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Week 8 thoughts, a couple picks, some simple reading

Category: The Godfather's Picks
Created: Thursday, 25 October 2018 16:15
Published: Thursday, 25 October 2018 16:15
Written by Patrick McGovern
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It’s going to rain which means more football might get cancelled. I also feel awful which means I am only going to handicap one game per division. I am hearing the weather will become a big issue over the next few weeks. If we make it to 2:00 Matty’s Angels vs Cunning Stunts is looming. The day starts awesome and ends awesome assuming we make it all the way through…..


Where do we go from here? What happens next? Let’s find out shall we……..


DIVISION #1 Game of the Day

PUBLIC ENEMY 6-0 +1 VS EYES DOWNTOWN 4-1: For all intents and purposes this is the game of the season between the (2) best teams in the game today. The weather could be a big factor in this game. PE is dialed in these days as their offense is just rolling teams over at a clip at about 38 a game. Ryan Radke looks to be pretty much un-coverable most days. ED has had PE’s number the last few games mostly due to the fact that they have won the #3 vs #3 battle and quite frankly their QB has made the throws when needed. The girls on both squads pretty much cancel each other out. Both teams have stars all over the field. The questions is, was and will always be this….Who will win the battle between the teams #3s and which QB will blink first? I’m guessing Pauly J will be coming to town with a big chip on his shoulder after being TOTALLY underutilized in last sessions semi-finals between these (2).     I PREDICT A TIE


DIVISION #3 Game of the Day

BULLET CLUB 4-3 +3 VS GRYFFINDOR 5-2: Joe K has won the battle most seasons and is living rent free inside Joey Batts head. Joey Batts is struggling emotionally right now. No one knows more than I the pain the man is feeling after his huge loss to Matty Ice this week. Joey Batts knows Stunts vs Angels is more than a game it’s a battle of will between 2 of the games biggest stars both on and off the field. As for the game, the weather favors BC. Gryffindor must play smart and attack the sidelines as BC plays their safeties way too deep and can get beat on the lines at about 8-10 yards. JJ is good will BC hide “glasses” on the PR line or will they send him out to cover one of D3 bests girls? And for the love of God will Tony finally come to play this week or will he once again just show up and mail it in? I fear Joey Batts will have the Angels on his mind and will once again be wondering what “could have been” by days end.   BULLET CLUB BY 3


DIVISION #4 Game of the Day

HK7 4-2 VS 3RD AND SCHLONG 3-3 +4: I still don’t know what to think about this game. HK7 has looked absolutely dialed in against UW and IE but were shocked a few weeks ago against NPI. 3AS looked to be starting a run but then the weather struck last week. Both squads have solid offenses and both boast (2) of the best females in the division. I fear the sloppy track will force 3AS to change their game plan up. There is no doubt in my mind that HK7 will make it a point to take Katie Keller out of this game. There is also no doubt in my mind that 3AS will make it a point to take Emily Schilling out of the game. What does that mean? Yes, it means total anarchy. It means dogs and cats living together. It also means that the “other” girls on both squads will need to show up and earn their paychecks this week as they are the key to this game. For 3AS to have chance they will all need to eat their spinach this week and I would recommend that they all bring elastic workout ropes as anything could help.  HK7 BY 3


DIVISION #5 Game of the Day

MATTY’S ANGELS 5-1 VS CUNING STUNTS 4-2 +6: Joey Batts as league back to back MVP is such a wonderful story. Sometimes in life we don’t get our happy ending. We can dare to dream but ultimately we don’t get what we want. The world wants the happy ending but I fear sadness, misery and despair is heading our way. This game is so great for so many reasons. I for one am happy that a team with 5 women and 1 male can literally show up most weeks and make their opponents look silly. This is impressive as each and every female player on each team should be commended as 7-10 years ago the thought of a competitive “all girls team” was nothing more than a pipe dream. But we are now on the main stage talking about a 4-2 team and a 5-1 team heading straight for each other. As for the game, whether people want to believe it or not I think CS is starting to slowly becoming the good guys and MA are starting to become the bad guys. I keep hearing people say that MA as good as they are just have an “arrogance“ about them that is not winning this league over. CS on the other hand seem to be slowly winning the masses over. To be honest, perception really matters not in football. The truth of the matter is once you take way the pop and the circumstance and gravity of the moment at hand, Matty’s Angels is just a better football team than Cunning Stunts and WILL win this football game. Santa Claus will be showing up on October 27 instead of December 25 and he is bringing Katie Salisbury back to the Angels. Unfortunately it looks like Santa will be bringing Joey Batts coal    MATTY’S ANGELS BY 7




DIVISION #6 Game of the Day

THE MCKENZIE AGENCY 4-2 +7 VS CELINO SEWER RATS 5-1: CSR have won some big games this season and appear to be the one team that can stand up to PP. TMA are a solid bunch of vet players. They have size, speed and are skilled. Can they gel in time to make some noise in the D6 playoffs? It looks like we will see this week. If they can stand toe to toe with CSR they can make noise in the playoffs. If CSR runs them off the field then they will probably make it to the semis then fall short. CSR has a size edge but TMA has playmakers all over the field. Sloppy tracks mean “mudders” become important. There is no better mudder out there than Ron Weber. Dude just shows up and make splays. He will get you 7-8 yards in a hail storm or on a 90 degree day.  CELINO SEWER RATS BY 7


3 Questions for Saturday

1. Will the weather hold? I’m guessing no as it appears all reports claim we are in for a ton of rain Saturday.

2. What the heck is going on with Morning Wood? They started the season as the D3 dark horse but literally have been run over the past month as they seem to be imploding. What is going on and more importantly where the heck is their QB? Team Topper is up next and Team Topper is not a good “bad weather” football team.

3. Are Cintas and Joey Batts heading for an ugly break up? It seems like the Stunts are double booked with Cintas again. Cintas don’t seem to be listening to the Batman. It just seems like both heading in other directions next season is the best move for both.


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. Dress warm bring rain gear prepare for the heavan’s to pour down on each and every one of us.

2. If you are an ACE fan their season is literally on the line this week. Their dim playoff hopes still are alive but they MUST beat Witter’s this week. This will be no easy feat as Witter’s has been playing decent ball these days. With HNR getting hot and VI still looming this really is ACE’s last shot. If they lose they could be done like dinner.

3.  I am curious to see how the Ultimate Warriors match up with the Puckett All Stars. PAS are killing it on offense but like to go long a lot and the sloppy track this week could slow them down. UW are generally in low scoring type of games so this one could be interesting.

4. I will continue to keep my eyes on Hope N Ruin as they sit at 2-4 but they have won their last in dramatic fashion. This week they have (2) against UFO and Hung Buffalo. Its hard to think they looked lost a few weeks ago but if they win these 2 games they could be the team you want NO PART OF in the playoffs.

5. Sticky Bandits looked lost a few weeks ago but now behind the power of “cardboard cut out” Dave Baker Nation they could be .500 by days end. Cobblestone is up next and they have been a hot mess all session. Sticky could be looking at a big victory this week.

6. Tight End Zones could be in store for a very long day as they have 2 big tests with Peachy Platoon and The Practice Squad. It’s funny how in just one week things can go from so good to so bad so quickly.

7. Vandalay Industries is up against it this week. They are sitting at 2-4 but 2 huge tests with Cunning Stunts and AWDIQ are looming. Topper is not good in the bad weather and VI needs to take 1 of these games or they could be in trouble as they are hanging onto a playoff spot by a thread.

8. HATBF got beat up pretty bad last week by Marketing Mayors last week. I am curious to see how they counter punch this week after seeing what MM had. I see skill on the HATBF side of the field but I do not see much technical knowledge or discipline. Now that they have seen what MM has I am curious to see how they react and change their game plan this week.

9. Steve’s Cuz’ins better get their games in quickly. They have only played 4 games and they have 5 to go but there are only 2 weeks left. They play 2 this week assuming the weather holds. I’m not good at math but it looks like they will not get them all in.

10. As crazy as it sounds DMX could still end up with the #1 seed by seasons end. They have a very winnable game with SITE coming up. Team Topper has a big game with Morning Wood and the Gryff has to play BC which has had their number for some time now. DMX could easily be the D3 dark horse right now as they seem to be getting hot at the right time.

Week 7 Picks, Thoughts, Questions & Insights

Category: The Godfather's Picks
Created: Thursday, 18 October 2018 20:00
Published: Thursday, 18 October 2018 20:00
Written by Patrick McGovern
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Right about now I usually tell you that the chase toward social co-ed football immortality is about to begin. I tell you that in the next 2-3 weeks you will have to dig deep to see if you have what it takes to call yourself a champion. Though it is entirely possible you could be spending the entire winter looking out a window wondering to yourself what you could have done better to help your team win a championship.  These are the days that matter as 5, 10, 15 years from now this league, these times and everything that is going on around us will be done. All you will have left is your memories. Yes other things and other activities and other people will come and go in your lives but this league and this way of life will someday be a distant memory.  I say that not to scare you but to remind you that life is precious and it is short so it is imperative that you make the most of the time that you have as you never know when that time is up.

Carpe diem folks carpe diem………..


Where do we go from here? What happens next? Let’s find out shall we……..



ANGRY BUFFALO +7 VS TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION: I am curious to see who suits up for TEIM. Losing both Kyle and Tiger will take its toll on this squad as they lost big time speed they will need to replace. Easier said than done. AB is a hot mess as their girls are struggling, their QB is done and they are playing the back-up but their guys can still flat out go. The question of the day is, can the TEIM girls carry the day as they will be needed big time? I think they might be able to. A few weeks ago, Ben Stack told an associate of mine that TEIM “is more than just Tiger.” With 2 of their best players out and things looking bleak let’s see if Stack comes to play this week as they will need someone to lean on.     TEIM BY 1

RACKS AND SACKS +10 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: RAS was finally on the right side of the fence last week in a big win. Things won’t stay happy long as the big bad wolf is heading their way. ED is dialed in these days as they begin tightening their game up for the playoff chase. ED has RAS pretty much out manned and out gunned at every single position in this game. ED should take this one rather easily if you ask me. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 13

HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH VS MARKETING MAYORS +3:  This is the game that intrigues me. MM are not really playing that well as they sit as 3-3. Yes, I know they are missing Delecki and yes they have had some bumps and bruises but I think their issues right now go a tad deeper than that. Last week I saw a QB just missing easy throws. I always say this, and it falls on deaf ears, but the easy throw isn’t pretty but it gets you yards and offenses need to gain yards. Now that the weather is turning and the fields will turn to slop soon I am curious to see what this does to the run and gun offense of HATBF. This game is for the #3 seed essentially and that matters in D1. I am curious to see if MM takes this and its business a usual or are HATBF arriving a season or two sooner than anticipated.   MARKETING MAYORS BY 3

#XTC +7 VS PUBLIC ENEMY: These two teams know each other quite well. #XTC is up and down at 2-4. PE has been dialed in and has been white hot at 5-0. The PE offense has looked better than ever this session. In most cases PE should run away with this one as they just seem to be dialed in these days but the question remains could PE be looking ahead to Eyes Downtown the week after? PE usually has 1 clunker a session. This one could be closer than you would think. XTC knows where to attack but to attack they must get better play from their QB. PUBLIC ENEMY BY 6



COBBLESTONE  +10 VS GRYFFINDOR: It usually is billed as the “battle of the immortals” between TSL’s (2) greatest stars. I am hearing rumors Joey Batts is so sure he’s going to win that he might just make Tony play QB so he can QB his girls team playing at the same time. Cobblestone used to be a once mighty franchise led by the greatest leader and QB of modern times. They are struggling and that sucks for ratings. I reckon we will see Tony and “Glasses” will finally get a chance to get some time out there to make a case for himself for next season. The Gryff still has Burr so he should feast on the very very very giving secondary of Cobblestone. GRYFFINDOR BY 10

SLYTHERIN THAT END ZONE VS BULLET CLUB +1: The Club has lost their last 2 as the defense has looked awful. It also looks like Joe K has aged like 5 years just in the last 3 weeks.  Don’t look now but SITE is 2-2-1 and can jump the Club in the rankings with a big win. Their offense has looked dialed in and they are playing just enough defense to carry most days. BC better be careful because if they lose this game they could begin to tumble way down the rankings. Both these teams are at a crossroad this week. The winner will get back up into the race while the loser probably hits “also ran” territory and struggles the rest of the way. BULLET CLUB BY 3

UNCLE RICOS TIME TRAVELERS +10 VS STICKY BANDITS +4: This is the battle for the last and final playoff spot in D3. The winner gets a ticket to the D3 dance while the loser will be on the outside looking in come playoff time. URTT has been up and down but appear to be making progress. They still appear to be a D4 caliber team. SB are D3 material but they are missing their inspirational leader. I am hearing rumors ”cardboard cut out” Dave Baker will be in attendance this week. Will he arrive in time and if he does can he save the Sticky season? In time we will find out together.  STICKY BANDITS BY 7

DMX +6 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY: DMX is 4-2 and Team Topper is dialed in at 6-0 but let’s talk about a few things. 1. DMX is really good and they are getting hot at the right time. 2. Yes Team Topper is hot but they have been beating up on meh teams the past 2 weeks. 3. DMX and Team Topper used to go at it and DMX was the team that usually got the duke. 4. Team Topper was off last week and rust matters in this league.  Team Topper probably isn’t going undefeated and they are coming off a bye so if ever there was a week for an upset this could be it. Also remember Topper is under the weather and adverse weather conditions could have huge implications with Toppers “unique arm strength and throwing mechanics.”  DMX  BY 1

A&A VS MORNING WOOD +4: This one could be special but do we really know if the Morning Wood QB is ever coming back? If he doesn’t then Dave goes to QB, Mo goes to possession WR, JJ gets to run 1 route over and over again and everyone gets sad. As I wrote that, I wondered to myself how many times Mo MF’D me when he read that he was called a “possession WR” again. A&A has some speed and they have girls that can go so MW better be ready. The MW girls are good but they lack the speed of the A&A girls. Now this all could be a moot point if the weather is crappy and the track is sloppy. I still think in any scenario A&A should be a TD better. A&A BY 7



HK7 VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +4: HK7 might have been reading these articles too much and falling in love with themselves as they laid an egg last week. Yes I know they lost 41-32 but it was all on the offense! Yes I have no clue what that means either. But when a cute blonde girl just shows up one day on a podcast and tells the world the 41-32 loss was all on the offense it’s all on the offense. IE is 2-3 and needs this game as they are starting to slip a bit. Their offense just needs to produce more. HK7 should in theory take this game but anything can happen on any given Saturday. I am hearing rumors one of their ladies might be heading to Cunning Stunts at 10 am instead of HK7 which could cause an issue as it will take away their girl edge. HK7 should still have a few more weapons in this one and should still carry the day.    HK7 BY 3

PUCKETT ALL STARS VS TUNE SQUAD +17: Sometimes in life you see a game on the schedule and go “ruh roh this won’t be good.” TS is getting better and better week after week but things could get ugly early and often in this one. PAS should not be in D4 as they are really good I fear they will absolutely run away with this one.  PAS is loaded on offense, defense and has a QB that can sling. Tune Squad could be in for trouble as they are still struggling trying to get up to speed with the TSL game. In time I think Tune Squad will be just fine in this league but this will be the week they will soon want to forget as the team heading their way could be the class of D4 right now. Let’s hope I am wrong. PUCKETT ALL STARS BY 17

CINTAS  VS ULTIMATE WARRIORS +3: There isn’t a colder team league wide right now than the Ultimate Warriors. They have looked woeful in 2 really bad beats at the hands of HK7 and 3AS. Cintas are lead by the legend and the legend killer Joey Batts. Cintas are 3-1 and have looked very good so far this session. They really need to get moving though as they need to get 9 games in. UW has to stop with the long ball guff and just go out there and get some yards. The easy throw is usually the best throw. UW are good and they have won they just seem to have lost their way. UW can circle the wagons and get back on track but this will be on tough test. This week will be all about execution.    CINTAS BY 4

NO PUNT INTENDED +8 VS 3RD AND SCHLONG: This is one of the greatest rivalries going in the game today but the injury to Kyle will most definitely take some luster of this gem. NPI got a big win last week but one must think without their leader NPI will be in trouble down the stretch. 3AS looks to be gaining steam as they are playing better and better week after week. I still wonder though if the off the field soap operas will catch up with them eventually. Katie Keller is still tied to 40YPG and that anonymous D1 guy. 40 YPG is tied to Molly Morgan and Katie Keller and now he’s fighting with Joe K. NPI is the only team that really shut down the Queen Bee can they do it again? Without Kyle I just don’t see NPI taking this game.  3RD AND SCHLONG BY 7

BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS VS STEVES CUZ’INS +9: Don’t look now but the BSS is 4-2 and it appears their offense is light years ahead of sessions past. BSS is killing it at a clip of like 34 a game and they are playing just enough defense to carry most days. Cousin Steve had a magical week #1 but has fell flat on his face since. This team is struggling to score. The defense has been holding and that’s a good thing but they have to score more points. BSS needs this game as a 5-2 record will put D4 on notice that they are finally for real. Good teams always win the games they are supposed to, so is Buffalo Solar Solutions a good team? BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS BY 8



HOPE N RUIN +7 VS CUNNING STUNTS: The Cunning Stunts are quickly becoming Americas Team. They already have this league’s most beloved superstar but now they are quickly becoming the people’s champion. The Clarke’s are killing it, Katie Keller is the new Queen Bee, they have “Emily 2.0” to already go along with one of the leagues most well liked players in Kelly Liddle. If you add this cast and these characters to your reigning and DEFENDING TSL MVP of everything you have something special brewing. HNR is fighting for their playoff lives as they sit at 1-4. They MUST I repeat MUST win this game but the team they are facing is wicked hot right now. This game should be a barn burner.   CUNNING STUNTS BY 4

HUNG BUFFALO VS ACE +7: This one could get a tad chippy between 2 teams that aren’t afraid to mix it up. ACE has been struggling and I just don’t know what the fix is. Is Ronny K not making the throws? Are the WRS not running the right routes and giving supreme effort? Is the defense lost out there? Too many questions and not enough answers if you ask me. HB is that vet savvy team that just shows up and plays football. They are big and they are strong and they are not afraid of anyone. ACE does have a speed edge but can they get the ball to their speedsters so they can run run run? This is another game that should be good between 2 teams that also match up quite well.  HUNG BUFFALO BY 6

HUNG BUFFALO VS VANDALAY INDUSTRIES +7: I was beginning to forget that VI plays in this league. They are 2-2 but where have they been? HB is looking good these days as they are currently in 4th place. Their offense is decent and they are still playing stout defense. If you like speed this is not the game for you. Both teams are built for the sloppy track and aren’t exactly speed burners. If you do like two good football teams going at it in an old fashioned, old school football game this is the game for you. I see a close one here as these 2 squads matchup quite well with each other.  HUNG BUFFALO BY 6

UFO +10 VS ALL WE DO IS QUINN: AWDIQ is rolling right now as they sit at 5-1 while UFO is free falling at 1-4. I am beginning to wonder if UFO is “starting to lose the room.” UFO literally needs to throw everyone in a cargo van and go to Dave and Busters or Chucky Cheese for team building activities. Right now UFO is starting to get a bad rep and they need to change that. As for the game, AWDIQ is wicked fast and should dink, dunk and run UFO off the field in this one.  I have faith that the UFO leadership will right the ship in time and this season will be a small blip on the radar as this team heads into the future. ALL WE DO IS QUINN BY 11

MATTY’S ANGELS VS COME FROM BEHIND +3: CFB is an up and down bunch these days as they are sitting at 3-3. The Angels are off to a nice start at 5-1 but they could be coming to town hopping mad after last week’s debacle with AWDIQ. Did the ref miss the call? Did the Angels have an argument? It matters not now so let’s focus on today. CFB is a vet savvy team that has been in all the big games. MA have a crazy good offense but CFB has a few big tall WR’s that can jump into the sky on their shorter counter parts. It’s getting cold will Paul be at the helm for CFB as that is the most important question in this game. All things being equal the Angels are pretty quick and should carry late. MATTYS ANGELS BY 6


VANDALY INDUSTRIES VS WITTERS +3: Witter’s has been an up and down bunch as they have shown flashes of brilliance but they have also shown flashes of meh. VI is not a speed burner squad but they do a lot of things right. They don’t kill you with speed but they play a solid consistent style that translates to more victories than defeats.  Witter’s is a smart team that has a smart leader. Their mis steps are usually due to not being up to speed quite yet. I see Witter’s giving VI a game. VI isn’t sexy but they just show up and play. Honestly I have no clue which VI team will show as sometimes they are hot to trot and sometimes they are destined for failure. I see a sloppy track and VI is built for the mud so I’m taking VI. VANDALAY INDUSTRIES BY 6




TIGHT END ZONES +7 VS JABRONIES: Jabronies are 3-3 and have shown some good and some bad. Jabronies has a legend on their team named Caleb and Caleb is awesome and he is fast. TEZ is not as fast and will struggle to cover Caleb at all times. Caleb +speed +legend+ fluorescent traffic vests+ traffic wands and flares=MAGICAL. Yes the game will be played and the Jabronies will win but afterwards all hell will break loose as the parking lot will be lit on fire with flares and the parking insanity will begin. Lord help us all each and every one.  JABRONIES BY 3

THE MCKENZIE AGENCY +7 VS CELINO SEWER RATS: TMA is 4-2 and have taken the next step but are they the team to beat? We will find out this week. I am convinced Peachy Platoon and CSR deserve to be in the mix but where does TMA stand? Honestly, I am still not sure. I see talent, I see vet leadership, I see intelligence and I see skill all over the field. The question remains can the 4-2 TMA go heads up with the 5-1 CSR? This is one of the biggest questions heading into this weekend. If they can, look out but if not they could fall back to earth. This game has huge playoff implications for TMA as they must be asking the same question that I am.  CELINO SEWER RATS BY 7

BIPOLAR EXPRESS +1 VS TIGHT END ZONES: If ever there was a week for something supercailifragilisticexpalidocious to happen this could be the week. TEZ is 0-4 and the BPE is 0-5. That means one of these 2 teams will win. Obviously if they tie then I am 100% wrong. OK let’s face facts here BPE is ever improving and they have been in their games the past few weeks. If only the girls could run a little faster or catch a little better or not get Gordon so angry he has to go to the red shirt sometimes that 0-5 record could be 2-3 or 1-4. BPE is up against it. If they are going to win a game this is the week. If not now it might not happen. If the football Gods are kind and just they will give their good ole buddy Gordon something to be happy about. I hope the football Gods let BPE win on the last play that would be magical.  BIPOLAR EXPRESS ON THE LAST PLAY BY 1


5 Questions for Saturday

1. Can TEIM even field a team this week? Good Lord last week was a disaster as they lost 2 of their best players. Who is the next man or woman up? Is a new leader about to emerge? Will they stand tall and continue to win or will these injuries be too much to overcome? Alot more questions than answers for TEIM if you ask me this week.

2. Is Team Topper heading towards an upset this week? They are coming off a bye week. I am hearing the Topper is not feeling 100%. DMX has played them tough in the past and we are expecting a sloppy track this week. Yes Team Topper has come to play week after week but could this be the week they get shocked? Time will tell….

3. Can Bullet Club snap out of this funk they are in or were they actually never as good as we thought to begin with? Maybe Travis and Zach were the brains of the operation and BC has not been able to recover after their departures. I know they have been missing people but BC must do something to shore up a very suspect secondary especially at safety as they are giving up too many yards.

4. Is Joe K going to accept the challenge of 40 Year Plan Guy? I haven’t seen an upper division team “run away” from a lower division team this quickly since Ricky Austin was having none of Matty Ice and A&A a few seasons ago after A&A won their title. Joe K has to accept this challenge and begin damage control on repairing his street cred.

5.  Will “card board cut out Dave Bakers” arrive in time? This is the only question that matters right now. They told us Friday afternoon. Let us all hope and pray together they get delivered in time so they can debut this Saturday.


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on is in D6 as someone has to win between the BiPolar Express and Tight End Zones. At 10 am (2) teams with a combined 0-9 record will take the field of battle in hopes of finally tasting victory. The world will be cheering together as one hoping that Gordon finally gets the BPE to victory lane in this one. BPE has been getting better and better week after week they might be finally due.  

2. UFO is 1-4, Hope N Ruin is 1-4 and ACE is 1-5. Small problem there are (3) teams and only (1) precious playoff spot up for grabs. All 3 teams have tough games so this battle might not change much heading into week #8.

3.  Talking about highly contested playoff battles, look no further than the game between Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers and Sticky Bandits. URTT is 1-5 and the Sticky Nation is 1-3. Tie breakers matter in D3 so this game is HUGE. “Card Board Cut Out Dave Baker” could not get here quick enough as this team will need his leadership and general aura of awesomeness in this one. He better be delivered on time….

4. I have now gotten (2) reports that “Emily 2.0” (I.E. Emily of HK7) and Joey Batts are both prepared to forego their regularly scheduled games so they can both be in the Cunning Stunts lineup this week in a big 10 AM game with the reigning and defending D5 champs Hope N Ruin. The Stunts are about two weeks away from WW3 with their bitter rivals Matty’s Angels. I am still surprised and impressed that each player has chosen the “all girl team” over their normal “rostered” team. Now let’s see if they both hold true to their promises. Saying and doing are (2) entirely different things.

5. If I was wearing a Marketing Mayors jersey I would be feeling rather un-easy this week. They are sitting at 3-3 and their team hasn’t exactly been very sharp this session. A HUGE game with HATBF is up next. I am curious to see how the “sandlot” team does against the “text book” team. Both are completely different but both have had success in this league lets see which style wins out this week.

6. 3rd and Schlong vs No Punt Intended honestly was starting to turn into a tremendous rivalry but the injury to Kyle Coniff will take some luster off this game. Rivals are rivals but one of the first people to contact me asking about Kyle and how he was doing with his injury was actually Scott Keller Jr of 3AS so this rivalry is a friendly one of respect and competition. BTW if anyone is wondering Kevin Keller is still on the trading block. NPI totally shut Katie Keller down last season lets see if they still have the magic formula as it appears no one else does. The only other person that can fluster Katie Keller is my bitter rival Lenny.

7. Ultimate Warriors have lost their last 2 games by a margin of 67-32 now a very solid 3-1 Cintas is up next. UW must stop the long ball junk and just go get 7-8 yard gains. The safe and easy throw is usually the best throw. Yards in crappy weather are tougher to come by so just go make easy throws. 32 points in the last 2 weeks will not win you another D4 title. A QB that has put a clinic on in this league of “taking what the defense gives you” is up next. This is a copycat league go copy Joey Batts.

8. The Topper Prize and Punishment Wheel will once again be at work hopefully around noon time or so as our friends from Jabronies will be helping us with parking vehicles for an hour or so. If you see road flares, kids in fluorescent traffic vests running around carrying traffic wands don’t be nervous or afraid everything is OK.

9. I am very curious to see how the McKenzie Agency does this week with Celino Sewer Rats. I thought Peachy Platoon was going to run away with D6. Then I thought CSR was in the hunt as well. Then I thought Practice Squad might join the race. Now I have questions on if TMA will turn this into a fatal four way for the title. TMA is a vet savvy team that continues to gel. If they want to know where they stand this is the week they will see if they are contenders or pretenders. I think TMA is ready to fight this week.  

10. I still am not sure who the contenders and pretenders are in D3. I see a very good team in Morning Wood I just don’t see a team that is consistently 100% at the fields. Will their QB show? Where is JJ? What about A&A? They haven’t had the attendance issues of seasons past but they still have weeks they are not at 100%. I so hope A&A vs Morning Wood brings both teams to the fields at 100%. I want to see a good old fashioned slug fest between 2 very good teams. I also want to know who I should be keeping my eyes on. D3 is the only division in this league that I still am not 100% sure who the top 4-5 teams are. I usually know who is who which means I know who the top 4-5 teams are but usually it is easy to slot them 1-5. Right now that’s literally impossible in D3. Hopefully things will be a tad more clear by the end of Saturday.

Week 5 Thoughts, Picks, Insights and Questions.

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“Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.”

Jim Carey

Enter Week #5. It is finally time. Time for (2) of the greatest juggernauts in social co ed football history to wage battle once again. You may or may not know the story. Many, many, many moons ago Bobby McConnell and Corey Turner were BFF’s. They met in the underground flag football scene many years ago. Bobby could throw and Turner could call plays. They won league after league after league. They blew up Game On then headed to TSL. Things started slow but it all changed when we all met a guy named “Delecki.” Delecki was the missing piece to the equation. He was silky smooth on the field and he brought his crew instant street cred off it. Bobby and Corey won more titles then “it” happened. Yes the inevitable “break up.” There are those that will tell you Bobby drove them to leaving. Others will tell you that Turner’s ego to run his own gig caused the break up. And still others will tell you they were split right down the middle as half of them were PRO B’s Brother and half of them were CON B’s Brother. And what became of Delecki? To be honest I am not so sure. Delecki played another season or so and helped the Mayors take home their first title. Then one day he just “disappeared.” Some say he had a work opportunity but I know different. I know somewhere in a deep dark place Delecki knew better than anyone that the breakup was heart breaking and it wasn’t right and he knew he couldn’t continue. So where is Delecki now? Some say he is in Hollywood. Some claim he works in the linen department of Bed Bath and Beyond.  Others claim he grew a full beard and now lives in a van down by the river. Some say they saw him on the price is right in a “showcase showdown.”  Others claim that once a year Delecki comes out on December 25th as he is the one that eats the milk and cookies you put out for Santa Claus. So where do we go from here? What happens next? And most importantly what ever became of Delecki? Maybe this Saturday we get to find out……If not make sure on the night of December 24th to leave double stuff Oreo’s and skim milk out for Delecki….wink wink…..I mean Santa Claus….



HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH VS RACKS AND SACKS +13: This is a tale of (2) teams heading in different directions. RAS was supposed to take the next step. Travis cleaned house and was going to lead them to the promise land. That has not happened yet and you can tell Travis is in over his head. HATBF are a matchup nightmare. They have size, speed and they have a girl that can flat out go. The RAS corner is in for trouble this week. RAS is at a cross roads. This is the week we truly see what RAS are made of. They can still circle the wagons and get off the mat. They must either win or show well this week. If they get blown out again after a week off to clear their heads it will be all over as they will neve recover. I am curious to see what RAS are made of this week. HATBF do have holes in their defense that can be exploited. Let’s see if RAS sees them and attacks. HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH BY 11

MARKETING MAYORS VS TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION +8: Like RAS, TEIM is at a crossroads as well. They were supposed to be the team that was “on the rise” and ready to “take the next step” but that has yet to happen. One could make the argument HATBF have already passed them in the pecking order. TEIM is fast and they are skilled but they still lack an identity. Yes TEIM did beat MM so that’s a bonus but they have to show well this week as they too will be under the microscope. MM are loaded on both sides of the ball and are as tough as they come in this league. TEIM would be wise to avoid Andy Smith at all costs! If you go at Smith you will wish you didn’t. If it was me I would attack the other side. MARKETING MAYORS BY 7

MARKETING MAYORS +3 VS EYES DOWNTOWN:  ED has been rolling with the B squad the past few weeks and that’s OK but now its time to kick their game up a nickel as 2 of their biggest rivals are heading their way soon. Chadwick returned last week to stabilize a defense that was starting get run over a tad. MM knows ED and ED knows MM. There will be nothing new in this one, this game comes down to execution. I know both squads are awesome and both squads should put on a show for the ages I just can’t help but think MM will be out gunned without Delecki. If Delecki plays MM probably gets over but he won’t so my money is on Eyes Downtown. This game is huge as it will give the winner huge confidence as playoffs will be quickly approaching.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 1



BULLETT CLUB +1 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY: BC was off last week and could be rusty. Team Topper dusted up A&A and Sticky but many claim they have had an easy schedule to date. So who is for real and who isn’t? I think we will know by 12:00. Easton needs to start spreading the ball around better as he is starting to turn into a “one trick pony” by always throwing to Beesing. Drew will need to be ready to go in this one. Usually BC has a big girl edge but I don’t think so this week as Team Topper has been getting awesome production from their ladies. We can go on and on about this that and the other thing but at this point I am just ready to see (2) good football teams play a solid football game. BULLETT CLUB BY 3

GRYFFINDOR +8 VS MORNING WOOD: ****BREAKING NEWS****: I was just told “glasses” will not be playing in this game so we are moving the line to Gryffindor +1. “Glasses” has been killing the Gyrff secondary as everyone just runs right by him. Without “glasses” we can get down to bidness. The stars will be out this week as each team is loaded. The key to this game will be simply this, is JJ playing? If he is MW should roll as the Gryff does not have a tower to run with him. If JJ does not show this game should be close. Burr and Dave will be an awesome battle to watch. If Dave and Burr go heads up Tony will be needed more so than ever. I think we might see the Batman rush as the MW QB likes to dance all over the f’n place. When the dust settles I see an instant classic in this one. Last week SITE didn’t take Mo seriously let’s see if the Gryff makes the same mistake.  MORNING WOOD BY 10…. now that I know “glasses” is out I am saying Morning Wood by 2.

DMX VS COBBLESTONE +13: Usually right now Cobblestone is like 3-1 and looking forward to another shot at the title. It pains me to see our friends at Cobblestone struggling so. There must be something we can do. Or should we all just go to Garrett Beesing’s house and stand on his sidewalk and boooo him every time he leaves or walks in his house? Darryl Carr QB Superstar is still the greatest leader of modern times. He will find a way to fix the mess and right the ship. DMX will win this game and CS will struggle but I am here to tell you better days are coming. We will return to former days of glory. Days of Darryl throwing magical spirals through the air. Days of Cobblestone victories not defeat. Have patience my friends better days are coming….DMX BY 11



STEVE’S CUZ’INS +1 VS CINTAS: Cousin Steve came back to earth last week as he continued to throw off his back foot and did not step into his throws. Cousin Steve has talent all over the field he needs to just clear his head and make his throws. I am hearing rumors we won’t see Joey Batts as Cunning Stunts is playing at the same time so this could affect the outcome. Cintas have a decent team that is 2-1 but they are struggling to put up big offensive numbers. As long as Cousin Steve slows the game down and makes simple throws and follows through and does not get caught flat footed he should prevail. STEVE’S CUZ’INS AKA HOMETECH POINT OH 2 BY 6

HK7 +6 VS ULTIMATE WARRIORS: UW is 3-1 and HK7 is 2-1 as both are running right through every team TSL trots in front of them. Both squads are doing it with offense. HK7 absolutely rolled Tune Squad last week while UW keeps moving right along. The HK7 QB is very good. HK7 also has a very good girl in Emily Schilling but she could be neutralized this week by the Queen Bee of D4. Sam has returned this session and will be looking to make a statement this week.  If I was both these teams I would make sure to take notes on the other as they could be seeing each other again later this season….ULTIMATE WARRIORS BY 4

BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS +6 VS 3RD AND SCHLONG: This one should be good. I wonder if 3AS keys on Katie Keller too much and BSS springs a trap and shocks them. BSS can surprise teams in D4. 3AS has been known to go to Katie Keller early and often so this is one storyline to keep your eyes on in this one. 3AS is solid on both sides of the ball. BSS isn’t the fastest team out there but they kind of just do everything pretty well. I see both these teams matching up very well. I expect a close one that might not be decided until late. 3RD AND SCHLONG BY 3

TUNE SQUAD +11 VS 3RD AND SCHLONG: TS is struggling as they can’t score and their defense is getting lit up. Maybe next season a trip to D5 might do them some good. 3AS is 1-2 and they have just looked a tad off on offense. The good news if you’re a 3AS fan is they will win big this week. The bad news is they still have issues to address on both offense and defense. Sometimes an easy schedule game is the cure for what ails you. I expect 3AS to roll this week. 2-2 is on their horizon. 3RD AND SCHLONG BY 10

BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS +4 VS PUCKETT ALL STARS: This one should be good as both are off to nice starts. PAS are usually in shoot out mode as their defense can be lit up sometimes so they just have to outscore their opponents. BSS is off to a 2-1 start. They are a decent team with a solid offense and defense.  I just am not sold on them getting into a shootout with PAS and beating them. PAS can get into trouble when they go long too much. If BSS can force them to go long early and often and get a break or two they could get lucky. It just seems like PAS has a tad more in the tank than BSS does. PUCKETT ALL STARS BY 7




VANDALAY INDUSTRIES +6 VS CUNNING STUNTS: This one could be good. VI is off to a nice 2-2 start but they do not fare well with “rabitt” teams. Up next are the 3-1 Cunning Stunts who are playing solid ball of late. Joey Batts has been quoted as saying that this team is his favorite to play with as they flat out “listen.” CS is rolling on both sides of the ball. CS will have the speed edge, VI will have the size edge and of course CS will have the legend edge as Joey Batts out legends the Topper. CS must get quick 5-7 yard gains and stay smart on offense. VI must take advantage of their size and slow the game down. I expect a barn burner in this one.  CUNNING STUNTS BY 4

HUNG BUFFALO VS WITTER’S +7: I was hoping for more from Witter’s, so far, we have yet to see it. They are 1-3 but they are capable of much more as this team needs to listen to their captain. They have solid leadership and a very good girl amongst them. HB is the definition of “journeymen” team. They are solid on both sides of the ball. They are battle tested and they have seen it all. They have played and won the big games before. HB has some big wins so far under their belt and I just don’t see them getting upset this week. HB is definitely in the race for the title. I fear Witter’s is still learning, better days are yet to come. HUNG BUFFALO BY 6



TIGHT END ZONES +11 VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD: TPS is up against it this week as they have PP on their schedule. TEZ hasn’t exactly been scoring much on offense and that is a problem because you can’t win if you can’t score. TPS has one of the stingiest defenses in D6 so yards will be at a premium this week. I expect TPS to do just enough to score about 24-29 points and they probably hold TEZ to 13-15 points.  THE PRACTICE SQUAD BY 14

THE BIPOLAR EXPPRESS (NO LINE DUE TO THE FEAR OF WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN) VS PEACHY PLATOON: I fear hell, fire and brimstone are headed our way. And no I am not saying Gordon is about to go BiPolar though I put the odds at him blowing up at 87% in this game. PP is dialed in and checks all the boxes. I fear their team speed and offensive prowess (LOL I said prowess) will be a tad too much for this new squad. I would suggest Joe K tries to get himself and the best player on PP thrown out together this might give BPE a chance. If Joe K is any kind of friend he will get himself and like 3 PP players all thrown out at once.   PEACHY PLATOON ALOT TO A LITTLE

PRACTICE SQUAD +7 VS PEACHY PLATOON:  This could be interesting. PP has basically run over D6 and their last true test awaits them. TPS has been hot and cold. They can win the title. They do have a solid team. They just can’t seem to put it all together. TPS has an awesome defense but they are struggling to score. PP has been scoring at will and plays tough D. TPS will need to fix their offensive woes or this fight won’t last long. I think TPS can bring the fight but I am not ready to pick them just yet. PEACHY PLATOON BY 8

THE BIPOLAR EXPRESS +6 VS JABRONIES: OK BPE could win this one. They have a shot people! New teams struggle so in time this team will be ready to go. Gordon is one sharp cookie and in time will have the Express in contention. Jabronies are struggling on offense, so I am betting the under. I think we see about 25-30 total points in this game and we will all be front row for a good old fashion defensive battle. BPE will show up and will be tough but ultimately Jabronies probably take this one as they are a tad more seasoned . JABRONIES BY 4

JABRONIES +8 VS CELINO SEWER RATS: Jabronies are 1-2 and are struggling to score. CSR seems to be in the top group of 3 or so teams in D6. CSR has played solid offense and their defense has been stout. Jabronies are probably going to struggle to score as CSR should go back to their winning ways this week. At least Jabronies get to be a part of the bright lights and big city as this game is heading towards FIELD #1 at 2:00.  CELINO SEWER RATS BY 10

PASSLESS CHAPS +7 VS THE MCKENZIE AGENCY: I think this one could be decent. TMA will be in the top 3-4 by seasons send they just need more time to gel and figure out who is supposed to play where. PC are 2-2 in D6 and look right at home. PC should so shock TMA and bring really really really really really really really really really realty tall guy to the fields this week and keep throwing him jump balls. I will be watching Ferger closely this week. He has never had this many weapons before so eventually the offense is just going to bust out and start scoring at will. At some point RW is going to have like 15 catches for 90 yards and 5 TDS. This could be the week as PC struggles on defense. The McKenzie Agency by 8


5 Questions for Saturday

1. Is Team Topper a legit 5-0 or are they the by-product of an easy early season schedule? We should know by about noon. Bullett Club is a solid team that will come to play. Speaking of pressure, I am hearing Jeff Easton has been keying on Beesing too much and there are quiet grumbles he isn’t as efficient as he was last session. We will know by days end if these 2 teams are contenders or pretenders for the D3 title.

2. Has Racks and Sacks circled the wagons and are ready for the stretch run or are they about to fold like a tent? HATBF is one tough out in D1 that will bring all kinds of match up headaches. RAS better stop the long ball stuff and just go back to simple 7-10 yard gains on offense. 14 points a game isn’t going to bring home a D1 title.

3. BiPolar Express vs Peachy platoon does not look like a very good matchup on paper. Is this the week Gordon finally goes BiPolar? I say NO. OK I was sooooo kidding I sooooo see him going off in this one.

4.  Is D3 a (4) or (5) team race to the finish line? We will know by 1:00 after Morning Wood plays Gryffindor. If MW rolls Gryffindor might not recover. If the Gryff wins they get right back into the race. No pressure Gryffindor…no…pressure….

5.  Are Jabronies ready for the bright lights and big city when they head to FIELD #1 at 2:00 to take on Celino Sewer Rats? I think flex scheduling can be a great thing. Good luck Jabronies…


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on is in D1 where WW3 is about to begin at 1:00 when Eyes Downtown and Marketing Mayors have at it. We can go on and on about this that or the other thing but this game will just come down to execution PERIOD.

2. There is not a team in this league that has more pressure on them right now than Tight Ends in Motion. I always say there are 3 “true” tests in D1. TEIM failed their first two tests miserably against both Public Enemy and Eyes Downtown. Now it is time for Test #3 as Marketing Mayors are up next. TEIM has beaten the Mayors before but can they now? TEIM needs to find an identity and more importantly they must, they MUST find a leader that can pick them up and lead them through the tough days and into the promise land. TEIM has skill all over the field it is now time to unleash it.

3.  Talking about pressure, the TSL’er with the 2nd most amount of pressure on them is none other than the “chosen one” Joey Battgalia. Gryffindor is a pedestrian 2-2 right now and a very tough Moring Wood is up next. If you like awesome 1 on 1 battles look no further than the match up of the day when Jeremy Burr and Dave Wilborn have at it for D3 supremacy. Its funny, these 2 will wage war but they could have easily just been teammates together in D1. It’s a shame it had to come to this. Joey Batts must find a way to take this game or Gryffindor could be in big trouble. Gryffindor must find a way to tighten up the defense. Giving up 30 a game will not bring home a D3 title.

4. If you like good offense look no further than the HK7 vs Ultimate Warriors game. HK7 is 2-1 and looks dialed in on offense while Ultimate Warriors are cruising at a 3-1 clip as they have looked awesome on both sides of the ball. Both squads check all the boxes as they both have solid offense and play tight defenses. We could be looking at a D4 title game preview.

5. Vandalay Industries is 2-2 and have shown some good and bad. They have been very decent on offense but their defense at times can be exploited. Cunning Stunts is up next and have been dialed in for a few sessions now. Let us not forget VI lost to Matty’s Angles 42-32 so they have shown that they can be beaten up by a quick gender team. The Stunts are not as fast as the Angels but they are solid top to bottom.  

6. So I can’t predict games correctly…. OK Lenny why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and why don’t you try to handicap and pick some games next week? Let’s see how you do hotshot!!!

7. It looks like it’s another slow schedule this week.  BTW I for one think the league has done a great job cleaning up the sub mess of last session. I am hearing a list will be sent in the next week or so to captains making sure all captains understand what girls they can or can not use for the playoffs. It is priority one to make sure the playoffs are fair and apples to apples for everyone.

8. 3rd and Schlong can easily get back up off the mat and back into the D4 title race with 2 big wins against teams they should beat this week. 1-2 could very easily be 3-2 by days end. If they don’t win both I would have some concern as they head down the stretch.

9. I know DMX is going to beat up on Cobblestone this week, but so far I have not been very impressed with them. I was so hoping they were going to throw their hat in the ring and get into the D3 title sweep stakes but I have yet to see it. Their offense has been good but not great but their defense still needs work. DMX has a lot to improve on before the playoffs start.

10. If the Practice Squad wants to know where they stand in D6 this is the week they find out. Peachy Platoon will be one tough team to beat. TPS is up against it and will need to bring it this week.

The Godfather - Week 6

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“Luck is what you have left over after you give 100%”

Langston Coleman

Welcome to Topper Sports League “The Soap Opera” Episode #6. Just in case you haven’t been watching lately let’s catch up on some of our storylines shall we……

Katie Keller and 40 Year Plan Guy still have hope as Molly Morgan and 40YPG still have NOT I repeat NOT gone mini golfing. Why? Great question, maybe 40YPG loves Katie Keller or maybe she pleaded with him not to…..we may never know but there…still….is…hope… these 2 love birds live happily ever after. So the Gryff is struggling and everyone points to “glasses” as the cause. The reports I have received tell me “glasses” is the cause of like 2-3 TDS against a week. That and Tony is lazy on defense and doesn’t run as hard as Burr. MW can’t get their QB to the fields as they have been run over the last few weeks on defense. Team Toper crushed Bullet Club and made them look really bad. It’s looking like Jeff Easton is struggling and JJ could be slowing down as she hasn’t been as dominant as in session’s past. Bobby beat Turner AGAIN as we have yet to see a Delecki sighting or a Shari sighting now that I think about it. Speaking of Turner and Co up 22-7 at half last week against TEIM” Dr B” took to his soap box and gave one of the most “magical halftime speeches in league history” which propelled TEIM to a shocking 37-36 victory. Next up is their grudge match with Hootie and the Bro Fish. Peachy Platoon keeps winning, Hope N Ruin and NPI keep losing. Matty’s Angels are up against it this week but we all know the biggest game in D5 is “coming soon”. We found out HK7 is more than a “good QB, 1 good guy and 1 good girl.” We also learned that words can hurt and TSL applauds it’s journalists on “going into the trenches” and into “hostile territory” for sideline interviews.  I keep hearing Joe K is going crazy trying to find out who the Mentalist is. Gordon has stood tall and has not gone “bi-polar” to date and probably won’t all session. Darryl Carr QB Superstar continues to fight as we hear he is having none of this “relegation” talk. TSL is working on “cardboard cut out” Dave Baker and I am hearing rumors that the league will once again discuss rules and ideas to improve rosters in the off season.


Where do we go from here? What happens next? Let’s find out shall we……..



ANGRY BUFFALO +7 VS RACKS AND SACKS: There was rumor circulating that Nick Sooch might be gone for the season. If this is true AB is in big trouble. RAS are struggling mightily right now. If Sooch is out I predict an old fashioned “defensive battle.“ Both teams will go head to head, shot for shot in an old school defensive battle that will end Racks and Sacks 8 Angry Buffalo 7. QB is the most important position. I wonder if one or both of these teams should install the wishbone offense and just run it.  Oh snap it just dawned on me what if Ricky Austin is the emergency QB on the AB roster that would be a magical ending to this story. RICKY=RATINGS!!!!     RACKS AND SACKS BY 1  If Ricky plays Angry Buffalo by 36

MARKETING MAYORS +3 VS PUBLIC ENEMY: My gut is saying though they lost 2 last week that MM will play their best game of the season. They know better than anyone they still have a shot but if they fall to 3-3 it’s over. PE has been on fire this session but they are a rhythm and timing offense that is coming off a bye week. PE never plays good after a bye week as it messes up their rhythm and causes issues. I expect an all out war that will be won late by MM as they must find a way to take this game. MARKETING MAYORS BY 1

#XTC +10 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: ED truly is one of the best teams in the history of this game. They have literally been showing up to the fields week after week with the B squad and missing players yet after 4 weeks they are 3-1. #XTC is a decent bunch but they just need QB stability. Hughes was on fire then he crashed into a wall. #XTC has size and they have speed they just are missing “it.” This is another reason why ED will come to town probably short handed again but will still walk away with a 10-13 point victory.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 11

HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH VS TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION “NO LINE”: This one should be good. I am curious to see how each attacks the other. TEIM can’t rush Coniff as I am not so sure Emily can run with Lindsay. I would make sure to watch Derreck wherever he goes if you are TEIM as he can jump into the sky. If I was TEIM I would keep my eye on who is playing safety for HATBF as their secondary can be exploited. This game should have all kinds of storylines and matchup headaches on each side. These teams know each other so well. Eric Kleckler knows the TEIM playbook but TEIM knows Eric Kleckler. This game should be a back and forth classic that might not be decided at all. In the end I am curious to see how TEIM does when the long ball goes up and I am very curious to see how HATBF does with their #3 on TEIM’s #3 as this is where they are most vulnerable.   I PREDICT A TIE



UNCLE RICO’S TIME TRAVELERS +13 VS GRYFFINDOR: I’m thinking right about now Uncle Rico’s wishes they could hop back into their time machine and go back to the day Topper asked them to go to D3 so they could say HELL NO. Gryffindor probably wins this game by 30 but I am guessing “glasses” will be back so that drops 20 points off the line right away. Assuming “glasses” gets beat for 4 TDS and joey Batts throws 6-8 TDS this game could be a tad closer than one would think. BTW every week there is a “coin flip.” Why doesn’t Tony just go to each coin flip and meet a new friend each week at the coin flip? He needs 6 more friends and he has like 6 more games left. It seems like an easy solution….right? GRYFFINDOR BY 10

SLYTHERIN THAT END ZONE VS COBBLESTONE +7: Can someone I mean anyone call or text Darryl Carr QB Superstar and make sure he has 2 girls this week. If not please help him. I know Darryl Carr QB Superstar is an international man of mystery and in most cases just has to nudge the 1 -4 women he wakes up next to each morning and ask one or all 4 of them to play but for some weird reason he isn’t. Is he sad? Is he trying to teach TSL or his team some life lesson none of us are understanding? SITE is way better than last year and they actually could make the playoffs and not fall flat on their faces. They have looked kinda sorta good in spurts here and there. SITE will win this game big and I will have to spend my Saturday afternoon once again explaining to people that you just don’t walk up to Darryl Carr and tell him Cobblestone is relegated to D4. It doesn’t work like that.  SITE BY 8

SLYTHERIN THAT END ZONE VS STICKY BANDITS +4: In theory the winner of this game is pretty much guaranteed a playoff spot while the loser will have some work to do the next few weeks. SB are the peoples champions so we are cheering for them but SITE has had a few tough sessions so we want them to win too. It appears we have yet to find a “good Dave Baker” pic as the ones provided have been too dark. So we will take one Saturday so the cardboard cutouts will be ready for Oct 20. I then predict a Sticky Bandit winning streak will begin. Under cardboard cut out Dave Bakers leadership I predict the Sticky Nation will win out. They won’t win this week though, but they could, but they won’t, or they will.  SITE BY 3

DMX +6 VS BULLET CLUB: Team Topper exposed a lot of flaws in the Bullet Club defense last week. Let’s see if the Club goes into correction mode or are they destined to make the same mistakes they have been making for weeks? DMX right now is 3-2 but they have not been overly impressive. I for sure thought they would take D3 over as they are the only carry over from last year’s D2. They are offense all day every day but they have to play better defense. BC is struggling on both sides of the ball and needs a big win this week. If it was me I would start by moving your safeties up 3 yards. As the weather gets cruddier it tougher to make the long throws so take the short throws away from your opponents. Sometimes the easy fixes are the best fixes. BULLET CLUB BY 3

STICKY BANDITS +8 VS MORNING WOOD: On paper MW should beat Sticky but let’s be honest we just don’t know who is or isn’t playing for MW. If the MW QB doesn’t show this is bad as it forces MW to move their best WR to QB. Now your best player is playing QB and not WR which totally changes the way defenses attack you. BTW if your QB is gone they do have a QB sub list that would help. Sticky needs some wins and they need them fast. MW is a good team but no one ever truly knows who is coming and going. If MW is at 100% they win this big but if not anything can happen. Regardless of who is or isn’t playing QB just throw Mo the damn ball wouldya?  MORNING WOOD BY 7



BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +7: I am a tad surprised BSS is 3-2 right now. They have looked very good on offense and are playing just enough defense to win some football games. I expect a very close very solid football game between 2 very decent squads. Both these teams play solid mistake free football. They don’t get too crazy and don’t make stupid throws. They don’t gamble and play dumb. This will be a game of execution. Both these squads are very evenly matched so this should be a game worth watching. My gut says BSS is finally, after all this time, poised to take another step forward as they continue their quest for a D4 title.  BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS BY 6

PUCKETT ALL STARS VS STEVE’S CUZ’INS +8: Cousin Steve looked so good after week #1 but totally laid an egg a week later. He must get up off the mat and continue to throw magical spirals in the air to his WR’S. PAS are really good. They are quick, they are smart and they have a QB that can throw gas so SC better be ready to go. If this game goes the track meet route I fear PAS have a few more runners than SC. SC will get some gains here and there I just don’t see them surviving a track meet this week. Beware the longball Cousin Steve. PUCKETT ALL STARS BY 7

3RD AND SCHLONG +7 VS ULTIMATE WARRIORS: Don’t look now but 3AS is 2-3 and Katie Keller’s kryptonite is heading her way this week. Last time the “Queen Bee” went head to head with Katie Keller Sam took her to school. In the offseason Katie Keller has been training and from what I hear incorporating special “Eastern European” training techniques in anticipation of this battle. 3AS must win this game but UW will be coming to town hopping mad as HK7 laid the smacekth downeth on them last week. I expect hell, fire and brimstone in this game. I for one can’t wait to see who wins Sam vs Katie Keller Round #2. ULTIMATE WARRIORS BY 7

TUNE SQUAD +10 VS INDECENT EXPOSURE: Tune Squad has shown flashes here and there but they just seem a tad out of their element as they need more time to gel and learn the TSL game. I see some skill on their sideline they just need time. IE is a journeyman team that has been there and done that. They are balanced and should take this one rather easily. IE doesn’t make a ton of mistakes so they should come in and just play solid football in route to a big win this week. INDECENT EXPOSURE BY 11

HK7 VS NO PUNT INTENDED +9: Beware the trap game. Yes, NPI is 0-4 and they are only scoring like 21 a game while HK7 is scoring like 47 a game. I know its easy to say HK7 will crush NPI but let us not forget that NPI will know better than anyone that if they lose this game they probably miss the playoffs. NPI has no choice but to come with supreme effort this week. HK7 has been dialed in on both sides of the ball. They took UW to school last week as they just played solid smart football. I don’t see much glitz or glam on the HK7 sideline I just see a solid football team playing a team game. NPI will come with the thunder but HK7 probably has a bit too much offense for NPI to handle.  HK7 BY 10

TUNE SQUAD +13 VS CINTAS: Tune Squad gets to meet the Batman this week. There are those that will wonder if Joey Batts challenges Tune Squad to play him 1 on 6 for the first drive. Cintas is 2-1 and they are looking solid as usual. Their QB is super talented and brilliant and really smart and really good and really really really awesome. Tune Squad shocked a few folks as their QB seems to have a tremendous arm they just kept going long too much. If I was Tune Squad I would just slow the game down and go after simple 6-10 yard throws then build from there. Cinta’s needs this game bad so I am sure they will not be looking past this team this week. CINTAS BY 11



ACE +8 VS CUNNING STUNTS: Oh noooo I am not going down that rabbit hole again. ACE right now must be having nightmares as another gender team is heading straight for them. This time Joey Batts is heading to town. ACE got smoked by the Angels as their second girl could not keep up with the #5 Angel. It is fair to ask how will the 2nd girl of ACE do against the 5th girl of the Stunts? I do not think that well either. The Stunts will not go as long as the Angels did but they are a precision team based on rhythm and flow. Their offense will dink and dunk ACE all over the field. I fear our friends at ACE are once again in for a long day. CUNNING STUNTS BY 10

HOPE N RUIN +7 VS COME FROM BEHIND: Let’s just say it like it is Hope N Ruin’s season is on the line this week. HNR is 0-4 and one more loss could kill them as they will struggle to make the playoffs. CFB is a battle tested vet savvy squad that has been there and done that. They are solid top to bottom. HNR will need to play smothering D and hope and pray they get an early break or an early pic in their favor. CFB is playing to win but HNR will be playing for their playoff lives. I am curious to see if HNR answers the bell and comes to play this week. COME FROM BEHIND BY 6

ALL WE DO IS QUINN +3 VS MATTY’S ANGELS: This one should be good between 2 of the best teams in D5. MA are known for their bombs away offense that is literally running over every defense in D5 to the tune of 46 points a game. AWDIQ plays solid offense but they are playing stifling defense these days as they are holding opponents to only 19 a game. This is your classic O vs D matchup. If memory serves me right there is some “bad blood” on both sides from a few seasons ago so this should be a good one. I would think these 2 should get a really good look at each other as there is a very good chance they will be seeing each other again real soon. MATTY’S ANGELS BY 6

UFO +10 VS MATTY’S ANGELS: I have a feeling the Angels will be attacking the middle of the field early and often in this one. UFO needs to “stay home” and play disciplined defense or the Angels offense will light them up like a Christmas tree. On offense UFO has some size mismatches they can take advantage of if they ISO their heavies against the shorter safeties of MA. On paper this looks like a blow out but if they play smart UFO can stay in this game. MATTYS ANGELS BY 11

WITTER’S +8 VS ALL WE DO IS QUINN: Witter’s is 2-3 and got a very big win against Hung Buffalo last week. Witter’s showed tough vs Matty’s Angels next up is another tough D5 test. If Witter’s wants to know if they are a contender or pretender this is the week they find out. AWDIQ is very quick and very talented on both sides of the ball. If I were Witter’s I would move the zone up to try and stop the quick slants. AWDIQ seems like they like to throw quick and run out the yards instead of just throwing bombs away. ALL WE DO IS QUINN BY 7


TIGHT END ZONES VS PASSLESS CHAPS +1: The Chaps are struggling as their defense is just getting run over. If George Costanza has taught us anything, sometimes it is right to completely change the way you do things. If I was PC I would do a 180 from what you do on a weekly basis. Change it all up. Change your offense and change your defense. TEZ is 0-3 and they just haven’t looked good either. This could be the worst game on this week’s schedule. Both teams are capable of so much more and I am sure in time they will improve but it can’t get much worse. The winner will gain some much needed confidence while the loser will be done like dinner.  The fun part is we don’t know which team will win or which team will lose. PASSLESS CHAPS BY 3

THE MCKENZIE AGENCY VS BIPOLAR EXPRESS +7:  I am hearing quiet rumbles Ferger might be MIA this week. That begs the question if the TMA leader is gone who gets to throw? Will it be Rameer? Will it be Andy? Will it be Brent? Will it be B’s Brother? Anything is possible in this crazy league. BPE is struggling but they are new so that can be expected. Gordon to date has not mamed, killed or even really yelled at anyone so he is doing great and has beaten every expectation and every temper pool I can think of. BPE needs a win and they need it soon. I just don’t think this will be the week. Even if the rumors are true and Ferger is away this week TMA should have enough to hold down the fort while he is gone. THE MCKENZIE AGENCY BY 7

CELINO SEWER RATS +8 VS PEACHY PLATOON: It appears its #1 vs #2 time though the Practice Squad may not agree with that statement. PP has been dialed in as they have dismantled like pretty much everyone TSL has put in front of them. CSR have looked good themselves as they have won some big games so far this season. Both teams are solid on both offense and defense. In games like this I look to see which team has more “difference makers.” If I use that equation the answer is simply “Peachy Platoon” so I see them pulling away late in this one. PEACHY PLATOON BY 7


5 Questions for Saturday

1. Did Team Topper draw up the blue print to beat Bullet Club and are more teams about to follow suit? Team Topper just threw underneath the coverage and dinked and dunked their way to a big win. The BC safeties were way too deep and they got exploited over and over and over again. If I was DMX I would look into what Topper did. DMX usually goes the longball route but this is the wrong team to try that with if you ask me.

2. By days end could SITE finally have a winning record? I know it seems impossible but (2) very winnable games are on the horizon. For the first time in forever SITE is flirting with a “winning” record. Cobblestone and Sticky Bandits both play suspect defense and SITE has been very good on offense to date. If SITE can keep scoring points at the clip they are averaging they could take both these games.  

3. Can anyone stop Peachy Platoon? To be honest, in my opinion, this is the last serious threat they will have until they reach the D6 title game in a month or so. CSR is the pretty much the only thing that stand between Peachy Platoon and 10-1.

4. What’s the over/under in the Angry Buffalo/Racks and Sacks game? That would be 34. If Ricky shows up though the over/under goes to like 60. If we get no Ricky I wonder if we see 4 TDS combined in this game.

5.  Will “Glasses” be in the lineup this week for Gryffindor? I am hearing rumors that TSL is about to hold the “game line” up as no one knows if “glasses” will be playing this week. I am hearing “glasses” could represent a 18-24 point swing in the line one way or another. If he plays Gryffindor could be in store for a shootout. If he doesn’t the Gryff probably rolls Uncle Rico’s. With playoffs quickly approaching Joey Batts has a big decision to make as he is in the #6 hole right now and we all know being the #6 seed does not bring home a TSL MVP award.


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on is in D1 where it is quadruple dog on when Hootie and the Bro Fish have at it with Tight Ends in Motion. It appears that bragging rights for Sticky Brofish in Motion Inc LLC will be on the line in this one. HATBF is 3-1 and have looked dialed in the last 3 weeks while TEIM came back from the dead and shocked Marketing Mayors last week. These teams know each other well so this game should simply come down to execution.

2. I am a student of this game and love the “big money” battles. There will be no better battle this session than the battle looming between Andy Smith and Ryan Radke. Andy Smith, for a while now, has been one of the best players in the game today. His range is amazing, he is athletic and is a crazy play maker. Ryan Radke burst onto the scene last session and to date has run by and over every guy who has tried to cover him through the first four games of the session. I am curious to see if PE say “F IT” and just throws Radke right at Smith to see what happens or will they move Radke around and stay out of the middle.  By days end we should know if this is still Smiths yard or will Radke take over?

3.  Speaking of battles if you are going to have an epic male battle why not have an epic female battle as well?  Sam vs Katie Keller should be awesome this week. Let us not forget Sam totally ran over Katie Keller in last sessions playoff game. Since then Katie Keller seems to be a step quicker and a step better. Will Sam remain the Queen Bee or is Katie Keller ready to take her title?

4. Matty’s Angels vs All we do is Quinn should be a barn burner. Both squads are solid top to bottom. MA loves to go bombs way while AWDIQ is a very savvy quick slant and quick throw team.  The question is, was and will always be can the 2nd girl of AWDIQ run with the #5 girl on MA? This my friends is the battle to keep your eye on.  I am hearing rumors Matty’s Angels could be getting back one of the game’s best players this week.

5. Buffalo Solar Solutions vs Indecent Exposure is a bigger game this week than you think. BSS looks to be on the verge of finally breaking out and making a climb up the ladder. To do that they must win this game or they lose all their street cred. IE is 1-2 and must win this game because if they lose they will fall into down the ranks. Right now they sit at #8 but one has to think NPI will start winning some games so the pressure will be on. This game should be good between 2 teams that match up quite well with each other.  

6. I am heard from a friend who has a cousin who knows a guy who told a girl that Joe K is totally “flipping out” behind the scenes because he has no clue who the “Mentalist” writer is. It almost makes you wonder is he heading in the right direction with this person’s identity? Or did we already see this chase coming and to throw him off the scent decided to have the article written by like 3 different people in 3 weeks? Here comes your Fredo moment Joe K….What if the article writer is someone you know “very” well and literally the answer could be “right under your nose.” Think about that one for one second and good luck on your chase for this person’s true identity. BTW I read this week’s Mentalist article on my true identity. My guess is that my true identity is that of Dave Baker. Let’s see in time if I am right.

7. I am very interested to see how Matty’s Angels and UFO match up against each other this week. UFO has a big hole in the middle of their zone on most days not because of lack of talent but lack of technical knowledge. Mark would be wise to “stay home” or he will be beat “over the top” early and often in this one. I am curious to see if UFO uses its height and size advantage on the edges. I would find out where the male safety is and go to the other sides with size. Gender teams love to ISO their 5th girl on the 2nd cover girl of an opponent and this always works well. Not enough teams ISO their tallest WR on a vastly shorter Angel DB and just “throw it up in the air.” Most will tell you the Angels should roll UFO but I still think UFO can stay in this game if they “play smart.”

8. (2) teams with an insane amount of pressure on them this week are NPI and Hope N Ruin. Both squads do not have east matchups but both MUST win this week or both could be on the outside looking in come playoff time. It’s won’t be easy as HNR has Come from Behind this week while NPI has a red hot HK7 coming to town. Both these squads must do something to fix their anemic offenses. You can’t win if you can’t score.

9. I wonder if #XTC shows up with their full roster and Eyes Downtown plays short again will #XTC be “just as dumb” as they were in last session’s playoff or will they finally try and man ED? They should have listed to Tommy Hughes last playoff and it cost them big time.

10. What must ACE be thinking right now? They are 1-4 and their playoff lives are on the line this week. To make matters worse another gender team is heading their way. MA likes to go long but the Stunts are a rhythm and flow system offense. They will bring a whole new set of issues to worry about. ACE has to be shaking their heads this week but they MUST win this game.

week 4 thoughts, questions, insights, more questions..

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 “I don’t make up the rules. I just think them up and write them down.”

Eric Cartman


Enter Week #4. Things are starting to get good. If you play in D1 one must begin to wonder if a “changing of the guard” is slowly taking shape. If you play in D3 I don’t even know what to think anymore. D4 and D5 are awesome and should go right down to the wire each and every week. D6 was fun but one team is cheesing out and has taken some of the luster off a generally tightly contested battle each and every season. This week the stars will be out. Topper plays Matty then Sticky, Mo plays Dave, Cousin Steve plays Katie and Joey Batts has at it with Matty Ice in the match up of the week. Fasten your seat belts boys and girls things are just starting to get good…..



TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION VS PUBLIC ENEMY +6. PE was 3-0 vs TEIM last session and there was a specific reason why. They were doing things on both sides of the ball that in a lot of cases confused TEIM and forced them into plays that were not high percentage. If both these teams are at 100% PE is about an 8-10 point favorite unfortunately this week they will not be at 100%. PE will be bringing the B squad to town and this is good news if you are a TEIM fan. TEIM seems to have kicked their game up a nickel after the week #1 debacle. The D has tightened up and they are scoring. I expect this game to be close but TEIM will have more horses than PE will on this day and that will help them carry. TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 7

HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH VS #XTC +6: HATBF looked solid last week as they shocked the world. #XTC will bring a whole different set of complications this week. Kellie Mazur is a very good player one of the better females HATBF will see this session. Dubey looks like the game has passed him by and that’s a shame as he has had a tremendous career. If Hughes returns will they go back to chuck and duck and just see what happens? HATBF will need to once again just keep fighting as they could find themselves in the lead near the end and by days end could be looking at 3-1. HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH BY 8

ANGRY BUFFALO +8 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: Beware the trap game. ED had HATBF right where they wanted them and let them off the hook. AB looked awesome on offense last week but struggled on defense. If AB shows up with the same lineup as last week they will probably lose by 7-10 points but if they replace last week’s safety with a new safety then they have a shot. They have a big size edge and they are just as fast as ED. Yes the girls will be an issue like they always are but I see a shootout in this one. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 6



Doesn’t exist just keep reading…….



A&A VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY +7: Team Topper is 3-0 but they did beat a short handed Gryffindor and the 2 worst teams in the division. A&A is a team that is loaded and will pose all kinds of match up headaches for Uncle Topper and Co. This is a game that Team Topper will sorely miss Kelly Liddle. The A&A girls are wicked fast and could get some gains in this one. I see Drew being able to run with one A&A WR but not all of them. The Team Topper secondary will be busy (and under siege all day) as they have speed and size issues they will need to deal with. I hate to say it but by days end Team Topper will be 3-1 as A&A should roll in this one. A&A BY 8

MORNING WOOD VS SLYTHERIN THE END ZONE +8: Don’t look now but SITE is 1-2 and they are actually scoring this session. Newman seems to be the answer at QB. No make no mistake about it SITE will have no issues covering Mo but they will not be able to cover Dave it just ain’t happening. The SITE offense will score some points but I just don’t see how they will be able to run with a team that is this loaded on offense like Morning Wood.  BTW if I had to guess TD counts I would say Dave 3 TDS Mo 0 TDS.  MORNING WOOD BY 10

DMX VS UNCLE RICO’S TIME TRAVELERS +10: DMX started out so well but has regressed as they now sit at 1-2. This kind of also tells you we have a D3 loaded roster problem. Last session this team was too good for D3 and not good enough for D2 yet now they are 1-2 and in 6th place. You still think teams aren’t stacking their rosters in D3? URTT were nice enough to jump up to D3 but they aren’t ready. Their offense is good and they are a solid D4 team but they won’t go with this team. DMX needs them some Johnny Football back at WR to get some confidence going. DMX BY 13

A&A VS GRYFFINDOR +3: This one should be good. Joey Batts is literally our best player. Jeremy Burr is still the scary monster that hides under one’s bed. Then there is Tony. OK A&A is loaded on both sides of the ball. They have size, they have speed and they have girls that can go. I am beginning to think it will be ladies night in this one. I think the stars on each side of the field almost cancel each other all out which leave this one up to the girls. If you ask me the A&A girls will beat the Gryffindor girls in this one.   A&A BY 3

STICKY BANDITS +6 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY: SB is struggling next up is bitter rival Uncle Topper. Topper always comes to play against the Sticky Nation. Many still wonder how the Topper is still slinging at such a high rate at such an old age. The Topper is showing no signs of slowing down.  Team Topper is throwing up 40 a game and that should be enough to carry against a team that is struggling to score right now. Take Team Topper and bet the under.  1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 7



PUCKETT ALL STARS VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +6: If you like by the long ball you can also die by the long ball. PAS unfortunately learned this lesson last week as they were out gunned against Joey Batts and Co. PAS will need to bring it this week as a very talented, very balanced team in IE is up next. IE has one of the best players in D4 on their squad. They have a solid QB, decent girls and they check all the boxes. PAS likes to run and gun but with the weather starting to get a tad choppy it might be time to change their way of thinking. PAS should bounce back but I see a good game looming in this one. PUCKETT ALL STARS BY 4

CINTAS +3 VS BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS +8: BSS is having a BSS type season as they sit at 2-2  up next is the big bad wolf. Cintas are 2-0 and they have looked solid. I could go on and on for an hour about how good Joey Batts is and how this team would be 0-4 right now without him even though they have only played 2 games. BSS are scoring 35 a game and that is pretty good so Cintas better be ready to run this week. Cintas are lights out on defense as they have put 2 very good offenses to sleep so far. I see Cintas rolling yet again a big win.  CINTAS BY 7

TUNE SQUAD +8 HK7: Tune Squad has not looked very impressive on defense and one of D4’s finest is heading their way. TS still needs time to figure out the game in D4. HK7 has a very solid QB, a very good female player and a solid but unspectacular supporting cast. I fear one of those “a lot to a little games” looming this week. Tune Squad will take their lumps for a few more weeks then eventually they will start understanding this game and should show a marked improvement.   HK7 BY 11

NO PUNT INTENDED VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +3: This one should be good. NPI is 0-2 and that is shocking as they are way better than that. IE is 0-1 and they need to catch up. IE is very balanced and very rarely has a bad game so NPI will need to bring it. NPI has speed on both sides of the ball and can take advantage of a team that is not as fast as they are. IE has a gamer who can make some plays for IE in this one. I am so cheering for IE in this one as a 0-3 NPI would be shocking but I just don’t see NPI losing to a team they should carry against. NO PUNT INTENDED BY 4

ULTIMATE WARRIORS VS NO PUNT INTENDED +6: UW have killer new unis and are killing it on offense. NPI is 0-2 and look like a hot mess. UW under a different name are your reigning and defending D4 champs. They can score some points but we all know UW can be exploited over the top by a fast team right up the middle. NPI will need to play smart and attack the deep middle when the opportunity present itself. NPI is up against it this week as they have 2 tough tests and they must split at the very least to get back in the race.  ULTIMATE WARRIORS BY 6

3RD AND SCHLONG +7 VS STEVE’S CUZ’INS: This is the game to be watching. The Keller Nation is a walking Soap Opera right now as they are in the middle of some of this league’s biggest storylines. We have a love triangle, we have a love square and now we have a love hexagon. I am literally confused at this point. After all these soap operas 3AS is 0-2 and MUST win this game. SCI are really good as they boast one of the most under-rated QBs in the game today. Their supporting cast is battle tested as they can bring the thunder this week. Katie Keller was money last session but one must now wonder if the soap operas are just taking their toll on her. I know what you are thinking and I agree if she just married 40 yr plan guy we could just move on to the wedding and not worry about the drama. But we and she loves the drama….. STEVE CUZ’INS BY 8



ACE VS UFO +8: ACE is reeling and couldn’t be happier to see UFO on this week’s schedule. ACE has skill all over the field they just are not using it properly. They can run with the Angels but their plan was just fatally flawed. UFO is 0-3 and is struggling to score. I see UFO once again having scoring problems against a team that will be coming to town hopping mad. Look for ACE to score early and often as they must win this game and win big to restore their shattered confidence. ACE BY 10

HUNG BUFFALO +8 VS ALL WE DO IS QUINN: AWDIQ has it on cruise control as usual. They even survived HNR last week though HNR was short handed. Next up is a tough Hung Buffalo squad who comes to town at 2-1. They have looked solid on offense and have played smothering defense. AWDIQ has a big speed edge they should use to their advantage this week. I see a decent one here I just don’t see HB running with the youngsters of AWDIQ. AWDIQ could finally be due.  ALL WE DO IS QUINN BY 9

VANDALAY INDUSTRIES +6 VS COME FROM BEHIND: CFB looked awful after 2 games then Paul made his glorious return and BOOM CFB is now 2-2 and right back in the race. This game should be a good one. VI can score but do they have the legs to run with some of the burners on CFB? I don’t think so either.  Let’s be honest, there really is only one question to ask who you got the Topper QB’d team or the Paul QB’d team? Survey says all 100 people voted Paul QB’d team hell even Topper voted for Paul. COME FROM BEHIND BY 6

WITTER’S +7 VS CUNNING STUNTS: Witter’s is in the 7 hole as of right now at 1-2 and they have been up and down. Their offense is struggling a tad and their defense has been good and bad. They obviously need to get to the Coach Jay football camp this Saturday at 10am. This is imperative. I can only imagine how angry a certain captain of Witter’s is right now knowing that the greatest TSLer of all time, I of course am speaking of Joey Batts, is coming to town.  CS has been bombs away on O but they can tend to let points up on defense. Witter’s has a shot in this one but they will need to bring their A game. CUNNING STUNTS BY 3

MATTY’S ANGELS VS HOPE N RUIN +6: MA was folding money last week as they literally trampled ACE. They killed them on offense and played decent defense. They are averaging like 44 a game when you do that you are going to win a lot of ball games. HNR might be the champs but they have not started out so hot as they are now 0-3. Yes they have had attendance issues but they need more from an offense that is struggling. They are heading to a shootout with an offense that scores at will. They might be heading to a gun fight with a sling shot in their hands. MATTY’S ANGELS BY 8



CELINO SEWER RATS VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD +3: CSR seem to be back on top this session. Their offense has been clicking and their defense has been lights out. TPS is still a super solid team in D6 but their offense seems to have regressed a tad. It is quite apparent this game will be a battle of 2 of the top 3 teams in the division. CSR has run over everything TSL has trotted in front of them. I expect a close game here but I am not sold yet on the TPS offense. TPS will have a big girl edge but can their offense keep up with CSR, that is the question of the day. CELINO SEWER RATS BY 4

TIGHT END ZONES +8 VS THE MCKENZIE AGENCY: TMA looked good and is benefiting from Coach Jay and his football camp techniques which makes them instantly better. TEZ is 0-2 and their problems begin and end on defense as they are giving up almost 40 a game. TMA needs a slump buster and TEZ should be it. TMA is loaded with all kinds of skill players they just need to get everyone on the same page and they too should score at least 30. TEZ has shocked teams in D6 before so this game will not be a cake walk. For TMA to get back in the hunt they need to win this game and win it big. I think they will. THE MCKENZIE AGENCY BY 8


5 Questions for Saturday

1. For the first time in a very long while Eyes Downtown will be feeling some pressure, how will they react after their stunning loss to HATBF last week? Angry Buffalo has been improving week after week they could surprise this week.

2. If Hope N Ruin loses to Matty’s Angels and falls to 0-4 will they still make the playoffs or are they in  a whole heap of trouble? Your guess is as good as mine.

3. Is Practice Squad always destined to be a D6 also ran or will they finally fix their offensive woes and beat up on Celino Sewer Rats? They are very talented but must get more from their offense. CSR are no slouch so this game should be a good one. The winner of this one will no doubt be the team that should face Peachy Platoon in the D6 finals.

4.  3 straight weeks 3 straight prizes. When are we going to spin the prize or punishment wheel and get a punishment? Inquiring minds want to know.

5.  How much pressure is No Punt Intended feeling right now? They are off to a 0-2 start and have 2 tough games with Indecent Exposure and Ultimate Warriors looming. At this rate with NPI be facing 3AS in the Super Bowl or Toilet Bowl?


10ish Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on is in D3 where (2) of our biggest stars have at it when A&A has at it with Gryffindor. Matty Ice vs Joey Batts is a main event level feud. Both guys are not only at the top of their division but each could easily be your TSL MVP this session. This is the week Jeremy Burr must deliver for the Gryff to have a chance. The A&A girls are wicked fast and could take this game over.

2. I was expecting more from the Sticky Bandits offense to date. 69 points through 3 games is not what they are used to. This team still boasts a top end QB and has a ton of smart savvy vets. Team Topper is up next week. The good news is SB will make the playoffs as everyone but Cobblestone and Uncle Rico will be safe but a loss to Topper might hurt their confidence.

3.  3rd and Schlong has not looked good in 2 early season losses to both Puckett All Stars and Cintas. Now a very good Steve’s Cuz’ins is up next. With Katie Keller, 40 Year Plan Guy and now SR all embroiled in the Greatest TSL Love Hexagon of all times will they have time to save their season?

4. I had a chance to read both The Mentalist and View from the Top. Great work buddy you hit 2 doubles. Call me when you can string 10 or 11 solid articles in a row. I’ll start the clock on how long it takes before “that” writer joins the like of Zoltar, the Toppers Power Couple and Lord knows who else who have come and gone. 

5.  I don’t think there is a team in this league that needed a bye week more than Racks and Sacks. Sometimes its good to just get away a week and re-charge the battery. While re-charging the battery it would also be a good time to re-educate yourself with the rule book as well.

6. Ladies and Gentlemen if you could please help us on this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Our refs are doing the best job they can do. I for one think the refs have been doing a great job. Rameer has done a great job scheduling and making sure all refs are doing their best with our rule books and making sure games are starting and ending on time. With that being said, it has been known since this league started that refs are paid $20 by each team per game. This is nothing new. Please have your money ready to give to the refs at the coin flip. I am hearing in some cases that players are getting lazy and “forgetting” and this is starting to become an issue with some officials. Please be advised we are letting our refs know that if they aren’t getting paid pre-game we will not start games and if it is still an issue we will just hand out forfeit losses. You have 8-10 people on your team this should not be an issue. For teams that are following procedure thank you to those that aren’t please improve we are not asking a lot here.

7. Is ACE ready to be upset? Obviously they did not win the “Game of the Decade.” Will this loss be something they can recover from or are they heading for disaster? UFO has struggled mightily in D5 most notably on offense. ACE got run over last week for 53 points. If UFO squeaks out the win ACE could be in trouble the rest of the season. I will watching this game very closely this week.

8. The question I am hearing most this week is simply will the Topper Sports/Game On Sports Football Tournament actually become a reality? As of right now I can’t answer that as we are waiting for some form of answer from Game On Sports. My hope is that this definitely becomes a reality.

9.  I wonder if JZ is about to make good on his “attempt” to make a bet in week #1 where he claimed that he could easily cover Jeremy Burr all day and basically shut him down. I see Gryffindor on the schedule this week for A&A. I, like the TSL Universe, would love to see JZ V Jeremy Burr this week 1 on 1.

10. I got to thinking do you think The Ultimate Warriors of D4 and “playboy” Joe Russell know each other exist? It almost seems like a no brainer than JR should be the new leader of UW, hell he’s dressed just as money as UW each week. Assuming Stegs joins 3AS next session could JR be heading for UW?

11. ***** Coach Jay has said he will run a short 1 hour football camp at 9:00 am this week. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I can inform Coach Jay you or teammates will be attending. There is no charge we are just trying to help football players get better. Trust me after 1 hour with Coach Jay you will be better whether you know it or not.





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