divisions for Points per Game with Andy Clark (#16) leading the offense.  BSS is also one of only seven undefeated teams left at this point in the season.  Not too bad, Andy.  We see you out there. 


We’re told that Brian Stoldt (#24) of Practice Squad looked incredible this week in carving up the Bambs defense.  Rec 4 teams don’t get a lot of love from these Rankings we realize, but there are some serious athletes on those teams.  Speaking of which, Joe Miano (#21) is still undefeated with Jabronies, who are 5th in the League in Points Per Game right now.  If you don’t know who Joe is by now, you need to start watching his games.


We heard a lot of hype going into this season about how great Energy Buff was supposed to be, but so far Tommy Scrivani (#28) has them off to a rough start.  Remember when we said the second worst offense was seven points better than Gryffindor?  Yeah, that’s these guys.  We’re not sure why they’re struggling so much - there’s enough athleticism on this team to be undefeated, and yet somehow they find themselves winless after two games.  Plenty of time to turn it around…


That’s it for the Week Three Power Rankings!  As always, if your QB wasn’t listed above, make sure you blame the League, the refs and the rulebook, as loudly and often as possible.

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