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Week 3 thoughts, picks, questions, some answers, and insights

Category: The Godfather's Picks
Created: Wednesday, 19 September 2018 12:31
Published: Wednesday, 19 September 2018 12:31
Written by Patrick McGovern
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It’s been a year in the making. Oh have we had some glorious rivalries in this game based on pure hatred.  We have had The Tammy’s vs Nice TDS.  We have had Eyes Downtown vs Varsity Villains. We have had Seneca Greenhouse vs Molly’s Ladies. We have had Riley St Station vs all of D2. We have had Meg Ferrell vs Beth Zygmant and the Godmother Marissa Mariano. And who could forget the greatest hatred rivalry of all I of course am speaking about DWIERS vs Hot Sauce. But this one could be just as big, just as salty and just as magical. It started many moons ago when one Blasé LaDuca took to face book and fired the “shot heard round the world.” The hatred between Blasé LaDuca and Emily Curry was so bad it took a secret year end peace meeting brokered by none other than Darryl Carr QB Superstar to find some sort of peace. That lasted for like a week then the rivalry continued.  Matty’s Angels struck back by literally laying the “smacketh downeth” on ACE in route to their first championship. ACE left last season and we did not get our re-match….. until now. On September 22nd  in the year of our Lord 2018 at 1:00 (2) teams will take the field of battle in the greatest re-match in history. They are billing it as the “game of the decade.” Who is they? How the F should I know just know this game will be magical nay stupendous nay un-forgettable.  This game is so big TSL has decided to flex schedule it and move it to Field #1. Let’s take a closer look at the tape shall we.



                                     ACE +4 VS MATTY’S ANGELS

Matty’s Angels 2-0

Matty Ice                  Lindsay Stoddard              Kellie Mazur                       Kate Salisbury

Dave Kleckler          Molly Morgan                    Nicole Sharick                    Nikki Sabuda

Emily Curry              Val Bernal                            Kate Miano

Casey Oliphant        Maggie LaMantia              Sam Thompson

Strengths: Their leadership is rock solid. Matty Ice has won so many titles in this league, far too many to mention. His plate O’ Spaghetti offense is un-orthodox but it’s what he knows and it’s what he makes work. Each and every Angel knows anything is possible. Whether you are on the field or the side line a ball can come to you at any time. The Angels are fast, they are smart and they have a pack mentality. They are specialists in scoring at will and having fun. They also have beaten ACE before and right now they have a psychological edge.

Weaknesses: Gender teams struggle on defense when a team isolates a shorter safety against a taller receiver and just throws the ball up in the air. Matty Ice can be rushed if a team has the stones to rush a guy on him but this opens up his 5th option against the 2nd cover girl which is the key to a gender teams attack.

Questions for Saturday: Will the bright lights of Field #1 put un-do pressure on the Angels? If the game gets chippy will Matty’s Angles get caught in the side show or just play their game? What happens if ACE finds a height advantage and takes advantage of it Saturday? Last time these (2) hooked up The Angels rocked the ACE secondary and scored at will, can they use this same game plan again and make short work of their bitter rival?


ACE 1-1

Ronny K               Matt (Ron’s nephew)             Dorene     Blasé LaDuca

Alivia LaRue       Dan (works with Ron)             Trish

Frank LaRue      Keith (friend of Dorene)          Ramon


Yes I too am bewildered our roster source couldn’t give us the full names of people he slash she plays with. I too am flabbergasted.


Strengths: Ronny K is a field general and one of the greatest leaders of modern times. We all thought he was done but his desire to once again achieve greatness burned so bright he had to come back, he needed to come back. He knew better than anyone that he once again had to face the Angels. ACE has sick speed and they have been around a long time so they are battle tested and students of the game. Blasé LaDuca right now is a mid-level heel he knows better than anyone for him to reach “main event” villain he must do something epic to catch the TSL Universes attention. Blasé LaDuca was out but we are hearing he wants to play this game so bad he has made arrangements and will be in the ACE lineup Saturday.

Weaknesses: When these (2) hooked up in last fall’s Championship they were missing people but ACE’s secondary got torched. ACE must get better production from their #2 girl as she will be under the microscope. Ronny K is a field general like no other but he is not known for his deep ball will this bring the Angels secondary up and force Ronny K to go to the long ball more than he wants to?

Questions for Saturday: Did Blasé LaDuca and his brother really have a wedding last fall to miss the championship or were they afraid to play the Angels? Will ACE get chippy and use psychological warfare to knock the Angels off their game? Is Blasé LaDuca planning something epic to get major “heel heat” to advance his villain character? Will ACE rush a guy? How mad is Ronny K right now at us that we put this game under the microscope and moved it to field #1 and have turned it into another TSL side show spectacle? Is ACE concerned that mathematically speaking every time they get a TD it’s worth (6) but every time Matty’s Angles do its’s worth (8)? Will this force them into going after (8) points more than they normally would?


What the people are saying about this game…….


“Wtf we were supposed to play Uncle Rico’s on Field #1 at 1:00 but we got bumped for this train wreck? I was going to win my first game ever in week #2 this is lame.”

“I so hope Emily pile drives Blasé LaDuca into the grass then drops the bionic elbow out of no where on him. Once she’s done knocking his a$$ out I hope Shari runs out from the tree line and Emily V Shari happens right on Field #1 to a chorus of “holy shit” chants”

“I heard the TSL is negotiating with Joey Batts, Darryl Carr QB Superstar and B’s Brother on a possible one time return for the ceremonial coin flip at 1:00”

“Can the Angels stay sober long enough to be ready to go at 1:00? The later the game is played the worse off they could be physically.”

“I proclaim only Billy Gunn is qualified enough to referee this masterpiece.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been to the Great Wall of China, I have seen the Pyramids of Egypt, I’ve even witnessed a grown man satisfy a camel. But never in all my years of broadcasting have I witnessed something as improbable, as impossible, as what we are about to witness here today.”

“Why do they keep calling me Tony.”


Where do we go from here? What happens next? Let’s find out……………



ANGRY BUFFALO +7 VS PUBLIC ENEMY. Angry Buffalo is at a crossroads. One of two things will happen this week. Either Angry Buffalo will show up and come to play and they will save their season or they get blown out at which point their season will be over. AB does not look like a cohesive unit. PE has looked awesome to date as they have been humming on both sides of the ball. They are battle tested and they are all business so there is no way they take this team lightly. AB has skill all over the field so they can compete. One must ask can the #2 AB girl run with the #2 girl of PE as this could be an interesting matchup to keep your eyes on this week.  I’m guessing AB comes back from the dead and is ready for war. PUBLIC ENEMY BY 1

MARKETING MAYORS VS #XTC +8: #XTC has been a great surprise as they sit at 2-1. Look no further than Tommy Hughes if you want to know why they have been so good. #XTC has looked solid on offense as Hughes has been slinging. MM are an awesome system team that checks all the boxes. They have a solid QB, talented WR’s and a decent female stable. Andy Smith could be the best player in the game today. I see #XTC bringing the fight once again but I just think Marketing Mayors are just too tough to beat on this day.  MARKETING MAYORS BY 7

HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH +10 VS EYES DOWNTOWN: This one should be good. ED does not exactly have the best corner in the league so this one should be interesting as Lindsey could get open early and often in this one. I am curious to see if ED has both Chadwick and Farr in the lineup. If they do Bro will not have much open space to work with as both ED DBS are as good as it gets in this league. Bro does not seem to look good when his wrs are locked down man to man. Hootie has 3 tough tests this season to see how they fare in D1. They did not fare well in test #1 on opening day. Test #2 is Eyes Downtown as they will bring some interesting matchup headaches. Hootie must find a way to overcome. Easier said than done.  EYES DOWNTOWN BY 8

TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION VS RACKS AND SACKS +7: RAS are struggling as they need to switch things up. I think they need to stop the long ball stuff and just go back to simple 7-10 yard gains on offense. Their QB is battle tested but they need to quit chasing the pretty play and just go make the simple play. The Alex era has begun on defense. Will TEIM continue to play smothering defense with Alex at the helm or will they force him back to only QB? This is a situation I will be watching closely this week. If I was TEIM I would stay out of the middle and attack the sidelines. I also would try and see if they can get their girls going this week as they have a big girl speed edge. If I was RAS I would overload a side and try and confuse a secondary that has shown it can be exploited. I would motion Radon and see if Tiger moves with him. If Tiger doesn’t then throw to Radon early and often.  I also would hope and pray Alex does not play defense. If he does RAS may tap at halftime just like #XTC did. #AlexshouldhavecoveredMattyMohr TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 6



Doesn’t exist just keep reading…….



COBBLESTONE +11 VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY +4: This used to be billed as “battle of the immortals” but Cobblestone is in rebuilding mode. Make no mistake Cobblestone will be ready for this game as Topper week is big business. Darryl Carr QB Superstar once again took his legend status to another level when he won the Topper Wheel of Hope Spin and then hit on the prizes or punishment wheel. Cobblestone has new faces and will need time to gel but there are few leaders better than Darryl. Cobblestone will struggle for a while but they will be back to form sooner than later. I am hearing quiet rumors one of Team Topper’s females could be injured and out for a while. 1 TOPPER TOO MANY BY 10

UNCLE RICOS TIME TRAVELERS +7 VS SLYTHERIN THE END ZONE: SITE did not look like a train wreck in week #1. They have improved at QB and they seem to have a better player in their lineup. URTT have had an up and down time so far in D3. Are they ready for the jump? I am still not sure. They got beat by Team Topper but rolled over Cobblestone. SITE is ready to take the next step. Winning a game is new for SITE but I think they have what it takes to win this one.  OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GOING TO DO THIS SITE BY 6 YES SITE BY 6

BULLETT CLUB VS UNCLE RICO’S TIME TRAVELERS +10: BC got beat last week by Morning Wood. I need to be honest that made me happy. I think the football Gods will not be looking favorably on the Club this session. It was nice to see a team stack their roster worse than the Club did last year and win. URTT are a mixed bag. I am not sure if they are ready for the bright lights of this division yet. The Club will roll. Now that CS and URTT are out of the way the Bullet Club schedule will start to get a tad tougher in the next few weeks.  BULLET CLUB BY 14

DMX +7 VS MORNING WOOD: MW has been an up and down roller coaster so far. They beat The Club but they got smoked by the Sticky Bandits. Who shows up this week? DMX looked awesome in week #1 but were missing key people last week and got crushed. This game could be a good one if both teams are at 100%. Make no mistake about it points will be scored early and often in this one. MW will have a huge size edge in this one. The question must be asked though, will the jealousy Mo has for Dave Wilborn and his ability to be super awesome at anything he tries to do ultimately tear this team apart by seasons end? Mo is totally jelly right now, its not Dave’s fault he is a human highlight reel on a football field and at reffing.  MORNING WOOD BY 7

SLTHERIN THAT ENDZONE +8 VS A&A: SITE has a shot at beating Uncle Rico but they aren’t beating A&A. A&A is loaded as they are gunning for the D3 title. They have SITE outmatched and outgunned at every position. Will the fact Matty Ice is embroiled in the game of the decade at 1:00 be on his mind so much that A&A takes SITE for granted and could get upset? I didn’t think so either. SITE will bring the fight but A&A is dialed in right now. I see them throwing up about 40-44 in route to a big win. A&A BY 10

COBBLESTONE +10 VS MORNING WOOD: This one could get ugly early. No not between these two teams. I mean what happens when Dave Wilborn scores 8 TDS this week and Mo scores 0? Will Mo go postal and storm off the field? Cobblestone is in rebuilding mode. They have a new girls who in time will be good but for now they still will be finding their way.  Obviously Cobblestone has the icon edge and the QB edge but Morning Wood has them outgunned everywhere else.  I think Cobblestone will be in store for a very long season but I think they will improve greatly week by week.  MORNING WOOD BY 8




ULTIMATE WARRIORS VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +3: It’s nice of Indecent Exposure to finally join us. Ultimate Warriors are 1-1 but they have had major attendance issues to date. UW have very talented females who can take a game over. They also have the best uniforms ever created except the Darryl Carr #ICON jersey. IE is a battle tested team that is the definition of balance. They have size, speed, solid girls and a very good QB. This game should be a good one between 2 teams that know each other well.  ULTIAMTE WARRIORS BY 1

CINTAS +3 VS PUCKETT ALL STARS: PAS have it on cruise control as their offense is ho humming along to the tune of 40 points a game. Their girls are very under rated and have very under rated speed. Hell these girls can flat out fly. Cintas are 1-0 and they have the legend Joey Batts at the helm. Batts is a league legend who makes everyone around him better. PAS have a very solid team top to bottom. It all begins and ends at QB for them as their QB can sling as his arm is very strong. Cintas are good but I fear they might not have the speed PAS have and this could cause some issues for them. PUCKETT ALL STARS BY 6

TUNE SQUAD +8 NO PUNT INTENDED: If you would have told me pre-season NPI would be 0-2 heading into this game I would not have believed you. Last year they were really good but got shocked in the playoffs now they are struggling big time. TS got beat up pretty good last week. I do not know much about TS except their defense let up 53 points last week and that is not good. I would think they need a few weeks to tighten things up and learn things week after week. NPI will not be a good team to test things out against as NPI is battle tested. I think NPI will bounce back and TS will once again be on the losing end this week. NO PUNT INTENDED BY 10



VANDALAY INDUSTRIES VS UFO +8: VI is about where you would think after 2 weeks. They have shown some good moments and bad moments. UFO has been a hot mess after 2 weeks as they have been outscored 53-14. Their defense has not been that bad but they must get more from their offense. They have some decent players they just need to kick their games up a nickel. VI is not overly fast so UFO should be able to find some room on a very giving secondary. If UFO is going to come looking for war this must be the week. VI can be beat by teams that have some speed. UFO has a girl that can go if they can get her the ball. This one could be closer than one would think. VANDALAY INDUSTRIES BY 7

HOPE N RUIN VS ALL WE DO IS QUINN +3: AWDIQ is once again running away with D5 as they have looked awesome so far in 2 big wins. But let’s be honest that does not matter as it is now Hope n Ruin week. These 2 teams are bitter rivals. HNR has stolen both the D5 and D6 trophies from AWDIQ. AWDIQ is terrified of this team. You might see a 0-2 team on one side and a 2-0 team on the other and expect a blow out. Don’t do that, that would be a mistake. AWDIQ knows as well as HNR and I do that a war is coming. This game is always bedlam and I expect nothing less from these 2 this week.  HOPE N RUIN BY 1

WITTER’S VS COME FROM BEHIND +1: CFB could be the best 0-2 in football right now. I too am a tad confused that a team this good is 0-2 but as Denny Green said “you are what your record says you are.” Witter’s has been a pleasant surprise. They have taken the next step and are off to a very nice 1-1 start. They gave Matty’s Angels a war and could easily be 2-0. Their QB has looked very good, their guys continue to take the next step they just need more from their girls. CFB can get some big gains with their girls but Witter’s has been playing some tough D as of late.  WITTER’S BY 3

ACE +6 VS MATTY’S ANGELS: Well we have already gotten into all the X’s and O’s in the beginning of the article. I think this game will better than many would think. I think ACE will come to play. MA looked dialed in on offense and they will be tough to stop. I do not see the same blow out that happened a few seasons ago but I do see the Angels taking this one. ACE can shock them if they find ways to take advantage of the mismatches they will encounter. MATTY’S ANGELS BY 4

ACE +3 VS COME FROM BEHIND: ACE does not usually fare well in this game and let’s be honest they will be part of the “game of the decade” on Saturday so that will be on their minds first and foremost. CFB is solid top to bottom. The only question that remains is who will be QB? If Paul makes his glorious return this game could get ugly but if he doesn’t play I expect a close game. CFB has a huge size edge while ACE has the speed edge. I expect a good one here. COME FROM BEHIND BY 4

CUNNING STUNTS +3 VS HUNG BUFFALO: HB usually struggles early in the season but they have been hot to date. Their offense is clicking and their defense has stood tall after two weeks. CS did not look good last week but their leader was obviously dehydrated. While normal men would have collapsed, died or been driven to the hospital Joey Batts refused to take himself out of the game and continued to push forward like the legend that he is. HB is one tough out in this league. CS will need to be on their game or they could be 1-2 by days end. HUNG BUFFALO BY 1




THE BIPOLAR EXPRESS +14 VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD: This one could get ugly early. BPE did not look good on either offense or defense last week now D6’s finest is heading their way. Gordon will be tested this week. The whole world will be watching and waiting. Will this be the week Gordon implodes causing hell, fire and brimstone? Or will Gordon shock the world and keep his cool and composure all season? Rome wasn’t built in a day. BPE has some skill and remember football is supposed to be fun win or lose so just enjoy the day. I see TPS rolling this week but BPE will continue to get better and better week after week. THE PRACTICE SQUAD BY 17

JABRONIES +4 VS THE MCKENZIE AGENCY: Jabronies are off to a nice 1-0 start but I don’t think they have the street cred the top 4 or so teams have so far. They were one series from the playoffs last season and look to build on that this season. TMA are the people’s champion. They have Brent, they have Megan errrr Drunk Meg, they have a Bernal and now they have Rameer. He should fit in nicely with this crew. Ferger knows better than anyone that there is a ton of talent around him and now he must deliver as he will be the man they all look to for success. TMA will take a few more weeks to gel but they have the makings of something special with a very solid roster. THE MCKENZIE AGENCY BY 7

PASSLESS CHAPS +10 VS JABRONIES: Don’t look now but the Jabronies are off to a nice 1-0 and very beatable Passless Chaps are up next. PC have had an interesting season as they have given up roughly 31 points a game but they did shock the D6 favorite Practice Squad last week. PC are struggling on O where they score roughly 14 a game. 14 points will not do it this week. Look for the Jabronies to roll in this one.  JABRONIES BY 7

THE MCKEZNIE AGENCY +1 VS PEACHY PLATOON: This game should be a good one as both       these teams should be near the top of the ranks by seasons end. PP has looked awesome to date as they are off to a nice 2-1 start. Their offense was awesome last week as they have speed to burn on their side of the field. TMA has a battle tested team that is getting help this week. The key to this game will be at QB and that means Ferger will be under the microscope. Ferger must deliver this week for TMA to have a chance. PP might be the “new flavor of the month” but TMA can shock them. They will need to throw everything but the kitchen sink at them to be successful. PEACHY PLATOON BY 3

CELINO SEWER RATS VS TIGHT END ZONES +6: CSR has been scoring at will and rolling teams over but let’s be honest they have yet to be tested. This is a mild test for them. I still think Peachy Platoon, McKenzie Agency and Practice Squad are the threats to this team so the hard games are coming soon. TEZ was an up and down squad last year. They can score and they have won some big games in this league but you really never know who is showing up for them. This game could go either way but until I see otherwise I am going with CSR. I just don’t see a big route for CSR like last week.  CELINO SEWER RATS BY 4


5 Questions for Saturday

1. What’s up with award winning Tommy Hughes? He literally could be your TSL MVP after (2) weeks. He has looked awesome at QB and has #XTC at 2-1 as he has looked 10 years younger. He has looked crisp with a longball that has sizzled.

2. Did Gryffindor miss Brother Nero or did Joey Batts just lose his chance at TSL history and back to back MVP awards? The batman went 0-2 and did not look sharp in the Team Topper loss. Joey got beat on defense and did not look very sharp at QB. One can only wonder if Tony is sad or chuckling right now. The Gryff has a tough game scheduled this week vs Sticky Bandits so they better shake this loss off quickly.

3. Is a defensive controversy looming on Tight Ends in Motion? After the week #1 debacle vs Eyes Downtown, TEIM countered by unleashing Alex at pass rusher. What did this accomplish? Oh I don’t know how about a 23-6 win causing #XTC to tap out. Alex could be the key to saving TEIM’s season. No Stack, No Coniff, No Stoner Dave…no problem Alex has you covered. One still must wonder if Dave Baker was ultra jelly and didn’t put Alex at corner as he knew, like this writer, that Alex would have put a show on for the ages and been named new defensive captain.  #AlexforD1defensiveMVP   #AlexshouldhavecoveredMattyMohr

4. What could AWDIQ be thinking right now? They know as well as I do who is up next. I of course and speaking of their bitter rival Hope N Ruin. For whatever reason AWDIQ folds like a tent when Hope n Ruin comes to town. To answer your next question, yes we will have Rameer stretched and ready to go into the game should HNR need a quick sub on Saturday.

5.  Am I the only one that thinks D3 is starting to get a tad “out of hand” with the stacking of rosters? It is safe to say Morning Wood, A&A, Gryffindor and Bullet Club all could be called out for “over doing it” with some of their roster selections for D3. Looks like the D1 arms race has found its way to D3….GRRRRRREAT.


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on this week is obviously the “game of the decade” Ace vs Matty’s Angels. The second best game on the schedule looks to be Hope N Ruin vs All We Do is Quinn. Hope N Run has had Quinn’s number for the better part of the last 3-4 seasons. Every time it’s on AWDIQ folds like a tent against this team. Will Quinn somehow overcome adversity and finally best the big bad wolf? Hope N Ruin is holding Quinn’s D5 and D6 trophies.

2. The McKenzie Agency will know by days end where they stand in D6 after two tough games vs Peachy Platoon and Jabronies. How awesome was it to see Brent, Andy and Ferger at football Saturday even though they had a bye week. I keep hearing they are about to get a shot in the arm Saturday as the calvary is coming.

3.  Sooooo The BiPolar Express struggled a tad in a surprising 45-0 loss last week. Now they face D6’s finest in the Practice Squad who was shocked Saturday. Am I the only one that thinks TPS will be coming to town pissed off as hell and will be looking to make a statement vs BPE this week? I am fearing a tough game is heading our way.

4.  Hootie and the Brofish did not look good vs Public Enemy but did look good vs Angry Buffalo. So are they good or are they going to struggle? This is the week we find out as the reigning and defending D1 champs Eyes Downtown are up next. I am sure many eyes will be on this game at 12:00 to see if HATBF are for real or not. We will have the answer to our question at 1:00.

5. Puckett All Stars are off to a very nice 2-0 start as their offense has been clicking. They have done a nice job mixing short gains and solid long balls. Last week they burned Kevin Keller with a 25 yd girl fly route. Their QB can sling and their girls are fast. Cintas does not have a ton of team speed but they are a solid squad top to bottom so this match up should be a good one.  

6. Other teams are getting the headlines but Team Topper is off to a very “under the radar” 2-0 start. Team Topper totally dismantled the Gryffindor defense last week. Drew survived his battle with the evil monster Jeremy Burr though he did get torched on the first play of the game. It’s safe to say Tim Dove has been a very “calming” influence on the Team Topper offense. It also must be said that the girls on Team Topper are as good as they have ever been which is helping their success.  Darryl Carr QB Superstar is up next this week in a game that is usually bedlam.

7. I am curious to see how Witter’s does this week. They just lost out to Matty’s Angels in week #1 and rolled over UFO last week. They could be poised for a big season this year. They have a tough test looming this week with Come from Behind. Witter’s QB looked as good as advertised in last weeks big win over UFO.  

8. OK seriously was the ascot thing Sticky Bandits was doing a “thing” or did someone lose a bet or is something going on that we the TSL Universe should know about? I have seen some strange things but that one made me double take. In their defense, the ascots did accent the jerseys well, I am just sayin….

9. I would like to take this time to congratulate the Topper Sports Podcast Team, all contributors and guests for 100 episodes as of this week. Special thanks go out to 5 Star Productions who have been very gracious hosts. It’s crazy to think one silly idea has turned into 100 episodes strong for Topper Sports.

10. Ladies and Gentlemen after much deliberation we have decided to move the Topper’s Wheel of Hope Spin and Prize and Punishment Wheel Spin to 3:00 each Saturday instead of 2:00. The thought being once the day is over every team has a fair chance to be there for the win. Congratulations to our first two winners 3rd and Schlong and Cobblestone. We will see you at 3:00 for this week’s spin.  


11. *****If there is interest Coach Jay has said he will run a short 1 hour football camp at 9:00 am this week. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I can inform Coach Jay you or teammates will be attending. There is no charge we are just trying to help football players get better. Trust me after 1 hour with Coach Jay you will be better whether you know it or not.

week 2 thoughts, picks, and cousin steve stuff

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Created: Wednesday, 12 September 2018 18:12
Published: Wednesday, 12 September 2018 18:12
Written by Patrick McGovern
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The Kensey’s are like the first family of football but Cousin Steve outlasted them all. He also might be the best Kensey alive. Kid deserves to be your TSL MVP.”

“ I tried to play defense and stop the guy but it was literally impossible. His passes were like magical spirals that just twisted so magically in the wind. It’s like you knew where he was going but you just couldn’t stop him.”

“The three greatest humans of the last 100 years in no particular order must be Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Dr Leo Marvin and Cousin Steve Kensey.”

“Why do they keep calling me Tony.”


Enter Week #2……

If this was a baseball game TSL would have hit a stand up triple on opening day. The stars emerged both on and off the field as fun was had by all. We laughed and we cried and one young lady around 7:00 almost fucked a camaro but I digress……


The Topper’s Wheel of Hope spun and spun until a nice shiny $100 gift card found the hands of one Scott Keller Jr. Jr decided to spin wheel #2 and now 40 yr plan guy gets to play 18 holes of miniature golf with Molly Morgan. See all our stories always have a happy ending. On Saturday Sept 15th chapter #2 will be written. Will a new star emerge? Has a new love triangle slowly started to come into focus? Why isn’t Joe K on the prize or punishment wheel? BTW does young Topper look like Mathew Broderick or John Cusack, enquiring minds want to know. Well 46 teams took the field of battle. We had very little sub squabbling and everyone seemed to follow the rules. Battle of the Sexes flip cup emerged and it was a site to behold. D3 is a hot mess. Captain Lou, Maggie and JZ found their ways to A&A, Newman is now throwing for SITE and he couldn’t have joined quick enough, Burr and Joey Batts formed the greatest heel tag team in history and Garrett Beesing finally left the #icon to join the evil empire of Bullet Club. No one has a clue what happens next but it will be one hell of a ride.


Where do we go from here? What happens next? Let’s find out……………



RACKS AND SACKS +3 VS PUBLIC ENEMY: Well RAS vs PE can only mean one thing PE is about to play shorthanded. Guess what PE is once again going to be short handed. If these 2 are both at 100% PE probably wins by 8 but this will not be the case this week. Dave Chelus looked pretty good last week for not playing for a while. He still has a rocket launcher and has a decent supporting cast. It was nice to see Margo back as well. In a few week’s time she should be back to normal and will reclaim her title as one of this games best. RAS should find holes in a very depleted secondary in route to an easy win. RACKS AND SACKS BY 7

MARKETING MAYORS VS RACKS AND SACKS +8. RAS is catching a break as they are playing a    very short handed PE and MM this week. I am hearing MM will be short handed as well this week. I did hear that a solid female player is back with MM and this should make them a lot better. Having Kevin Zak full time should also help as his speed will be welcome. RAS will have a big size edge that they can use to their advantage. Chelus should just stay away from Andy Smith and attack the non Smith side literally all day for them to have a chance.  MARKETING MAYORS BY 1

HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH +7 VS ANGRY BUFFALO: HATBF got their first taste of D1 last week and things did not go well. One can’t help but think this could be the Lindsay coming out party. Girl has sick skills and now that Maggie is MIA one would think the HATBF should beat up on the AB girls this week. Even if AB keeps Lindsay in check the #2 girl for HATBF should run circles around the MM girls. AB has some fire power and will need it as the 2’s and 3’s of HATBF are suspect. I think HATBF needs Bro in their secondary as he is their 2nd best safety. If HATBF slows down the chuck and duck stuff and just simplifies the game plan and goes after 8-10 yard gains they could pull the shocker this week. ANGRY BUFFALO BY 3

#XTC +3 VS ANGRY BUFFALO: Kellie Mazur could be in for a big game this week. Tommy Hughes looked 10 yrs younger last week as he was dealing. This is a big week for Angry Buffalo. Last week could not have gone any worse than it did. Losing a game isn’t a big deal it’s what happened after. If AB circles the wagons and gets back on track they will be fine. There is a slight chance the whole “Maggie thing” could have cost them the room. If that happens AB will be in trouble as it is tough to recover from things when you lose the room. #XTC is coming at a perfect time for a team that must win this week. ANGRY BUFFALO BY 6

TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION VS #XTC +6: TEIM had ED on the ropes but did not use their brains. I keep watching TEIM and keep thinking the same thing, this team is in dire need of a leader. I believe that leaders name is Tiger and it is now time for him to take over and have his team follow. TEIM has talent all over the field and should make short work of #XTC if they use their brains and play smart. It’s time to have a long talk on defense. Your best cover guy gets their best WR and so on and so forth. Sometimes feelings get hurt but winning is more important than hurting feelings.  Zones are great but you need to line your best people up on their best people for zones to be successful. TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION BY 4



Doesn’t exist just keep reading…….



GRYFFINDOR VS 1 TOPPER TOO MANY +4: The stars will be out for this one. This is the day Drew gets to see if he truly is one of the divisions best or if he is just another name we will soon forget. Joey Batts and Burr could be the greatest heel tag team in history. Drew must cover Burr and he must win. This will not be easy. Burr is the scary monster that sleeps under Drews bed. Burr is waiting for Drew. Will Drew step up and claim his spot amongst the greatest names in the game today or will the boogey man pop out of Drew’s closet and haunt him in his dreams all season? Oh BTW Brother Nero also plays for Gryffindor and should feast on the #2 cover guy of Team Topper.   GRYFFINDOR BY 7

UNCLE RICOS TIME TRAVELERS +6 VS COBBLSETONE: All eyes will be on Darryl Carr QB superstar this session. There are those that do not understand his move to stay in D3. URTT also is in D3 and that makes just as little sense. To be honest both these squads should be battling it out in D4 next session. Darryl Carr QB superstar is easily this league’s best player so maybe he can conjure up the spirits of seasons past and take his team on one more magical ride. Cobblestone is usually one of the toughest teams to beat in their first game. COBBLESTONE BY 3

BULLETT CLUB VS COBBLESTONE +10: We mine as well call this “Beesing Bowl” as that’s all that matters in this one. Garrett Beesing is one of the games finest and did the unthinkable when he left former team Cobblestone to join the evil empire. Easton to Beesing will be a combo that most teams in D3 will have no answer for. I know they threw up 35 last week but one must ask the question, was it really that impressive to beat a Matty Iceless A&A by only 6 last week?  Let’s hope Darryl Carr summons more former NFL TE’s for this game it would be classic. BULLET CLUB BY 11

DMX VS A&A +3: DMX looked right at home in D3 last week as they rolled over the Sticky Nation. A&A was without their leader but only lost by 6. I also am hearing rumors the calvary is coming. A&A could now easily have the best girls in the division. DMX is all about the offense so this one should be a shootout. Johnny Football did a number on his foes last week one can only wonder what he has cooked up this week. Who the heck will show up for A&A this week? If they get everyone this game could be a war. DMX BY 4


MORNING WOOD +3 VS BULLET CLUB: Oh tis one should be good. These two teams are loaded. MW has David “D Dub” Wilborn while The Club counters with Garrett Beesing. Both QBs have rocket launchers, both teams have solid girls. This could be the game of the day. If you like good football this is the game for you. I think BC might have an edge as they played last week while MW will be coming in cold. That could cause some timing and early chemistry issues. I fully expect Wilborn and Beesing to both put on shows with multiple touch downs. This game will be on the defenses. The team that plays better defense wins this game. Bullet Club by 1




CINTAS VS INDECENT EXPOSURE +7: IE is back and look to build upon a decent season last go round. What else can you say about Cintas? They are led by the greatest player in the game today. Joey Batts is your reigning and defending TSL MVP. He will take the field of battle and I am sure he will once again lead his team to victory as there truly is no mathematical way to stop the man. IE is a very balanced very intelligent team. They should give Cintas all they can handle and more this week.  CINTAS BY 3

TUNE SQUAD +7 VS ULTIMATE WARRIORS: I was not expecting UW to get pummeled but that’s exactly what happened. The good news is that they once again are sporting kick ass uni’s . They look the part now they must play the part. TS is a newb so I reckon they will need a week or two to understand and figure out the game in D4. UW is battle trusted this should carry them to victory. ULTIMATE WARRIORS BY 7

HK7 VS BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS +3: HK7 lost a shoot out to PAS last week while BSS shocked the world when they dusted up NPI. Could BSS be ready to turn the corner and set their sights on the D4 trophy? I didn’t think so either. HK7 has a very talented QB and a girl that can flat out go. They need more from their supporting cast. BSS is once again at a crossroads. They shocked NPI, if they can shock HK7 this week they could slowly start their way up the ladder. HK7 BY 4




UFO +3 VS WITTERS: Both these squads were trying to find a way into the D5 dance last season Witter’s lost a bunch early then went on a tear. UFO was up and down. UFO must get more on offense than 14 as that will not get you into the dance. Witter’s has a very solid QB and they have awesome uniforms. Last time out these 2 played a great game. This time out both will know that if they are fighting for a top 8 spot games like this are huge.  WITTERS BY 6

COME FROM BEHIND +1 VS HUNG BUFFALO: CFB got crushed by Joey Batts and his Cunning Stunts. They threw up 44 on a usually stout defense. HB beat UFO 23-14 in a game that was expected to finish like that. HB is one tough team on both sides of the ball. CFB can be an up and down team, they are battle tested and are prone to have a clunker every now and again. It all begins and ends at QB for CFB. I think HB is ready to take a stab at the title this session.  HUNG BUFFALO BY 6

ACE VS HOPE N RUIN +3: Oh it is so on! This is like Michigan vs Ohio State of D5. These teams are familiar foes as they know each other well. ACE V HNR is always worth the price of admission. Ronny K is back and will want to make a statement this week. HNR added a burner so they have addressed their speed concerns. ACE might be looking towards the game of the decade vs Matty’s Angels soon but they are catching HNR at a great time as HNR always starts slow then slowly gets on track as playoffs quickly approach. I see ACE capitalizing late and taking this one at the end.  ACE BY 1

CUNNING STUNTS +1 VS ALL WE DO IS QUINN: AWDIQ beat up on long time foe ACE Last week. They played tough D and scored enough to win. CS looked awesome last week and they should have as Joey Batts is the greatest leader of modern times. AWDIQ has speed and they are chippy so this one could get out of hand quickly as a few of CS likes to chirp back. AWDIQ has a ton of balance and a lot of speed. I am very interested to see how this one pans out. I am still waiting for AWDIQ to take home the D5 title but they keep underwhelming. This could all change this season. ALL WE DO IS QUINN BY 3

MATTY’S ANGELS VS VANDALY INDUSTRIES +6: VI shocked HNR and that has this writer and many others surprised. They looked quick, fresh and ready to win some games. MA had a solid week #1 win against Witter’s but Bro was at the helm it is safe to assume Matty will be back. I am curious to see if the older slower legs of VI can keep up with the younger rabbits of MA. It’s almost like MA should just hit VI with quick slants and let their girls chug out the YACS. VI would be smart to ISO the eastern bloc as there is a tremendous height advantage there. I highly doubt the Topper will notice this but he should. A 6’4” guy can’t miss against a 5’7” girl safety. MATTYS ANGELS BY 4



PASSLESS CHAPS +13 VS PEACHY PLATOON: PC did not look good last week. They also did not look good the season before. They need more on offense. They need to simplify and just go out there and get 6-8 yards per play. It isn’t tough to run out 5-7 yards and stop then have your QB just throw you the ball. PP played a middle of the road Jabronies and handled themselves well. 20 points is nothing to scoff at. PS is up against it this week. They have 2 tough tests and will need to show well or the season could already be getting out of control for them. PEACHY PLATOON BY 10

PEACHY PLATOON +7 VS TIGHT END ZONES: TEZ is back and looking to build on a very solid season #1. They are a decent team that plays tough on both sides of the ball. The honestly are a very tough team to figure out. Some weeks they light it up and some weeks they get rolled over. PP matched up well against a ho hum Jabronies last week and will once again get a stiff test with this team. The winner of this one should settle into the top 4-5 of D6 while the loser could be in the bottom half of the division. TIGHT END ZONES BY 3

PASSLESS CHAPS +1,234,453 VS PRACTICE SQUAD: Oiy vey this one should be interesting PS was the odds on favorites in D6 then they went out and signed the best player in D6 last session. The rich keep getting richer. PS should have their way with a team that is still finding their way in the TSL. PS needs to keep their heads up and just focus on small gains on offense. If the zone doesn’t work just go to man its easier. PS is dialed in on both sides of the ball so they should have a field day with a team that is not ready for their fire power. Renee should feast on a very unsuspecting female corps of PC.  PRACTICE SQUAD A LOT TO A LITTLE

THE BIPOLAR EXPRESS +6 VS CELINO SEWER RATS: I am so excited for Gordon’s debut. CSR beat up on PS literally and figuratively last week. Let’s hope things don’t get out of hand in this one. BPE is yet another gender team to enter the fray. This time they are led by Gordon who has vowed to bring fun, excitement and a hoot hollering good time to all around him. I give him 3 minutes into the first game before he goes off on either an opponent or a teammate. As for the game CSR is battle tested and BPI is just finding their way CSR should roll in this one.  CELINO SEWER RATS BY 10



5 Questions for Saturday

1. Has Angry Buffalo lost the room? It is not easy when you lose your best girl ”just like that”. Now (2) of the divisions best girls are heading their way. Anything less than 2-0 this week against two teams they should beat easily will be concerning. Nick Sooch will be needed big time this week. Sooch will just need to let it fly against (2) very giving secondaries. AB has a lot of talent on their side of the field they will need it this week.

2. Will Drew show up or throw up this week? Burr is the boogeyman that is living rent free in his head. Drew must play the game of his life against easily the best player he has ever seen. Drew will be tested early and often. Will Drew show up or will he cave under the pressure in one of the biggest games of his career?

3. How long will it be until Gordon goes from happy Gordon to bipolar Gordon? I say it’s in the first drive, 57 seconds in, and he makes one of his girl WR’s cry. If you have a vote please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Maybe we could turn this into a money pool of some sort each week if we get enough interest.

4. The balance of power in D3 could be up for grabs this week. Who ya got TSL Beesing or Wilborn?

5. How did Hope N Ruin go from D5 champ to the #10 team in D5 after just one week? They have a very tough test coming this week with ACE. They better be ready for bedlam.


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on this week is in D3 where A&A and DMX have at it. I am expecting a minimum of 80 points amongst both teams. If you like offense this is the game for you. I think A&A will have a huge edge now that they have fortified their females corps. DMX counters with a QB that can sling and a very solid stable of male WR’s. This has shootout written all over it.

2. All eyes will be on “Beesing Bowl” this week when Cobblestone and Bullet Club meet once again. Now that CS has lost their second best player one can only wonder where Darryl will throw the ball. We are constantly evolving will Darryl be the first QB to start throwing the ball to himself? The only chance Cobblestone has in this one is if Tim Dove is on the clock this week.

3.  TEIM had ED on the ropes last week but did not use their brains. Getting Kyle Coniff was a huge add but if you have a corvette in the garage you don’t throw a cover over it you take it out and put your foot on the gas. I am very curious to see if TEIM learned anything from last week or are they in store for a “sophomore slump.”

4.  ACE and Hope N Ruin re-kindle a very long and storied rivalry. It was nice to see the field General Ronny K back at the helm. HNR looked lost last week but they are notoriously slow starters. Getting the fast guy from the Tammy’s was a huge FA signing. ACE has speed to burn so this one should be good.

5. All we do is Quinn VS Cunning Stunts should be a classic. These two teams are both (2) of the better teams in D5. Quinn is loaded with speed everywhere. CS has some of the best girls in the division and obviously TSL’s best player. I could see this game going either way. I expect some chirping and chippyness in this one.

6. I am beginning to think The Practice Squad is in a league of their own and they are about to run away with D6. They are loaded on both sides of the ball. I just don’t see any team coming even close to stopping them.

7.  I just looked at the D4 basement and I saw 3rd and Schlong, Ultimate Warriors and No Punt Intended in the bottom 3. It’s true what they say anything can happen on Any Given Saturday. D4 looks to be this league’s finest as I could make a case for 5 or 6 teams to take home the title.

8. I really think SITE will not be 1—8 this session. They actually have a pretty solid team as I expect them to take another step forward this session.  

9 . I was thinking Gryffindor was going to run away with D3 but now I am thinking you could make a case for Bullet Club, A&A, Morning Wood, DMX or Gryffindor. D3 looks to be a loaded division. Topper has to be so mad as he has a solid team but alot of teams went went crazy in FA while Topper stood still.

10.  Don’t forget at 2: 00 we will have another Topper Wheel of Hope Spin. We will be giving away another $100 Angry Buffalo gift certificate and then another chance to spin the ”prize or punishment wheel.” We have also decided to add 2 “free shot for everyone slots” on the wheel. If one of these 2 slots hit we will buy a shot for everyone standing at the bar for the spin (limit 1 hit only on the shot slot per Saturday)


Saturday 2: 00 Topper Wheel of Hope Wheel Spin BE THERE!!!!!!

Spring 2018 Final Thoughts, Picks, Insights, Questions and More Questions

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“If it wasn’t for Secretary’s Day I wouldn’t have a step mom.”

Andy Bernard

Oh snap it is quadruple dog on!!!!  The chase for social co-ed football immortality begins this Saturday July 7th in the year of our Lord 2018. All the stars will be out.  We have questions as always

-Will Joey Batts do the impossible and bring peace to the galaxy as he becomes this league’s 1st ever back to back MVP award winner?

-Will Drew show up again or does he have an 8:15 where he will tat the back street boyz on his heiney?

-Who wins the D1 title when all the dust settles?

-What must 3rd and Schlong and No Punt Intended be thinking as both literally botched the opportunity of the century?

-Will Topper be quietly walking the fields this week knowing in his heart of hearts he had his best kick at the can ever but due to Boo Drew he once again must be the bridesmaid instead of the bride?

-Is All we do is Qwinn looking up into that good night wondering why the football Gods once again are forcing them to take on their new bitter rival Hope N Ruin?

-Will Matty Ice and Gordy K fulfill the prophecy and meet face to face on the 50 yard line for the coin flip of the D3 championship? Will it be hugs and kisses or hell, fire and brimstone?

-Can anyone stop Hootie and the Bro Fish?

-Can the Practice Squad shock the world and more importantly Dilly Dilly in route to their first ever D6 title?

-Will the D5 trophy be hoisted by a woman and not a man this season?

-Is JZ sitting in a dark room with no windows right now plotting and scheming as he could be cooking up something special in route to the D3 title?

-Will Public Enemy continue to commit the same sins of the past or is this the week they finally listen and do what they must to beat Eyes Downtown? There is only one way to stop them but does Public Enemy have enough balls to do it?

-Why would one wear seafoam green and royal blue together when it is so painfully obvious that these colors don’t match? No seriously can someone tell me why?

-Can anyone confirm or deny Brother Nero is still alive? If/when they find him can someone tell him he still owes Emily a back street boys song pronto……

-Can Uncle Rico go back to back? They have a very clear look at the title this week.


Al right the time for questions is done….it’s time to get our answers.


D1 Game of the Week

New God’s +4 vs Marketing Mayors: There 2 teams don’t exactly like each other much. MM has had the New God’s number lately. These teams match up well.  I have sounded like a broken record this season. The key to beating MM is simple find Smith and avoid Smith at all costs. NG are loaded top to bottom but their luck will rest on the right arm of Ricky Austin. I have sounded like a broken record on this issue as well but will we see Good Ricky or Bad Ricky? Are we about to see the Ricky that threw 53 on RAS or the Ricky that threw a duck to a 2nd girl in a 30 mile an hour wind that got picked off? Cory Turner is a genius he will have his team ready. I think NG have enough skill to spread MM and attack the holes in their zone. The question will be can they execute well enough to take this one home? This one will be close and when it is close I usually go with the team that’s won it before. Marketing Mayor’s by 1


D2 Game of the Week


The Replacements+1 vs Gryffindor: I’m smelling an upset but I so want Joey Batts to win back to back league MVP’s that I am cheering for the Gryff this week. Brother Nero has literally been MIA since brother bowl I think he should apologize to the whole league for missing so much football, then he should apologize to his brother for not playing better. When he’s done with that he should play like his hair is on fire because this week it is all about his brother (for once). TR is a solid squad that have 2 burners. Gryff can run with 1 but they can’t run with both. My head is saying take the Replacements as Burr is due but my heart is was and will always be with the man that can move mountains with his mind. Joey Batts is a beacon of light in an otherwise dreary day. He makes every player around him better. The Gryff will be ready to roll if for the only reason that they do not want to disappoint their leader as he has a shot at league history this week. Sometimes the chase is better than the finish line. Yes TR has a great chance at the upset but how can one go against the Gryff? I can’t …and I won’t.  Gryffindor by 1


D3 Game of the Week

Bullet Club vs Morning Wood +3: I have been telling you for weeks that my team at 100% can play with anyone. Now that our QB is back we can shock the world and take home the D3 title. I so wonder who will play for Bullet Club. Half of me wants the Bullet Club/A&A final but half of me wants Bullet Cub to lose because it is not kool to stack your roster. However I do want the Brother’s K both Mikey and Gordy K to take home a title so I will be cheering for them this week. MW is solid top to bottom and Dave W deserves mad props for killing it this season as he is a flat out solid player. MW can pull the upset and can win this title. The team that executes better takes home this game. As strong as MW is I fear BC will pull out all their ringers and steal this game late. Not that Morning Wood needs any more motivation this week but if you asked me what their odds to win the D3 title are I would say 100-1. Your welcome Joe k.  Bullet Club by 1


D4 Game of the Week

Indecent Exposure vs Shredder’s +3: This one should be an interesting game, IE has a guy that is un-coverable. Shredders have a girl that is un-coverable. So what came first the chicken or the egg? Shredders have been a different team since the Queen Bee has returned. They are playing smart methodical football and look a lot like the Shredder’s of old. IE is no slouch themselves. Their QB is solid, they have a decent girl stable and they have both size and speed. Shredders have been known to be torched over the top. I expect an old fashioned barn burner between two solid football teams. I see this game in the high 20’s low 30’s. I think it will be back and forth all day and might go down to the last drive. If the season is one the line and IE must score there is only one place they can throw. Indecent Exposure by 1


D5 Game of the Week

Cunning Stunts +1 vs Matty’s Angels: Oh it’s on right here right now. This is easily the game of the day. We love us some girl on girl violence for all the marbles. In one corner you have the Angels. They have Matty Ice, they are plate o spaghetti at is best. They are quick, they are smart and they like to run early and often. In the other corner you have Joey Batts and Cunning Stunts. Some are shocked they are here but I am not as Joey Batts could be the greatest leader of our generation. The Clarke sisters are tearing shi!t up right now. It’s sand lot against methodical. Both teams are wicked good. CS will need to slow Matty Ice down with a decent pass rush and stick to their game plan. Angels need to just put their foot on the gas and play their game and let the chips fall where they may. It will be so hard to pick a winner as both teams are so deserving. I obviously want Joey Batts to win back to bac league MVP so I am taking the Stunts late.  Cunning Stunts by 1


D6 Game of the Week

Practice Squad vs Celino Sewer Rats +3:  It almost seems like a foregone conclusion that nothing can stop a Dilly Dilly Practice Squad final as both teams just seem a click or two better than the rest of the field. PS has a super girl that must be accounted for on every single play. They have size and speed and can score at will. CSR has a very good girl themselves and also boast a battle tested squad that has won the title before I just don’t think CSR has enough on offense to keep up this week. PS should take this one running away. I picked them by 1 because I picked everyone by 1 this week to stay consistent.   Practice Squad by 1


Last call on sub rules……


Please go to the rule book pages 2/3 Rules 5-7. There it will tell you what girls are allowed to sub in each division. If you need a sub you must email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Friday at 10AM for that week’s game ONLY. You may choose anyone you wish before Friday at 10am as long as you follow the rules on divisions. Please note one girl is not allowed to sub anymore and (3) D2 girls may not sub in D1 but if you have questions on specifics email us and we will tell you who they are.  For example if you are a team in D2 you may only choose a girl in D2-D6 to be your sub. If you are a team in D3 you may only use a sub that is a girl on a D3-D6 team. If you are a team in D6 you may only choose a girl sub from division D3-D6. Once you send us an email will respond promptly in writing that your request has been accepted. If someone beats you to the sub it will be rejected and you will have to re-submit. If Friday at 10am passes you may only choose a girl on our USL only. USL subs do not have to be formally requested via email. We ask as a courtesy you tell us but you don’t have to. You must also submit in writing all guy subs and B Club subs. To be clear do not email, call or text Topper if you do this we will reject your request. You must email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. only. If you use the “Topper told me it’s OK” excuse we will still suspend you so please don’t waste our time and please follow the rules as they are written.



5 Questions for Saturday

1. Has the Tommy Hughes Experience ended? Has the Gordy K Experience begun? Let’s hope they get this football and fun thing dialed in a bit better than the previous management.

2. Is this it for Kevin Zak? If you ask me it better not be. Dude is one of the best players ever to suit up in this leagues history. He deserves better than the crap he had to put up with this season. I so hope he finds a new team in the fall. This cat deserves to go out in style when it’s his turn to hang them up.

3.  Has Travis had enough and will he put himself in at QB this fall? Travis looked a tad frustrated after last week’s loss to New God’s.

4.  So if Hootie and the Bro Fish go to D1 like we all anticipate does Eric Kleckler stick with HATBF or stay true to TEIM?

5. Once the season is over what will happen next? I am hearing a huge discussion will be forth coming and the first order of business is to discuss if we keep letting people play on multiple teams or go back to 1 player 1 team. This discussion should be a fun one.


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on this week is in D5 where it is Ladies Night when Matty’s Angels and Cunning Stunts shave at it. CS was smart to bench Drew as Joey Batts is easily the best player and QB in the history of this game and league. Yu can’t go wrong either way with either one of these 2 teams.

2. I am not one to talk so you didn’t hear this from me but I am hearing (2) pretty well known higher division female players are none too happy with their teams and both could be looking for new teams in the fall. BTW I caught up with Margo last week and girl told me she will be back in the fall. Margo rocks this is great news.

3. They stole the D6 title from them a few season’s ago then dropped super sub Rameer on them a few weeks ago in another huge win. It looks like HNR has Qwinn’s number. HNR V AWDIQ should be a barn burner between 2 teams that really don’t like each other much. HNR is old reliable that play a super safe and smart style. They are past champion’s so they know what it takes. AWDIQ just looks dialed in this session so this one could be a classic.

4. D1 should be armaggedon this week. Public Enemy so wants another crack at Eyes Downtown. New Gods wants another crack at Marketing Mayors. Eyes Downtown wants another crack at Marketing Mayors. Tommy Hughes wants another crack at Public Enemy QB. I don’t know how this one will end up but 4 very deserving teams are in the semi-finals.  You could make a case for all 4 teams.

5. If you asked me to pick winners in each division I would say. HATBF over The Replacements. Bullet Club over A&A. Uncle Rico’s over Indecent Exposure. All we do is Qwinn over Cunning Stunts and Dilly Dilly over Practice Squad.

6. I was very impressed with Angry Tailors last week in Breakfast Club.  I really think they could pull the upset and beat Peanut Butter Kelly Time. AT has Pete and Pete is really good. As long as JZ doesn’t play 18 yards off the ball at safety AT should be able to win. They have size speed and decent balance. I’m guessing Angry Tailors 31 Peanut Butter Kelly Time 27. I’m guessing 20 of those points will be scored on JZ.

7. Do you like miniature golf? Would you mind going out on the town with a young brunette lady if you win? Well guess what the Molly Morgan Invitational might be for you. Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us or find us and we will get you into a golf group. The thought is to have all the golfers go play miniature golf then the winner can go out on a date with Moly Morgan. And yes I am well aware of the fact Game On will be doing a tournament quite like this months later as they like to steal all my ideas.  #mollymorganinvitational   #quitstealingmyideas  #dontjamscottkellerwhenits0-2stegemeier

8. I so want to hear “Gordon’s Gripes” as a weekly article next fall. Gordon has a very refreshing and yes violent slash angry look on things but it’s awesome and he needs his own article. Basically we want Gordon to just write a weekly article on anyone/anything that makes him mad each week.

9. It’s too bad we couldn’t find a way to have 3rd and Schlong and No Punt Intended play any way for like 5 buckets or something. I think the world really wanted to see these 2 play one more game.  

10. Incidentally I would like to congratulate this league the past 3 or so weeks. I have seen a lot of folks having fun and being good both on and off the field. Maybe we just had a small hiccup mid-season but everyone has been doing very well so take a bow.



Week 1, thoughts, picks, questions, some answers, and insights

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And so it begins…….again.

There are those that will tell you it was a good ride while it lasted. They will say social co-ed football had it’s place but just like everything else in life nothing lasts forever. The game has changed. It isn’t like it used to be. It used to be about playing your hearts out on the field and partying like rock stars off it. Is it like that anymore? I wonder sometimes. These kids today don’t seem to get it. They feel it necessary to stack their teams instead of practicing to get better with who they have. They get to football sometimes and leave right after.  So where do we go from here? Has this great game of ours jumped the shark? I am not so sure. It is not time yet to call it a career and go softly into that good night. There are still chapters left to be written in this book. Topper Sports League is was and will always be the measuring stick for how it is supposed to be done. You can quote me on that. The time for talk is almost over. As I say every year it is almost time to sit back and enjoy the ride. Out of the ashes new stars will emerge. Just when you think you have seen it all we will once again see something we didn’t think possible. 46 teams head to the starting line with hopes and aspiration of social co-ed immortality. Oh yeah I forgot we decided to stop the sub BS. Thanks for your opinions as we did talk to people in the offseason but we are going to try something new this year. We aren’t going to let you stack your team anymore. You will need to bring a team to the fields or you won’t win. The sub rules are changing with the times. If you hoist the trophy at the end this go round you will most definitely have to earn it. You will need to hone your craft and flat out bring it if you want to win it all.

Before you take the field of battle this week I would tell you to try your best, respect others and yourself. Play your best and have a good time. This league is fun so enjoy it and don’t take things so seriously. What happens after that well……your guess is as good as mine

And if after all that time you don’t win the title and you are sad, don’t worry there will always be “hope” Topper’s Wheel of Hope actually…..But we will get into that a little later in this article.



TIGHT ENDS IN MOTION +7 VS EYES DOWNTOWN:  Oh it is double dog on in this one. TEIM has re-tooled as they have a new face or two. ED are the defending champ as not much has changed. This game will be simple for each. For TEIM to have a chance they must get right up in the faces of the ED WR’S and force Bobby to make the perfect throw. For ED they might be better to sit back in a short zone and force TEIM to beat them over the top which is something TEIM struggles to do. TEIM looked right at home in D1 last session now is the time to see if they are poised to take the next step. If they want to know where they stand this is the game they will find out. EYES DOWNTOWN BY 6

RACKS AND SACKS VS #XTC +6: I am hearing rumors a new face or two will be in the RAS lineup this week. I am also hearing a blast from the past will be at QB. #XTC had ED on the ropes and let them off the hook in last season’s playoff.  I still can not believe #XTC had a full squad and played a shorthanded ED and decided in their infinite wisdom not to man them up and run them off the field. I really hope the rumors are true and Margo is poised to make her triumphant return as this team could use a shot in the arm. I have no clue who will or will not be in the #XTC lineup this week I am sure they don’t know either.  RACKS AND SACKS BY 4

HOOTIE AND THE BROFISH +3 VS PUBLIC ENEMY: HATBF is the next team to be pulled up into   the show. They just dismantled D2 last year and now they go heads up with one of D1’s finest. They are catching PE at a perfect time. HATBF is all over the summer football circuit while PE takes the summer off. I am very interested to see how HATBF matches up. They have a girl who is about to become a household name in this league. Bro is a very smart very under rated QB who continues to get better and better. This game will be decided by the 2’s and the 3’s. HATBF will score some points but can their 2nd and 3rd options get open and more importantly cover the 2nd and 3rd options of PE this week. PUBLIC ENEMY BY 1

MARKETING MAYORS VS ANGRY BUFFALO +4: D1 is a hot bed of awesome match ups this week. AB has re-tooled and should be a dangerous team this year. They already had the elite level QB now they have all kinds of speed to go with him. MM are a solid team but you could see that they were not going to win last session without Delecki. I am very curious to see who they bring with them this season and I am also very curious to see how long it takes AB to gel. AB has speed to burn now to already go with their rocket armed           QB and size edge. One can only wonder if Shari makes her debut this week. As of the time of the writing I am still not sure who she is playing with or even playing at all. AB is totally improved but did they fix the glaring issues they had the female spots last session? MARKETING MAYORS BY 4




It doesn’t exist. Just pretend that you never read this. You are having a dream. There is nothing to see here……



UNCLE RICO’S TIME TRAVELERS +7 VS 1 UNCLE TOPPER TOO MANY: Yes we are about to have the battle of the uncle’s. Team Topper is reeling after Boo Drew totally forsake them for an Allanis Morisette tattoo last playoff. Yeah isn’t that ironic? Don’t you think? I mean it’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. As for the game who gives a crap its opening day people let’s enjoy if for what it is. The good news for Team Topper is Uncle Topper does not generally rear his ugly head until about 2:45 eastern time and this game is at 10am so regular Topper should be OK for this one. As for the game I am rolling with the cagey vet… Todd Nixon=Ratings!!!! 1 UNCLE TOPPER TOO MANY BY 8

SLYTHERIN THAT END ZONE +56 VS GRYFFINDOR: Well the good news is Joey Batts is about to make his glorious return. Jeremy Burr has been signed and that means bad news for SITE. How funny will it be when SITE puts all 4 of their guys on Burr and Joey Batts still completes the pass to him? Tony will be all alone on the other side of the formation with no one covering him but Joey will still not throw him the ball. The Gryff is primed for a huge year people. Let us all sit back and enjoy the ride as Joey Batts gets one step closer to yet another TSL League MVP award. GRYFFINDOR BY 100

BULLETT CLUB VS A&A +7: Time to tune the band back up for the Matty Ice Gordy K Freedom Festival Part Two. Sometimes your fate is determined in the offseason. One team signed Garrett Beesing and the other signed JZ. I will let you decide which team we are going with this week. A&A is a solid football team but you truly never know who will show up. I said this last session and will say it again this session Jeff Easton is poised for a break out season and this could be it. BULLETT CLUB BY 6

DMX VS STICKY BANDITS +6: I will have a watchful eye on the Sticky Nation this season. Due to un-fathomable league politics Dave Baker will not be in this week’s line up.  Alex will be in this week’s line up and that’s a god thing. DMX is a tweener team. They were just a click too bad for D2 but could they be a click too good for D3? Is Ricky Reckio poised to return and claim his best Ricky award? With Baker gone Reckio will need to step up this season. If you like offense this is the game for you as both teams can light it up. DMX BY 4




ULTIMATE WARRIORS +6 VS STEVES CUZ’INS: I have no clue who UW are so I will make sure to get a good look a them this week. Cousin Steve is a man among men. He is easily the best Kensey player in history as he is the only Kensey player left playing in history. Cousin Steve will bring hell fire and brimstone with him. I suspect Cousin Steve and Co will be read to send D4 a message this week. STEVES CUZ’INS BY 1

NO PUNT INTENDED VS STEVE’S CUZ’INS +4: This one could be interesting. NPI has a very soid female stable and they do have some speed that will needed to be accounted for. Can NPI figure out a defense to stop one of the greatest QB’s in social co-ed football history? I am not so sure either. Could NPI already be looking ahead to 3AS later in the season? Both squads have stars on both sides of the ball this one should be good. NO PUNT INTENDED BY 3

NO PUNT INTENDED VS BUFFALO SOLAR SOLUTIONS +7: Like 3AS NPI was shocked early in last season playoffs. They are a solid team that has very solid females. They tend to lapse here and there and that causes them problems. I wonder what will happen to NPI now that Kyle Coniff can not play WR or defense for them. BSS is what their record says they are. They can surprise people. They are now the cagey vets that will show each and every week. NO PUNT INTENDED BY 8

HK7 +7 VS PUCKETT ALL STARS: I was a little disappointed to hear PAS were heading to D4. They did just fine for their first season in D3. They looked like they could hang but here they are. HK7 has a very under rated QB and one of the division better females. What they do not have is a supporting cast that is loaded top to bottom. PAS have a very smart very sure armed QB who can make plays. I suspect PAS will be a bit too much for HK7 to handle. PUCKETT ALL STARS BY 10

3RD AND SCHLONG +3 VS CINTAS: Can one football field hold the star power of Joey Batts and Katie friggin Keller? Never has a female and male with such star power shared a TSL field of battle. Cintas had a ho hum season in D3 last year and are moving on down. 3AS was the team to beat last season before they were shocked. Some say they weren’t ready to play while I maintain their star female was caught in her own love triangle of sorts which caused a catastrophic shift of epic proportions. I am very interested to see if 3AS comes out of the gate flying or will they not recover from last season’s shock of the century.  3RD AND SCHLONG BY 1



UFO +8 VS HUNG BUFFALO: This one should be interesting as each team has been known to “lose their kool” from time to time. Both teams are solid on both sides of the ball. UFO hung tough in D5 last season and will look to take the next step. HB usually are notorious slow starters so this one could be interesting. HB have very solid females and a big size advantage they will look to use to their advantage. You never truly know what can and will happen on opening day. HUNG BUFFALO BY 7

HOPE N RUIN VS VANDALY INDUSTRIES +3: HNR shocked the world and this writer when they were the ones left standing with the D5 trophy. How did they shock the world? What do they do for an encore? VI started out guns a blazing but then they just fizzled down the stretch. VI will need more if they want to win in D5. They obviously lack speed but they have size and they have intelligence. HNR will not sneak up on anyone this session as teams will be gunning for them. HOPE N RUIN BY 4

ACE +4 VS ALL WE DO IS QUINN: Oh this one should be goooood. Ronny F’N K is back and that’s good for business. I am shocked we are like 36 hours from opening day and Blasé LaDuca has not told us on face book how great he is nor called his shot that he will be your D5 MVP. AWDIQ was supposed to win the D5 title but HNR will haunt them forever. HNR is AWDIQ’s kryptonite they are their new bitter rival. ACE will bring the fight literally but do they have the speed to keep up with the young guns in purple? This game should be good. AWDIQ by 3

MATTY’S ANGELS VS WITTERS +4: MA has to be shaking their heads right now. They were in a solid position to win last season title but came up short. That was then and this is now. First up is a Witter’s team that stated slow but got better and better as the season progressed. MA will look to take their sand lot style to Witter’s this week. I suspect Witter’s will play textbook so we should have a decent battle. The key to beating the Angels is getting pressure and using and size advantage they may have on offense to their advantage. MATTY’S ANGELS BY 6

COME FROM BEHIND VS CUNNING STUNTS +6: I was shocked CS got as far as they did but should I be? I mean let’s be honest Joey Battaglia is such a great player he makes each and every person around him better. Matter of fact I feel like I am a better person right now just for writing about him. CS went on a magical ride. I really hope Drew isn’t even on their sub roster. That experiment did not work. CFB is a battle tested team that can win in this league. They have size speed and they have smarts. CS will combat them with short quick throws from a man who could be this league’s best player. I was very impressed with the play of both Clarke sisters down the stretch. This game should be a good one this week. COME FROM BEHIND BY 7




JABRONIES VS PEACHY PLATOON +4: PP is a newby which usually means 1 of 2 things. Either they will be really good and run Jabronies off the field or they will be really bad and they will get run off the field. Mine as well grab a coin and just flip it. Jabronies had a very roller coaster type season. They had highs and lows and they were one play away from a D6 playoff berth. I have no clue what PP brings to the table but the team they are facing got better and better week after week. This should be a very good first test. JABRONIES BY 6

THE MCKENIZE AGENCY +3 VS THE PRACTICE SQUAD: I am hearing TMA made a very quiet but very solid signing in the off season as they have now have a very under rated WR in their midst. They will need him at TPS is a very solid team. TMA checks all the boxes. They are the people’s champions and we want them to win it all as they would blow the roof off the joint if they hoisted the D6 trophy at this season banquet. TPS continue to watch and wait. They continue to get better and better. Their time might be now. Yes the world wants a TMA victory tour but TPS might be thinking otherwise….THE PRACTICE SQUAD BY 4

PASSLESS CHAPS +4 VS CELINO SEWER RATS: CSR is a very solid football team. PC did not look very good in their maiden season but let’s see if they learned anything. PC has some skill but they now need to learn each and every week and continue to take baby steps. CSR is a very solid team top to bottom. They have been there and done that. PC did not look very good in last season’s D5 but they might settle in just fine in D6. Time will tell.  CELINO SEWER RATS BY 4



-Just so we all are clear on sub procedures moving forward:

******NEW POLICY*****

Each and every team has until Friday morning at 10am to email sublist @toppersports.com. We will promptly respond via email to your request. You must follow all sub rules as per the rule book. PLEASE NOTE all teams are allowed 4 sub games only. Once you use up your “4 games” you can only use a USL sub only NO EXCEPTIONS. This rule extends into playoffs. Use your sub requests wisely.


5 Questions for Saturday

1. Will they or won’t they? I know season after season I look up into the heaven’s above and I say the same darn thing. I first thank the good Lord for bestowing Joey Batts and all his greatness upon each and every one of us. The second thing I do is clench my fist and go “WHY GOD WHY??” We all know 40 year plan guy and Katie Keller can have the marriage and love affair of the century but nooooooo Katie Keller just won’t give in to her demons and make this thing official.  Ladies and Gentlemen I implore each and every one of you to just walk up to Katie Keller and 40 year plan guy and tell them both to quit fooling themselves and just finally give into their feelings…..

2. Will they or won’t they? I am not one to talk so you didn’t hear this from me but I am hearing rumors Shari will be returning and this my friends is the segway to perhaps the greatest battle nay fight of the century. We all know it is the destiny of both Emily and Shari to finally get into some ring like structure and fight for the balance of power in the TSL universe. We have to know, we just must know who will win this battle the alpha blonde or the alpha brunette?

3.  So who exactly does Joey Batts love more Jeremy Burr or his brother Tony? I for one am happy to see the Burrman with Joey Batts once and for all. Burr and Batts could be the greatest heel tag team in history. I for one still can’t help but think Brother Tony must be hurt again. Last year was no fun for Tony. He didn’t win, he lost to Joey, he didn’t find 10 new friends and by all accounts most people say he has gone MIA. If his brother loves Burr more than Tony he might not recover…

4. What was Darryl Carr QB Superstar thinking? I hear they lost Garrett Beesing aka “Jimmy Breuer” in the off season. Why would the #Icon keep Cobblestone in D3? Does Darryl know something we don’t? Is he debuting a new super team? I mean Darryl Carr QB Superstar is good enough to win games all by himself as he easily is our best player but what does he have up his sleeve?

5. Will Hootie and the Brofish make an easy D1 transition like TEIM did last session or will they struggle? I know their QB is solid and I know they have a female that is game changer but can their 2’s and their 3’s hold? I am very interested to see how they fare the first 3-4 weeks of this season.


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on this week is in D1 where Eyes Downtown and Tight Ends in Motion have at it. TEIM will get alot of answers to their questions this week. I am sure they are wondering if they have what it takes to take the next step. Will Coniff be an improvement over Kleckler? Did the potted plant stay or did Eric take it to Hootie? ED is a great first test for TEIM. You know what I am going to say next so here goes…..this game will be decided at QB.

2. I for one a can not tell you how happy I was to find out that the field general Ronny K is about to make his glorious return as ACE will be returning. I also can not wait for the TSL re-match of the century later this year when ACE and Matty’s Angels have at it again. I am so fighting for flex scheduling as this game must be on field #1 as it should be bedlam.

3. I am very curious to see how The McKenzie Agency fares this week with the D6 favorite  Practice Squad. TPS has been awesome for the past few seasons and their time could finally be now. TMA is a solid team top to bottom as they got a very nice new toy in the off season on offense.

4. It was nice of Uncle Rico to take the ride up to D3 this session. They have a solid first test waiting for them as Uncle Topper and Co will be ready to go. I do not think URTT has seen an athlete of Drew’s caliber down in D4. I wonder if Drew just read that and really thinks I think he’s good or if he thinks I have started to plant a seed and I am just F’N with him. URTT will need to keep a watchful eye on the ladies of 1TTM this week as they can flat out go. 

5. I am very curious to see how long it will take Angry Buffalo to gel and get things moving in the right direction. The schedule maker did them no favors giving them Marketing Mayors this week. BTW they can say what they want about last season and the QB play but Nick Sooch can flat out make it rain so if AB has offensive issues this time I can assure you it won’t be on the QB.

6. I know he is not playing this week but I am so cheering for Gordon as I so hope the Bi Polar Express works out. Gordon is a very under rated player and mind in this game. I have to be honest a small piece of me wants him to just lose it one week as it would really be kinda funny if he went bi polar on a girl in a D6 game. I think gender teams are a great thing so I hope BPE has a fine season.

7. I am very curious to see what we get this week in D4 with Steve’s Cuz’ins. I am hearing this team has a decent roster with good guys and girls. They have 2 games this week so we will get to see what they are made of.  

8. I am hearing Travis was none too happy with his squad lasts session and made some changes. Radon was a solid player so Travis better make sure his changes work or people will begin to put him under the microscope. RAS are a decent team that are at a crossroads this session.

9. DMX did right by TSL and stayed in D2 last session now they are down in the new D3 where they have a good a chance as anyone to hoist the trophy. It won’t be easy as Griffyndor and Bullet Club will be looming. I still think David “D Dub” Wilborn has “next big thing potential” as I would keep an eye on Morning Wood. You could make the case for anyone of like 6 teams in this division.

10.  I just got to thinking, normal people are all excited to start the season as they have hope of a solid season, but what is Gary thinking? Is he all like OMG why the F are we in D3? Are we going to go like 1-8 again? Why didn’t I just stay with JZ? And seriously who named them Slytherin the end Zone? I really need to know as that person should be fired.


*****Once again please join us at 2:00 for the first ever Topper’s Wheel of Hope wheel spin. Thanks to Angry Buffalo at the Rose Garden and Topper Sports for giving away a $100 Angry Buffalo gift certificate each week. Please note: you must be in the bar the time of the drawing to win. If it hits your team and you are not there we will spin again until there is a winner******



The Playoffs, and so they begin.

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And so it begins……………….again

So here we are. We started the race with 56 teams but have narrowed the field to 48 and 1 potted plant. In 2 weeks 6 teams will achieve their goal of social co-ed football immortality. Where do we go from here?  Who will win? Who will lose? Let’s find out….



D1 Game of the Week

New God’s +4 vs Racks and Sacks: You can pretty much cut the tension with a knife. New Gods were beat in last session’s playoff by RAS. They made some changes and were supposed to be poised to take the next step. So far that has not yet happened. Ricky appears to be hurt, McGrath is not taking games over like he did last year, Cody really hasn’t been overly impressive and Pete and Jay seem to be MIA these days. To make matters worse RAS is up next and RAS has had New God’s number for the past 2 sessions beating them every time. New God’s is literally at the fork in the road. If they find a way to pull the upset they can make the finals as they are extremely skilled. But if RAS beats them again New God’s may never recover. Now yes we are going on and on about New Gods this week but make no mistake about it RAS is one solid football team. They deserve to be where they are these days. I expect a barn burner. Conventional wisdom would say RAS does it again but I like to cheer for the upset so I think New God’s are due.  New God’s by 1


D2 Game of the Week

There isn’t one but if I had to talk about 1 game.

The Replacements vs The Purge +6: Sometimes in life you have to close your eyes and believe in make believe. In our make believe world we are going to imagine that The Purge is going to actually show up and field a team instead of sending us some lame last minute excuse about the dog eating their homework or any other silly things they can think of. As for the game let’s also pretend the Purge has their super girl with them. This will present problems for TR who will need to make sure they account for her at all times. Where as I hope this exercise in futility comes to a screeching hault this week I feel bad for Kevin Zak who is easily not only one of the best players to ever play in this league but he deserves better than this. I for one hope he finds a new home in the fall because when he decides to leave this game it should be on better terms than this. TR is a solid team that will be waiting on TP. TR has speed to burn and TP does not have that same speed. TR must get a game from their QB. He is the key to their success. If the QB shows and plays well TR will roll but if not stranger things have happened. I wonder if Shari and Burr are friends or foes this week?   Replacements by 6


D3 Game of the Week

Sticky Bandits vs Mixxx +3:   Sticky Bandits have been flying under the radar for some time now. A&A is having attendance issues, team Topper is missing Drew and Bullet  Club is lost without Easton. Could the planets be aligning for the Sticky Nation? You can’t help but think JZ has come to town as a low seed before and shocked the world. It seemed like just yesterday he trotted out an 8 seed and made the finals of the D3 dance. He is battle tested and will give Sticky Bandits all they can handle and more. When Mixxx has everyone there they can play with everyone. SB are a very smart team that plays a very safe style of football . The will not make many mistakes so Mixxx will need to bring their A game. I see this game in the high to mid 20s and it could come down to the defenses. Will JZ change up his style or will he continue to trot out that way too deep zone? This game should be a good one that won’t be decided until late. Sticky Bandits by 4


D4 Game of the Week

Full Throttle vs Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers +1: Full Throttle is 6-3 and is riding a 6 game winning streak. Their offense has come to life led by a smart QB who contuse to get better week after week. FT plays a very smart very methodical offensive game. Last time these 2 hooked up FT won a thriller 40-35. I expect another barn burner. URTT are battle tested and have won the big dance before. They have played in the big game and they know what it takes to win a title. FT still is in learning mode and this might come back at them but you can’t discount the fact they have won 6 in a row. URTT will just sit back and let it fly. Offense is their game. My gut says URTT could shock this week but my heart is with Full Throttle.  Full Throttle by 1


D5 Game of the Week

All we do is Qwinn vs Hung Buffalo +6: If you like salty, nasty , chippy football this is the game for you. Hung Buffalo have been known as the TSL bad boys for some time now but AWDIQ is quickly catching up. This is a game about size vs speed. HB has the size while AWDIQ has the speed. Both have been in the big game and won big games before. AWDIQ will want to use their speed and spread HB out early and often. HB will want to slow the game down and just play methodical. Last time out AWDIQ beat HB 36-20. HB will put up a fight but at the end of the day speed kills which should propel AWDIQ onto round #2.  All we do is Qwinn by 7


D6 Game of the Week

Dilly Dilly vs The McKenzie Agency +8: Round #1 did not end well for TMA. It was a thug like beat down both on and off the field. TMA was ho humming along and has not been the same since “the incident.” Dilly Dilly is probably the best team in D6. They have everything they need to take home the title. What they do not have is fate on their side nor the support of the TSL Universe this week. Everyone will be cheering for TMA. TMA are the people’s champions and must find a way to keep up in this one. Dilly Dilly can move. TMA has one burner but they lack top shelf speed everywhere else. For TMA to have a chance they must play slow, sound and methodical. Ferger must make safe easy throws to keep his team in the game. TMA is up against it and the world will be on their side but will it be enough? I fear the bad guys beat the good guys in this one  L.        Dilly Dilly by 6



-I have said this for a while and will continue to say this, I feel the 2 deep zone is wearing out it’s welcome and will be a thing of the past in 1-2 more sessions. It’s too easy to beat and there are better ways to defend.

- All in all I think the officiating in this league has been solid. Yes every now and again something pops up but I feel Rameer and all our refs have done a great job enforcing the rules. I don’t think the refs get enough credit so I thought this would be a good time to make sure people remember that our refs are doing great work.

-Well Mo has been telling us for weeks Morning Wood can pull the upset. Drew is out and Morning Wood is now at put up or shut up time. Can Morning Wood shock Team Topper?

-A&A has been a shell of it’s former self and it all begins and ends with attendance for this squad. If they are at 100% they can play with anyone but if they are not anything can happen. Joey Batts and Cintas is up next. Cintas is a very vanilla but very methodical team that doesn’t make a ton of mistakes this could be a good match up.

- I am beginning to think Joey Batts likes Burr more than his own brother.

-No one is talking about Practice Squad right now…..but they should be.

-is 3RD and Schlong confident heading into this playoff or are they afraid someone is about to come to town and shock them? Ice Box vs Katie Keller could be the best match up the day.

- I wonder who will get a real paying job first “potted plant” or B’s Brother.

-Just we all are clear on sub procedures moving forward:

Please go to the rule book pages 2/3 Rules 5-7. There it will tell you what girls are allowed to sub in each division. If you need a sub you must email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Friday at 10AM for that week’s game ONLY. You may choose anyone you wish before Friday at 10am as long as you follow the rules on divisions. Please note one girl is not allowed to sub anymore and (3) D2 girls may not sub in D1 but if you have questions on specifics email us and we will tell you who they are.  For example if you are a team in D2 you may only choose a girl in D2-D6 to be your sub. If you are a team in D3 you may only use a sub that is a girl on a D3-D6 team. If you are a team in D6 you may only choose a girl sub from division D3-D6. Once you send us an email will respond promptly in writing that your request has been accepted. If someone beats you to the sub it will be rejected and you will have to re-submit. If Friday at 10am passes you may only choose a girl on our USL only. USL subs do not have to be formally requested via email. We ask as a courtesy you tell us but you don’t have to. You must also submit in writing all guy subs and B Club subs. To be clear do not email, call or text Topper if you do this we will reject your request. You must email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. only. If you use the “Topper told me it’s OK” excuse we will still suspend you so please don’t waste our time and please follow the rules as they are written.



5 Questions for Saturday

1. How could you Drew? This was supposed to be Topper’s Mr. Holland’s Opus. It was supposed to finally be his time yet once again its playoffs and no Drew. Easton went down and A&A is having attendance issues. This was supposed to be the swan song in the longest title journey ever but now that is ruined. Morning Wood has to be drooling this week.

2. Can JZ conjure up the ghosts of playoff upsets past and shock the world one more time? JZ and Mixxx have struggled but JZ has been known to pull a rabbit out of his hat and shock the world. Sticky Bandits is coming to town getting hot at the right time and would like nothing better than to beat their foe this week. I keep hearing there is still some old “irked feelings “over winter comings and goings. This one should be good….

3.  How nervous is Bullet Club right now? This was supposed to be Joe K’s Mr. Holland’s Opus. It was supposed to finally be his time yet once again its playoffs and no Drew I mean Easton. Travis can play QB but then they lose his speed out there. Puckett All Stars are no slouch so Bullet Club better be careful this week. BTW I so am cheering for PAS to go back to back to back this go round.

4. Can Hometech pull the upset and move onto round #2? Rumors are swirling that “Cousin Steve” will not be dressing this week due to prior engagements. Can Austin take the rock and propel Hometech to victory? Tight End Zones are like a box of chocolates you really never truly know what you are going to get.

5. Will we get Gordon’s answer this week? Is this the dawn of A&A Club or are Gordon and Matty ice destined to be enemies and bitter vials forever? This is one storyline I will be monitoring closely this week. No one truly ever knows where Gordon’s head is at, my guess is he will change his mind 56x this Saturday. I hope we get our answer by days end.


10 Final Thoughts for Saturday

1. The game I have my eye on is in D4 where it is quadruple dog on!!!  Full Throttle has won 6 in a row and must now have at it with Uncle Rico’s Time Travelers in easily the match up of the week. Both teams are coming to town hot and either one could in theory take home the D4 title. The road traveled will not be easy as either one of these squad will have 3 grueling games they must survive if they want to call themselves champions.

2. Tight Ends in Motion heads once again into battle with new rival Public Enemy. They are 0-2 but I don’t think enough people are giving enough credit to a player who wasn’t in attendance in either game #1 or game #2. I am hearing rumors “potted plant” will make his TEIM debut. Potted Plant was an 8x all-star down in the East Side Social Co Ed Football scene. Potted plant is very smart, very crafty and could very well come up with a very tough game plan to keep Public Enemy off balance this week.  I expect nothing less than hell, fire and brimstone in this one.

3. Once we again we have another size vs speed match up this week . Will this be the summer of George or will Matty’s Angels kick their game up a nickel and head for the D5 title? Vandalay and Matty’s Angels should be a barn burner. If you like offense this one is for you. I have no clue who will show for VI so that kind of makes this fun as well. MA are really fast and will keep VI guessing all game. Can VI find a pass rusher to keep Matty Ice off balance or will they need to have a “committee” approach. I’m guessing if they rush just one guy he really could have a heart attack by days end.

4. I am hearing Drew will be gone which means Cunning Stunts must go to the back up this week. In this case that’s great news as the best QB, player, umpteen time champion and your reigning and DEFENDING league MVP is up next. The power of Joey Batts is all around us. He probably could beat Tommy Hughes Experience all by himself but due to the silly rule book you need at least 4 players on the field. THE V CS should be a great matchup.

5. If I was No Punt Intended I would be a tad nervous right now. Yes they are 7-2 but they haven’t exactly been overly impressive since they crushed 3AS. They lost to Uncle Rico, barely beat Brew Crew and only beat BSS by 6. BSS is up next and have been known to pull the shocker every now and again. If I was NPI I would make sure I am not looking towards next week as an opponent that can shock them is heading their way.

6. I don’t think there is a person in D1 who doesn’t like #XTC. Obviously there are some people that love #XTC. And no I wasn’t taking an indirect shot at a girl on a team in D4 there, or was I, nope I just thought about it I was not. My point is anything can happen on any given Saturday. Eyes Downtown look to be the heading towards another date with the D1 title but maybe the football Gods won’t be on their side for once. Speaking of Football Gods I hope Angry Buffalo smokes Marketing Mayors after that lame sub request of Lindsay from HATBF. For shame Marketing Mayors…fooooor shhhhhhame.

7. Dark Knights snuck into the D6 dance on the last drive of the regular season and now face a familiar foe in round #1. DK easily have 2 of the best athletes in D6 but they need to get more from their QB. If you can’t make the simple read and the simple throw you won’t survive the 3 game gauntlet. Patience is a virtue but there is an awful lot of talent not being utilized right now on the DK side of the fence. Celino Sewer Rats will bring the thunder as they are past D6 Champions.

8. I wonder where Hope N Ruin would be these days if they didn’t have like all of their girls hurt at one time or another. I fear HNR will be out gunned against a very solid Come From Behind. It would be nice to throw one more title on the pile for CFB before they start thinking about putting the gone fishing sign up on the franchise.

9. Indecent Exposure and HK4 have at it one more time this week. Last time they hooked up IE took a 44-43 thriller. If it’s offense you like it is offense you will get. IE is a solid squad who boasts the best player in D4 you have never heard of. HK4 has a very solid girl and a very solid QB. This game for me will be decided by the 2’s and 3’s of each squad. The girls will wash and both QBs are good but how will the depth players on each squad produce? The team that gets better secondary production probably takes this.

10. OK you must be thinking the same thing I am . If Mixxx doesn’t win this week will they call JZ into their office and fire him like SITE did last session. I for one hope Mixxx listens to their captain as he has won big games in this league before.



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