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Hello! In this, the Year of Our Lord 2020, I hope you find yourselves well.


After this article went to press last week, I received an email from none other than JONNY F’N FOOTBALL! I haven’t heard from him in what feels like forever! And naturally, he did what he does best, and guaranteed not only a victory over the Freeballers last week, but by 27 or more points.


Historically, his guarantees and bets never go well for him. But this time? My oh my was our guy right here. Scared Hitless obliterated Freeballers 52-0. I was wrong to even suggest this team could sniff a win against a D3 squad.


I’m truly sorry Jonny Football. That was my mistake. It won’t happen again. (It’ll happen again.)


And that’s the fun of the TSL. Just when you think you have the answers, we change the questions. Teams are starting to round into who they really are this time around. With only a few weeks left in the season, some teams just need to go back to the drawing board. Others can stay on cruise control as they coast into the playoffs like the well-oiled machine they already are. It’s not too late to reinvent yourself! With everyone making the playoffs here, NOW is the time for the teams that just aren’t quite right to make the big adjustments that maybe they were scared to. Give a new QB a try, figure out some new plays. Why not?


You don’t lose anything by trying, except maybe getting a lower seed. But as long as you’ve got a guaranteed ticket to the dance, which you do, you can experiment just like you did in your college days.


There’s a lot of games to discuss, so lets get to it!


D1/D2 Crossover Week Scores:

Public Enemy 28, SITE 14

Morning Wood 18, Why So Serious? 16

Eyes Downtown 29, Jabronies 28

Gryffindor 52, Sticky Bandits 45

Dilf’s 21, Marketing Mayors 0

Tight Ends In Motion 58, Bullet Club 20



So after all of the talk of the Dilf’s being concerned they weren’t good enough for D1, they go out and win 21-0? Okay, sure, it took Marketing Mayors to forfeit for it to happen, but still. Props to Morning Wood for being the only D2 team to actually win their crossover game. But, let’s talk about how interesting it is that most of the games were really close! Other than Bullet Club getting smacked around by TEIM, all of the D2 teams performed quite well. Yeah, SITE lost by 14 to Public Enemy, but that is still a pretty good score, and I heard that the game was closer that it showed. Eyes Downtown may not have had Bobby, but Jabronies only losing by 1 is still impressive. Gryffindor and Sticky had a barnburner, where defense wasn’t allowed. The record will show that D1 went 4-2 this week against D2, but D2 can claim moral victories left and right. Perhaps the divisions aren’t as far apart as we think.


D1 Games This Week:


Public Enemy vs Eyes Downtown (+2) – OH ITS ON. But, for real this time. The makeup game of all makeup games, the two best teams in the TSL go head to head as they renew their rivalry yet again. There’s some new faces to the party, but the story remains the same: These two teams don’t like each other. The TSL’s top 2 QBs are facing off, assuming Bobby doesn’t blow this game off. (He won’t). First place is on the line, but really so is pride. As for the game itself? I think Public Enemy is rolling a bit more than ED. The signs point to a PE win. So that must mean: EYES DOWNTOWN BY 3


Public Enemy vs Marketing Mayors (+11) – 11 should normally be a lot, but with the Mayors’ inability to field a full team, if they field one at all this season, it knocks them down a peg. PE will be emotionally spent whether they win or lose the game before, so they won’t be AS sharp here. But they’ll still win. PUBLIC ENEMY BY 6


Tight Ends In Motion vs Gryffindor (+1) – You have to like these matchups. Both teams are playing well as they meet each other here. Batts has his new and improved Gryffindor team humming along pretty well right now. TEIM got a much needed “feel good” win in destroying Bullet Club last week. This game gives the winner the inside track to the #3 seed in the playoffs, and the reward is playing the probably #6 seed in Why So Serious, as opposed to a date with Marketing Mayors. This should be a good one, but let’s look for GRYFFINDOR BY 6


Eyes Downtown vs Why So Serious? (+14) – Another learning experience for WSS. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 20




Last Week’s Game:

Peachy Platoon 30, HOFBRAUHAUS BUFFALO 17


In the only “proper” D2 matchup this weekend, Peachy overtook Team Topper, knocking them to 0-5 as the Platoon tries out another QB in the scramble to replace Dean.


This Week’s Games:


Dilf’s vs Peachy Platoon (+2) – I love Peachy Platoon and I think it’s a shame they have to deal with this QB issue. It immediately sets them back, but they’re clearly taking my advice from above and they’re fixing this before playoffs. The Dilf’s feel like they’re humming along still. They’re only 3-2 but it feels like the defending champs could be 5-0. They just about always have the best girl on the field with Katie Keller, and they ALWAYS have the most handsome man on the field with Eric Stegs. These intangibles matter people. You can’t catch a football when you’re lost in his eyes. DILFS BY 8


Slytherin That End Zone vs Morning Wood (+4) – Okay, first off, I saw The Sentinel use “STEZ” as the SITE acronym. I get that that is 100% technically accurate but let’s get two things straight. First, I make the rules here. I have since 2010. Secondly, SITE looks 4,643 times better than STEZ. Fix that. Anyway, SITE has been the class of D2 so far, and a loss to Public Enemy doesn’t change that. But, others have said they’re getting lucky. Which is it? A little of both. You can see that SITE struggles to put points on the board, but they’re playing great defense to make up for it. They’ve also had a soft schedule. No, playing Morning Wood doesn’t change that. Things are going to get harder for them as the season goes on. Morning Wood took a 2 point win over the “D4 team that’s playing in D1” last week. This is a prove it week for SITE, and I want to see them win by double digits. Show me something Gary. SITE BY 12


Dilfs vs SITE (+1) – Seriously Gary, show me something. DILFS BY 9


Peachy Platoon vs HOFBRAUHAUS BUFFALO (+9) – I mean, Peachy JUST won by 13 last week. I’ll look for history to repeat itself as HB just can’t figure it out yet….or Father Time has finally won. PEACHY PLATOON BY 13


Sticky Bandits vs Bullet Club (+5) – A tale of teams going in two different directions. Bullet Club was the only team that was embarrassed in their crossover game, as TEIM just dismantled them. That’s what happens when you have your 3rd QB in 4 weeks (this week it was a semi-drunk “birthday” edition of Travis Clev). At some point they’re going to have to decide on a full time QB. This story of “Bullet Club QB troubles” has to be getting old for the players too. Sticky doesn’t have that problem since they roll about 17 players deep. Mike Thomas has been fantastic, and Jeff Krol has Sticky Nation focused on the D2 championship. They’re playing very good football, and I think they know it. Look for that to continue here. STICKY BANDITS BY 14


Jabronies vs Morning Wood (+4) – Morning Wood isn’t playing too bad, but the Jabronies are simply on fire. A 1-point loss to Eyes Downtown (regardless of Bobby) is nothing to sneeze at. It shouldn’t come as a surprise though. Jabronies have former D1 caliber players in Ben Stack and Eric Kleckler, which has tended to go a little unnoticed here. This roster is much better than whatever Joe Miano trotted out in D6. JABRONIES BY 9


Jabronies vs Sticky Bandits (+2) – This should be “even” for a line. But somehow, the TSLQBPRC thought that “make me the lines with data and stuff” meant that THEY get to pick games too. Stick to your spreadsheets. Anyway, these two teams definitely love playing each other, as I’m pretty sure they’re all friends and family or whatever. Hopefully they’ll have a fun bet this game too, but the losers will actually commit to the bet this time around. JABRONIES BY 1




Last Week’s Scores:


All We Do Is Quinn 42, Grey Hair Don’t Care 21

All We Do Is Quinn 32, The Untouchaballs 28

Frodo Swaggins 30, Grey Hair Don’t Care 24

En Fuego 29, Over Compensators 12 (D3/D4 Crossover)

Scared Hitless 52, Freeballers 0 (D3/D4 Crossover)


Well, the Top 3 teams in the conference played each other, and it showed us pretty much what we already knew: Quinn and Frodo are the Top Dogs of D3. Grey Hair Don’t Care is a great story, and they’re a good team that is a tough out, but they had games against the two favorites and couldn’t pull out a win in either contest. The Untouchaballs don’t really win a lot, but at the same time they’re always SO CLOSE to popping off a win here and there. They’re 1-4 and could very easily be 3-2 or 4-1. And in the Crossovers, En Fuego easily won their highly anticipated match with the OC, while Scared Hitless smacked Freeballers into realizing they’re headed for D5 next season.


This Week’s Games:


Frodo Swaggins vs En Fuego (+10) – Team LaDuca comes into this pretty huge matchup with some momentum after vanquishing their rivals in the OC. This is the litmus test for these guys. If they can beat Frodo, it’ll give them their swagger back, which they so desperately miss. Honestly? They need to have some fun, and keep things loose. Considering both teams wear black, En Fuego should wear their alternate jerseys of white shirts and jorts. Bring back the fun. Garrett and Scotty know they’re missing Josh a bunch this season, but apparently when you get a girl pregnant, that means you can’t play football anymore, so they’re down a man. But like, congrats I guess. Frodo takes this one, but barely. FRODO SWAGGINS BY 6


All We Do Is Quinn vs Scared Hitless (+5) – Well, here you go Jonny Football. You want to run your mouth about smacking around a helpless D4 team that should be in D7, so now you’re getting the kings of the division. The Cat Peters (and her boyfriend that couldn’t make the AWDIQ roster so he made her leave the team) Bowl is on, and it should be a lot of fun. If Quinn has a disadvantage this game, its on the female side. Kasey is pretty good (she’s still recovering from Scotty’s advances), but the truth is that Scared Hitless boasts one of the best girls you don’t know about in Jaimie Warren, and Carly is no slouch either. But Quinn has much better guys and the more established QB. QB Dylan for Hitless is still figuring things out, and this team will continue to live or die with him. Hopefully last week’s scrimmage against the 6th graders will give him the confidence needed to take this one. Spoiler alert: It won’t. ALL WE DO IS QUINN BY 12


Grey Hair Don’t Care vs Vaspian (+9) -  The only good part about getting to play Frodo and Quinn in one week is that you get those games out of the way all at once. Grey Hair looks to get back on track against Vaspian, who still remain winless. It appears Drew is the problem, as he’s winless on the entire season for all of his teams. I don’t know why he’s cursed, but here we are. QB Dave from Grey Hair knows what he needs his team to work on to win the D3 title now, and they’re going to start practicing it here. GREY HAIR DON’T CARE BY 13


D3/D4 Crossover Game:


The Angels vs The Untouchaballs (+4) – This is sneakily a great matchup. The Angels are fantastic, we know that. And yes, they *should* be in D3 (and if Matty Ice stuck around, they would be). The TSL’s best gender team has beaten up on hot shot teams time and again and they get an interesting matchup with The Untouchaballs. I still have no idea who anyone is on this team, but they still put up a ton of points. They just still allow a ton as well. The best pro tip I can give them is the same as always: try your best for female touchdowns or else The Angels will walk away from you. Look for a closer than you think matchup here: THE ANGELS BY 6




Last Week’s Games:

Cunning Stunts 37, Freeballers 21

Buffalo Solar Solutions 44, Uncle Rico’s 28

Cunning Stunts 53, Over Compensators 42

Uncle Rico’s 44, Family Feud and Some Dudes 30

Buffalo Solar Solutions 40, The Angels 26


Speaking of changing the questions just when you think you have the answers, welcome to D4. Just as The Angels and Uncle Rico’s looked like they were coasting to an eventual D4 title game, the division’s blue teams reminded everyone just who they are. The Cunning Stunts finally looked like themselves this week, taking two wins from teams they absolutely should beat. But what matters is that they actually did it. But, not to be outdone, Buffalo Solar Solutions won both of their games this week against the aforementioned Rico’s and Angels. BSS is sitting at the top of the division after arguably the best weekend in their history. They’re 4-1, and it’s their defense that’s been great as the offense keeps pace with the pack leaders. They’ve cemented themselves as true contenders for the throne, of course last season they had a big week and proceeded to plummet down the standings afterwards. Let’s see if they’ve learned anything from the past. Meanwhile, Uncle Rico’s salvaged their week with a win over Family Feud, who manages to score points just fine, but they have literally zero idea how to stop anyone. They would be better served acquiring a defensive coordinator from the league somewhere. It wouldn’t be the first time a young, lower division team hired a consultant.


This Week’s Games:


Buffalo Solar Solutions vs Over Compensators (+9) – It hasn’t been the best of times for the OC. I’m sure they’re fondly remembering the good old days, when they were 8-1 in D5, smacking teams like En Fuego around. But now? They’re just fodder for the much better D4 teams. I don’t know if the team didn’t stay in shape in the offseason or it’s a lack of talent or what. Larry isn’t making waves like he used to. I haven’t heard from Eric at all, so he can’t be happy. It’s just bad over there, you can feel it. Yeah, they’re in 4th place currently, but they can’t score, and they seemed destined to finish 6th or 7th in the division. Just kidding, the Freeballers are in this division, they’ll be 7th. Buffalo Solar is just humming along. They just proved they’re a force in the division and they’re going to want to do everything they can to keep that going. RIP OC. BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS BY 19


Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers vs Cunning Stunts (+4) – Hey, here’s a fun one. With the Stunts back on track, they look to remind everyone yet again who they are. The forgotten Step Sisters to The Angels (regardless of how many times they’ve beaten them), the Stunts have that chip on their shoulder yet again. They know they should be better than 2-3, but they’re 2-0 in their last two games, and that should be the focus. Uncle Rico’s will have their hands full here. CUNNING STUNTS BY 2


Family Feud and Some Dudes vs Freeballers (+3) – I tried to believe in the Freeballers, but you can only go so far with it. I have to cut my losses. Sorry 40 Year Plan Guy, you let the league down, again. You killed 3rd and Schlong FOR THIS? Happy Birthday though. Freeballers are the 44th ranked team (out of 44) on the TSL standings page. I heard from MULTIPLE sources this week they’re imploding from the inside. I’m not entirely sure they’d beat Intentional Pounding anymore. Just about everyone else in the division has scored nearly double the points they have. D4 was biting off more than they could chew, for sure. Don’t blame the girls, they’re great. In fact, feel bad for them. They’re stuck on this roster at least until free agency opens at season’s end and they can go elsewhere. Steph, this is why you turned your back on TMA? Great choice. Family Feud is catching the league’s worst team at the right time. Look for them to not only win this week, but win kind of big. I still have no idea about this team, so I can’t say much. But they’re going to win. Prove me right. FAMILY FEUD BY 14




Last Week’s Games:

Mountain Dew Me 46, PTERATACOS 14

Mountain Dew Me 22, Practice Squad 6

TOX 16, Zack Attack 15

Cobblestone 26, Interdimensional Lightning Falcons 12

PTERATACOS 30, Intentional Pounding 6

Cobblestone 27, Intentional Pounding 23

ILF 24, TOX 23


Just pack it up. The division is over. Mountain Dew Me continues its disgusting reign of terror on D5, and one can only wonder what the hell happened during the pandemic that turned these guys into pretty decent tough outs in D4 to absolute D5 juggernaut. They haven’t had a close game yet. Props to Practice Squad for holding them to only 22 points. I feel bad for Team Lantz because they’re just always the bridesmaid and never the bride in D5. They’re always RIGHT THERE to win this thing, and each season an new contender rises from nowhere to make them second or third best. TOX did the smart thing and benched Topper this week, all it did was give them a much needed victory over Zack Attack. You have to love the throwback to the days the Cobblestone won a bunch. Darryl really must’ve been taking Deer Antler Spray over the offseason. His hair is amazing and so is his play lately. Cobblestone is 3-1-1 and the entire TSL is just better when they’re doing well. I know the NYS rules you have over there means he isn’t passing out the Coronas to everyone just yet, but its coming. Intentional Pounding got pounded and I heard they put QB Scott Keller Sr. in the garage last week. They must be saving him for playoffs. ILF got smacking around by Cobblestone but gutted out a 1 point win to end the day against TOX. PTERATACOS stayed afloat in the division with a 1-1 week as well.


This Week’s Games:


ILF vs Intentional Pounding (+3) – Three points might be a bit low here. These two teams feel headed in opposite directions. Despite my undying love for the Keller clan, the First Family of the TSL don’t forget, the 3rd and Schlong split hasn’t been kind to them. Luckily, again, its been worse for the Freeballers. MERGE BACK YOU FOOLS. But for now, the season is about having fun I guess. ILF has many horns to toot! Why you ask? Andrew Kicak went out of his way to email me about some of his players who are doing well! So what’s fun here is that he goes to mention Alex Baker, who has an interception in every single game this season. Yes, that’s Dave Baker’s son, the first of approximately 4,258 of them I hear. The rest of the email was commenting on how tall Brad was on TOX and how gorgeous Darryl’s hair is. Still, thanks Andrew! ILF BY 7


PTERATACOS vs Zack Attack (+1) – A very interesting “middle of the road” matchup between two teams still trying to figure it all out. Zack Attack cannot be happy with only scoring 96 points in 5 games. The growing pains of moving up a division are obvious here. PTERATACOS are just above them in the standings by a point thanks to a tie. They’re also a team that right now, can’t beat the Top 3 in the division, but will be competitive with everyone else. This is a coin flip, so that’s what I did. ZACK ATTACK BY 4


Practice Squad vs TOX (+13) -  Practice Squad has to be angry after that egg they just laid against MDM. TOX is still a team that’s learning to play with each other, and if the whispers of a Topper injury are true, they might start seeing new QB’s come into play here. That doesn’t help them against a polished team like Practice Squad. They’ll beat them at the bar though. PRACTICE SQUAD BY 17


Mountain Dew Me vs Cobblestone (+24) – Mountain Dew Me is a runaway freight train, destroying everything in its path en route to a D5 title. But in the distance, there is a man, locks flowing in the win, wearing cargo shorts, holding a Corona. He’s standing directly in front of this machine that has taken over D5 and he softly whispers “No More.” If anyone in the division can stop Mountain Dew Me, it HAS to be Darryl Carr QB Superstar, right? Right? No. MOUNTAIN DEW ME BY 13




Last Week’s Games:

Tater Tots 46, PC Plumbing 30

Tater Tots 20, Lenny’s Ladies 9

TMA 28, Blitzkrieg 16

The BiPolar Express 40, PC Plumbing 39

The Bambs 34, Graves Bros 6


First off, hello Tater Tots! The Tots have a big 2-0 week as they vault up to 3rd in the division. They’ve started to realize that “Throw it up to the tall guy” is a very viable action plan. Meanwhile, PC Plumbing is a mess. Word is that they can never get a roster together, which tends to be a staple of a Peyton franchise. When you have so many people in and out of your team each week, you can’t ever have the proper continuity. TMA is back, I think. They took care of business just as they should against Blitzkrieg. The division may still run through them. The BiPolar Express won this week, and I believe Gordon was back. I told you he was all they needed. He knows how to run his team better than anyone. The Bambs just beat up on Graves Bros in a pretty boring contest.


This Week’s Games:


The Bambs vs PC Plumbing (+16) – They can’t make this line high enough. D6’s top team versus it’s worst. THE BAMBS BY 20


Tater Tots vs Blitzkrieg (+1) – I know what you’re thinking Alex. You’re staring at the standings wondering how 1-2-1 is your record. You could very easily be 3-1 and at the top of the division. Just a few plays could go differently, and you’d feel better about your season. Well, this is your moment. The Tots have established themselves as contenders and you can do the same with an impressive victory. Stay focused, use “Light Red Hoodie Guy” as much as possible (Everyone thinks he’s your best player), and win. BLITZKRIEG BY 6


Graves Bros vs Lenny’s Ladies (+2) – The dynamic here will be interesting, if Baby Gronk is rushing QB Jeff Easton. Easton isn’t known for his ability to change direction on the fly, and the unusual “being rushed by a really big dude” thing might hinder his throwing. Graves Bros and Lenny’s Ladies both need the win here, as they didn’t have the best weeks last Saturday. Graves Bros gets back on track here. GRAVES BROS BY 11


The BiPolar Express vs TMA (+2) – Gone are the days when Gordon’s gals would take on TMA and he’d lose 2-4 players from his roster immediately because they played for TMA. With Drunk Meg and Steph on other squads now, they can play in this matchup for BPX. Both teams are playing well, albeit having similar seasons. They’re both preseason favorites to win the title, yet its pretty clear that they didn’t have the best starts to their seasons. But they’re on the come up now, and this is a fun matchup. TMA is finally rolling, and they’re not missing a beat after losing Steph/Drunk Meg to free agency. Light Val, Diana, and newcomer Lauren (who hasn’t been creeped out of the team by Prim yet either) have been excellent, so the early worries of female play are extinguished. But let’s just get one thing straight here. I say this every year, and it still feels like now matter how many times I do, no matter how many awards go his way, people don’t realize it: RON WEBBER IS F’N GOOD. VERY GOOD. GREAT EVEN. He’s still somehow incredibly underrated, even though he catches just about everything. The BPX girls are fantastic when they all show up, which has also been a bit of a problem I hear. When Gordon has his full compliment of girls at his disposal, they’re hard to beat. This is going to be fun. TMA BY 2


Graves Bros vs PC Plumbing (+3) – I still don’t see why this line is low. There’s not much to talk about for PC Plumbing when they have an everchanging roster. Graves Bros had a hiccup last week, I’m sure of it. They’re still very good. Cassie (Kassie? Where’s Rameer when you need him?) vs Katie Swanson could be a fun matchup to watch, if people were allowed to watch games. GRAVES BROS BY 17


Lenny’s Ladies vs The BiPolar Express (+1) – I don’t understand this line at all. Both teams have similar records, but BPX is much more established than Lenny’s Ladies. It’s a good old fashioned gender game though, and that’s going to be really fun. While we’re missing out on the Gordon – Joe K QB battle, at least we’ll get the Gordon – Jeff battle. But this matchup is all about the girls, and here’s hoping we get a game akin to the Angels – Stunts rivalry that has produced some epic battles so far. I’m excited, but give me the team that’s been established much longer. THE BIPOLAR EXPRESS BY 3





1. Will Public Enemy vs Eyes Downtown be the rivalry deathmatch is always is? I’d like to think so but this season feels so subdued, even from over here. But, give it one cheap shot from someone, and it’s GAME ON. Let’s hope it happens early.


2. Will any team go undefeated or winless this season? It’s incredibly hard to do both, but if you ask me you’ll see Mountain Dew Me win every game, and there’s a really good chance Freeballers don’t win one this season.


3. Have we heard anything new from the Health Department? Actually, no. It’s been very quiet, which is a great thing. We’re all doing excellent as far as our guidelines, thanks for everyone who’s been so very good about it all from what I’ve been told.


4. Can we stand on the sideline though, seriously? I will say, I’m not a fan of the idea of a 4th timeout and having to sub from the back of the endzone. One, there’s a reason there’s a “no standing behind the endzone” rule because it looks like there are more defenders there than usual. Two, a 4th time out changes the strategy of the game. It’s just weird to me. I’ve heard rumblings of a potential change, but nothing coming down the pipe.


5. Can we get one of those cool orange Topper Sports shirts? Actually, yes. Topper informed me just yesterday that he’s going to order a bunch of them. If you can get him $20 and your size, I’m sure he’d be glad to order you one. You’d more than likely have to talk to him this Saturday though.





1. If there was a team out there that was truly ready to “pop” and do some damage, it’s The Untouchaballs. Every week I see the scores, and its like, if they can figure out defense, they’re going to be good. If only I knew anyone on that team.


2. Seriously, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Just do it. Say hi. The reason some teams get so much more press is because I hear about them more. It used to be from Lenny and Rameer, and now it’s a lot more from YOU guys specifically. I’m not at the fields, and if I were, I couldn’t walk on them to see you guys. Or could I? I could always be Jeff May. He doesn’t wear glasses.


3. It’s going to be nearly 80 degrees this Saturday. Dress accordingly, and wear sunscreen.


4. Teams on the rise: Mountain Dew Me (Still), Buffalo Solar Solutions, Cunning Stunts, All We Do Is Quinn, Gryffindor


5. Teams with some work to do: Over Compensators, Lenny’s Ladies, TOX, PC Plumbing


6. Way too early division champion predictions: D1: Public Enemy, D2: Jabronies, D3: All We Do Is Quinn, D4: Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers, D5: Mountain Dew Me, D6: The BiPolar Express


7. We need to have some sort of bar games tournament. Also, where’s the wheel?


8. B’s Brother, we miss you. Someone read this to him. Joey Batts, go pick him up. Come on.


9. All teams should bring white shirts every week just in case they play a team that has the same color than them. Hearing people complain about how they played a team in black when they wear dark blue or red and orange is just stupid. Come prepared. Yes, if your main color is white, you would bring black in this case.


10. It’s true. By 5:00pm on Saturday, anything we think we knew will be wrong again. That’s the best part of the league.



Go forth, stay safe, and have fun. I cant wait to see how it goes for you all.


What’s YOUR ranking?



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